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Chester Municipal Election on Tuesday, May 11th
Submitted By Royal Richardson   5-05-21

Dear Chester Voters,

You will have the opportunity to assemble at the Chester Municipal Offices on Tuesday, May 11 th 2021 between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM to cast your ballots to choose all necessary Town Officials for the coming year.

I am standing for re-election to the Chester School Board for a three year term and I am asking for your support. This year marks my sixteenth year serving on the Chester School Board and I have served as the Board Chairman throughout this last three year term.

As a result, you have had ample opportunities over the years to analyze the objectives of this Board and assess the results that the Chester School Board has achieved over that period of time and under my leadership.

I believe that I can continue to provide sound financial stewardship for the Chester School District while also advocating for innovative change that will provide the best educational opportunities for the children of our community. I am committed to continue in this role with an honest and practical approach to meet the needs of our constituents.

The coming year will begin the tenure of a new Superintendent for the Chester School District, Dr. Sharon Locke. I believe that it is important to maintain consistency in the leadership of SAU 82 to ensure that the long-term goals and objectives of the District are met as efficiently as possible. I am asking that you provide me with the opportunity to work with Dr. Locke on the leadership transition during the 2021 - 2022 school year and, then, going forward.

I am writing today to thank you for your past support, to ask for your continued support and for your vote on Tuesday, May 11 th .



Royal M. Richardson











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