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Conservation Land is Wentworth Hunt Club’s Playground
By Cheryl Killam 9-23-13

With the cool, crisp weather upon us, the Wentworth Hunt Club is enjoying the use of both privately owned and surrounding towns’ conservation lands as its playground.

Rachel Duffy of Nashua on 7-year-old Ellie, Ellen Radigan of Derry on 13-year-old Jethro and Ann Pembroke of Epping on 18-year-old Cygnus.

Kami Wolk of Mont Vernon with her hounds

Kami Wolk of Mont Vernon, the owner of 11 hounds, is the Master of the Fox Hounds and is also a Huntsman.

At a hunt, two riders go out on the trails ahead of the group and lay down fox scent. After about a half hour, the Master of the Fox Hunt blows a bugle, signaling to the dogs that it’s time for them to work. The dogs gather around Wolk and on command are released down the trail to follow the virtual fox scent, with the riders following between a trot and a canter. The sound of the happy howling hounds is a joy to the riders.

Approximately 20 riders and their horses were saddled up for an 8 to 10 mile trail ride through the woods, along riverbanks and across fields on Wednesday morning, Sept. 4.

Riders and their horses waiting to head out

The ride generally takes about 2 hours from start to finish. This ride began at the 165-acre Cramer farm conservation land trails, then headed east into Epping toward the Primack property.

They circled back into Raymond, north along Stingy River Road, out onto the Bond property wooded trails that sit at the town boundary lines of Nottingham and Epping, and returned galloping across a local farmer’s fields.

The riders re-grouped at a farm in west Epping to give the dogs water and a snack, as well as cookies and drinks for the riders.

Member Ellen Radigan of Derry said, “the trails are beautiful and it’s nice we can use the conservation land along the Stingy River for rides.”

The 165 acre Cramer property and 61 acre Bond property have conservation easements held by Bear-Paw Land Trust in Deerfield. The 91 acre Primack property has a conservation easement held by Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire. The 254 acre Pawtuckway River Reservation land abutting the Stingy River and Pawtuckaway River is owned by Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire.

The next ride from the Cramer property is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 25. A Hunter Pace Fund Raiser is set for Sunday, Oct. 13, with another club ride on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

For more information about the Wentworth Hunt Club, visit www.wentworthhunt.org

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