American Legion Post 90 Ace of Hearts Raffle - 2013

Arthur & Patricia Curtis win $50K at Ace of Hearts - 10-12-13

The Sons of the American Legion play the Ace of Hearts game every Thursday at the American Legion Post 90, 32 Harriman Hill Road.  Each week people purchase raffle tickets for $1 and wait for their raffle ticket to be pulled for the chance to pick a card out of the pile of cards in the hopes that it is the Ace of Hearts. The drawing is held at 7:30 pm. 

If a persons raffle ticket is pulled they receive 10 free raffle tickets and if they draw the single Joker card, they win $100. The Joker card goes back into the card pile for future drawings.

After the drawing all of the raffle tickets are thrown out and they start selling new tickets for the next weeks drawing.


Arthur and Patricia Curtis holding their check.  

After playing for 50 weeks there were only three cards remaining out of the deck of 53 cards. Arthur and Patricia Curtis' raffle ticket was drawn, and they were lucky enough to pick the Ace of Hearts out of the three remaining cards.  They won  $50,070.00.

Patricia Curtis said, " This check is a big help at a really good time. It will pay for wood and oil for the winter time. We have been playing for a long time and we will continue to play Ace of Hearts."

The Sons of the American Legion Squadron 90 gets 15% of the raffle tickets sales each week, and approximately 25% of the prize money goes for taxes.

Presenting the check to Arthur and Patricia Curtis are Commander Chris Derzanski, on left and Jr. Vice Commander Bill Malette, on far right.  

Photos By Brent Norris

















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