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The amount of the Water Department Default Operating Budget is incorrectly stated on the warrant and on the ballot.  The amount stated is $786,078; however, the correct amount is $727,634.  This changes the Total Default Budget from $8,428,175 to $8,369,731.  A difference of $58,444.

There is NO change in the tax impact because this correction is in the Water Department.

If the Operating Budget is defeated and the Default Budget is therefore adopted, the 2018 budget will be the corrected amount of $8,369,731.  The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration and theAttorney for the Town of Raymond were notified of this inadvertent error and were part of the discussion to address it.  Because the ballots had already been printed, the corrected amount could not be printed on the ballot.

This information was read into the minutes of the Board of Selectmen public meeting on Monday, March 5, 2018 and will be posted at the polling places for Tuesday, March 13, 2018.


Previously the default budget was $75,996 more than the proposed budget.

With the new default budget number, the default budget is now $17,522 more then the proposed budget.

Proposed          $8,352,209
    Default            $8,428,175
Proposed          $8,352,209
New Default       $8,369,731







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