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Raymond Promotes Julie Jenks to Town Finance Manager Post
By Leslie O’Donnell   1-22-18

The Town of Raymond has a new finance manager, but she’s a familiar face in the Town Offices.

Julie Jenks was appointed finance manager in October 2017, a promotion from her original hiring as account manager for the Town in August 2016. After the previous finance manager resigned and the position remained open but unfilled for months, Town Manager Craig Wheeler asked Jenks if she would be interested in moving up to the manager post.

“I had to think about it a little bit, but 80 percent of the job was what I was already doing anyway,” she said. “I like it, and everybody here has helped in their own way. It’s definitely a lot of learning, but all my coworkers reassure me I’m doing a good job. Sometimes the best way to learn is to jump right in – hands on is always the best teacher.”

During the period when the Town was without a finance manager, Eric Demas was brought in for one day a week to help, Jenks said, noting she was the only full-time employee in the Finance Department during that time. Demas is Chief Financial Officer for the City of Everett, Mass., and previously worked on the Town of Raymond audit.

“He’s here to make sure we’re doing what is needed and to make sure the department is run fluidly,” she said, noting he is still working for the Town on Fridays to help her learn what needs to be done.

Wheeler announced Jenks’ promotion at the Oct. 16 Board of Selectmen meeting. He said he had no luck finding a finance manager at the salary the Town could afford, but found that Jenks could handle the position and should be promoted.

Jenks moved from Manchester to Raymond with her family when she was in high school, and is a Raymond High School graduate. She has an Associate’s degree in accounting, and worked as a bookkeeper for many years, including for Radio Grove Hardware. She lives in Raymond, and has a daughter who is a teacher in Pennsylvania.

Jenks said the Finance Department is moving forward, with Kerri Philibert hired as part-time bookkeeper in August 2017, and an account manager hired to come on board at the end of January.  “My goal was to get the jobs filled so I don’t have to do everything,” she said.

Jenks said she is weathering budget season well. “Craig and Eric have been big helps, as have the department heads,” she said of the budget preparations. “We all know where it stands.”

In her spare time, Jenks said she takes every chance she can to get outdoors with her two dogs, saying “that’s where I love to be.”

And she said she intends to stay in her new post. “I like working here, and it’s only going to get better with the hiring of an account manager,” she concluded.