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Fourteen LRES Second Graders Make 1000 Origami Cranes
By Cheryl Killam 6-13-18

Substitute Teacher Christina Vogel's fourteen 2nd graders, in classroom 16, spent the last four months learning about origami and how to make paper cranes or "Flapping Birds". The students made 1000 origami cranes to present to the Raymond Police Department and Raymond Fire Department.

Each one of Vogel's students learned how to fold the origami papers into the cranes on colored and plain white paper, then hung them on strings.

All of the students read phrases explaining the story of Sadako Sadaki and the "Origami Crane".

They also had a message for the members of the police and fire departments: "we wish that the police and firemen stay safe while doing their job and that when they look at these cranes they know how much we care about them and how grateful we are for everything they do every day".

The students presented Raymond Police Chief Michael Labell with 50 cranes. Another bundle of 50 will be delivered to the Raymond Fire Department, as they were unable to attend, with the remaining bundles delivered to other organizations and churches in Rockingham County.

Isabella Gott, Kayla Lafrance and Ava Mailloux demonstrated to Superintendent of Schools Tina McCoy, Principal Bryan Belanger and Labell how they made the cranes in just about 3 minutes.


Chief Labell, Principal Bryan Belanger and Superintendent Tina McCoy sitting for the presentation.


Welcome message and bundles of cranes for Chief Labell and Chief Hammond.


Isabella Gott, Ava Mailloux and Kayla Lafrance folding cranes.


Pictured are Chief Labell holding 50 cranes, the fourteen 2nd graders and Christina Vogel.










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