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Free Public Forum May 21 on ‘Drugs in Our Community’ - 5-11-15
By Penny Williams

Statewide statistics show that overdoses from heroin and other drugs are killing more and more New Hampshire individuals. The expectation, according to Tym Rourke of the Governor's Commission on Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, is that New Hampshire will see more than 1,000 drug-related deaths by next year. But the Raymond Coalition for Youth (RCFY) is taking an active stance on the issue by holding a free public forum on drug abuse.

RCFY is sponsoring “Let's Keep Talking, a presentation about Drugs In Our Community” at the Raymond High School Cafe on Thursday, May 21, at 6 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend.

Guests include Raymond Police Chief David Salois and Nicole Jordan and Lance Paquette from the Office of Juvenile Probation and Parole. The presentation is designed for parents only and will focus on drug trends in the local community. Information will be provided on common places to look at home where young people may hide drugs and paraphernalia.

The event is being held to raise awareness among families and community members about drugs in town - which ones are available, how they are being accessed, and how they are being abused.

The forum is intended to provide parents with the information they need to talk with their teens about the issue as well as to present information to the community as a whole. Knowing what to look for and where will be an awareness piece of prevention that will allow parents and community members to recognize signs of drug use, organizers say.

Salois will discuss the different types of drugs that are likely to be seen in Raymond. He will describe the drugs, what they look like, how they are used, and their effects.

Jordan and Paquette, who work with youth on a daily basis, will talk to parents about what they find are the biggest issues youth are facing but fail to or are unable to deal with. They will also discuss drugs and paraphernalia and will walk the audience through places where youth are known to hide drug-related items at home.

Celeste Clark of RCFY said, "Drug use has an impact not only on the health and well-being of the individuals who are using drugs or who are addicted, but the whole community. It affects the quality of life for families and loved ones. Children's well-being, performance in school, and safety are all impacted if they are in a home with someone with a substance misuse issue. The safety of the community is impacted by crime, theft and impaired drivers, and businesses can lack quality, reliable and trustworthy employees, all as a result of drug abuse."

The forum is meant to provoke conversations within the community, and is provided in the name of prevention, organizers said.









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