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RCFY Tackles NH's #1 Substance Misuse Issue: Alcohol
Submitted by Celeste Clark   7-15-17

The Raymond Coalition For Youth and their partners tackle underage drinking prevention. Although the current opioid epidemic has gotten everyone's attention we
recognize that we need to focus on prevention efforts and where addiction gets its hold on people. The overwhelming majority of people in recovery who share their story say it started when they were teens and they got their hands on alcohol or

NH, out of all the fifty states, has the highest rates of alcohol use (as
percent of population) according to 2017 Family prosperity index.

RCFY is working hard with NH Liquor Enforcement and our local grocery stores
and liquor stores in both Raymond and Epping, to raise awareness. It is illegal to provide alcohol to a minor. A minor is anyone under the age of 21.

In the past few weeks, as graduation parties, holidays and cook out season is here, RCFY Youth Action students have visited local stores and applied stickers to alcohol products to let consumers know that it is unlawful to provide alcohol to a minor, punishable by up to a year in jail and up to a $2,000 fine.

In addition, local liquor stores have posted signs, and put flyers in bags, to remind consumers of the laws as well.

To prevent underage drinking our communities need to work together. We appreciate our businesses and law enforcement partners working with us in these efforts.



Pictured: Celeste Clark, RCFY Executive Director, Youth Action
members: Jacob Rubin, Tim Carta, Joscalyn Gallo, Rachael Cormier, Savanna Coomey and Christine Bostaph, RCFY Program Coordinator

Other tips for preventing underage drinking include limiting access to alcohol by locking it up, or keep it in a location where you know how much there is if any should happen to go missing. Practice responsible alcohol use, especially around young adults and children. Remember, they are always watching and learning from the behaviors of the adults who they care about. This includes drinking and driving.

Visit www.rcfy.org for information about liquor laws and how to keep our young people and home owners, safe and from getting into trouble with the law. There are also talking tips for talking prevention with children, teens and young adults and many other helpful resources.

As summer approach's, school is out and many young adults are looking for things do to. We hope you will join us in reminding them that you do not need alcohol to have fun or enjoy your time with friends and family. There are many forms of entertainment and activities in the beautiful state of NH.



If you, or someone you care about has a substance misuse issue please call
the NH State addiction and crisis help line. People care and want to help.









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