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Fine Nest Farm Day for LRES Pre-schoolers and Kindergarteners
By Cheryl Killam 11-5-12

The Lamprey River Elementary School pre-schoolers and kindergarteners arrived by bus, for one of  two sessions, morning or afternoon, to learn about living on a farm. They were joined by some of their parents who chaperoned along with the classroom teachers. Multiple educational and fun areas were set up around the 168 acre Fine Nest farm, owned by Dana and Cody Cramer, for each of the groups to enjoy activities or learn from the demonstrations.


They began the tour through the barn to learn about chickens, pet the sheep, feed the horses and watch a wool spinning demonstration by Marilyn Semple and Cheryl Meyers. Meyers explained that before spinning wheels,  the old fashion way of spinning was to spin a stick while slowly pulling the fibers into a strand.   Aiden got to try it and spun the wool into 2 ply yarn that was tied into a bracelet.


The process of yarn making consists of  “sheering the sheep, washing and carding the fibers, then coloring and spinning” said Semple.   She pointed out a variety of different colors on a display board. There are alot of different natural materials used to create dyes for wool, "such as hickory nuts, onion skins, golden rod and some not so natural items like Kool-Aide for bright colors," she said.


After the barn tour the children ventured out to the apple orchard to try their hand at making fresh apple cider, with the old fashioned apple press and they all enjoyed snacking on apples.

There was an obstacle course set up in the horse field  along with other activities to keep them busy: a ring toss game, baseball and batting practice area, rocking horse, big wheels, horse shoes, hula hoops, tent tunnels, frisbees and bouncy balls.


Off to the forest they went for a nature walk and scavanger hunt. They each got a paper bag to collect a green leaf, twig, yellow leaf, pine cone, rock and a red leaf. They needed to keep their eyes open to try to catch sight of an ant, a squirrel and a bird so they could cross those items off  the list.  

Last stop was the Pumpkin patch to pick out their favorite pumpkin, put their name on it and place it in their classrooms box.

When they were asked what they liked the best about visiting Fine Nest Farm, they all agreed the best part was the sheep and the apple cider.


























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