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Raymond Coalition for Youth Hosts 12th Annual Project Safeguard
Submitted by Celeste Clark  1-20-17

The Raymond Coalition For Youth (RCFY) hosted a day of prevention,
awareness and goal setting for over one hundred students and their
parents. One of RCFYs longstanding, successful programs that provides
seventh graders, parents and teachers with updated information that is
relevant to the world they live in.

The youth focused conference took place this year at Great Bay Community
College in Portsmouth. This is an opportunity for students to be exposed
to a higher learning institute. A variety of classes provide information
on topics that is a concern or they are interested in.

Rick Labell of Labell Presentation was the key note speaker and talked
about the power of being positive, having healthy habits and learning from
your mistakes. Several breakout sessions included information on healthy
body image, goal setting to reach your dreams, drug and alcohol awareness,
how to not be a victim on the internet and personal stories from
individuals in recovery. In addition there were parenting resource classes
to raise awareness to substance misuse rates of use, perception of risk and
wrongness and connect them to resources at www.rcfy.org.

Classes taught by our RCFY Youth Action students were also provided. These
classes are especially popular as research tells us that young people like
to learn from their peers, people close to their own age. In addition we
know that scare tactics are not effective ways to prevent drug and alcohol
use and experimentation. Rather, sharing stories from those whose lives
have been impacted by this are more likely to have an impact.

The event is made possible through the partnerships formed by RCFY working
collaboratively in the community to support young people having a bright
future. A special thank you to Walmart and Hannaford for financially
supporting the costs associated with this event.

For more information on the Raymond Coalition For Youth please visit
www.rcfy.org or visit our social media accounts for updated videos and

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7We1DBdRoQ


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