IHG Middle School Girls Soccer Team News

Raymond Middle School Girls Soccer Team beats Pelham, 7-1
Submitted by Tammy Reardon   9-23-15

Wednesday, September 23rd, the IHGMS Girls Soccer Team took their 2nd win against Pelham.  It was another hot day and everyone gave it their best.  The game started off slow in the first half with the Raymond Girls scoring first and only giving up one goal later on in the first half. 

The second half of the game the Raymond Girls picked up the play.  Raymond was in possession of the ball and were able to stop Pelham from scoring.  Finishing the game with a 7-1 win. 

The top scorer, Anya Cunningham, with 3 goals was asked what she thought about the game.  Anya replied, “good game, every player passed to each other and we’re not selfish with the ball.  Lily Mason, Kathryn LaCasse, Clare Cole and Madilyn Robinson also had goals for their team’s second win.


girls soccer

Emaleigh Boucher keeping possession!

Coach Debbie Papamichael was asked after the game what she thought of the game.  Debbie said “it was a good game, the players came together the second half and really possessed the ball.

Photo by Tammy Reardon.

























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