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Vote Yes on Articles 2 and 4 for Hampstead Central School
Submitted By Andy Kiburis 2-5-21

My name is Andy Kiburis, and my wife and I moved to Hampstead in March2019 with our  then 2 kids (now 3). We carefully chose Hampstead as it was close to my wife’s family, and the school system had a very strong reputation for being one of the best in the area. Based on everything we had heard, this was a town where anyone would be happy to have their kids grow up. After almost 2 years here, I can confidently say that the rumors were all true and we have likely found our “forever town.”

With that being said, our “forever town” and specifically the school where all of my kids will eventually attend, is in desperate need of some improvements. Our town has grown significantly with younger families like mine and the Central School is no longer able to realistically handle the increasing student population of the coming years.

Closets, the library, trailers, the gymnasium and general classroom overcrowding have been used as unfortunate creative solutions to provide learning spaces for our kids. On top of this, the building is outdated and does not provide proper ventilation, making classrooms freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer. With an insulation R value of R1.2 (where the minimum should be R20), the 60’s wing, and the Central School as a whole, is no longer providing a comfortable, adequate learning space to the students and faculty of Hampstead.

With Articles 2 and 4 on the ballot, I feel we are at a crossroads that will ultimately take our town in two very different directions. In voting yes, we have the opportunity to invest in the education, as well as the health and well-being of our town, by renovating the Central School and furthering Hampstead’s reputation as a town with an extremely well respected educational institution that values the safety and development of our children. Or we vote no, and delay the inevitable for as many years as we can while taking on the additional cost of bussing students to other towns because our facilities can’t meet their needs. This is no longer a matter of “if”, it is “when” and that is our reality.

For those that do not have children, are opposed to an increase in their taxes, or are generally wondering “what’s in it for me?” -  studies have shown that an investment in renovating a school can increase property values by as much as 8% in the first year, and continue increasing for the next 10 years. Additionally, the construction of a dedicated gymnasium and cafeteria allows the community to use these spacesoutside of school hours to support senior recreation, youth sports, and community functions.

As a resident who loves this town, a Dad, and a coach, I can’t stress enough the impact that voting yes on Articles 2 and 4 will have on the success of our town’s bright future.

Thank you,

Andy Kiburis, Hampstead Resident















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