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RE-Elect Carolyn Matthews for New Hampshire House of Representatives, Raymond    11-1-16

Update: Confirming my strong support of the job creators in New Hampshire, I have been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business SAFE Trust (Save America’s Free Enterprise) and the New Hampshire Job Creation Alliance. I was one of just 4.5% of New Hampshire legislators who scored 100% on New Hampshire’s statewide Chamber of Commerce Scorecard, published by the Business and Industry Association (BIA).

Contact me at 244-2027 or matthews1981@comcast.net about what matters most to you and what you’d like to see in the way of future legislation. As your Representative, I also serve on the Rockingham County Delegation (Maintenance Subcommittee) and on the Legislature’s Standing Committee for Resources (Clean water!), Recreation (NH State Parks), and (Economic) Development.  I have also substituted on the Committee for Municipal and County Government.  No constituent concern is too small or too big. I try to represent all the citizens of Raymond, not just those who choose to vote for me.

BIO: I’m Carolyn Matthews and I’m seeking a second term representing Raymond in the New Hampshire State Legislature. I’ve lived, worked, worshiped and been active in neighborhood and public service in Raymond since 2004.  Currently I chair our Planning Board and also serve two grassroots groups,one that provides non-partisan voting information for our local elections and onededicated to keeping our drinking water clean by protecting the Lamprey River watershed. 

I’m married with two grown daughters and two sons; one works and lives in Raymond with his wife and their two children who are proud to attend Iber Holmes Gove Middle School. As a writer-editor-researcher I worked and taught all over the USA, including Alaska, before we joined our family here in Raymond. There’s no place I’d rather be.


Representative Carolyn Matthews, Raymond


My promise to voters two years ago was to do at the State House what I’ve always tried to do in Raymond – look hard at all sides of issues, listen to diverse opinions and then vote for what will best serve our citizens now and into the future. I’ve been among those at the House who’ve sought out common ground without compromising our Republican free-market principles.

We all agree that the two most important state challenges are the rising death toll due to drug overdose and the threat to our long term prosperity from a shrinking skilled work force due in part to our high costs of housing and advanced education.  I was pleased to co-sponsor a successful bipartisan bill to enable an affordable housing option for New Hampshire homeowners who want to add an in-home apartment for aging parents, caregivers or a new college graduate, or seek income-producing rent to enable aging in place.

Each time I cast YOUR vote on the floor of the House, it was with a heavy sense of responsibility and a lot of attention to detail.  A bill can be well meaning and appear to support our party platform and our NH Constitution, but be full of unintended consequences, a risk to citizens and clearly unworkable on the ground. That’s when my town experience and my research skills counted most.

You can find my voting record at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/ See the Live Free or Die Alliance website at http://www.lfda.org/candidate/carolyn-matthewsfor an abbreviated list. I voted FOR a balanced NH budget based on realistic revenue projections, FOR lowering the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax to stimulate job growth, FOR state support of our NH Community College System and charter schools, and FOR continuing the NH Health Protection plan for two more years at NO cost to taxpayers (thanks to a public-private partnership with area hospitals) and NO free ride (thanks to a detailed new work requirement)and NO loss of $800 million in federal aid, some targeted for addiction treatment. I support 2nd Amendment rights, but I stand with our Raymond Police Chief and law enforcement throughout NH who favor keeping our long-standing requirement for a permit to carry a concealed weapon.I believe in the sanctity of life, parental notification and providing ultrasound photos to mothers.

And please remember to vote on Tuesday November 8.


































To view bills in NH State house click NH House of Representatives website.

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