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Steve Woodward Pleased to be in Principal’s Chair at Raymond High
By Penny Williams   11-07-14

Steve Woodward is the new Principal at Raymond High School, and he describes his new position as comfortable, challenging, and exciting.

Woodward said in a sense he has come full circle, because when he started his education career he was at Concord’s Bishop Brady High School and lived in Raymond. Now it’s just the reverse: he lives in Concord and commutes to Raymond High School.

He brings administrative experience in middle school and high school as well teaching experience to his Raymond High position. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of Maine, where he subsequently received his certification, then went on to get his Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Boston College.

Woodward started as a teacher at Bishop Brady and moved on into administration at that school. He was assistant principal in Franklin and a principal in Farmington before being hired at Raymond.

Woodward said he was an army brat and lived all over the world. Despite being born in Baltimore, Md., he calls York, Maine home.
“I chose education for my career when I was in high school, when I decided I wanted to study history,” he said. “Having decided to study history in college, I knew I’d be going into teaching, although I worked in mental health facilities as well. My love of kids and working with them promised teaching would be a good future.”


Steve Woodward


Woodward and his wife have five children, four boys and one girl. The oldest is a freshman at the University of New Hampshire and the youngest is 8.

Woodward said he is happy to be back in a high school situation. When he left Bishop Brady, he shifted into a middle school environment.

“In my heart I am a high school person,” he said. “I wanted to return to the high school environment but I wasn’t seriously looking for a new position. However, when I saw this opening I applied for it. It is the only one I applied for so I feel I got lucky to have been selected.”

The Raymond community attracts Woodward and he said it has grown and changed for the better over the years. The high school is in the middle of the pack state-wide and that it not necessarily a bad thing in such a highly educated state, he said.

“The size of this high school is perfect,” he said. “The enrollment, 470 students, is big enough to be able to offer a lot of courses and educational opportunities and still small enough to allow me to know everyone. I know the community from having lived here and this school is exemplified by the building - it is not new but it is very clear that its students, staff and custodians take great pride in it and maintain it very well. That sense of pride is evident throughout the school in all its aspects.

“I like the open concept that is represented in the cafeteria, and the staff here is very confident, competent and excellent,” he said. “The kids are great, well behaved and respectful for the most part.”

His focus for his first year at Raymond High is “to listen and learn” rather than trying to make major changes. He said it is important for him to listen and be seen but not necessarily to be heard. He wants to meet the people from the community and get to know his faculty, and once he has accomplished these goals he said it would be time to identify areas where improvements and enhancements can be made.

He sees the Raymond community as typical small town New Hampshire, fiercely independent but friendly.

“I want to get the community involved in Raymond High School and I encourage parents to take in our many and varied activities and especially activate their Power School accounts so they can see how their children are doing,” he said. “I hope if any parent or community member has a question or concern they will come in and talk with me. I hold a Principal’s Forum monthly on the third Monday of the month from 6 to 7 p.m., where people can hear what is going on at the school and ask questions.”

Woodward said he has been busy since arriving at Raymond High but is enjoying it. “No two days are ever alike, and that makes it so exciting and challenging,” he said. “I look forward to every day because it is a new day and it is always exciting, with the unexpected often popping up. It is both exhausting and exhilarating but I am just so glad to be here.”






















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