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Championship Season for Candia Little Enterprises, Inc., Minors Team
By Penny Williams 7-16-15

The season just past turned out to be an exceptional one for Lamprey River Little League baseball and the Candia baseball community. The Candia AA Minors Division Candia Minors 1 team, sponsored by Little Enterprises, Inc., not only walked away champions but their team included the only girl playing in the team.



The Lamprey River Little League AA Minors Division consists of 12 teams from Candia, Auburn, Deerfield, Raymond, Epping and Nottingham. Epping and Nottingham are new to the league this year, adding four teams. The regular season, which ran from May 6 to June 20, had 10 games, and the division playoffs started June 22 and ended with the championship game on June 29, played at the Candia Youth Athletic Association (CYAA) fields between the Candia Minors 1 and the Nottingham River Cats.

Candia Little Enterprises, Inc., coach Ken Choquette said, "It was a great game for both teams, with a lot of momentum shifts throughout the game. Nottingham hung in there to the end. Neither team gave up and the two teams’ enthusiasm was at peak throughout the game.” But in the end, Candia won.

Choquette noted the large turnout of spectators from both Candia and Nottingham and said it was great to see that kind of support for youth baseball.

The Candia Little Enterprises, Inc., team win was precedent setting, he added, saying that as far as anyone can remember, it was the first undefeated team to win the division championship. The team's record was 9-0-1 for the regular season, with a final record including the playoffs of 12-0-1. As the number one seed, Little Enterprises solidified the home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


Lauren Morel, the only girl on the team is pictured with Ken Choquette, coach of the championship Candia Little Enterprises, Inc., AA Minors 1 team


Just as important as having an undefeated season was having Lauren Morel join the Little Enterprises, Inc., team this year, moving up from the Farm division.

"Lauren was the only girl on the team and fit in perfectly, right from the start," Choquette said. "Her teammates welcomed her as a baseball teammate, not a girl. She was the first girl that I have coached who was anxious and willing to pitch - not a small task for anyone, let alone an enthusiastic girl coming into a division where the kids pitch to each other for the first time - and she did awesome."

And there were other outstanding team accomplishments, Choquette noted.

"The team camaraderie, respect and support of each other, from the first practice in April, to the final championship game, was wonderful," he said. "The coaches of this team also saw something that we hadn’t seen before, and that was how many kids wanted to pitch. At this level, with kids just learning to pitch, you usually get kids that are reluctant to try it. But this year everyone played almost all positions in the field. That is a huge accomplishment and a star for the coaching staff, who did an amazing job keeping the team focused and learning throughout the year.

“That is the goal of Candia Baseball, to teach the kids the game of baseball, amd respect the game, their coaches and teammates, while preparing them for other divisions in baseball as they get older," he noted.

Another special happening for the Candia baseball community was that both the AA and AAA divisions won their respective divisions.

"This was another first in town as well as an amazing feat in the smallest town in the whole Lamprey River League, as we only have 3,700 residents," Choquette said.

Choquette attributed improved attitudes and improved conditions at Candia fields and in the Candia organization with helping the town teams achieve a winning season.

"The Candia baseball program has undergone a complete makeover from the top down," he said. "Just three years ago, we reached an all-time low of having only 80 players in the baseball program. We now have a dedicated baseball board, led by Dennis Hebert, and it is represented at the CYAA. There have been major improvements to the field, and every team from T-ball to the Majors division is sponsored, with field sponsorships at an all-time high. In that short period of time we’ve increased the number of players by 17 percent and sponsorship helping with 35 percent of our baseball revenue. The future of Candia baseball is as bright at it has ever been in town."

Laurie Lambert, Lauren's mother said, " I think that the kids worked hard, had great attitudes and worked very well together. The coach was wonderful. He treated my daughter no different than the boys, which is exactly what we wanted. She even pitched. She loved her coach and her team. She gained her team's respect. She's a good player and did very well. We are very, very proud of her!"

Douglas and Rebecca Cox agreed, and said they were fortunate to have a great group of kids, great families and dedicated coaches who worked together to produce a winning season.






















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