2022 Raymond Planning Board Meetings

Raymond Planning Board Refuses Jurisdiction of Two Applications
By Penny Williams    11-21-22

On Thursday evening, November 17, the Raymond Planning Board refused to take jurisdiction of two applications.

The first application was a site plan application submitted by Greg DiBona of Bohler Engineers on behalf of Jewett Construction.

The proposal was to construct a 200,000 square foot industrial warehouse with applicable access, parking, loading, landscaping, lighting, storm water management, utilities and erosion mitigation.

Board member Jim MacLeod told the board he felt the submission was incomplete and couldn't be accepted for jurisdiction. He listed all the items he felt were missing. Board member Patricia Bridgeo agreed and Rockingham Planning Commission member who is acting as the board's assistant Maddie Dilonna said the application is substantially complete but not necessarily correct.

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) had reviewed and heard the plan proposal and said it was suitable to be brought to the Planning Board. MacLeod objected and said the application has too many clerical errors and technical questions for the board to consider a plan that will have such a huge impact on the community.

After additional discussion, Austin Turner, Bohler Engineers, Inc. , said he didn't agree and indicated he felt the application was indeed complete but he was willing to make corrections so long as the board differentiated between clerical and technical issues they wanted addressed.

The board voted to continue the application hearing to the December 15th meeting when Turner would have time to correct the issues identified by MacLeod and provided to him.

The board then took up the site plan application review submitted by Wayne Morrill of Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. on behalf of ONYX Partners LTD.

This plan proposes to construct a 500,025 square foot industrial distribution warehouse with associated loading docks, truck parking, and employee vehicle parking located on Industrial Drive.

MacLeod objected to the board accepting this plan for jurisdiction due to possible contamination from the town's tannery site which made it a health issue. He went on to make a detailed case of the potential contamination of the proposed construction site even though there is a conservation area between the contaminated site and the proposed construction site.

Morrill pointed out the construction site is higher than the tannery site and the contaminated area. MacLeod stated that the monitoring wells have indicated that the contamination is migrating and this makes it a health issue that the contamination may have reached the proposed construction site where no testing for contamination has been done.

MacLeod maintained and was supported by board member Dee Luszcz and Bridgeo that the disturbance of the proposed construction site could create levels of contamination on the proposed construction site and that the board should not accept this for jurisdiction until an environmental assessment study based on the previous tannery parcel contamination is completed.

Morrill said they would not have bought the property for the construction had it been contaminated and they based that it is free of contamination on the fact that the NH Department of Environmental Services provided them with an Alteration of Terrain (AOT) permit.

However, Luszcz and MacLeod held out for the environmental assessment study to be conducted and then reviewed  by a third party certified engineer selected by the Planning Board and paid for by the applicant  before the board itself reviewed the study.

The board voted not to accept the application for jurisdiction until an environmental assessment study was completed, reviewed and brought to the board since this is a health issue and the town's people and water supply must be protected and it is the board's job to ensure that this is done.

The board voted to continue the application hearing to the board's December 15th meeting.

The third application on the agenda was mistakenly added to the agenda and was already scheduled to be heard on December 1st. That hearing is for the extension of the Earth Excavation Permit for the ONYX Partners for the parcel where the warehouse construction will take place. It  was approved for December 1st.

Luszcz suggested a format to the board to be used for minutes to replace the current verbatim minutes that take such a long time to review.

The board was in favor of the format suggested which was that subjects discussed be summarized and anything the board members felt should be added verbatim could be if a board member requested such. It was also noted that the video recording of the meetings be kept as part of the minutes. This will be discussed and decided upon at a future meeting.


Raymond Planning Board Continues Candia South Branch Brook, LLC Earth Excavation Permit
By Penny Williams   11-11-22

On Thursday night, November 10, the Raymond Planning Board held a hearing for the Earth Excavation Permit submitted by Candia South Branch Brook LLC.

The applicant proposed the permitting of the existing excavation operation located at 263 NH Route 27 and was presented by Ron Severino.

The board discussed for over an hour whether the application was in fact complete so it could take jurisdiction.

At issue is that Severino thought he was merely reapplying for the permit renewal that over the years was pretty standard. However, there have been legislative and local changes to requirements and the board members took issue with many instances where either there was no documentation or the plan presented being 10 plus years old didn't clearly show what needs to be shown.

Board members pointed out inconsistencies in the paperwork from the applicant that go back to the original plan filed in 1997 and approved in 1998. The permit has been renewed over the intervening years but there hasn't been a request for an application to be submitted that would start at ground zero for receiving the permit renewal.

There have always been annual site walks and the board wanted one for this permit request.

After a lengthy discussion the board voted to accept jurisdiction of the proposed application which they needed to do in order to hold the site walk. Everyone approved accepting the application as "substantially" complete except Tricia Bridgeo.

The board by the end of the discussion after approving that the application was complete so it could take jurisdiction and scheduled a site walk for November 18, at 3 p.m.

The board also wants the Conservation Commission to hold a site walk and provide the board with their findings and their recommendations. The plan is to notify the Conservation Commission Chair and ask that they hold a site walk and send their report, review, and recommendation to the Planning Board.

The board then informed Severino of the list of items they want answers to when they hear the plan on November 18. The list includes an engineered, up-to-date site plan.

The board set December15, for the continuation of this hearing.


Raymond Planning Board Continues All Agenda Items to Future Meetings
By Penny Williams   11-04-22

On Thursday evening, November 3, the Raymond Planning Board continued everything it had on the agenda.

It approved continuing a Site Plan application submitted by Jones & Beach Engineers on behalf of Onxy Partners to the board's November 17, meeting

The plan proposes constructing a 500,025 square foot industrial distribution warehouse with associated loading docks, truck parking and employee vehicle parking on property located on Industrial Drive.

The board after a brief discussion approved continuing the meeting to the board's November 17, meeting.

The board then took up an application for an Earth Excavation Permit submitted by Candia South Branch Brook for an existing gravel pit located at 263 NH Route 27.

The board asked for more information - the original permit (1998) and the Variance information. The board wants to schedule a site walk for this operation as well.

The permit is a renewal according to the pit owner but the board wants the additional documentation before continuing with the hearing so rescheduled it to the board's November 10, meeting.

The Earth Excavation Permit submitted by Onyx Raymond LLC for its existing excavation operation connected to the permit filed for the warehouse construction was questioned by board members who noted inconsistencies with lot numbers, owners and operators.

The board refused to accept the application as complete and listed the additional documentation they required.

Jones & Beach Engineers have a letter authorizing them to present the proposed application but they agreed to get an updated plan and the documentation the board required.

 After a discussion the board rescheduled the hearing to the board's December 1, meeting but asked that the paperwork requested be delivered to the board a week before the December 1, meeting date.

Board member Jim MacLeod asked Chair Brad Reed for permission to respond to Laura Spector-Morgan's letter that was read into the minutes the previous week. MacLeod said things were said in the letter that shouldn't have been said.

Reed responded saying that things at the previous meeting had been said by members that shouldn't have been said and he had scheduled a non-meeting with Town Manager Ernie Creveling  to happen next and he wasn't willing to change his schedule to allow MacLeod to comment at this time. 


Raymond Planning Board Conditionally Approve IC REED & Sons Site Plan  
By Penny Williams   10-30-22

The Planning Board on Thursday, October 27, conditionally approved the IC REED & Sons site plan for a constructed gravel laydown  at 10 Scribner Road.

The board had questions regarding lighting and housing structure for treated poles that were to be stored on the property.

There has been deep opposition to this storage of treated poles on the property and the board ultimately decided to have the storage units removed from the plan. The plan can come back to the board for an amended site plan with engineered designs for such structures, if the company decides to go that route in the future.

The board also indicated that they would be inclined to approve storage of these poles at this site if they were in an architecturally designed structure on an adequate slab that the board approved.

The board raised questions about fueling of equipment on the proposed site. This will need to take place on the paved area and have temporary containment in place.

The board approved the Conditional Use Permit and then approved the waiver for the emergency lights. The waiver stipulated that the plan's conditions of approval shall supersede the waiver.

The specific conditions of approval included: amending the security lighting to 3000k or less; allowing barbed wire on fencing along back of the lot; no storage of treated poles on site unless stored within an approved structure; the buildings on the plan to be removed and if poles are wanted to be stored on site the applicant must return to the Planning Board with an amended site plan and architectural building design; and, stormwater drainage measures to be installed.

With that the board approved the request.

During the work session that followed the hearing, Board Chair Brad Reed asked the board for the authority to speak with Town Manager Ernie Creveling regarding a letter he had received from Attorney Laura Spector-Morgan, Mitchell Municipal Group, in which she announced the intention to stop representing the board. The board granted Reed the authority to work with Creveling to arrange a non-meeting with Spector-Morgan on this issue.

Reed also asked for authority to check with Creveling about adding an amount of money to its budget for the purchase of flash drives to record meetings. The board granted Reed that authority.

There was a discussion about emails between board members as possibly being in violation of the Right to Know Law. This will be looked into further.


Raymond Planning Board Capital Improvement Plan Committee Officers Chosen
By Penny Williams   10-14-22

The Raymond Planning Board met with the members of the CIP Committee on Thursday evening, October 13, and chose officers.

Scott Campbell was chosen as the Chair and Kevin Woods was chosen as Co-Chair. They tabled the choosing of Secretary until the committee's next meeting.

Robert Burke was interviewed and approved as a new CIP Committee member after the Planning and CIP waived the requirement of an individual attend 3 meetings before being appointed. The reason is that there haven't been any CIP meetings to attend.

A second applicant’s appointment was tabled to the next meeting.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for Tuesday, October 18, at 7 p.m.

At the conclusion of this the Planning Board adjourned and held a work session on Zoning Amendments, Ordinances, and Regulations that was a non meeting and not covered by the RCTV.

Raymond Planning Board Approve Lot Line Adjustment for Land Gifted to the Town, Mountain Road Trading Post Building Addition and 181 Lane Road Subdivision  
By Penny Williams    10-10-22

The Raymond Planning Board met on Thursday evening, October 6 and one of the four items on the agenda was a lot line adjustment for land being gifted to the Town.

The lot line adjustment submitted by Eric Mitchell & Associates on behalf of Elizabeth Chadwick Revocable Trust and John Chadwick Revocable Trust proposes a lot line adjustment between two lots owned by the Chadwick Trusts. The area being adjusted is under a Conservation  Easement held by the  Natural Resources Conservation Services  (NRCS) under the US Department of Agriculture and the land is being donated to Raymond.

The plan is to add the Chadwick's donated land to the existing Flint Hill Conservation land. The plan was begun back in 2017, according to Conservation Chair Jan Kent. The NRCS program protects wetlands.

The Conservation Commission and the Planning Board must both approve and recommend this to the Board of Selectmen for final acceptance. The intent is to protect the land from ever being developed.

Recent legislative changes regarding workforce housing were raised and the board expressed concern that this land could be taken and developed by the town.  This led to a long involved discussion which was brought back to the main issue by member Kevin Woods who noted the issue before the board is a lot line adjustment and the foregoing discussion isn't in the purview of the board.

It was noted that the Board of Selectmen has already accepted the gift of the land and the lot line adjustment is the final detail for the conveyance of the land to the town.

There were three waivers. One waiver to not require a complete property survey but just the land to be conveyed was approved. The second waiver was to not require the frontage requirement was approved. And, a third waiver to not require location of building setbacks since there are no buildings was approved.

The board voted to approve the lot line adjustment with no conditions added.

The board, after some discussion, finally approved the amended site plan application submitted by Jones & Beach Engineers on behalf of Troy Brown of Loon Lake LLC to add 529 square feet to the back of the Trading Post building on property located at 68 Mountain Road.

The size of the addition had been reduced and there were three waivers the board discussed and ultimately approved. The first waiver was to not require a lighting design since no lighting was added. The second waiver was to not require a landscaping design since no landscaping was added. And, the third waiver was to not require a stormwater protection plan since no drainage plan was needed.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment earlier granted a variance for the addition with the condition that no further expansion beyond the 529 square feet would be allowed.

The board approved the minor subdivision  application submitted by Blaisdell Survey LLC on behalf of Ronald and Elizabeth Boucher for property located at 181 Lane Road. The plan is to subdivide one lot into two lots both more than 2 acres thus creating one new buildable lot.

There was little discussion on this proposed plan except it was noted that a driveway permit needs to be applied for and obtained.

The board accepted and approved the amended Stormwater Management Standards to meet the new MS4 Permit requirements with all acronyms in the document being spelled out.

The board discussed at length its effort to review all of the Zoning Ordinance inconsistencies that appear in the records between 2008 and 2015 as well as from 2015 to the present. The board wants to establish a committee to research these inconsistencies and so requires 2 printed copies and one digital copy of all town zoning ordinances.

In the end two committees were formed. The second committee, Planning Board members Gretchen Gott and Tricia Bridgeo, will review the sewer overlay district. Planning Board members Jim McLeod and Dee Luszcz  will review the Zoning Ordinance inconsistencies except the sewer overlay district. Both committees will bring their findings back to the full board.

 There was a discussion about Town Manager Ernie Creveling coming to the board to respond to questions from board members at the board's next meeting and he will bring whomever else he considers necessary. McLeod said he had an email noting the Public Works Director Dave Fredrickson had given his 30 day notice.


Batchelder Road Condominiums Conceptual Review Draws Resident Opposition at Raymond Planning Board Meeting
By Penny Williams   9-3-22

On Thursday, September 1, the Raymond Planning Board heard a nonbinding conceptual review discussion about a proposed subdivision for 127 duplex condominiums at 65 Batchelder Road.

Joseph Coronati, Jones and Beach Engineers, presented an overview of the proposed plan, much of which hasn't been finalized as yet.

The parcel to be developed is 165 acres and the 127 duplex buildings would have a total of 254 units.  However, the size of the units - two or three bedrooms - has not been determined.

There would be 12,000 feet of privately owned roads with the entrance off of Mark Avenue and a secondary entrance that would be gated for emergency only off of Wendover.

There will be recreational provisions and a clubhouse provided. Coronati indicated this would be a multi phased project.

Water would be town water supplied to the parcel by a 12 inch pipe connection to the town water line located on Route 102. Due to the topography of the parcel, it has not been determined whether septic systems would be individual or a community septic system.

A traffic study would be done as well as a stormwater management and drainage design be developed.

Coronati said the proposed project needs an Alteration of Terrain, wetlands impact, and subdivision permits from the state.

It was noted that the owner McCarthy, is already precutting the parcel but has an intent to cut permit. However, several residents who spoke in opposition to the proposed project said the cutting has encroached on wetlands.

The board asked if the developer would consider providing town water to the six residences on Mark. The response was that the developer would provide a stub for each residence at the very least but would work with the residents regarding this issue.

Coronati said the roadways would be built to town road standards but in response to Kevin Woods’s question of why have the roads private, he noted that keeping them private and overseen by the Home Owners Association was an advantage for the developer.

Board member Gretchen Gott said she wanted to make sure the developer provided a Community Impact Study as well as a Traffic Study.

Many abutters and residents spoke up with concerns and objections to the proposed development.

Among the issues raised were the size of the development, adding possibly more than 1,000 people to the area. Traffic generation and related issues was a big concern. But perhaps the biggest concern was, water use. The residents expressed grave concern over the negative impact of adding that many new water users.

Another concern was about potential erosion and run off issues resulting from so much increased impervious surface.

In addition, noise and light pollution were additional concerns. Many of the residents who spoke were most concerned about water and traffic issues but the other issues got attention as well.

Bob McDonald was the final speaker and he chastised the board over its handling of previous plans and asked that the board "just do things correctly" with regard to this proposed plan when it comes before the board.

After a lengthy discussion the board and Coronati thanked the residents for coming and for offering their opinions and concerns. These would be reviewed and taken in to consideration as the proposed plan moves forward.

The board approved the site plan submitted by Craig Francisco, Bedford Design Consultants on behalf of 155 Farmington Road LLC for a proposed expansion of an existing self-storage facility. This proposal has been continued and the site plan amended.

The new site plan has eliminated the dwelling located on the property and seeks only to expand the storage facility.

One issue the board was concerned about was the expanded storage unit was supposedly going to be used to store equipment. Fire Chief Paul Hammond said if that were the case the building would need to be sprinkled.  According to the amended site plan this has now been eliminated and the storage will be divided into 9-plus foot sections.

Another issue related to snow storage. This was discussed and the snow storage area has been moved so it is not over the well area.

The approval carried with it the specific conditions that the individual units would be indicated on the plan; there would be no heat in the storage units; there would be no equipment storage; snow storage would be moved away from the well area; and, the residence on the property would be removed.

A site plan application for Troy Brown of Loon Lake LLC to be presented by Coronati concerning the addition to the back of the Trading Post building  to be used as cold storage/warehouse space with a heated space for a workshop are and office at 68 Mountain  Road was continued to the board's September 15 meeting.

There was a decision to table the minutes to the next meeting, September 8, as the board wishes to determine how minutes should be taken and covered.

The board eliminated the verbatim version of minutes but Woods pointed out draft minutes are not getting posted in the proper timeframe. The board needs to discuss and decide who is doing minutes, what they should include and how handled.


The Raymond Planning Board Continues IC Reed & Sons Site Plan Again Over Telephone Poles
By Penny Williams   8-19-22

The Raymond Planning Board spent the entire meeting struggling with the issues in the IC Reed & Sons site plan application.

Joseph Coronati, Jones & Beach Engineers, presented the application which shows a recently constructed gravel laydown yard on the property located at 3 Gile Road that is associated with site improvement.

The owners IC REED & Sons are expanding the site to provide storage for business related vehicles and material. No building is proposed for the parcel's improvement.

Coronati said he has worked with the Technical Review Committee (TRC) and their requests relative to the development and improvement of the former 27 acre gravel pit. The owners have crushed remaining rock for the gravel for laydown. He indicated they have developed a stormwater management and drainage design and agreed to pave the entrance to the site as TRC requested.

In addition, Coronati said the placement of the storage area for the telephone poles has been moved after the board members and residents objected to the previous location that was said to be over the aquifer.

In addition, the light pole at the entrance has moved further from the intersection to control light. Fencing has been added around the residence house lot that has been cut out of the property. There is fencing around the entire perimeter.

Coronati indicated there were very few other minor changes but added he has received the Alteration of Terrain (AOT) Permit from the State.

Board member Gretchen Gott said she is concerned that they have moved pole storage area to an area that is nearer surface water - the tributary to the Lamprey River.

The board then entered into a discussion regarding the issues related to the pole storage. The concern is that when wet, the poles leach arsenic and if this goes into the ground the board is concerned it will contaminate the towns' water quality because the parcel is within the well head protection area.

Coronati said that if there is any leaching of arsenic from the poles it wouldn't go far because arsenic typically doesn't travel with water run-off.

Board member Jim McLeod went over in depth the documentation and references provided regarding the issue of arsenic from the treated telephone poles leaching into the ground. After extensive review of the material he said the bottom line is that there is no conclusive information or data regarding whether arsenic travels far through soil therefore there is insufficient data for the board to reach a decision on whether the stored telephone poles might contaminate the town's drinking water and neighboring wells.

Sean Reed said he thought that given the discussion and remarks that the storage of the poles should be withdrawn from the site plan. McLeod said if that is the case then the Regional Impact discussion and vote will need to be redone by the board.

That didn't happen but the discussion continued about concerns of the poles being in the well head protection area. Board members felt there is a potential for contamination from longtime pole storage. The efficacy of the treatment swales and stormwater management design in addressing potential arsenic leaching was discussed.

Coronati pointed out that the State takes a hard look at these issues before issuing AOT permit and they have issued them that permit so they didn't see any issues.

However, board members argued that this was not enough to satisfy their concerns and asked about the waiver sought for ground water infiltration and ground water recharge. The setback requirements for this are met, according to Coronati. However, McLeod insists the data and information provided regarding the claim that arsenic doesn't travel far is insufficient.

Alternate Member Jonathan Wood suggested a motion to resolve the issue of the poles by approving they are covered by a tarpaulin. The board members argued that the tarp couldn't be guaranteed to always be in place and Sean Reed agreed. At that point Wood got up and said he was resigning from the board and left.

Board Vice Chair Patricia Bridgeo, running the meeting in the absence of Chair Brad Reed who had he been there would have had to recuse himself, asked the board to leave issue of poles and storage  and consider other concerns they have with the proposed plan.

Lighting was a primary concern. The Emergency Lighting issue was resolved satisfactorily at the previous meeting but the concern was the security lighting that would be on all night even though it is dark sky lighting knocking out the dark in the area. It was felt that with the perimeter surrounded by fencing topped with barbed wire all night lighting was unnecessary. If more security was needed cameras could be installed.

There was a discussion regarding snow storage. Bridgeo wants more information on the state regulations regarding snow storage. Coronati said people are allowed to plow and store snow on their property but Bridgeo held out for further clarification.

Bridgeo read a letter from Russell Hammond into the record. The letter accused the board of improper handling of the proposed plan saying it has done nothing to address the work being done on the property over the last year and this is happening without a permit. He also said that adjacent towns should be noticed so they can have their input on the proposal.

It was pointed out that the Planning Board has no enforcement authority and any issues of inappropriate or illegal activity should be brought to the Code Enforcement Officer.

During Public Comment Hammond complained about the dust being distributed into the air and ground by the employees cleaning the mats used, potentially putting seeds and other contaminates into the air and soil.

He went on to complain that the all night security lights entirely change the currently dark area and aren't needed. He indicated sound and light would alter the neighborhood significantly but that the pole storage and potential contamination is a critical concern.

Buster Hammond said the board needs to concentrate on protecting the town's drinking water and added with no guarantee arsenic won't contaminate the water the board should refuse the proposal.

Another resident spoke to the same concerns especially since she has a child sensitive to metals such as arsenic.

The board went over the items they want more data and information on from Coronati. These issues include the arsenic leaching from poles; whether the security lighting could be eliminated; further information regarding the storage of the poles in a safe, secure manner;  more about the cleaning of the mats; and,  information regarding how many poles would stored if allowed at any given time.

The board approved extending the 65 day period for the proposed site plan and Coronati said he could provide the information and date sought by the September 15, meeting of the board.

The board voted to accept the request to continue the hearing to the September 15, meeting.


Raymond Planning Board Continue Hearing on Expansion of Storage Facility  
By Penny Williams   8-5-22

The Raymond Planning Board met Thursday evening, August 4, and ended up continuing the only public hearing they had scheduled.

The board heard the site plan application submitted by Craig Francisco, Bedford Design Consultants, Inc. on behalf of 155 Farmington Road , LLC that proposes an expansion of the existing self-storage facility located at 21 Dudley Road.

Back in February the board continued a subdivision application submitted by Bedford Design Consultants on behalf of 155 Farmington Road LLC for property located at 21 Dudley Road. The applicant was looking to subdivide an existing property that had a residential and a commercial use on the single lot now but wishes to subdivide the parcel into a residential lot with the dwelling and a commercial lot with the Storage units.

A pre-existing site plan from 1989 hasn't been found. The board wanted all possibilities of locating the plan exhausted before a new amended engineered site plan is presented. The new site plan has eliminated the dwelling and seeks only to expand the storage facility.

The board had several issues. One aspect of the facility was supposedly going to be used to store equipment. Fire Chief Paul Hammond said if that were the case the building would need to be sprinkled. After an elongated discussion Francisco said he would speak to the owner to see whether there would be a change to disallow storing equipment or whether they would sprinkle that portion of the storage facility.

The board's concern with equipment storage relates to fire and to the fact that it would be in the vicinity of the well head protection area.

Another issue is the plan for snow storage. There was a difference of opinion on whether the state's regulations relating to snow dump is the correct version for this issue on this site as it refers only to snow storage of snow plowed on the site. The board has asked the NHDES to clarify its response to the question relating to this and determine whether the issue is snow storage on the individual's lot or is it covered regardless by the regulations on snow dump.

On another issue board member Gretchen Gott asked that the owner use dead traps rather than pesticide for rodent control however, this motion failed.

There was a discussion of the stormwater control and management system. The applicant has developed a plan which contains the water and stated that there was no significant increase in impervious surface and that there would be no more run-off than prior to expansion.

The hearing was continued to the board's September 1, meeting.

Paul Ayer, Code Enforcement, Building Inspector and Health Officer, was asked to come to the board to discuss monitoring of compliance issues with approved plans. He indicated that he and the Department of Public Works (DPW) do monitor developments that have been approved but it is often difficult to determine compliance.

To make it feasible for him to monitor whether a development is following the conditions of approval he indicated that a separate sheet should be attached that included waivers as well as the specific conditions of approval.

He indicated that anyone seeing a development possibly not following the conditions of approval they should call him and he would with the DPW and the Town Manager look into it and take action as needed.

There was a discussion of whether a Planning Board member could call in a compliance question or that they should do so as a private citizen. This will be checked for the legal way to proceed.

The board discussed items they will discuss and consider for upgrades during their August 11, work session meeting.

Board consultant Maddie Delonno from the Rockingham Planning Commission went over some changes in how things are done that will be taking effect.


Raymond Planning Board Continue Mountain Road Trading Post Hearing
By Penny Williams   7-8-22

The Raymond Planning Board on Thursday evening, July 7, was unable to reach a final decision in the site plan application for expansion of the Trading Post owned by Troy Brown of Loon Lake LLC, for the property that is located at 68 Mountain Road.

The presentation was a continuation of a previous hearing. The board had uncovered information they believed to show there had already been a 25 percent increase for the property thus making an additional increase invalid.

A second issue was the plan to not have sprinklers in the proposed new building addition that would be Brown's planned 25 percent expansion. Brown wants to add a 1,408 square foot addition to the back of the Trading Post building, which would primarily be for cold storage but would have a heated section for an office, break room, bathroom and workshop area.

The legal team for Brown and the board discussed the main issue, the 25 percent increase, going back and forth. The issue of sprinklers was also discussed. Both sides went into non-public discussions during the hearing but in the end, no final decision was arrived at.

However, Brown did suggest reducing the 1,408 square feet to 544 square feet that would eliminate the cold storage area that had been planned and allow only for the heated section.

There were three waivers the initial hearing had addressed: stormwater management issues, landscaping design, and lighting design. The previous hearing had polled the board and the board was willing to approve the landscape and lighting waivers but was divided on the stormwater issue. Brown's team explained that there was no stormwater issue and their explanations appeared to satisfy the board.

By the end of the discussion Brown's team asked if they were to go to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for variances regarding the expansion and the sprinklers issues and were given those variances would the board still not approve their plan.

Since the board had made no decision one way or the other they couldn't answer that question.

Brown's team said they would go to the ZBA and after they make decisions on these issues the Planning Board would address them. Brown's team will apply for the August 24, ZBA meeting and therefore requested a continuance of the Planning Board hearing for the board's September 1, meeting. The board approved the continuance request.

The board approved in short order the lot line adjustment requested by Roscoe Blaisdell on behalf of Woodbury Farm and David and Donna Mercer. The request would add .4 acres to 79 Lane Road taken from 93 Lane Road. The only discussion centered on the pin drilled in rock boundary marker at the road placed that way to protect the stone wall which the board accepted.


Raymond Planning Board Hold Design Review of Industrial Drive Warehouse and Continue the IC REED Scribner Road Site Plan Again
By Penny Williams   6-18-22

On Thursday evening, June 16, the Raymond Planning Board struggled with IC REED & Sons updated Site Plan that is located at 10 Scribner Drive, the address used in all the newest information being presented. Previously the address was referred to as 3 Gile Road.

The main issue under discussion for the updated site plan that was presented by Joseph Coronati, Jones & Beach Engineers, was whether the site plan has a Regional Impact.

The board at the May public hearing raised concerns about the treatment of poles stored there leaking into the ground. Coronati had said the stormwater and drainage management design covers this issue but members were still concerned about the possible contamination from the chemicals used on the poles stored there.

However, the board had decided in May to go through the Regional Impact process. This process got stalled at the question/criteria that deals with wetland impacts. The board at that time voted to skip that one and continue with the rest of the Regional Impact process and return to this question after going on the scheduled site walk that was coming in the near future before the next scheduled meeting.

The board Thursday night proceeded to go through the Regional Impact criteria but again stalled on the criteria related to the potential effect on groundwater, surface water and wetlands that transcend municipal boundaries as to whether this had Regional Impact.

Research by board member James McLeod had been done and the concern for the poles leaching the arsenic treatment into the aquifer and the wetlands lead to an in-depth discussion.

Coronati noted in the discussion that the research referred to did indicate that the leaching distance of arsenic is not excess of 7 meters, a distance much less than to the nearest wetland, stream or the Lamprey River.

After a lengthy discussion during which Brad Reed, owner of IC REED &Sons stated that if there was any chance the leaching of the pole treatment would harm Raymond or Raymond residents they would find a way to protect the poles from leaching into the ground and if that wasn't possible they would find another location for storage of the poles.

However, the discussion finally convinced the board that the site plan probably doesn't have a Regional Impact.

One of the other concerns related to the emergency lighting that would stay on for 4 hours once lit if the company had to come for material in the nighttime. This issue was negotiated by reducing the length of time the Emergency Lighting would remain on to 2 hours but Reed and his son indicated the emergency lighting could be turned off manually once the workers left the lay down area having gotten whatever they needed in the way of materials.

The rest of the lighting issue was Board Member Gretchen Gott pushing to make sure the security lights were pointing downward and Dark Sky was in effect so as to not impact residences abutting the area. It was agreed that the lighting at the intersection would be moved some to reduce its possible impact.

Board member Patricia Bridgeo, who was chairing this hearing as Reed, the board chair had stepped down, raised a concern about the definition of the lay down area since there is no definition for it in the Towns regulations.

After a discussion the board dealt with this by approving a suggestion from board member Jonathan Wood that a lay down area is an allowable use in the Commercial C1 Zone where this parcel is located.

There were issues with specific fencing heights and types for areas along the perimeter of the 26 acre parcel that Coronati had promised to work out with individual residents.  To allow that to happen, the board approved his request to continue the hearing until July 18.

The board held a nonbinding design review discussion with applicant Wayne Morrill of Jones & Beach Engineers about a proposal to construct a 500.025 square foot industrial distribution warehouse and associated parking on property located at end of Industrial Drive.

The parcel is a 123 acre parcel that has been a working gravel pit run by Hard Rock Enterprise and Hartmann Enterprise. There will be 40 acres developed to accommodate the building and associated parking.

The plan includes 326 vehicle parking spaces for employees, 244 trailer parking spaces and 158 loading spaces.

The work is almost completed at the pit but the start of construction would not happen until all pit work was finished and that was thought to happen by the end of the year.

The planned operation would be a 24/7 operation with roughly 300 employees but no specific companies are involved as yet.

There would need to be a traffic study, stormwater management study with Best Practices employed and protections provided for people using the pond on the location.

It was thought that a turning lane or possibly two would need to be added at the intersection of Industrial Drive and on out to Route 101.

Work with NH Fish and Game will need to take place regarding the fact that loons and Blanding turtles have been seen there as well as other wildlife.

The second entrance/exit to Old Manchester Road has been eliminated from the proposed plan. It was noted that the current quarry work is still under the current AOT permit.

It was said there would be no onsite maintenance work.

The board felt the design review could be closed and the site plan application would be presented to the board down the road but it would be months before that would be ready.

The meeting was closed after the board voted to postpone doing the minutes to the next meeting due to the fact it was almost 10 p.m. Before they could vote to adjourn Bob McDonald asked to have a question answered.

He asked how the work on the development at 44 Raymond Road had been allowed to begin without any Department of Environmental Services notice, and no driveway permit. He said the Building Inspector told him this wasn't his responsibility so McDonald asked who he should contact. He didn't get much information from the board before the meeting was adjourned.


Raymond Planning Board Continue IC REED & Sons Gile Road Site Plan Hearing
By Penny Williams   5-22-20

On Thursday, May 19, the Raymond Planning Board met and took jurisdiction of the IC REED & Sons application but ended up continuing the hearing.

Joseph Coronati, Jones & Beach Engineers, presented the application which shows a recently constructed gravel laydown yard on the property located at 3 Gile Road that is associated with site improvement. The owners IC REED & Sons are expanding the site to provide storage for business related vehicles and material. No building is proposed for the parcel's improvement.

Coronati said he has worked with the Technical Review Committee (TRC) and their requests relative to the development and improvement of the former 27 acre gravel pit. They have crushed remaining rock for the gravel for laydown. He indicated they have developed a stormwater management and drainage design and agreed to pave the entrance to the site as TRC requested.

Lighting raised some questions as the plan is to have emergency lighting sepaerate from security lighting so vehicles and materials can be gotten during bad weather or at night in the event of emergencies. These lights would go off after 4 hours. Regular security lighting complies with Dark Sky lighting and is all facing into the property away from roads and residences. A waiver will be needed for the emergency lighting.

Coronati said the Area of Terrain permit is in process as well as working with Fish and Game. They are working with DuBois & King on implementing the stormwater management and drainage design.

Board members brought up the concern of treatment of poles stored there leaking into the ground. Coronati said the stormwater and drainage management design covers this issue but members were still concerned about the possible contamination from the chemicals used on the poles stored there.

Another concern was how much fuel would be onsite in the vehicles stored there.

Member Gretchen Gott asked for a site walk and after some discussion this was approved for 5:30 p.m. on June 9.

It was felt much of the discussion on the application would need to wait until after the site walk.

However, they decided to go through the Regional Impact process. This got stalled at question 7 which deals with wetlands impacts. The board voted to skip Article 7 and continue with the rest of the Regional Impact process and return to question 7 after the site walk.

The board approved continuing the hearing until the June 16, meeting.

During Public Comment Buster and Russell Hammond raised serious questions and concerns relative to possible contamination of the town's drinking water claiming the site is within the town's water protection area and aquifer protection area. They also said the site is surrounded by agricultural and residential not commercial.

The Hammonds also raised serious concerns about the light issue, saying the emergency lights would violate the Dark Sky requirements and be disturbing for neighboring residential homes.

In addition they claimed wetlands had been filled in.

Member Kevin Woods requested a work session be scheduled for a discussion regarding impact fees. He felt it is important for the board to review impact fees, the Master Plan, and the CIP and what these do. It was suggested that these be discussed at the July 14 work session. It was noted that the Board of Selectmen should also be at that work session. If it can't happen on July 14 then it should be scheduled for August 11.


Raymond Planning Board Appoint Chair, Vice-Chair, Fill Vacant Seat and Discuss Mountain Road Trading Post Expansion
By Penny Williams   4-23-22

At its Thursday evening, April 21, meeting, the Raymond Planning Board reorganized.

Brad Reed and Patricia Bridgeo were both nominated for chair. When the vote was taken Reed was elected Chair of the board.  Bridgeo was then nominated as Vice Chair and voted in. The board then voted for Kevin Woods to be the board's Secretary.

The board then voted for James McLeod to be seated as a full term member for 1 year. He and Woods ran for the single open seat at the time of the election and Woods won. However, an open seat still existed due to the resignation of Paul Ayer and while McLeod had been approved as an alternate, the board voted him in as a full time member for a single year.

The board then heard from Robert Berner, an Arborist for Eversource who would be heading up the trimming of brush and trees adjacent to and beneath some of Eversource's power lines, largely along Scenic Road Long Hill.

Berner said he has a list of all the trees for removal and will get permission if they are on private property. Eversource plans to install new poles to replace poles that have aged or been reduced in strength.

Planning Board member Gretchen Gott asked if the old poles would be taken down in a timely fashion once new, taller, metal poles are installed. Berner said that was not his department and she would need to contact Eversource directly regarding the removal of the old poles.

Dee Luszcz was concerned about what Berner's people would do if a bird's nest was found in a tree to be dropped or if any animal home was threatened by their work. Berner said he would contact Fish & Game and be directed to the appropriate wildlife rehabber.

The board approved the tree and pole work on Long Hill Road and added Bridgeo's request for appropriate rehab for any disturbed animals or birds.

The board then took up the site plan application including three waivers submitted by Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. on behalf of Troy Brown, owner of Loon Lake LLC, located at 68 Mountain Road.  The proposal is to add a 1,408 square foot addition to the back of existing Mountain Road Trading Post building.

The addition would be primarily used for cold storage (879 square feet) with 529 square feet being a heated space that would have a workshop area, an office, a break-room for employees, a public bathroom, and a utility room.  

Before the discussion started the board voted to take a site walk on May 5, at 5 p.m.

Paige Libbey, Associate Project Manager, Jones & Beach Engineers, presented the site plan.  She noted that at the Technical Review Committee meeting it was brought up that there is a dry hydrant on the property that does not have an easement. Libbey said the plan is to submit a request for an easement for the dry hydrant.

After she went over the main details of the proposal it became evident that the main issue is whether the owner can go for another 25 percent increase since one has already been implemented by expanding with another building on the lot.

Libbey said her three waiver requests have to do with - lighting - no new lighting will be added; landscaping- no new landscaping will be added; and, stormwater management - nothing will change requiring anything new here. Bridgeo wanted to add in the requirement that the light adhere to the Dark Sky requirements.

Beyond the issue of whether another 25 percent expansion is legal, the issue of having the addition sprinkled arose. The applicant said the town's attorney had determined being it being sprinkled wasn't necessary. The board asked that the applicant re-address this issue with the Fire Chief and with the attorney.

There was a long discussion regarding whether a second 25 percent expansion is legal especially since one of the conditions of the 2004 expansion said there would be no further expansion allowed.

The applicant agreed to review the complete packet of documents associated with the Trading Post property that is at Town Hall and from whose documents Bridgeo had obtained much of her information.

The board discussed continuing the public hearing to May 5 and approved it.

The board approved Woods sitting on the Cemetery Board and will send a recommendation to the Selectmen. The board also appointed Woods and Dee Luszcz to serve on CIP.

Keith Smith was back with his overriding question regarding whether the Planning Board can appoint a member to the ZBA.

It would appear that the previous method of having a Planning Board member appointed to serve on the ZBA was not correctly done. Gott wants Legal to look at this and recommend the appropriate process.

Woods pointed out that its the Selectmen not the Planning Board who appoint members to the ZBA. A Planning Board member wanting to be on the ZBA can go to the Selectmen and request appointment. The Selectmen can ask for a Planning Board member to volunteer to be on the ZBA.

 It was noted that State Law allow one Planning Board member to serve on the ZBA.


Raymond Planning Board Hear Plan for Starbucks and More Retail Stores
By Penny Williams   4-10-22

The Raymond Planning Board on Thursday, April 7, dealt with  the Site Plan and Conditional Use application for the final Silver Fox subdivision lot that proposes a Starbuck's and two small retail outlets in the former Silver Fox Restaurant building.

The proposal was presented by Joseph Coronati, Jones and Beach Engineers, Inc. on behalf of Rye Harbors Realty, LLC. The plan proposes a Starbucks restaurant and two retail spaces, the tenants as yet unknown.

Coronati presented the plan which includes a one way entrance off of Essex Drive with a second entrance off of Fox Run.

Cars for Starbucks entering off of Essex would not be able to make an immediate left turn only being allowed to go straight ahead and around the building to the Starbucks window then going back up and around the building again to exit.

Two lanes would run up the side of the building with parking for trucks to unload. The board called for cross walks to be added for safety as well stripping at the intersection of the roadway from Essex and signs to prohibit a left turn.

There was a long discussion about the potential for traffic issues with the entrance off of Fox Run to the Starbucks window that insects with the roadway around the building. In the end the board decided as a condition of approval for the plan, the plan would need to return to the Planning Board for an amendment if traffic issues occur.

Coronati explained the drainage design that is in existence and additions planned. He asked for a landscape waiver since he doesn't use a certified Landscape Designer, which the board approved. He also asked for a waiver from lighting requirements since no lighting will be added and the board agreed but added a dark sky condition.

The board had determined there is no Regional Impact before taking jurisdiction of the plan. There was a discussion about things raised at the Technical Review Committee meeting and Rockingham Planning Commission Circuit Rider Glenn Coppleman went over the list of issues raised at the TRC and the responses made to them by the developer.

There was a discussion about which trees would be used for planting and the board approved the plan with the condition that no invasive species be planted.

The board discussed the Conditional Use Permit  (CUP) application which dealt
with the impervious surface use and approved the plan, granting the CUP.

The board voted to conditionally approve the site plan with the specific conditions that were in addition to the standard conditions.

Keith Smith addressed the board about appointments to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA).

It was affirmed that only the Board of Selectmen can appoint people to the ZBA but the Planning Board can recommend someone to the Selectmen for appointment. Smith asked to be recommended as a Full Time member on the ZBA and will ask the Selectmen for his appointment.

The Planning Board at the request of the applicant John Lorden, Tighe & Bond Inc. on behalf of Pinard Waste approved continuing their public hearing to May 5.

Due to a recount request of the results of the April 2nd, Special Meeting where residents voted to approve the results of the March 8th, election that will take place at 5 p.m. on April 11, the board postponed voting on reorganizing until the next Planning Board meeting.


Raymond Joint Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Held
By Penny Williams   3-24-22

On Wednesday evening, March 23, the Raymond Planning and Zoning of Adjustment Boards met jointly to hear Pinard Waste Systems request for a Special Exception and then site plan review.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) noted there had been a site walk and the plan had been before the Technical Review Committee.

Pinard proposes to use the old Precast Cement Factory building located on the property at 3 Otter Court for a Recycling Processing Center. The proposed project will be completed in two phases.

The business, according to John Lorden, Tighe & Bond who presented the proposal on behalf of Pinard Waste Systems, would operate from 3 a.m. to 11 p.m.  It was estimated that there would be roughly 65 trips generated daily. The development will include upgrading pavement, stormwater management and the septic system, a permit for which has already been obtained.

In phase 2 the plan is to expand the existing building to add the processing area by adding a 30 by 40 foot metal building for storage. All the recycling activity would take place inside the building. The location allows for this use with a Special Exception approved by the ZBA. There would be no increased use of water. If there is noise then insulation of the building would be provided to address it.

The members of the ZBA questioned whether this use of the property would cost the municipality any increased amount of money. It was thought the 65 daily trips would create extra wear and tear on the town road but it was pointed out the roadway had been built to address the heavy cement truck traffic so the members decided there would be no major cost increase.

The proposal met all the five ZBA criteria and the board granted the Special Exception.

The Planning Board then was going to look at the plan but member Gretchen Gott noted that without the minutes from the TRC meeting, the plan couldn't really be considered complete for jurisdiction.

After a discussion, Lorden asked the Planning Board for a continuation to the Planning Board's April 7, meeting. That means Pinard will need to re-notice abutters and once that was agreed to the board voted to approve the continuance request.


Raymond Planning Board Discusses Rules and Procedures and Continues Loon Lake LLC Application
By Penny Williams     3-18-22

On Thursday night, March 17, the Raymond Planning Board spent the majority of its meeting going over the Planning Board Rules and Procedures.

Chair Brad Reed said he wanted to go through the basics of the rules and procedures for an actual planning board meeting and to discuss how such meetings should be conducted.

Before the board began its discussion, Thomas Luczcz asked the board to provide a recommendation from the board for him to be an alternate to the Rockingham Planning Commission. The board voted to write a letter of recommendation for Luczcz for that position and forward it to the Board of Selectmen. Reed then noted two more volunteers are needed for alternates to the RPC and that alternates are needed for the Planning Board as well.

Jonathan Wood, an alternate for the Planning Board, was invited to sit as a voting member since he has been sworn in.

The board had one public hearing on the agenda but a request had been received asking to continue it to April 21.

This site plan application was to include waivers submitted by Joseph Coronati, Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc., on behalf of Troy Brown of Loon Lake LLC.

The site plan proposes adding a 1,408 square foot addition to the back of the Trading Post building for the purpose of cold storage/warehouse space with 529 feet being heated space which is proposed to be used as workshop areas, an office, an employee break room, a public bathroom, and a utility room. The property is located at 68 Mountain Road.

The board voted to approve the continuance request.

Reed acknowledged the presence of James McLeod and Kevin Woods. Woods was elected to the Planning Board but can't be seated until after the Special Meeting to be held on April 2, to correct the error of a late posting of the Warrant and Articles for the March 8, election.

McLeod is attending his third meeting so he can ask the board to approve him as an alternate to the Planning Board. At the end of the meeting the board voted to accept McLeod as an alternate and he will get sworn in.

Jonathan Wood told the board the Master Plan can be accessed on the web site. He noted the Planning Board and Zoning Board budget has been reduced and that there is no written CIP in Raymond. He encouraged the board to take a strong position and to be seriously involved in the development of a job description and hiring of a Town Planner.

Wood, toward the end of the meeting, made a suggestion that Planning Board minutes not be verbatim but short and concise, containing only what the RSA's require. This was discussed briefly at the end of the meeting and will be taken up at the next meeting.

For those who want to learn more about the specific rules and procedures discussed, click on Planning Board Meeting Video



One Raymond Planning Board Member Resigns, Another Volunteer Is Appointed Alternate
By Penny Williams    3-4-22

On Thursday evening, March 3, the Raymond Planning Board met despite not having any hearings or continued applications before it.

Chair Brad Reed indicated it provided the body with an opportunity to get some things done that have fallen by the wayside.

To that extent, Rockingham Planning Commission Regional Planner Madeleine Dilonnu, who consults as staff for the Raymond Planning Board, reviewed what the commission does to help towns and committees with updating and rewriting their Master Plans. She also discussed where the Raymond Master Plan status stands. The Master Plan hasn't been upgraded since 2009.

It was noted that when someone tried to access the various chapters in the current Master Plan online they are brought back to the index. This is a technical issue that needs to be addressed.

There were a few surprises announced during the meeting. Board member Paul Ayer handed a letter of resignation to Reed and left the building. Reed read the letter in to the record.

Reed announced that former board member Jonathan Wood has volunteered to be an alternate and the board waived the required three meetings attendance in view of Wood's longtime experience on the board. The board then approved him as an alternate and he will get sworn in.

It was noted that current board members will continue in their positions until after the Special Town Meeting is held April 2, to correct the fact that the Warrant was not properly posted. Newly elected people will only be able to take their new board or committee positions after the Special Meeting..

A second volunteer for alternate was Jim McLeod who was attending his first meeting. Reed said after he has met the attendance at three meetings requirement the board would vote on his volunteering to be an alternate.

Reed announced that there will be a combined board meeting held on Wednesday March 23, for Pinard Waste and Starbucks. The Planning Board Chair Reed will open the meeting and the Zoning Board of Adjustment will then open their meeting which will be followed by the Planning Board meeting. Prior to this there will be a site walk for this application on March 15.

Reed said in April there will be a meeting at which legal will be in attendance that the board is scheduled to go over rules, regulations, procedures, and ethics as these apply to the Planning Board.

Reed read a letter from Attorney Laura Spector-Morgan, Mitchell Municipal Group, that affirmed the way in which Reed recused himself at the previous meeting was correctly done. It also noted that George Plantes' recusing himself, while unnecessary, was alright but that Ayer's reason for departure was questioned. However this became moot with Ayer's resignation.


Raymond Planning Board Recusal Dispute Ends in Loss of Quorum
By Penny Williams   2-19-22

The Raymond Planning Board on Thursday evening, February 17, ended up without a quorum after the board got into a difficult discussion regarding recusal issues.

Chairman Brad Reed owns a company in Raymond. He has worked with Jones and Beach Engineers, Inc. as a business owner.

Reed noted that when he first joined the board he routinely announced that in his ownership capacity he had worked with people coming before the board and did so on a routine basis until it happened so often he simply stopped announcing it and asking if the board wished him to recuse himself.

However, Thursday evening, board member Gretchen Gott raised concerns about his connection to Jones and Beach Engineers, Inc., who was represented by Joseph Coronati, in a site plan and conditional use public hearing before the board.

Gott said she wasn't accusing Reed of anything but she felt the appearance of a possible conflict of interest was present and that others might perceive his sitting on the board for the hearing that way.

Rockingham Planning Commission Circuit Rider Glenn Coppelman reminded the board that the decision for recusal is up to the individual. And conflict of interest is when a board member might benefit from someone before the board or might be influenced to vote in favor of them.

Reed made it clear that his role on the board is very important to him and that it is even more important that he not do anything in the least improper or what might appear improper. As such he said he would recuse himself but issued the warning that if boards push people like himself away, because as a business owner in a small town they may have worked with a company coming before the board, boards will find themselves in trouble.

He said since the board appears to be concerned with a possible appearance of conflict of interest that he would recuse, step down and go home.

Vice Chair Patricia Bridgeo asked Reed to hear what she had to say before he left which he did. She said all boards in Raymond are unorganized and dysfunctional and need to be fixed. She also apologized to Reed for the direction the meeting had taken.

George Plante, the Selectmen's representative member of the board, noted his company too has worked with Jones and Beach Engineers, Inc, he hollered at Bridgeo and Gott, then recused himself from the board and left. Board member Paul Ayer, obviously frustrated by the whole situation, said he was leaving but did not give a specific reason.

With Reed, Plante and Ayer gone, the board no longer had a quorum to hear the site plan conditional use hearing for a Starbuck's restaurant on the end of a Silver Fox Lane building with the rest of the building to be used for retail space proposed by Rye Harbor Realty LLC that was to be presented by Joseph Coronati, Jones and Beach Engineers. Inc.

Coronati said boards often have members who are land owners and developers and who are competitors with those coming before their boards and it does not take away their rights as a board member. However, he asked for a continuation for his proposed site plan and conditional use hearing to the March 3, board meeting.

Before all this issue happened, the board had continued the Site Plan application submitted by Joseph Coronati, Jones and Beach Engineers, on behalf of IC Reed & Sons, Inc. to the board's April 21. Reed had recused himself as owner of IC Reed & Sons.

The board also continued a subdivision application submitted by Bedford Design Consultants on behalf of 155 Farmington Road LLC for property located at 21 Dudley Road. The applicant is looking to subdivide an existing property that has a residential and a commercial use on the single lot but wishes to subdivide the parcel into a residential lot with the dwelling and a commercial lot with the Storage units.

There is supposedly a pre-existing site plan from 1989 but it hasn't been found. The board wants all possibilities of locating the plan exhausted before a new amended engineered site plan is presented. This hearing was continued until the board's March 3, meeting.

Without a quorum, the remaining board members went to public input since they could not do any further business that required a vote. Keith Smith clarified his previous request at a board of selectman meeting about minutes, videos and supplemental information. Tara Campbell asked procedural questions regarding the Technical Review Committe and Tim Cahill thanked the volunteers.

Earlier in the meeting, Tom Luszcz who had applied for an alternate position, withdrew his application and while leaving the meeting chastised Gott and Bridgeo for their comments.


Raymond Planning Board Approve Green Road Special Permit
By Penny Williams    2-5-22

The Raymond Planning Board met on Thursday evening, February 3, and after being cautioned by Board Chair Brad Reed that the only issue before the board concerned the application for a minimum impact wetlands crossing Special Permit, approved the application.

The board after hearing that Fire Chief Paul Hammond has no issue with his equipment being able to safely utilize the driveways for the three Green Road lots and that Liberty Woods, the developer, will work with the Public Works Department on issues related to the development, Reed asked if anyone on the board had any issues with the special permit application.

Board members had no issues and agreed that application met all the requirements. The board voted to approve the Special Permit application.

The board then held a nonbinding conceptual review discussion with Greg DiBona, representing the Bohler Engineering proposal to build a 250,000 square feet and 40-feet tall warehouse distribution center, located at 70 Route 27.

The proposal describes the warehouse  distribution center as having 45 loading bays and 74 trailer loading bays with more than the required number of parking spaces for employees. The building will be 400 feet from Route 27 and the driveway, wider than the usual driveway access roadway, is 430 feet. As yet there is no tenant and the development is speculative in nature.

There are no residential abutters close by and the lot is forested and trees will be taken down to allow construction of the building.

It is expected that there will be 60 trips during peak hours and around 500 trips per week, a reasonably low level of traffic impact. There may be an improvement to Route 27 at the access roadway to enhance the turning into the access for trucks. The access roadway will have one minor wetlands crossing so a Dredge and Fill Permit from the State will be required.

Septic will be on site but water will be brought piped on site by extension of the main line. Stormwater Management will designed and there will be off site utilities improvements.

DiBona asked the process of arranging to go to the Technical Review Committee (TRC) where the length of the driveway, fire equipment access and turning, and the single access concerns will be addressed. He indicated the proposed plan meets the zoning requirements perfectly.

The board members asked a few questions and DiBona said the next step would be to develop the designs so the plan can proceed to meet with TRC before filing an application with the Planning Board.

The board heard from Tom Luszcz, who said he had filled out paperwork to be an alternate so the board wouldn't have further issues like the last meeting when they were short handed. His wife is on the board as an alternate so the board wants to check with legal to ensure two members of the same family can serve but thanked him for volunteering and accepted his paperwork.

The board members discussed minutes and the method of recording minutes. Member Gretchen Gott indicated she thought the board needs to know how the present electronic transcription was decided upon for the Planning Board minutes. The board members were interested in meeting with other boards to discuss issues with minutes but it was thought legal should be checked before any joint board meetings are held.

A second question was a discussion about Zone G. Member Patricia Bridgeo found minutes and a Warrant Article on Zone G from 2010 and the board members want to review this for clarification of Zone G.

It was decided that the board's staff would review the 2010 Warrant Article and see if it matches current Zone G requirements and then the board could put a discussion of Zone G and clarification of it on the agenda.

The board also discussed whether they could send a letter about their concerns regarding the Green Road development to the Building Inspector since they only addressed the Special Permit. Their concerns were aired at TRC but it was felt the Building Inspector would benefit from learning of the Planning Board concerns. This would be looked into.

Gott made a motion, which the board approved, to have the TRC meeting minutes  sent to them.

The board postponed approving the minutes of January 20, to the next meeting.


Raymond Planning Board Members Recuse Themselves Creating Quorum Issues
By Penny Williams   1-22-22

The Raymond Planning met Thursday evening, January 20, and twice it ran into problems when members present were forced to recuse themselves.

The first issue was an application submitted by Liberty Woods, LLC for three properties located on Green Road proposing a minimum impact wetland crossing of driveways for all three of the lots,. The hearing had to be continued without being heard because board member Gretchen Gott had to recuse herself leaving the board without a quorum. The hearing was continued to the board's February 3, meeting.

The second issue arose when the acting chair Patricia Bridgeo recused herself when the board needed to vote to recommend or not recommend a petition Zoning Amendment article.

This issue was resolved by calling alternate Paul Ayer on the telephone and he participated in the discussion and voted on the recommendation for the article.

This solution, reaching and having Ayer participated by speaker phone, was based on information provided to the board members by Rockingham Planning Commission Consultant Glenn Coppelman and resident and RCTV 's Kevin Woods regarding the RSA's allowing in an emergency situation to having a member participate over the phone.

George Chadwick, Bedford Design Consultants presented  a subdivision application on behalf of 155 Farmington Rd, LLC, for property located at 21 Dudley Road within Zone C1. The applicant proposes to subdivide an existing 1.87 acre lot into a .701 acre lot with an existing single-family dwelling and a 1.175 acre lot with existing storage units on it. There would be a shared driveway for the two new lots.

Gott asked if there was an original site plan for the lot that is to be subdivided. Chadwick said yes there was a 1989 approved site plan on file for the commercial use. She inquired as to why an amended site plan was not on the table. Chadwick responded saying there was no change of use being sought, only a subdivision of land.

Gott felt it would be important for the board to see and review the original site plan to ensure that everything that was supposed to have been addressed had been addressed.

After the board discussed the proposed subdivision request and raised several concerns especially about the shared driveway as well as it being noted that a porta potty exists at the storage units and they are open 24-hours a day seven days a week, Gott suggested getting a legal opinion regarding the board needing to see the original site plan and the board approved.

If legal determines the original site plan should be reviewed by the board the applicant will be informed and the hearing will be for an amended site plan.

Resident and abutter Kathy Hoelzel, also a selectwoman, spoke saying she strongly objects to the proposed subdivision because there are many unanswered questions and many security issues.

The board voted to seek legal advice and to continue the hearing to its February 3, meeting when they expect they will have the legal information sought.

The board turned to reviewing and deciding whether to recommend or not recommend the four proposed Zoning Amendments. The board decided to recommend two as presented but one, regarding setback requirements for certain preexisting lots they removed for further research for next year's submission.
The final Zoning Amendment sought to have the Bean Tavern placed in the Historic Zone .
Sitting Chair Bridgeo had to recuse herself from this discussion and vote. However, Alternate Paul Ayer was reached and participated in the discussion and vote by speaker phone and the board voted to recommend this Zoning Amendment.

The board then turned their attention to the minutes. The board has issues with the electronic verbatim transcription. The errors in the minutes were discussed and the board voted to add an agenda item to figure out how the electronic verbatim transcription was arrived at, how to deal with the errors that occur and what they can do to change the situation they fear could create issues if the minutes had to be used in a court setting.

The board spoke up asking residents to step up as alternates for the Planning Board so that quorum issues don't occur in the future.s

Raymond Planning Board Approves McDonald's Improvements and Have Three Open Seats in March
By Penny Williams   1-8-22

The Raymond Planning Board met on Thursday, January 6, and approved the single site plan application before them.

Bill Lucas, Bohler Inc., presented the site plan on behalf of McDonald's USA, LLC. The site plan proposed upgrades to the drive-thru features and minor improvements to the site, interior and exterior in compliance with ADA requirements and the company's new Branding model. McDonald's is located at 2 Essex Drive.

The major change will be to reconfigure the lane around the building in the area where orders are taken.  The present single lane will be improved by adding a second ordering lane.

Parking spaces will be adjusted to allow this change with a long space provided for potential bus parking and a long space for product delivery trucks with sufficient space left between these and the ordering lanes for cars to pass, still in a one way circling the building.

To accomplish the above, the number of parking spaces at the location were diminished by 16 leaving 53 parking stalls which meet the requirements for the seating.

The main discussion was centered on the new two lanes for ordering instead of the single lane presently in place. This two lane ordering model is in use at many neighboring McDonald's.

Board member Gretchen Gott was concerned that the new configuration would create issues particularly when product distribution trucks were there and when garbage pickup trucks were there.

After a lengthy discussion a compromise was suggested. Chair Brad Reed suggested marking a crosswalk from the store door across the driveway to where the distribution truck should be parked. This would address the safety issue of product being hauled across the driveway.

Lucas agreed this made sense from a safety perspective and said he would have to get permission to add this from corporate. He was told if the board approved the plan and corporate then denied the crosswalk the site plan would have to be started all over again at ground zero. He indicated he wished to move forward and felt he would get corporate permission for the crosswalk stripping.

The board then approved the site plan application with all the usual conditions. In addition, there were two waivers the board had approved, both dealing with the pavement calculus for replacement. The McDonald's pavement requirement calculations exceed the Raymond requirements. So it was added that approving these waivers was not precedent setting.  In addition there were a couple Technical Review Committee requests and the crosswalk stripping were specific to this site plan..

The board noted that there would be no discussion of Warrant Articles at this meeting but they would be addressed at the meeting scheduled for January 20.  A citizens petition would also be reviewed at that time.

The board then discussed how minutes are taken and whether they wanted to have verbatim minutes. The issue arose as there have been some mistakes made that have made the work of the board difficult and when minutes were compared to the
cable recording there were differences found. However, video coverage cannot be used as minutes. There must be paper minutes provided.

After a lengthy discussion it was decided to continue the use of the current electronic transcription system for recording minutes,.

The board discussed needing to elect two members for 3 year terms and one member for a 1 year term given John Beavilliers recent resignation that the board belatedly approved.

The board also discussed the difficulty a resident has with trying to find specific information in town records regarding actions taken with respect to a specific property. While it was acknowledged that there are files on property actions it still isn't easy to access the material and the board is concerned about this issue.            



NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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