Lamprey Elementary School News

April 2016

Dear Citizens of Raymond,

     My second grade students have been reading and learning about ways we have been hurting our planet Earth and also ways in which we can help solve this problem. This project has been cross curricular as it has incorporated reading, writing, social studies and science.

The students have been synthesizing and applying this learned information. Their writing performance task has been to take some of the information they gathered, inform the citizens of Raymond about the plight of our planet and then try to persuade them to do things that will help our planet and not to do things that will hurt our planet.

This has been very engaging and powerful because the students are writing to an “authentic audience.” They are very excited to share their learning with the town of Raymond and help make a difference by helping their planet! 

Thank you for taking the time to read their “letters from the heart.”

                                                              Sincerely yours,
                                                        Maureen A. Desrosiers
                                Grade 2 teacher at Lamprey River Elementary

Dear People of Raymond,

You need to recycle to help Earth. My first reason is that when you recycle plastic, it can be made into many new things like benches, swing sets, and more! My second reason you should recycle is because trash takes a long time to decompose. A plastic bag takes one to twenty years. A soda can takes two hundred years to decompose. An apple takes about two months. A cardboard box takes about two months too. A plastic bottle is the longest because it takes four hundred fifty years. That is a really, really long time! My third reason is that trash gets into the ocean really easily so that’s why I am going to tell you the way trash gets into the ocean. First, people throw it on the ground. Second, there is a rain storm. Third, it goes to the storm drain. Fourth, it falls into the drain and gets carried to a river. Fifth, it gets carried to the ocean. Sixth, animals eat it and may die. So that is why you should not throw trash on the ground if you do not want that to happen. I want the Earth to be a better place so let’s stop littering.

Your earth caring friend,
Hope Wells

Dear Town of Raymond,
     I am writing to tell you why you should recycle. My first reason is you can turn an old toy into a brand new toy. A lot of toys are made out of plastic and plastic can take four hundred fifty to five hundred years to break down. My second reason is there is so much trash and we keep adding more landfills. You could end up living next to a dump. Would you want to live next to a dump because we keep adding more landfills? My final reason is plastic bags that end up in the ocean look like jellyfish and sea animals try to eat them and then choke and die. Do you want our beautiful animals to die? You really should recycle and think twice before you litter.

Benjamin McGill


April 8, 2016
Dear Raymond,
     Do you really think we should litter? I think we shouldn’t litter because animals are getting sick and then dying. People are littering too much. My second reason why we shouldn’t litter is because animals can become extinct. People are littering everywhere and the trash is blowing into the water. Then the animals choke on the trash and die. My final reason is where will the animals go if they live? The animals will not be able to go back to the oceans, rainforests and sky if it is being polluted. I want everyone to care for the earth, not just me.

Your earth loving friend,
Peyton Spence


April 11, 2016
Dear People of Raymond,
     I believe that we should recycle to reuse stuff. My first reason is that trash in the ocean is killing animals. It is getting there by the wind carrying it. Turtles think plastic bags are jellyfish and eat them and get sick or die. Another reason you should recycle is there are so many things you can make! Some of those things are benches, slides for playgrounds and picnic tables. My final reason to please help our planet Earth is because there is only one planet. If you help Earth, it would be clean once again. That is why I want people to care for Earth and recycle more.

Your Earth caring friend,
Scott Converse


April 11, 2016
Dear Raymond,
     I am writing you about why you should use less oil. My first reason we want to use less oil is to save the animals from oil spills. Oil makes things like asphalt and plastic and if we recycle it, we don’t use a lot of oil so the animals won’t die. My second reason is do you know what happens to our planet? Every day we are hurting our planet because we are having oil spills. My third reason is birds are getting sick or dying from trying to clean themselves after an oil spill. I want everyone on our planet to use less oil.

Brody Dupuy


April 11, 2016
Dear Parents and Children,
     I’m writing to you because our planet is in trouble. My first reason is there’s too much trash on the ground. I would like you to pick up trash if you see it in the wrong spot and I need you to recycle more. If you don’t recycle more, it will get sent to a landfill. Landfills will run out of space and then we would have to build another landfill. My second reason is pollution could fill up the air and then we couldn’t breathe. We need air to survive. My third reason our planet is in trouble is because people are moving into animals’ habitats. Then the animals have to leave their habitats and find food all over again. My opinion is to clean up our planet and not to litter. You should do it because we do not have another planet to live on.

Your friend,
Nate Stoehrer


April 11, 2016
Dear People of Raymond,
Did you know that littering and oil spills can change your life and the animal’s lives on our planet too? It will change our lives because it can make a lot of things disappear. My first reason is animals are becoming extinct because we are moving in their homes and making them homeless. Also, when you litter animals eat it because they think it is food. When sea animals like turtles think plastic bags are jellyfish and eat them, they choke and die. My second reason is when you litter, you are destroying your favorite places like the beautiful mountains, oceans, rivers, forests, lakes and beaches. My third reason is the more oil you use, the more oil there is to kill animals so I am asking you not to use too much oil because oil spills kill animals. If we use less oil, there will be less oil spills. If I were you I would stop littering and start picking up and caring for our Mother Earth.

Van Martin


April 8, 2016
Dear People of Raymond,
     I am writing to you about recycling and why it is so important to help Earth. My first reason is that some people are throwing trash in the water or on the ground and sometimes if it gets into the water the fish could die. My second reason is that animals could become extinct because they’re eating trash. My final reason is oil spills are happening and the oil could kill the fish so we need to use less oil. Did you know that oil makes plastic? I want you to recycle and take care of our environment and help the animals.

Ronnie Cordwell


April 8, 2016
Dear Town of Raymond,
     How unfair is it that we might not know that we are doing bad things to the Earth? My first reason is did you know that animals are eating trash, thinking trash is food? So when we drop trash on the side of the roads, it goes into storm drains. Then, it gets washed into rivers and then to the ocean. Then animals are eating trash and then they are getting sick or dying. My second reason is oil spills are getting on animals and are killing or hurting them. We will lose sea animals like sea otters and penguins and many more animals will lose their homes! My third reason is you should recycle more because it could get made into new stuff. Also if we use less plastic water bottles, we will use less oil. You should recycle plastic water bottles because bottles could turn into carpets and reusable water bottles. Please don’t litter. Be one of the smart people. I know you can!

A fellow citizen,
Jon Martineau


April 8, 2016
Dear People of Raymond,
     I’m writing because our world is in trouble and I need you to help. My first reason is animals are going to be extinct if you litter on the ground. If you litter, it will go into rivers and that is what we drink too. If trash goes into rivers, it will clog up with trash and you will die. My second reason is landfills are taking over animals’ homes as well because we have so much trash. Do you want to be a part of this? I know you can help this because you are all so powerful! Even when you are small, you are powerful too. We can save this world by picking up trash to help animals because animals are our brothers and sisters. We are all an awesome family! Please help! It is a hard job. I can’t do it without you. Please help!

Taryn Gregoire


Dear People of Raymond,
      I’m writing to help the Earth. My first reason is I want you to pick up trash or it might get blown in the water. Then the animals will eat it and get sick or die. My second reason is I want you to recycle water bottles because they will last four hundred fifty to five hundred years! My third reason is you can recycle plastic to make slides or benches and other things. Now you know why I want you to help me clean the Earth.

Jacob Dalton


Dear People of Raymond,
     I am writing about you helping me save the Earth. Don’t leave bags on the ground! The bags will go in the water and the sea turtles will eat it and get sick or die! My second reason is there is too much trash in the landfill so I need you to recycle more. We can make cool things out of recycled trash like chairs, yoyos, slides, scissors, and nametags. Also, do you know that paper is made from trees? If we use too much trees then we can’t breathe. I want you to use both sides of a paper and then recycle it. Now you know how to help me save the Earth.

Yours truly,
Shardonay Gulezian


Dear People of Raymond,
     Do you know why it is important to recycle? It is because the landfills are getting too big. Do you know how long it takes a plastic bottle to break down? It takes them five hundred years so don’t use too many plastic bottles and recycle them too. I also believe that we should pick up trash that we see. Do you know that we are hurting the animals? It is happening because people are throwing things on the ground and animals are eating this trash and are getting sick. Put trash in the recycling bins so it won’t go to the landfills. I would like you to do this so the animals will be healthy. Now you know why it is important to recycle.

Jordan Habib


April 13, 2016
Dear Citizens of Raymond,
     I am writing to persuade you to recycle more to help the Earth. My first reason why we should recycle is paper is made from trees. Recycling paper helps our environment because animals need trees to build houses in and we need trees to breathe. Another reason why we should recycle is food can be used for compost. Compost makes the dirt healthy so new stuff like plants and food will grow well. My last reason why we should recycle is we have many uncovered landfills so animals can eat trash and get sick or die. Also, we will need more and more landfills. So now you know why we need to recycle more to help the Earth.

Your earth loving friend,
Emily Dickinson


Dear Citizens of Raymond,
     I am writing to you so you will stop polluting the water. My first reason is if oil gets in the water, it will kill the fish. Sometimes it gets on rocks and then it kills land animals. If it kills fish, we will lose a lot of food. If the birds go into the polluted water, they might die. Do you want birds on Earth? Did you know sometimes people throw trash on the ground so then it goes into a storm drain? Then fish eat it and die. Now you know how to stop polluting the water.

Your earth loving friend,
John Brewitt


Ms. Derosiers 2nd Grade Class 2015 photo at Mt. Kearsarge Museaum










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