IHG Middle School Girls Soccer Team News

The Iber Holmes Gove Middle School Girl’s Soccer Team Wins Season Opener

The Iber Holmes Gove Middle School Girl’s Soccer Team takes their season opener with a 3-1 win!

The girls had their first soccer game of the season at home Thursday, September 17th.  What a game!  On this very hot day, the girls had a slow start and at half time they were down 0-1, Litchfield taking the lead. 

During the second half of the game, the girls started showing us what they are capable of doing.  By working together Jeni Plender had a nice shot with a deflection off one of the opposing team’s defenders to tie the game, 1-1.

 Shortly after, Hannah Reardon kicked a beautiful arched shot from the 35 yard line, up and over the goalie to bring the score to 2-1.  Kathryn LaCasse then finished with the last goal to give Raymond a win of 3-1. 

After the game Hannah was asked, what do you think the team did well? Hannah said, “moving the ball and creating angles for the teammates during the second half of the game”.


girls soccer

Alexis Ostman with Hannah Reardon and Elizabeth Pitts in background.

Great defending by Erin, Alexis, Lauren and Elizabeth who never gave up!  Erin was asked after the game what her favorite part of soccer was?  Erin stated, “how the team works together to win games”.

This is a very strong and talented team who never gives up.  Can’t wait to see what these girls will do for soccer in the future! 

IHGMS 2015 girl’s soccer team consists of 8th Graders: Hannah Reardon (captain), Erin Roderick (captain), Emaleigh Boucher, Gloria Brun, Lauren Faust, Alexis Ostman and Brianna Rand.

  7th Graders: Kathryn LaCasse (captain), Kaitlyn Bergeron, Emily Brun, Rachel Carter, Clare Cole, Anya Cunningham, Mhrissa Emery, Brynna Hone,  Emma Marini, Elizabeth Pitts, Jeni Plender, and Madilyn Robinson.  6th Graders: Lily Mason, Olivia Mason and Livia Palmer.

The team coaches are Debbie Papamichael and Michelle Weaver.























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