2022 Hampstead School Board Meetings

Hampstead School Board Prepares for Deliberative on February 8
By Penny Williams    1-13-22

The Hampstead School Board spent its meeting on Tuesday, January 11, going over their presentations for the upcoming Deliberative Session scheduled for Tuesday, February 8, following a Special Meeting for the proposed Lot Line Adjustment with the neighboring lot.

The board held a session prior to the meeting to go over the proposed Lot Line Adjustment that would have the district purchasing roughly 17 feet of the neighboring homeowners lot that the school currently has been using for its drop-off/pick-up lane and the schools utilities. The board approved the purchase price of $17,738 and approved placing Article 5, concerning this issue on the Warrant.

Article 1 on the Warrant lists two school board positions open. One position is for a three year term the other is for a one year term. People interested in being a candidate for these positions need to inform the district at the superintendent's SAU Office between January 19 and January 28.

The board held a public hearing as it reviewed the Bond issue for the Hampstead Central School Addition project. The proposed bond amount is $12,595,000 and to raise $314,873 for the first year's interest. A 3/5 vote is required for approval.

Superintendent Robert Thompson went over the reasons why this project is needed. He identified the inadequate spaces in the building that the construction project would address stressing that the space needs at the school are having an instructional impact on students.

The members of the team addressing this project, Gino Baroni, Trident the owner and chief officer of the Project Management company reviewed the proposed costs and pointed out that despite the project not having been passed by voters and changes made to refine the overall project, money had been saved by careful monitoring of the project up to this point. He indicated the construction costs are $10,835,000; soft costs $1,260,000; contingency costs are $500,000; for a total project cost of $12,595,000.

A complete presentation regarding the proposed construction project was provided and will be repeated at the Deliberative Session.

The bond being sought for the Central School Construction Project is a 10 year bond with 1.5 percent interest. Board Chair indicated that the tax impact of the project would be $200 a year on a home valued at $200,000; $400 a year on a home valued at $400,000; and, $600 a year on a home valued at $600,000. That public hearing was closed.

Another  public hearing on the Article 3, the Operating Budget was opened. The Operating Budget is $31,671,796 and the Default budget is $31,972,403. After reviewing the budget it was noted that it is down $674,487 or 2.09 percent from last year's budget.

Enrollment is up by 8 students at Central School; 4 students at Middle School; and 2 students at Pinkerton Academy with a total of 1,025 students. It was pointed out that the default budget is higher than the operating budget. The public hearing was closed.

Article 4 is the request to voters to approve the School District putting $500,000 into the Capital Reserve Fund.

Article 5 is the Lot Line Adjustment article

Article 6 is to accept reports.

After this long presentation that will be repeated at the Deliberative the board held a special meeting to vote their recommendation on each article. The board voted 4-0 on Articles 2 through 6. The vote was 4 to 0 because one board member was absent,


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