2018 Raymond Voting Results

There were a total of _______ ballots cast.


********* Open Town Elected Positions **********






One (1) Selectmen for 3-year terms 



   Dennis Scott Campbell



   Jonathan N. Wood





Two (2) Budget Committee Members 3-year term



    Dawn (Rani) Merryman



    Carol Watjus






Two (2) Planning Board Members 3-year terms 



     Robert H. Wentworth


     John Beauvilliers


    Stephen Feher






Two (2) Ethics Committee Member 3-year terms



     Gretchen Gott








One (1) Trustee of Trust Funds 3-year term



     Jill A. Vadeboncoeur





One (1) Library Trustee a 3-year term  



    Valerie Moore






One (1) Town Moderator for 3-year term



    Kathleen M. Hoelzel





One(1) Supervisor of the Checklist 6-year term



     Aimee Hayes


    Lisa Morrill






***** Open School Board Elected Positions ******






Two (2) School Board Members 3-year term



     Beth Paris



     Moe Titcomb





One (1) School District Moderator for 3-year term



     Ed French






One (1) School District Clerk for 3-year term



     Linda Hoelzel





One (1) School District Treasurer for 3-year term



     Timothy Auclair






Town Warrant Articles:






2. Zoning Amendment 1: Area and Dimensional Tables


3. Zoning Amendment 2: Special Permit


4. Zoning Amendment 3: Zoning Change from B to C.1


5. Zoning Amendment 4: Zoning Change from D to B


6. Zoning Amendment 5: Conservation Development


7. Town Operating Budget/Default Budget -         $8,352,209 / $8,428,175


8. Collective Bargaining Agreement: $132,339


9.Collective Bargaining Agreement:Special Meeting


10.Scholarship Fund: $2,000


11. Purchase of Public Works Vehicle: $205,000    


12. Social Service Agencies: $71,724


13.Mosquito Spraying - $40,000


14. Capital Improvements- $313,500


15. Capital Reserve Funds(Water Revenues) - $60,000

16. Road Reconstruction Projects -$300,000


17.Shim and Overlay Special Revenue Fund Withdrawal-
          of $300,000 - No Cost to taxpayers


18. Vacation and Sick Leave Non-Union Fund - $20,000


19. Vacation and Sick Leave Union Fund - $20,000

20. Veterans Credit for next 3 years $200/$300/$500


21. 4th of July Parade: $3,000

22. Town Clerk/Tax Collector to be Elected position


23. Ethics - Duty to Recuse revision

24. Citizen Petition: Allow Keno games in Town

25. Citizen Petition: Hire one Firefighter for $1





School Warrant Articles:






2. Operating Budget / Default Budget -
               $24,283,331 / $24,425,410



3. Collective Bargaining Agreement: $408,424


4. Special Meeting If Article 3 Fails


5. Capital Improvement Plan - $235,000


6.Undesignated Fund Balance Transfer $50,000 into CRF













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