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7th Annual Raymond Coalition for Youth Community Prevention Summit
  By Cheryl Killam  10-4-19

Celeste Clark, the Executive Director of the Raymond Coalition for Youth (RCFY), welcomed the over 100 guests and community supporters to the 7th Annual Community Prevention Summit, held at the Candia Woods Golf Course in Candia.

Clark said the coalition has been in existence for seventeen years and  has four primary goals: to connect with the community; help students deal with stress; reduce substance use, and ensure long term sustainability of the coalition.

She said that 368,000 people have been reached on Facebook, and that connection goes way beyond Raymond.  Over the past 17 years the coalition received $1,250,000 in funding income and another $1,875,00 from In-Kind services matching funds.

Clark said, to ensure the long-term sustainability of the coalition they need more people on the board of directors and they will be applying for additional grant funding, to continue fulfilling their mission of educating and providing information to the community.

Clark reported that the Operation Cleanup, that began with the coalition members from the high school,  grew  into a town wide effort that extended for a month and included the recreation department, the elementary and middle school students, other organizations in town and residents on many roads around town.

The RCFY  is a resource for students feeling a lot of stress but students should know that, “a shared problem is a halved problem.”   A survey of the past 30 days showed a reduced usage of both alcohol and marijuana however Vaping has increased by 3 percent.


RCFY summit

Congressman Chris Pappas attended and expressed that, “Our youth are the most powerful voices we have today to make changes”.  The work that the Raymond Coalition for Youth does encourages them to keep speaking out.


RCFY summit

Senator Maggie Hassan attended as well and said, “Fighting this epidemic of substance misuse has become a priority. It’s an issue of disease. “ She thanked everyone in the room for their efforts supporting the coalition. “New Hampshire is  not alone in this challenge and you are doing vital work. ”

Hassan said she secured more than 50 million dollars in federal grants to fight the Opiod Crisis in New Hampshire and more work needs to be done,  we are working hard to continue the community grants.

Hassan also shared that they are trying to get the FDA to stop all marketing of Vaping products to Kids.


RCFY summit

Chris Scott from Senator Shaheen’s office read a letter that she sent saying, “ Your energy, spirit and eagerness are to be commended.”


RCFY summit

Christine McNulty Grant, a behavioral health consultant, was the Keynote Speaker focusing on What Stresses Teens Today?

Grant said the things that stress teens in Australia  are the very same things as teens in Raymond. First is school, then social media, and yes parents and home life. 

Stress is made worse by lack of sleep, developing teens need 10 hours of sleep. Also worsening stress is poor diet, moodiness and substance use including  too much caffeine.   Stress in teens is real because teens brains are actively growing and changing during their teen years.  

Grant mentioned the Bandura Social Learning Theory, saying that people learn more by watching, and learning from others.  

Grant shared how people can help teens relieve stress.


RCFY summit

Youth Action Group members  Danny, Alex, Emma, Erin, Hanna, Tina, Alyssa and Jacci all shared  what stresses them; school work, after school jobs, sports, saving money, families, divorce, fighting and drama.  


RCFY summit

2019 Community Leader Award presented to John Delena, Special Agent with DEA


RCFY summit

2019 Community Partner Award presented to the Town of Raymond and Raymond Town Manager Joe Ilsley


RCFY summit

2019 Youth Leadership Award presented to Alex Cooney.


   RCFY summit RCFY summit

        Attendees de-stressing by blowing bubbles and laughing.


 Save the date for the 7th Annual Fundraising Gala on March 21, 2020 at the Atkinson Country Club.  Encore Performance provided by Comedian Justin McKinney  for a second year in a row.  Sit-down dinner, raffles, live and silent auctions and more.





































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