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Fremont Pizzeria, The Ideal Family Restaurant
By Penny Williams 1-29-14

As you enter the Fremont Pizzeria Restaurant, the tantalizingly delicious aroma of meals being cooked greets you, followed immediately by the welcoming smile of owner/manager Nick Kakouris.

Once inside, you are wrapped in the warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere and are shown to a booth or table by a cheerful hostess. A server follows almost immediately, and that is the beginning of a satisfying and friendly dining experience.

The name, Fremont Pizzeria Restaurant, belies what the menu and the week’s specials offer. There are, of course, plenty of pizza options, along with equally good subs and sandwiches, but these aren’t what set this restaurant apart from others - that stems from the meals that reach gourmet levels while remaining family-friendly.




The chefs in the open kitchen, which blends into the dining room, are encouraged to be creative and different. Kakouris started out as the head chef but now selects young chefs, trains them and turns them loose to create their own dishes out of traditional fare. Many of the chefs trained by Kakouris have gone on to become head chefs in Boston restaurants, and some have opened their own dining establishments.



The wait staff are efficient and cheerful and provide guests with a high quality of service.

Jessica Sweeney, who has been with the restaurant for 15 years, trains the staff and said because of the atmosphere, the feel of family among the restaurant personnel and the relationships formed with the largely repeat customer base, there is little turnover in staff.


Nick Kakouris and Jessica Sweeney

“Working here is like being with family,” Sweeney said. “It is a family-oriented restaurant and the atmosphere is always welcoming. The wide variety of meal offerings over the years has grown better with more choices. But it is the repeat customers who keep coming back and the relationships we build with them that makes this place unique. I have had some of the same customers for the entire 15 years I have been here, and they have become part of the family. They keep coming back because of the atmosphere and the quality of the food and service.”




The restaurant is small, seating about 55 guests at tables or in booths. It was designed by an architect who took what was once an engine repair shop and turned it into an open space dining room with a counter fronting the kitchen area, where take-out meals are handed out and where guests can pay by cash or credit card.

Kakouris said he is in the process of planning and designing an expansion that will add close to 100 seats and a bar area. Beer and wine are currently available to accompany meals.

If you are looking for a restaurant where the service and the food are both high quality, you can count on the Fremont Pizzeria Restaurant.

“We pay the same amount of attention to detail whether the meal is a pizza or a gourmet selection,” Kakouris said. “Cooking is not rocket science. Everyone can do it.



We just bring creativity and dedication to detail to it, and we always make sure what we serve is the best it can possibly be.

It doesn’t matter whether you are ordering take-out or dining in, we treat all orders with the same attention to detail and make sure that what we serve is the best.”


Chef Chris Daly               


Some of Kakouris’s specials will have your mouth watering and send you to check your calendar for a date to visit the restaurant. One special is a Rib Eye Steak and Turf that features a 12-ounce rib eye grilled medium and served with mashed potato and asparagus, topped with a Béarnaise sauce and with a side of maple glazed scallops wrapped in bacon, for $19.99.

Another popular special is Bourbon Glazed Salmon for $17, featuring salmon coated in sesame seeds and pan seared, served over a bed of asparagus risotto and drizzled with a bourbon glaze.

A beef eater with an enormous appetite will enjoy the Prime Rib served every Friday and Saturday for $23.99. It is an 18 to 20 ounce prime rib with roasted potatoes and sautéed vegetables.



Paul Byrne comes regularly for the Prime Rib dinner
       from Hudson, Massachusetts


Another favorite is Seafood Poseidon, which includes mussels, scallops, and shrimp sautéed with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives and spinach, then simmered in a feta cream sauce and tossed with penne pasta, all for $18.99.

And the Potato Encrusted Haddock is an 8 ounce fillet of haddock coated with shaved potato and finished in the oven, then served over a bowl of the restaurant’s homemade corn chowder for $17.99.

Other entrees range from a Salmon Gnocchi Picasso to Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese.



           Stuffed Shells                                          Bruschetta


The restaurant offers a variety of pizzas; calzones are also available. Appetizers range from the traditional onion rings, fries, chicken or buffalo tenders, meat pie, Mozzarella sticks, and wings, to the more exotic Mussels Bianco, Fried Mushroom Caps, Bruschetta, Fried Calamari and Fried Calamari tossed with Lemon and Caper Butter served with house Pomodoro, Jalapeno Poppers and Insalata Caprese - a soul satisfying meal in itself. A variety of soups and salads are also available.

A generously sized lobster roll is a dining favorite, and haddock, shrimp and scallops can be served baked, broiled or fried. Steak and steak tips, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and a more than generous Spinach Pie are also on the menu.


All pasta meals are sautéed to order and range from marinara sauce and meatballs to stuffed shells, lasagna, Parmesan chicken or eggplant, veal or chicken Marsala, and Linguini with Clam Sauce.


Claudia Miliner, Rodie Krantz and Mary Lincoln have been coming here from Raymond since it opened.



Kakouris started what he then called Fremont Pizzeria at the Fremont Safety Complex, and was its main cook and bottle washer. He worked hard and when the building that is now the restaurant became available, he took a chance and bought it in 1990 and had it renovated, creating the open space restaurant that exits today. He made the move and added the word Restaurant to the sign, and has been serving lunch and dinner there ever since.



Baked Seafood Stuffed Haddock                  Chicken Cordon Bleu


“We offer the best service and food you can get,” he said. “We change the specials every Friday. We use fresh seafood and fresh meat and then we get creative and add a little zing to them. Our goal is on any and every day to put out the best product we can, and as long as we have a good product combined with good service, we will be successful.”

And the restaurant is successful. On any given Friday night, the tables are already full by 5:30 p.m. but guests are invited to have a drink while they wait to be seated.



      Shrimp & Scallop Scampi          Chicken Bacon Tortellini


If you are looking for a place to go to have a meal of superlative quality in a casual, family-friendly atmosphere that is affordably priced, where the service is excellent and you leave satisfied, make your next dinner out at the Fremont Pizzeria Restaurant, located on Route 107 (Main Street) in Fremont across from the elementary school.

Fremont Pizzeria Restaurant does a brisk take-out business as well as a thriving catering business, and has a second, smaller location in Kingston, where Kakouris said 80 percent of the offerings at the main restaurant are available.

Fremont Pizzeria is open Sunday through Thursday 11 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 10 pm. Tuesday is CHARITY Night. Friday and Saturday night is Prime Rib night. For take-out orders, call 895-6316.

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