Raymond High School Girls and Boys Indoor Track News

Raymond High School Girls and Boys Indoor Track Season Begins
Submitted by Andy Harmon, Coach Raymond HS Indoor Track   12-20-15   

On December 20th the Raymond High School Girls and Boys Indoor Track Team
opened the season at UNH in Durham.

Junior Keri Lane competed in the 300m dash with a time of 1:01.70 and
sophomore Anna Harmon was 0.4 seconds out of first place in the 1000m with a
time of 3:07.8, which also was just ½ second behind her personal best when
she placed 15th at the New England Championships in Boston last winter.

For the boys, freshman Joey Hutchinson debuted in the 600m with a time of 2:05.6 and junior Colton Corriveau also ran the 600m in a new personal best of 1:42.8. Junior Garrity Sargent placed 9th in the 1000m in a time of 3:12.5, followed by Gavin Call at 3:17.3.  Freshman Kristjan Fraser debuted in the 1500m with a time of 5:20.0, behind junior Jacob Riley in 9th place at 5:06.9.   

During the holiday week on December 27th, Keri Lang again competed in the 300m, improving to 1:00.5, and Anna Harmon won the 600m by a margin of nearly 6 seconds with a time 1:46.1. 

For the boys, Garrity Sargent and Gavin Call improved their times in the 1000m to 3:11.8 and 3:13.7, respectively, and Kristjan Fraser improved in the 1500m with a time of 5:15.6.


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Junior Garrity Sargent and sophomore Gavin Call competing for
Raymond High School in the 1000m at UNH


Two athletes will compete at the Dartmouth Relays on Saturday,
January 9th, with Coco Corriveau in the 300m and Anna Harmon in the 1000m,
and the entire team will compete again the next day at UNH.




























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