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Alissa Del Tufo Welch Runs Marine Corps Marathon
By Cheryl Killam  10-24-19

On Sunday, October 27, Alissa Del Tufo Welch, of Raymond, will be running the Marine Corps Marathon as a member of The Semper Fi Fund Team, which helps Veterans wounded in combat. This is her second marathon. Last year she ran the New York City marathon for the Boston Children's Hospital and raised $3,500. Both years Welch has had several local town businesses as sponsors.

Last year she got injured during the marathon. Her hamstring basically pulled 90% off from the hamstring tendons on the bone, which are attached to the ischial tuberosity of the hip, often called the sitting bones. Currently, it's mostly healed but she is looking forward to a better run this year.

Welch ran track in Raymond from 7th grade through high school, and now coaches the Granite State Track and Field program for the Raymond Recreation Department and she is a member of US Track and Field.

This year Welch will be joined in running the marathon by Lt Chad Shevlin, a Marine Veteran and Officer Sarah Drake of the Raymond Police Department.


Chief Labell

Alissa Del Tufo Welch running in the New York City marathon


Running has always been a passion of Welch's, and she says she is lucky to have a very supportive husband, family, and friends that show up at races and support all of her training, donate to the causes she runs for, and even join in if she asks.

Many people have probably seen her out on the roads of Raymond since she runs almost every day on the road and the rail trail.