Raymond High School News

Raymond High School Honor Roll - 2015 School Year 4th Quarter


Student Name   Grade Level Level
Chaisson, Tyler Joseph   12 Principal's Honor Roll
Dupuis, Amanda Susan   12 Principal's Honor Roll
Harmon, William Richard   12 Principal's Honor Roll
Jutras, Kiara Brooke   12 Principal's Honor Roll
Masury, Kyle James   12 Principal's Honor Roll
Pham, Ngoc Tram T   11 Principal's Honor Roll
Webb, Victoria Claire   11 Principal's Honor Roll
Cooper, Angela Marie   10 Principal's Honor Roll
Rubin, Hannah Mackenzie   10 Principal's Honor Roll
Auclair, Brigid Rose   9 Principal's Honor Roll
Costa, Hannah Elizabeth   9 Principal's Honor Roll
Cote, Chase Thomas   9 Principal's Honor Roll
Dupuis, Andrew Ronald   9 Principal's Honor Roll
Greenwood, Rianna Marie   9 Principal's Honor Roll
Harmon, Anna James   9 Principal's Honor Roll
Marshall, Katelyn Rae   9 Principal's Honor Roll
Stoehrer, Abigail Elizabeth   9 Principal's Honor Roll
Brewitt, Taylor Elizabeth   12 RHS Honor Roll
Desautels, Hannah Marie   12 RHS Honor Roll
Finneran, Alisha Corinne   12 RHS Honor Roll
Fitton, Curt John   12 RHS Honor Roll
Galvao, Tatiana Aixa   12 RHS Honor Roll
Hurteau, Jade   12 RHS Honor Roll
Keefe, Andrew Thomas   12 RHS Honor Roll
Lee, Jacqueline Nancy   12 RHS Honor Roll
McNicholas, Danyel Caitlyn   12 RHS Honor Roll
McNicholas, Hannah Danyou   12 RHS Honor Roll
Merchant, Matthew Ernest   12 RHS Honor Roll
Norris, Brittani Alexis   12 RHS Honor Roll
Philibert, Makenzie Skye   12 RHS Honor Roll
Rousseau, Robert Daniel   12 RHS Honor Roll
Sandberg, Emily Marie   12 RHS Honor Roll
Westmoreland, Ashlyn Paige   12 RHS Honor Roll
Greenwood, Dylan Joseph   11 RHS Honor Roll
McCoole, Katelyn Noel   11 RHS Honor Roll
Morris, Jade Messina   11 RHS Honor Roll
Morrison, Ashley Rose   11 RHS Honor Roll
Taylor, Caitlin Mary   11 RHS Honor Roll
White, Alyssa May   11 RHS Honor Roll
Clivio, Amanda Lee   10 RHS Honor Roll
Coomey, James Noel Christophe   10 RHS Honor Roll
Franco, Brianna Denise   10 RHS Honor Roll
Furmanick, Christopher Cache   10 RHS Honor Roll
Helides, Molly Marie   10 RHS Honor Roll
Jerry, Morgan Tyler   10 RHS Honor Roll
Lord, Kelsi Ann   10 RHS Honor Roll
McCoole, Megan Elizabeth   10 RHS Honor Roll
Morrison, Blake Derek   10 RHS Honor Roll
Rubin, Jacob Fisher   10 RHS Honor Roll
Sharpe, Madison Rose   10 RHS Honor Roll
Walker, Davin Edwin   10 RHS Honor Roll
Wilson, Samantha Annmarie   10 RHS Honor Roll
Woolson, Grace Rose   10 RHS Honor Roll
Brackett, Joyce Marie   9 RHS Honor Roll
Carta Jr., Timothy John   9 RHS Honor Roll
Chaisson, Sophie Catherine   9 RHS Honor Roll
Criss, Kyle Steven   9 RHS Honor Roll
Dube, Kyle Mark   9 RHS Honor Roll
Hartford, Nicolle Marie   9 RHS Honor Roll
Inzodda, Presley Marie   9 RHS Honor Roll
Jones, Kelsey Barbara   9 RHS Honor Roll
Laliberte, Zachary Michael   9 RHS Honor Roll
Langford, Corinne Elizabeth   9 RHS Honor Roll
Lemay, Josiah William   9 RHS Honor Roll
Lopez, Bailey Marie   9 RHS Honor Roll
Sabbio, Luke Salvatore   9 RHS Honor Roll
Whitcher, Crystal Rose   9 RHS Honor Roll





















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