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Support the HCS Addition So Children Have Proper Classrooms
Submitted By Danielle Gile 2-15-21

As a lifelong resident of Hampstead since 1987 who attended the schools here, I knew this was the town I wanted to raise my four children in. My main reason was the schools. With the town growing, it seems impossible to support the education our children deserve without supporting the HCS addition.

During this time of COVID, for example, my children are suffering tremendously due to the fact that our school isn't big enough to accommodate all of our kids in person fulltime. Had these renovations/additions been passed in the years prior, our kids would be continuing to excel during this pandemic alongside other surrounding towns that have the space for their children to maintain distance and safety while learning. Why should our children continue to suffer?

I have a child in the Special Education program. The fact that he had to receive some of his services in a "closet" classroom is disgusting. If it wasn't for the amazing teachers, paras, and specialists we have in our schools, we would have left already.

The pandemic has changed how I feel about our choice to live in this town. It has opened my eyes to many different things. Honestly, we were debating moving to a district with full time schooling because my four children aren't able to get the education they deserve in Hampstead, because this addition is constantly being voted down and our school can't accommodate all the students at once. We, and they, deserve better.

Doesn't the community want to see this town flourish as it grows? Don't they want this town viewed the way my parents and others saw it years ago? I want the old Hampstead back - the one where we were grateful to be here, and knew our children were getting a proper education in a facility big enough to support them and all of their needs.

Thank you from your lifelong town resident,
Danielle Gile, Hampstead Resident
















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