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Myriam Jordan, Phil Novik, Jennifer Desrosiers and Robert "Sonny" McMahon Speak at Raymond Area Rotary Leadership Conference
  By Penny Williams - 2-12-17

The New Hampshire LEAD (Leadership, Education And Development) Conference featured speakers who offered the audience ideas, advice, tools, and resources to be used to develop team and individual leadership skills.

The fourth annual conference, held at New Life Church in Raymond on Feb. 10, was sponsored by the Raymond Area Rotary Club. The church pastor, Ken Bosse, was Master of Ceremonies.

Myriam Jordan, an independent “global and cross functional corporate leader,” spoke about global and virtual leadership. Her focus was on how teams can improve and team leaders become better leaders when they meet virtually rather than in person. She made the point that it is the responsibility of the team leader to ensure that team members are engaged and feel they belong and are needed and appreciated.

Jordan said a good leader not only is able to communicate well but also listens well; he or she inspires by how they act, prepare and produce. She added that measurable goals are needed and are key to developing trust among team members, and said a good leader is a coach, a teacher or a mentor, depending on the circumstances.

Phil Novik, an independent consultant, spoke about “Systems Thinking and Leadership Necessity.” He told the audience there are three levels of leadership: individual/personal, group/team, and systematic. Good leaders are able to think on all three levels every day, he said.

He spoke about the necessity for a good leader to be able to look at a given situation and trace it back to what triggered the issue. This is systemic thinking, he said, and noted it often involves allowing healing from past wounds to occur.

He also spoke about managing polarities, and said it is important to understand the difference between a problem to be solved and a polarity to be managed, with good leadership developing the ability to manage polarity. Good leaders challenge what is comfortable and work through it, he said, noting how well someone is able to lead involves how well they are able to manage polarity.

Jennifer Desrosiers, owner of Laney & Lu Cafe in Exeter, spoke about how she became a successful restaurant owner with a growing business and decreasing employee turnover. She also has an online business, Wildlife Adventures.

She told the audience she spent eight years as a highly paid engineer in a corporation, where she was driven to succeed by a boss who ruled through fear. She left that job and bought the café, and found that running the restaurant took over her life. What she discovered was that she had taken the attitudes and way of doing her job from her previous job and was handling the restaurant in the same way. She said she recognized that matters of the heart are what life is about and that rather than trying to do everything, she needed to let everybody do their job.

Her business model now is a team effort where everybody has a role and a responsibility, she said. If she has a positive mindset, she said, she can take care of her team, her team can take care of the customers, and the customers can take care of the business.

Good leaders, she said, have a personal mission and core values, all of which promote honesty, trust and bonding that holds the team together.

Robert "Sonny" McMahon, a trainer, said communication heads the list of skills he promotes. He said the most critical part of communications is listening, and said the hardest thing to handle is lodging a complaint because everyone makes assumptions about the outcome. Team members or employees need to confront the issue and talk about it but with the person who counts, not at home or at the water cooler, he added. He also emphasized that consistency is vital to supervision.

Luncheon was sponsored by 900 Degrees Pizzeria from 24 Brickyard Square in Epping. Other sponsors included People's United Bank, Epping General Dentistry, Walmart, Raymond Animal Hospital, Samson Duclair H.V.A.C., Raymond Coalition for Youth, Octree in Candia, and New Life Church.












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