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Lamprey River Elementary School Announces Public Kindergarten and First Grade Registration

Registration for kindergarten and new first grade students for the 2014-15 school year will take place on Wednesday, April 30, and Thursday, May 1; at Lamprey River Elementary School,  33 Old Manchester Road. 

To be registered for kindergarten, a child must turn 5 before September 30, 2014.

To register for first grade, a child must turn 6 before September 30, 2014.

Those children already in the Lamprey River Elementary School Kindergarten do not need to register for first grade.

Parents are reminded to bring the child’s PHYSICAL and IMMUNIZATION RECORDS, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and PROOF OF RESIDENCY to the registration.  State law also requires each child to have had a preschool physical examination within one year to school entry.   These documents are legal requirements for entry into public school. 

In order to register children with a minimum of delay, it is requested that parents bring their children whose last name begins with the letters A-F to the school on Wednesday, April 30 from 8:45-11:00; those whose last name begins with the letters G-K from 12:15-2:30.

Those whose last name begin with the letters L-Q are requested to be present on Thursday, May 1 from 8:45-11:00; those whose last name begins with the letters R-Z from 12:15-2:30.

If you are unable to bring your child during your designated time slot, please call the school to find out what other time during this two-day period would be appropriate. 

The entire process will take approximately one hour and includes registration forms, including health history, screening for vision, hearing, and pre-reading skills.

We look forward to welcome you and your children to Lamprey River Elementary School.










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