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Raymond Coalition For Youth Partners with Hannaford for Sticker Shock
Submitted by Celeste Clark  11-01-18

The Raymond Coalition For Youth partnered with our local supermarket to raise awareness to the concern of underage drinking.  Youth in the community identified Homecoming weekend as a great time to remind the community to celebrate safely and responsibly.  It is also a great message as we head into the holidays.

Although the current opioid epidemic has gotten everyone’s attention, we recognize that we need to focus on prevention efforts and where addiction gets its hold on people.  The overwhelming majority of people in recovery who share their story say it started when they were teens, and they got their hands on alcohol or marijuana. 

NH, out of all the fifty states, has the highest rates of alcohol use (as the percent of the population) according to 2017 Family prosperity index.

RCFY is working hard with NH Liquor Enforcement and our local grocery store, to raise awareness to this issue.  We want to remind adults, parents and community members alike, that it is illegal to provide alcohol to a minor, anyone under the age of twenty one, and  punishable by up to a year in jail and up to a $2,000 fine.

Other tips for preventing underage drinking include limiting access to alcohol by locking it up or keep it in a location where you know how much there is if any should happen to go missing.  We urge adults to practice responsible alcohol use, especially around young adults and children.  Remember, they are always watching and learning behaviors from the important adults in their lives.  Make sure your actions represent your words, a great example is when it comes to drinking and driving.  As far as young people are concerned no alcohol use is the best amount for safe driving.

It is also illegal to have a party at your home and provide alcohol to a minor.  Adults might think they are keeping young people safe if they are at their home but this actually sends the message that you are okay with them drinking alcohol.  The next time might not be at your home and could end in a poor result.  Polydrugging, using two or more drugs at the same time, is increasing as well.  Current alcohol and marijuana use rates are pretty equal, meaning that many teens that are experimenting with alcohol are also experimenting with marijuana. 

Visit www.rcfy.org for information about liquor laws and how to keep our young people and homeowners, safe and in compliance with the law.  There are also talking tips for talking prevention with children, teens and young adults and many other helpful resources.

If you or someone you care about has a substance misuse issue, please call the NH State addiction and crisis helpline  1-844-711-4357, or our office, info@rcfy.org or 603-895-7061.  People care and want to help.

To learn more about RCFY please visit our website www.rcfy.org or check us out on social media such as Facebook, twitter and our YouTube video page.

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