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Brave Little Soul Fundraiser A Huge Success
By Chery Killam 2-11-13

Alanna Marcotte, 12, spent the day, Sunday, Feb. 10, at the Tuckaway Tavern, where her father, Executive Chef Bobby Marcotte, works,  meeting and greeting all of her supporters who came to give her hugs and wish her good thoughts on getting well. 

The parking lot was filled by 11 a.m., with overflow parking across the street in the Cozy Corner lot until 5 p.m. 

The number of people who came to show their support and to help contribute to the expenses for Alanna’s trip to Texas for more medical treatment to beat her cancer was amazing.

The small sitting area beside the tavern entry way was set up for children to make valentines and have their faces painted. Morgan Uzdanovich of Nashua certainly enjoyed what she was making. Even some of the adults had their faces painted too, like Francesca Householder of Derry.

The 50/50 raffle was pulled multiple times, with $500 going to two different winners and the third drawing winner getting $375.

The side room had tables covered with raffle items that were donated by members of the community, businesses and friends of the Tuckaway. Bidders wrote down their silent bids, walked around, came back and bid again and again, trying to out bid others. Some continued increasing the bid amounts right down to the very last three minutes, determined to win the items they had their eyes on.

The tavern was packed wall to wall with many from Raymond and around New Hampshire,  but many more came up from Massachusettes and over from Vermont.

Well over a few hundred attendees bought lots of raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets, but most bought an arms length of raffle tickets for $20, hoping to increase their chances of winning sports memorabilia, a cruise trip to the Bahamas, tickets to sporting events, gift baskets, jewelry and so much more. At 2:30 p.m. Tuckaway employees began pulling the winning raffle tickets.

Everyone hung out at the bar or sat at tables talking with old friends or made new friends while enjoying food provided by the tavern, as they waited to hear if their name was called as a winner.

More than 60 men and one woman stepped up to have their heads shaved by Bombshells owner Michelle Williams and Kassie Dubois.  Donations of any amount were accepted, and some people were exceptionally generous, giving a hundred dollars each.  Over $600 was collected by 3 p.m.

The fund raiser was a huge success.  The amount collected significantly exceeded their wildest dreams, according to Tuckaway Tavern Co-owner/Manager Paul Simbliaris, thanks to the huge list of donated items and the hard working efforts of the Tuckaway staff.

To read the Union Leader article, click HERE.

Tuckaway Tavern donates 20 Thanksgiving Meals to Local Seniors
By Cheryl Killam 11-21-12

Jen Hiller and Cody Gardner began roasting turkeys on Monday morning to fill over 175 pre-ordered dinners for the Thanksgiving holiday, in addition to the 20 turkey dinners the Tuckaway Tavern donated to local seniors in Raymond and Nottingham. Drew Oaks and Brett George rolled the 20 pans of turkeys out of the refrigerator for delivery.

Each 12 to 14 pound turkey was seasoned and roasted, split and cut up into quarters then laid out in an aluminum pan with turkey broth, then covered with foil, ready to pop into the oven and reheat at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

The donated meals included the turkey, squash, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce, along with a card wishing the recipients a “Happy Thanksgiving from the Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery”.

Some of the Tuckaway Tavern employees donated their time to come in, package up the turkeys and sides and help load the vehicle for deliveries on Wednesday afternoon for Thursday’s holiday.

Co-owner/general manager Paul Simbliaris said, “it’s important that the elderly in our community are remembered and not forgotten, especially when they can not cook for themselves.“

Tuckaway Tavern Honors Veterans with Spaghetti & Meatball Dinners

Tuckaway Tavern Feeds Hundreds of Linemen Who Helped Restore Power By Cheryl Killam 10-31-12

On Monday morning, Governor Lynch declared a state of emergency and recommended businesses close their doors early so that employees could be off the roads by 3 pm, prior to the worst of Hurricane Sandy.  The storm hit hard; power lines and poles were damaged to the tune of  approximately 137,000 without power.

 PSNH coordinated the restoration efforts throughout the state with the assistance of crews from Hydro Quebec and Nova Scotia.  

With sufficient power and food available on Tuesday evening, the Tuckaway Tavern served up a buffet dinner of prime rib, chicken, meatballs, salads and beverages to over 130 linesmen after a tough day's work of restoring downed power lines and poles.

By  6 am  Wednesday the parking lot was a sea of yellow trucks for another buffet of eggs, french toast, bacon, ham, fruit salad, pastries, and of course coffee to send them out to finish the job.

At 7:30 am thirty-five seacoast towns had anywhere from 79 in Newfields to 1454 in Fremont still without power. Raymond had 1178, Brentwood 752, Deerfield 720, Epping 594 and Nottingham 695 without power.   

Raymond Town Manager Craig Wheeler met with state officials at  noon for an update on the status. Wheeler reiterated that elderly Raymond citizens could call either the Raymond Police at  895-4222  or the Raymond Ambulance at  895-4353 if they needed any assistance, water or any dry goods. 

The Tuckaway Tavern holds a Rooster Balls eating contest
By Cheryl Killam 8-19-12

On Saturday August 18 at about 12:45 pm the contestants began strolling in for this month's eating contest at the Tuckaway Tavern. The first to arrive was the cheeseburger eating contest winner, John Del Greco from Fremont, along with his cheering family. Next in was a newcomer to the tavern's eating contest Matt Papajohn, from Manchester, and he was not sure what he was in for but looking pretty hungry. 

Chris Cummings, from Epping, the second place cheeseburger eating finisher, was there to un-throne John for the first place seat. There were ten challengers signed up on the Tuckaway Tavern's Facebook page but unfortunately repeat challenger Keith Hanson of Raymond and Bradley Woods were no shows.

Lined up around the drink rail on the left side were Chris Zanca and Marcus Chase, both Tuckaway Tavern employees, Chris Cummings the second place cheeseburger eating finisher, John Del Greco and last in line, Dustin Ramey of Kingston, a financial advisor from the Edward Jones office across the street from the tavern.

Sitting on the opposite side starting at the far end were Nick Przybylinski of Fremont, Jimmy Owen of Raymond, Jarrett Johnston of Sandown, Matt Papajohn of Manchester, and Sean Miller from Raymond, another repeat challenger from the cheeseburger eating contest, listened to music.

Each contestant got a plate of fifteen rooster balls to start with and then ten balls per plate after that. They had twenty minutes to eat as many as they could, with only water to drink. The ready, set, go was given by Executive Chef/Manager Bobby Marcotte.

Rooster Balls are shredded chicken, cream cheese, Blue cheese, vegetables and Honey Buffalo seasoning rolled in a crust and deep fried with Cilantro Ranch dressing drizzled on top. Each ball was about the size of a lime or a plum and was very rich, spicy and very delicious. 

After five minutes Dustin Ramey had finished his first plate with Chris Cummings right behind him, followed by John Del Greco, Sean Miller, then Jimmy Owen and Jarrett Johnston, and the second plates with ten rooster balls were delivered.

Chris Cummings took his third plate of rooster balls after eight minutes. It took Nick Przybylinski ten minutes to get to his second plate and after a couple bites he was done and out. John and Dustin flagged down their third plates and kept on eating. The water glasses were being emptied and the sweat was running down their faces. 

On the left, Nick, Jimmy, Jarrett and Matt were out, with Sean still struggling to eat more. On the right, at the sixteen minute time check with only four minutes left, Chris Cummings was delivered a fourth plate and a minute later so were John and Dustin while Marcus and Chris, tavern employees, were out.   

With ten seconds to go the count down began and in the end Chris Cummings ate forty-one rooster balls to beat out John Del Greco, who came in second, eating thirty-seven and Dustin Ramey, in third place eating thirty-six. Chris was awarded a $75.00 gift certificate to the tavern. Congratulations Chris! I’m sure we will see you at the next Tuckaway Tavern eating contest. 

Tuckaway Tavern Cheeseburger Eating Contest -
By Cheryl Killam 7-28-12

The Tuckaway Tavern had 15 Facebook fans signed up to compete in their 1st Cheesburger Eating Contest, on Saturday July 28. The goal was to eat as many cheeseburgers as they could in 25 minutes.

More than 200 four ounce angus burgers were grilled however some pre-selected contestants may have decided it was probably more than they could chew. A few walkins got the chance to eat their way towards those Red Sox Tickets, too.

Only two women were willing to take the challenge against the men, Angela McAneny from Manchester and Jen Marie Darois from Raymond. The guys were Keith Hanson from Raymond, John Del Greco from Fremont, Patrick Corrigan from Raymond, Chris Cummings from Epping, Shawn Miller from Raymond, Henry Ward from Belmont, Mass and lastly, Brett George from Fremont also a Tuckaway Tavern employee jumped into the challenge.

Each contestant had a plate of eight burgers placed in front of them along with mustard, ketchup and refillable glasses of water. Chef Bobby laid out the rules - no leaving your chairs, you can have only water to drink and 25 minutes to eat as much as you can.

There are over 200 four ounce grilled angus burgers on that rack.

The contestants start coming into the Tuckaway Tavern and taking their seats.

Seated left to right around the bar is Keith, Angela, Jen Marie, John, Chris.

Brett in the "Champ" headband, Henry, Shawn and Patrick. The plated burgers were handed out to the nine contestants while they listen to the rules.

Get ready, set, Go !!

Eight burgers on a plate is alot of food.

In the lead at the first time check of 5 minutes was John with 4 burgers eaten.

The Tavern patrons clapped and chanted EAT, EAT, EAT as the contestants kept eating!!

John gets his second plate of 8 burgers while Chris, on his left, keeps working on the last burger on his plate. Keith, in blue shirt, was full after 4 burgers.

Seconds to go and the count down begins, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. John wins after eating 10 burgers in 25 minutes! Chris comes in second eating 7 3/4 burgers.

Brett had the weight of the Tavern on his shoulders but unfortunately he had to turn in his "Champ" headband for the "Shame "headband.

The Tuckaway Tavern begins serving lunch. By Leslie O'Donnell

Local residents and passersby alike have been eagerly awaiting lunchtime service at the Tuckaway Tavern on Route 27 in Raymond. Well, the wait is over.

On Friday, July 27, the Tuckaway began serving lunch, and it didn’t take long for the booths – and patrons’ stomachs – to fill up.

Just as it does for its dinners,  the Tuckaway serves lunch in large portions at reasonable prices. A traditional Caesar salad, with just the right “bite” to the dressing, plenty of crisp croutons, and an ample serving of fresh romaine, was a perfect midday meal for a hot summer day (and it would taste great in any other season as well).                                         

My luncheon companion ordered the Farmer’s Cobb salad, requested that spinach be substituted for lettuce and asked for chicken to be added. The server didn’t even bat an eye. The salad dish arrived with plenty of style, the ingredients arranged in eye-appealing fashion, the cilantro Ranch dressing just right, and with enough chicken tenders to satisfy the biggest appetite. The salad was easily big enough to take some home for another full meal.

The menu offers soups, appetizers, lobster rolls, sandwiches and full meals. And the desserts? The Almost Better Than…Cake, a German chocolate cake with butterscotch topping, sweetened condensed milk, Cool Whip and Heath Bar bits, could easily feed four and make chocolate lovers quite happy.

             Impressive, too, is the service, with waitpersons knowledgeable about the menu and providing just the right amount of attention.

            Whether you’re stopping in a for a quick break from work or having a leisurely lunch date with friends in the comfortable booths in the well air-conditioned dining room, the Tuckaway Tavern is worth your time.

            The Tuckaway Tavern is open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Dinner is served daily from 4 p.m.

The Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery and the Raymond Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated the official grand opening of the Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery with a ribbon cutting ceremony on July 24, 2012.

The Tuckaway will begin serving lunch on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from the Burgers and Garden menu and offer lunch sized portions of select items from The Rest and Oven menu.

Front row: Chamber Board of Director David Turcotte, Chamber Treasurer Ryder Audette, Co-Owner/Manager Paul Simbliaris and Executive Chef/Manager Bobby Marcotte cutting the ribbon, Chamber Board of Director Lori Shookus, Chamber Vice Pres. Debbie Moulton. Back row: Steve Castle, Fred Loonie, Co-Owner George Vernet, Vince Chestnut, Town Manager Craig Wheeler, Chamber Secretary Dick Trask. photo by Cheryl Killam

Front row: Chamber Board of Director David Turcotte, Chamber Treasurer Ryder Audette, Co-Owner/Manager Paul Simbliaris and Executive Chef/Manager Bobby Marcotte cutting the ribbon, Chamber Board of Director Lori Shookus and Chamber Vice Pres. Debbie Moulton holding ribbon on right. Back row: Steve Castle, Fred Loonie, Co-Owner George Vernet, Vince Chestnut, Town Manager Craig Wheeler, Chamber Secretary Dick Trask. photo by Cheryl Killam.

Tuckaway Tavern brings a different type of quality meal and service to Raymond. By Cheryl Killam 7-15-12

We have eaten at the Tuckaway Tavern at least six times maybe more and each time the wait staff has been very prompt, professional and pleasant. The meals have been more than we could eat and we've always had plenty for leftovers the next day, even a third meal on some.

A wide variety has been ordered from the menu as you can see below with many more choices still available to be tried. Every selection has been cooked perfectly to our satisfaction and friends have ordered different selections and they were very satisfied with their meals too.

               Tuckaway Tavern Burger             Texas Meatloaf

Tuckaway Tavern Burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion and Sweet Potatoe fries. Texas Meatloaf with BBQ Sauce, Cheddar Cheese and Fried Onion, a bowl of coleslaw and smashed potatoes.

       An order of Appetizers                           Maryland Haddock

Tray of Appetizers - O'Rings, Tuckaway Taters, Bangin Shrimp and Rooster Balls. The Maryland Haddock is Haddock filet with Crab Cake Crust and Tuck Sauce, a bowl of broccoli with cashews and smashed potatoes.

          Tavern Fish & Chips                                 Prime Rib Sandwich

The Tavern Fish and Chips is fresh haddock, seasonal beer batter with Peppadew Tarter sauce and a bowl of tomato basil mozzarella. The Prime Rib Sandwich is a thin cut ribeye, toasted pane with roasted garlic horseradish sauce.

         Scampi'd Salmon                                   New England Seafood Pie

The Scampi'd Salmon is a salmon filet, shrimp, lobster, spinach and scampi, bowls of tomato basil mozzarella and broccoli cashews. The New England Seafood Pie is haddock, shrimp, lobster, sweet cream, butter and cracker crumbs with coleslaw and broccoli.

                          Big Baked Pig                           NH's Best Steak Tip Dinner

The Big Baked Pig is BBQ pulled pork, mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese and scallions. The NH's Best Steak Tip dinner says it all.

         Everyone seated at the Bar            Beyond the bar at the windows


         Side room seating                           Jim and Sandy waiting for meals


      Dana and Julie enjoying dinner       Jeanne, Pam and Kevin chilling


The Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond finally opens the doors!
By Cheryl Killam 6-8-12

Tuesday night, June 5, The Tuckaway Tavern held a VIP Soft Opening at 6 p.m. Restaurant Chef/Manager Bobby Marcotte issued a Facebook challenge at noon time that the first 3 respondents would win a table for two at the 7 p.m. seating. Lots of the Facebook fans replied too late, but the doors open at 4 p.m. every day for dinner in the Tavern.  

Owner Paul Simbliaris and Marcotte began their journey of creating their dream business on Jan. 2, 2012.  They renovated the closed Freetown Yankee Market into The Butchery, which opened on March 16, 2 months and 15 days from the purchase date. The opening of the Tuckaway Tavern came another 2 ½ months later.

    Chef/Manager Bobby Marcotte          The Butchery

Chef Bobby said during the VIP night the best selling meal was the Baked Stuffed Lobster Roll, and the featured burger was the Black and Blue, crusted with cajun spices with cilantro, blue cheese, and served with Bacon Blue Cheese dressing. The favorite salad for the evening was the Green Eggs and Ham salad with boiled eggs and crispy prosciutto served on spinach, with bacon and cilantro ranch dressing. The favorite soup was the Lobster Chowder, the favorite dessert was the S-More Sunday. The beers ordered the most were the Woodstock and Tuckermans.

The main dining area has booths along the outer walls and the center is a beautifully hand crafted rectangular bar to enjoy your food and company.  The ceilings have open beams and the walls have natural barn board siding to bring out the tavern ambiance.  There are two  double sided gas stove fire places to add to the cozy tavern decor. What used to be the conference room has been transformed into additional dining space with sliding barn doors that can be closed off for private functions.

The menu has appetizers from $7 to $9, salads, sides and additions from $4 to $7, the burgers are $8, the meal selection includes  Texas Meatloaf for $14, the Maryland Haddock with a whole crab cake on top served with Tuck Sauce for  $15,  Scampi’d Salmon with lobster, spinach and shrimp for $18, Steak Tips are $18,  the T-Bone Steak is $26 and all Kids meals are $7.

 Bobby began his restaurant career dishwashing when he was 13 years old, and within 2 months moved over to making salads and then complete plated meals.  He has always worked for independent restaurants and is very happy to see his dream restaurant come to fruition.

       Garden Produce & Dressings        Fresh Breads, Pasta and Sauces

 When asked what sells the best in the Butchery from the fresh cold meat selections, Marcus Chase behind the meat counter said the marinated meats and the sausages definitely sell the most. The Butchery has a fabulous selection of  prepared meals to go, and the deli cabinet has a huge variety of salads to choose from, premade wrap sandwiches, stuffed portabella mushrooms and lasagna portions stacked 4 inches thick, just to name a few items.

     Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms         Lots of Sausage Flavors
   and Lasagna

The Tavern opens every day at 4 p.m. with seating in the tavern and the bar area. No reservations are being taken yet but you may still call ahead for seating.  The kitchen closes at 9 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and at 10 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Tuckaway Tavern  employs 65 people, all local to the Raymond area, with 25 in the kitchen, 25 wait staff and another 15 people working the market and meat counters. 

Local purveyors are welcome to drop off products at the market on a consignment basis.  Contact Bobby Marcotte at 244-2431 x 12. 












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