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Community Action Fuel Assistance Program Increases Income Guidelines

The Fuel Assistance Program administered by Rockingham Community Action, which continues to take applications for the current winter, has increased its eligibility guidelnes.

According to Tracy Desmarais, energy director at Southern New Hampshire Services, “We welcome this decision by the New Hampshire Office of Energy Planning to open up the Fuel Assistance program to a greater number of vulnerable families. For example, a family of four can now earn up to $4,956 over 30 days to qualify, an increase of $961 from the previous maximum.”

Residents who think they qualify should contact their nearest Southern New Hampshire Services/Rockingham Community Action office as soon as possible by phone to schedule an application appointment.

The program is designed to provide the following services:

• Payment of heating and/or electric bills incurred after Oct. 1 of the current year.

• Credit with an electric or heating company to pay for deliveries and service to be made until April 30 (unless credit amount is exhausted earlier).

• Payment of rent when fuel costs are included in rent. Subsidized renters who are responsible for paying their own heating fuel costs are eligible for a full Fuel Assistance grant if they meet all other program eligibility requirements. Renters are required to have a Landlord Verification Form completed by the landlord in order to receive a benefit.

Persons seeking fuel assistance should call Rockingham Community Action in Raymond at 895-2303 to make an appointment at the Raymond office. Assistance and appointments can also be sought at any Rockingham Community Action office, including Derry at 965-3029.

.Eligible households receive grants depending on gross household income and yearly heating costs. Applicants must provide information about their heating fuel costs for the previous 12 months. Households with the least amount of income and the highest heating costs receive the greatest Fuel Assistance Grants.

Eligible customers may also earn an additional $75 incentive credit with their heating company in the spring, if funding permits, to help them purchase heating fuel after the Fuel Assistance Program has closed for the season.

Customers who participate in a budget planning project during the summer months may also receive dollars toward a furnace cleaning.

Eligible households are those that:

• Are responsible for paying heating bills either directly to an energy supplier or indirectly as part of rent.

• Have yearly heating costs of at least $100.

• Have a total household income that falls below federally established income guidelines one month prior to application.

Income includes any money that comes into the household on a regular basis such as employment, unemployment, workers compensation, insurance payments, Social Security, state welfare payments, rental income, net self-employment income, child support, pensions and bank account interest.
Gross income guidelines for the coming winter are:

• One-person household, $2,577 monthly gross, $31,355 annual gross income.

• Two-person household, $3,370 monthly gross, $41,003 annual gross income.

• Three-person household, $4,163 monthly gross, $50,650 annual gross.

• Four-person household, $4,956 monthly gross, $60,298 annual gross.

• Five-person household, $5,749 monthly gross, $69,946 annual gross.

• Six-person household, $6,542 monthly gross, $79,593 annual gross.

For households of seven or more, visit the Energy Section of website. Actual income documentation will determine eligibility.

Applications are accepted now through April 30. Assistance is provided to eligible households from Dec. 1 through April 30, unless program funds are exhausted before that date.

Apply for assistance by calling 895-2303 to schedule an appointment at the Community Action office at 55 Prescott Road in Raymond. Rockingham Community Action is a component of Southern New Hampshire Services (SNHS) of Manchester.

Rockingham Community Action is a component of Southern New Hampshire Services (SNHS) of Manchester.














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