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Come Home to the Lazy Lion Café in Deerfield
By Leslie O’Donnell 12-10-12

Part hometown restaurant, part coffee house with live music, and part friendly watering hole, the Lazy Lion Café in Deerfield is an out-of-the-ordinary place to visit and make part of your routine.

Whether it’s a sandwich with truffle fries at lunch or a Saturday night dinner, the Lazy Lion offers something for everyone and for all ages, in a comfortable, family friendly setting. The restaurant is in Deerfield’s historic Odd Fellows Hall, and the friendly staff will make you feel right at home. And that’s the goal.

For the past four years, brothers Jeremy and Josh Moser have owned the Lazy Lion. Josh is the chef, while Jeremy does just about everything else, along with cooking during the day. The café is a far cry from their days growing up in the Los Angeles area, but now all but two of the seven Moser siblings live in Deerfield, as do their parents.

Jeremy and Josh say the locals keep them going. “Our good, loyal regulars kept us alive,” Jeremy said, noting they bought the restaurant in 2008, just as the economy was tanking. “A lot of people come here as a gathering spot, and we love that. We get a good influx of new people, but it’s the regulars who keep us going.”

Whether it’s teachers from the local school or town employees ordering out lunch, construction workers getting together after work, or friends celebrating over dinner, the Lazy Lion has become the center of Deerfield life.

“It feels like home when you come in, and it’s really a meeting place for the town,” Jeremy said. “It’s like ‘Cheers.’ It’s a place where people know your name.”

“Eighty percent of the business are regulars,” Josh noted.

And when it comes to changing the menu, which he does every six months or so, he said much of it remains the same to satisfy his regular customers, adding, “if I took them off the menu, I’d be persecuted by the town!

“I’ll go out of my way for my customers,” he said, noting he sometimes cooks food for regulars even after the item no longer appears on the menu.

But there is plenty of innovation at the Lazy Lion as well, especially its new Lion’s Den Bar & Grill, which held its grand opening in early December. Located in a separate room from the main restaurant is an area set aside as a bar and function room, serving the Lion’s signature martinis, fine wines, cocktails and beer from a new, 12-tap keg system. The restaurant’s traditional menu is also served at the Lion’s Den, and three big screen TVs play for the sports minded.

The new area is a place to relax close to home, without having to drive to a sports bar in Manchester, Concord or Portsmouth. Currently the Lions Den is open Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sundays after 2 p.m., staying open for the football crowd.

The Lazy Lion name comes from the previous owners, whose last name is Lion. Josh began working for the original owners as a dishwasher, and when the chef didn’t show up to work one day, leaving everyone wondering what to do next, Josh stepped in. “I said I had watched the chef cook for three years, so I took over,” he said, moving into the role of manager and chef.

When the original owners decided to sell, Josh took the plunge to buy the restaurant. He contacted Jeremy, who was working as a restaurant server and going to school studying physics in New Mexico at the time, and Jeremy joined the family influx into Deerfield to co-own and run the restaurant with his brother.

“All of us live in town now,” Jeremy said. “It’s quite an adventure. I doubt we’ll ever leave.”

Josh said he bought the restaurant because the Lazy Lion had become too important a gathering spot to risk seeing it become something different. “I love this town,” he said. “Deerfield is awesome.”

Josh said he and his brother are “complete opposites, but pretty good at meeting in the middle. Jeremy does the menus and the accounting, I take care of the kitchen, head up the dinner service every night, do all the food ordering and the assigning of baked goods, put all the weekend specials together.” When Josh comes up with a new dish, he describes it to his brother, who comes up with a name and a more detailed description that goes on the menu.

And what are people ordering at the Lazy Lion? Favorite choices include Momma’s Meatloaf, Chicken Piccata, a Shrimp and Scallop Sautee with Raviolis and Steak Tips, which Jeremy said are “a cut above the rest.

“Our raviolis are unique to us, and make a really neat dish that is vegetarian as well,” he said. “And our St. Louis Style Ribs are fall-off-the-bone style, our own recipe.”

He’s proud of their unique recipes, as well as their signature drinks. “Our espresso martini is made with fresh espresso,” Jeremy said. “And our Blackberry Mojito is the best you can get in the area.

“We try to keep everything unique to the Lion,” he emphasized.

In the spirit of supporting local musicians, live music is offered Thursday through Saturday evenings.

And the Lazy Lion serves a brunch menu Sundays that ranges from eggs and omelets and home fries, to pancakes, stuffed French toast, steak and eggs, and three-egg burritos with a variety of fillings.

If that’s not enough, the Lazy Lion also provides catering, both from its menu and to meet the specific desires of customers. Anyone interested in Lazy Lion catering service should call Josh.

The Lazy Lion is open Mondays through Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for brunch, with the Lion’s Den bar open for football games starting at 2 p.m. The Lazy Lion is located in the heart of Deerfield at 4 North Road, close to Raymond, Candia, Northwood, and Nottingham.

For more information, call 463-7374 or visit or its Facebook page, where coupons are often available, at









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