2021 Raymond Planning Board Meetings

Raymond Planning Board Continued Liberty Woods LLC Green Road Properties Application and Conditionally Approved Harbor Realty LLC, Dominos Pizza Restaurant
By Penny Williams     12-20-21

On Thursday, December 16, the Raymond Planning Board met in a long hearing, conditionally approving one application and Continuing the other.

The hearing continued  is the application continued from December 2, that seeks three Special Permits submitted by Liberty Woods LLC, for properties (Lots 73,74,75) located on Green Road where the proposal is for minimum impact wetland crossings for all three driveways.

The board members and Keith Martel, representing Liberty Woods LLC, were involved in a  an in-depth discussion, mostly related to Lot 75 and the intermittent stream crossing the front of the property. The NH Department of Environmental Services definition of intermittent stream differs from that of the Raymond zoning regulations. The Conservation Commission requested a 75 foot setback for any building rather than the 25 feet normally required. This works on Lots 73 and 74 but not for Lot 75 according to Martel.

Martel had shown on his site plan what the board had previously asked him to show but he had not gone before the Technical Review Committee (TRC) as requested because of scheduling issues.  The board also noted they were concerned with the fact that water was shown to be flowing over a driveway according to the drainage design presented and noted by the Public Works Department review.

The board wanted the drainage design reviewed by both TRC and the Town Engineer, DuBois and King. After further discussion the board voted to continue this hearing until the board's January 20, meeting after the application has been to the TRC and reviewed by DuBois and King.

Joseph Coronati, Jones & Beach Engineers on behalf of Rye Harbor Realty LLC, submitted a site plan and Conditional Use request for a proposed Domino's Pizza Restaurant to be located at  4 Silver Fox Lane at the Essex Commons Development.

The proposed Dominos would be located between the present Day Care and the 603 Storage. It would follow the typical Dominos model of primarily delivery and pick-up but would have a roadway circling the building addressing the pick-up window. But in addition, there would be seating inside for 18.

The site plan provided adequate parking spaces for the proposed Dominos and there will be a sidewalk provided. The drainage design is an addition to the drainage designs already in place at the overall development, An Area of Terrain permit is required because of the need for stormwater management and this has been submitted but not reviewed by the town's engineer as yet. However, as the Essex Commons was developed, piping stubs were already in place for the lots to be developed as well utility connections. Septic would be located under the parking lot.

The board discussed the landscaping of the lot and it was agreed that there should be continued fencing from the Day Care lot along the Dominos property to deal with any light issues. The fence would be a 4 foot by 100 foot solid fence.

Coronati asked for approval of a single waiver, that of not requiring the use of a licensed landscape architect, which the board approved. The board went on to approve the Conditional Use request. The board conditionally approved the Dominos development request with all the usual conditions and four specific conditions:    

* Offsite improvements

* No more than 18 seats

* The agreed upon fencing

* DuBois & King comments regarding road traffic

The board recommended the appointment of  Keith Smith for the Raymond Planning Commission to the Board of Selectmen.

With the few minutes remaining before the 10 o'clock adjournment the board discussed the zoning amendments.

Raymond Planning Board Needs a Planner and Discuss Multiple Applications and Other Issues
By Penny Williams   12-3-21

The Raymond Planning Board met on Thursday night, December 2, and a request made by member Gretchen Gott towards the end of the meeting squarely hit the nub of an issue the board is dealing with.  

Gott told Chair Brad Reed that the Planning Board needs a Planner. She said the help provided the board by the Rockingham Planning Commission is excellent but it isn't enough. She noted, and Reed agreed, they had two people working with the board at one point not so long ago and the lack of sufficient help has contributed to issues that have arisen regarding mistakes or errors committed by the board or board members.

Tina Thomas and Brian Demyanovich came in to discuss an application that had been approved by the board on August 5. Scott Frankiewicz, representing Noble Homes LLC on the 2 unit condominium application sought to change the original application model of a duplex to becoming a condominium. The application as a duplex was previously approved and occupancy permits had been issued.

It turned out that the occupancy permits being issued was a mistake made by a town official so it couldn't be changed and the board had to deal with the request to change from a duplex to condominium.

Demyanovich spoke at the original hearing in August and asked for a privacy buffer. In the course of the hearing the board approved providing that buffer using blue spruce trees 30-feet on center along the property line.

Thomas and Demyanovich complained that the developer did not comply with the condition but planted arborvitaes instead of the Blue Spruce and planted them not in a way they would provide any privacy.

Reed asked if they had spoken with the Code Enforcement Officer about this since if the developer did not meet the conditions of approval that was where they needed to go to start straightening things out.

Thomas complained that the minutes did not have the conditions attached online which made researching what exactly was approved difficult to ascertain. Reed said he would follow-up and see why the conditions were not available.

Reed then discussed how the board in the future would review and ensure accuracy of conditions and make sure they were available.

Thomas also asked the board to provide the building permit provided to Mega X. She was told she could go to town hall and ask for a copy and she would be given it.

Reed read a statement requested by the Board of Selectmen regarding a property near exit 4 that has been clear cut. He noted that the Board of Selectmen have to sign a request for an intent to cut but do not monitor or have any authority over the process. The  authority belongs to the State Forester. He added that while development is taking place on a portion of the clear cut area, it is only a small portion and he declined to name the development.

Reed also said that he has had occasion to speak with attorneys and has been advised that the board and board members need to  be very careful about statements they make because they can create liability issues for the town if they get off the subject or issues on what they are supposed to be discussing during a public hearing.

The board dealt with the subdivision application submitted by James Lavelle, Lavelle Associates, on behalf of Michael and Lisa Duford for property located at 10 Kristopher Lane where a 7.71 acre lot is to be subdivided into two lots.

One of the two lots would be 5.62 acres and the other 2.09 acres. At the previous meeting Lavelle was asked to provide and put on the plans the calculations associated with Zone G land. He indicated he had done as the board asked.

Board member Patricia Bridgeo claimed that the calculation the board accepted was based on an inaccurate reading of the Zoning regulation. Reed stated that the board has always followed the calculation the way Lavelle had done it and the board needs to be consistent with how it does things.

Gott indicated she agreed with Reed that the board has always performed the calculation as Reed pointed out but since Bridgeo questions its correctness the board should contact legal for a definite answer on which is the proper way to do the Zone G calculations so the board in acting properly on this issue going forward.

The board then approved Lavelle's application for the two lot subdivision.

Keith Martel presented an application for three Special Permits submitted by Liberty Woods LLC for 3 lots located on Green Road. The petition proposes a minimum impact wetland crossing for the three driveways as wetlands on the properties lie across the front of the properties.

The three lots were approved for development back in 1976. Martel said he has a letter of recommendation from the Conservation Commission but questioned their request for him to increase the buffer zone from 25 feet to 75 feet.

He noted that on two of the lots this would require moving the planned dwelling construction site and in doing so would increase issues. In one case creating the need for a second wetland crossing and in the other having to raise the house and probably having to deal with granite needing to be removed.

 He pointed out the increased set back is based on ConsCom determining the stream is  a running stream not just runoff and drainage.

ConsCom Chair Jan Kent was present and explained the reasoning for the 75 foot setback. The zoning states that if a stream is running for 6 months or more then it is considered a flowing stream not drainage or just run off.

Gott is a direct abutter and raised concerns about the plans left hand turn off of Green into the driveways given the slope of Green and the difficulties on the road in the winter.

There was a discussion about the culverts required by the NH Department of Environmental Services.

Gott requested a site walk by the board. After a brief discussion the board approved a site walk for 2 p.m. on Wednesday, December 8.

A motion was also made to require the proposed plan go before the Technical Review Committee (TRC) where it was felt many of the issues would be resolved one way or another.

The board continued the public hearing on the Special Permits application until the December 16, meeting of the board. Reed noted that if the plan has not been before TRC at that point the application would be continued to the January 6, 2022 meeting.

The board also continued an amended site plan application submitted by Bohler Engineering on behalf of McDonald's USA, located at 2 Essex Drive, until January 6, 2022. The application is proposing upgrades to the drive-thru features and minor site improvements to ensure compliance with ADA regulations.


Raymond Planning Board Continues Kristopher Lane Subdivision Application
By Penny Williams    11-19-21

On Thursday, November 18, the Raymond Planning Board held a single hearing before the board turned to its scheduled work session regarding possible warrant article items.

The board heard Jim Lavelle, Lavelle Associates as he sought conditional approval for a subdivision of a 7.7 acre lot at 10 Kristopher Lane into two lots, one 5.62 acres that would have the existing dwelling and a 2.09 acre lot for new construction. Lavelle represents Michael and Lisa Duford.

The subdivision application was heard on November 4, and Lavelle had been asked by the board to put certain things on the site plan that are required by Raymond.

Board member Trisha Bridgeo wanted the Zone G land on the lot to be subdivided and the two lots created identified and assurances provided that this left the required amount of non-wetland for development.

 It was noted by Chair Brad Reed that on the State permit of 100,000 square feet there was 80,000 square feet of buildable area and he thought that covered the issue. However, he had agreed to ask Lavelle to provide the calculation Bridgeo wanted.

After discussing this at the November 4, meeting,  Lavelle agreed to calculate the upland area and put the amounts on the site plan. The board also wanted the driveway and utilities marked on the site plan.

While Lavelle provided basically what the board had asked on Thursday evening,  Bridgeo still wasn't convinced that the Zone G land had been properly calculated and was unwilling to conditionally approve the updated site plan.

Lavelle initially stated that he was positive that necessary footage for development on the two lots was sufficient for the new proposed smaller lot to sustain construction when the Zone G land was removed from the calculation. However,  after he was warned that he would have to start all over again if his calculation didn't support that he decided to request a continuance to the December 2, board meeting.

Bridgeo felt the calculation should clearly show that when the Zone G land was removed from the calculations, there was sufficient acreage for the subdivision of the parcel into the two lots.

Lavelle said he would provide the board with this calculation at the December 2, board meeting.  The board voted to approve the continuation of the hearing.


Raymond Planning Board Continues Three Applications to the December Meeting
By Penny Williams    11-6-21

At their Thursday night, November 4, meeting, the Raymond Planning Board heard only one of three applications on their agenda and in the end continued it.

The board approved continuing two applications that had requested continuation.

One application was an amended site plan application by Bohler Engineering on behalf of MacDonald's USA that proposes upgrades to the drive-thru features and minor site improvements to ensure ADA compliance. The property is located at 2 Essex Drive. The board approved continuing this to  the board's December 2, meeting.

The second application continued at request of applicant  is a Site Plan and Conditional Use application. This was submitted  by Joseph Coronati, Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. on behalf of  Rye Harbor Realty LLC. This is a proposed Domino's Pizza Restaurant with associated parking and utilities located at 4 Silver Fox Lane. The board approved continuing this until the board's December 16 meeting.

The board took jurisdiction of a subdivision application submitted by James Lavelle, Lavelle Associates on behalf of Michael and Lisa Duford for property located at 10 Kristopher Lane.

The plan proposes subdividing the 7.7 + or - acre lot with a shared driveway to two lots - one 5.62 acres and the other a 2.09 + or - lot.

A variance was granted on April 28, for frontage issues by the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA). The ZBA granted the variance for relief from the frontage requirement with a  recommendation to the Planning Board that they put a no cut buffer on the property line toward map 8/lot 425 21.

There were no issues with the proposed plan except Lavelle had not put certain things on the site plan that are required by Raymond.

Member Trisha Bridgeo wanted the Zone G land on the subdivided lot identified and assurances provided that this left the required amount on non-wetland for development. It was noted by Chair Brad Reed that on the State permit of 100,000 square feet there was 80,000 square feet of buildable area and he thought that covered the issue.

After discussing this Lavelle agreed to calculate the upland area and put the amounts on the site plan. The board also wanted the driveway and utilities marked on the site plan.

The board after a discussion approved continuing this hearing to their November 13, meeting when this will hearing will be heard before they go into their planned work session.

There was a continued discussion regarding a Planning Board member being the representative on the ZBA. Reed currently holds that position but was willing to give it up if someone wanted it. The board approved him retaining this position through this year.

Selectmen's liaison to the Planning Board George Plante announced to the board that on November 2, Town Manager Joseph Ilsley left that position. He indicated that the Selectmen did not ask him to leave and expected that he would complete his contracted time. Plante indicated this is being addressed legally and a non-public meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 8 regarding this issue. In the meantime he said the board of selectmen are acting as interim town manager and department heads are reporting to the selectmen.

Resident Gary Brown spoke briefly making a couple of suggestions for the planning board to consider based on his experience in Hawaii.


Raymond Planning Board Receives Two Resignations
By Penny Williams 10-9-21

The Raymond Planning Board received two resignations at their Thursday night, October 7, meeting and discussed how to make the necessary adjustment.

Chair Jonathan Wood, a longtime member of the Planning Board as well as other municipal boards and committees, tendered his immediate resignation. His term expires in March of 2022. Vice Chair Brad Reed took over as interim Chair.

In addition, alternate Paul Lind also tendered his resignation to the board. The board voted to accept both resignations with regret.

To address this situation Reed discussed what the board can do.

Dee Luszcz has been attending the Planning Board meetings and has applied to be an alternate. She was present and Reed invited her to discuss her interest in becoming a board alternate or member.  She responded to some board member questions. The board then voted to accept Luszcz as an alternate to the board.

The board voted to make Reed the Chair and Secretary Trish Bridgeo to become the Vice Chair. It was discussed who would be secretary and it was decided and Bridgeo accepted being both Vice Chair and Secretary of the Planning Board.

The board heard about a possible project from Jones and Beach Engineers on behalf of Sippican Capital, LLC for property located on Industrial Drive.

The project will involve construction of a 500,500 square foot distribution warehouse with a bump out in front of that building of 17,010 square feet that will house offices. The site has 123 acres that are being developed.

Wayne Morrill, President of Jones and Beach Engineers, presented the information about the building and asked the board for their questions.

He indicated there will be 252 truck parking spaces and 172 truck dock spaces. In addition there will be 300 parking spaces for cars. There will be two pathways one for cars and one for trucks that will be separate from each other.

They don't have a client yet so many things couldn't be provided such as how many truck trips per day there will be. However, Morrill said the plan is looking at making road improvements to address issues there will be at exit 4 onto and off from Route 101. He didn't think there would be any traffic or noise issues but did say with that amount of pavement at the site ( around 1 million square feet) will create a lot water and drainage issues that will have to be addressed.

The board had several questions and noticed a couple of possible issues and Morrill thanked them for their input. This plan will be formally submitted at a future date.

Jan and Larry Kent asked the board for approval of their plan to erect 60-feet of post and rail fencing along their property line at 72 West Shore Drive on Governor's Lake.

To do this they applied for a Special Permit. It was noted that the actual regulations are unclear as to whether the Kent's really needed to apply for a Special Permit but they had been advised to do so to be safe.

The board went over the specific provisions required by a Special Permit.

Kent submitted a letter from the Conservation Commission saying the signed members had no problem with the plan but it was not a complete ConsCom approval as the commission didn't have a quorum at that meeting.

The board approved the plan with the usual conditions and one from the Planning Board that was for a formal approval from ConsCom needs to be provided.

A letter from Carolyn Mathews was read and discussed regarding doing the Master Plan and for engaging the public in the effort. It was noted that the first date available for involving the public in this discussion would be the November 8 meeting.

Reed asked board members to prepare a list of zoning regulations they wish to see discussed and possibly changed. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Reed said the three zoning regulation he wishes to review and look at are:

* Solar regulations

* Air B&B issues

* Set back regulations

There were two applications that requested continuations.

The board approved continuing to October 21, the application for an amended site plan submitted by Bohler Engineering on behalf of McDonald's USA proposing an upgrade to the drive-thru features and minor site improvements to ensure compliance with ADA regulations. The property is located at 2 Essex Drive in Raymond.

The board approved continuing to October 21, an amended site plan application submitted by Jacob Doerfler of the Dubay Group on behalf of Mega-X located on Old Manchester Road. The plan proposes to add a scale and more truck parking.


Raymond Planning Board Conditionally Approve Tom & Dee’s Auto Sales Application
By Penny Williams   9-6-21

The Raymond Planning Board met on Thursday evening, September 2, and reached a decision on the site plan and conditional use permit applications regarding Tom & Dee's Auto Sales, 39 Old Manchester Road. In addition it approved the request for a two year extension of the conditional approval for the Exeter Med Real, Inc. for its proposed 24,000 square foot medical office building facing Freetown Road located in the Essex Common on the corner of Essex and Freetown roads.

However, the meeting was primarily focused on the Auto Sales application. This case involves what appears to be information provided to the applicants by town officials that over time proved incorrect. The couple are represented by Panciocco Law, LLC.

Patricia Panciocco presented the story on behalf of Tom and Dee Luszcz. In August when this case was initially heard, Panciocco said they merely wanted a change of use not a site plan review but that there was no form for a change of use application. At that time she noted her clients have done everything right and nothing had worked out.

Dee Luszcz went over the entire series of transactions the couple have been through starting with checking on what they needed to do even before buying the property.

They went to the building inspector and asked if what they proposed would be permitted and if there were any issues that needed to be addressed. They were told what they planned was a permitted use and they were good to go. They have no employees and there is no traffic as testified to by neighbors in August, as most of the sales are done over the internet. They bought the property and then a series of setbacks began.

More recently they have been charged with running a junk yard which isn't true or accurate Panciocco said but they have been hit with a Cease & Desist order. Every car they buy is registered under Tom's state auto sales license. Somehow, she said, when an inspection was done on the property, it was erroneously noted that only 2 to 4 cars could be on the property at any one time which is not accurate she said. It has always been that there would be multiple vehicles on the property - parts cars, cars to be fixed for sale, and cars for sale.

In August Panciocco asked for waiver from having to provide a full site plan review saying the couple don't have the funds to pay for that and it is not needed in the first place. The couple did  get a Variance with no conditions from the ZBA allowing them to be just within 2,000 feet of another car sales place. They were just over 18-feet too near.

The cars they buy from auction and if they need any mechanical repairs this is done off site at other business operations, Panciocco pointed out. There are no mechanical repairs done on site and there are no liquid issues.

In August board Chair Jonathan Wood asked the board to vote on the request for a waiver from the site plan review and he made a motion to deny the request. He indicated his concern was the nearness of this property to the town wells. The board did deny the waiver but allowed Panciocco to present the information she had prepared.

On Thursday evening, the board, at the request of member Patricia Bridgeo went into a non-meeting to consult with Attorney Laura Spector Morgan, Mitchell Municipal Group, regarding going ahead with this case.

After Luszcz went over the details of the issues they have faced, Panciocco listed her concerns noting that all the documents needed have been submitted. She indicated the Change of Use Permit is not needed but all documents for it have been submitted anyway.

She then went over the site plan regulations noting that there is no intent to enlarge or develop the property and therefore these do not apply to the couple's application for approval. She also asked the board to waive the fee for change of use application.

Panciocco asked that the board reconsider its denial of their request to waive a site plan review. She indicated the waiver isn't needed because it doesn't apply but to move forward she asked the board to waive it, to also waive the change of use fee and the CUP itself.

The board then went into non-public with their attorney regarding the concerns and requests Panciocco had raised. Coming out of non-public Attorney Morgan ran the meeting going over what the board wants from the Auto Sales before it will make a decision on their case.

First either drip pans or a membrane must be located underneath all vehicles parked on the grass area where the plan note there will be 10 cars. She went over where and the number of cars that would be on the site and that a total of 40 cars would not be exceeded. The hours of operation were set and the Luszcz said they have a liquid spill plan in place.

The board voted that the Conditional Use Permit doesn't apply but voted to approve the change of use request with the amendments put forward by the board. The board also approved waiving the application fee. Attorney Morgan said she would prepare the conditions of approval documents and send them to the board and to Panciocco for her clients.

Kevin Woods spoke to the board about the Master Plan. He said it was over ten years out of date but was corrected since it was updated in 2016. However, the point he was making is that it needs to be addressed since the Town could lose out on grants if it isn't up to date. He also asked that update time and version should be on the web site for residents to be able to read.

Bridgeo then asked that a work session be scheduled for the board to review and discuss board procedures, the Master Plan, and warrants. Member Gretchen Gott wanted to hear from the Technical Review Committee as to what they want from the Planning Board before the board held its workshop but in the end the board approved holding a work session on September 23.

Raymond Planning Board Approves Grants' Towing Application
By Penny Williams    8-20-21

The Raymond Planning Board met on Thursday evening, August 19, and had only a single  public hearing, a site plan review for Grants' Towing application for construction of a 50-foot by 60-foot auto body and repair shop.

Alden Beauchemin is presenting the application on behalf of the Grants. This application was originally heard on February 2020.

The proposed plan is to expand the garage that has existed on the site for many years. Jodi Grant wants to add on to the garage space to improve his business.

Initially Grant was told that all he needed was a building permit and he could get that just by filling out the application. Then there was a change of Building Inspectors and he was told he would have to submit an application to waive the site plan application since it was just expanding his existing business.

At the hearing in February 2020. nothing was submitted to the Town Engineer, DuBois and King, but Public Works Director Steve Brewer expressed concerns in a letter to the board. He indicated that an original agreement on the property was never executed so it is impossible to know what exactly was approved.

Brewer also raised concerns over the new building covering the well. The new building will have two bays when provisions for only one are in place. Brewer raised concerns about the bays having floor drains if vehicles were to be stored inside as well as a holding tank. Without a site plan review, Brewer felt there were too many unknowns.

At that February hearing, the board also had a letter from Jeff Adler, DuBois and King, who is not in favor of approving the request for the waiver from the site plan.

Beauchemin said there will be no change to the site that will impact the neighborhood. He noted that when a concern was raised over drainage he had delivered a construction plan that included a drainage design.  Since the expanded building would have a larger roof and therefore increased run-off, a full drainage evaluation was done with plans for a drip line and infiltration trench along the drip edge of the building on both sides to address this.

At the 2020 hearing it was noted that the foundation already exists, the setbacks are met, and there is access to the well. However, Glenn Coppelman, the Circuit Rider Planner assisting the board,  still felt an amended site plan would be needed.

Thursday night Beauchemin presented an amended site plan responding to all the concerns that had been previously brought up. He had gone  before the Technical Review Committee and they had given him a series of conditions he needed to address for approval. The list of specific conditions from TRC would be attached to any approval and conditions of approval the board might make with regard to the application.

The Certificate of Use Permit requested was approved Thursday night by the board, The board also approved three waivers: one for dimensions on the plan; one for a neighborhood survey to show what is within 200 feet of the site; and one requiring a licensed landscape design professional signature. The board approved all three waivers.

Beauchemin addressed all the issues and concerns and showed on the amended site plan where they had been addressed. There was a question raised about looking at an issue other than drainage related which was what the amended site plan was requested to address but the board members indicated they would only address the requested drainage issues.

After a discussion the board voted to approve the amended site plan and the application with all the standard conditions as well as the specific conditions relating to drainage required by the TRC.

The board discussed a request from the Scott Frankiewicz, NH Land Consultants  who presented the request for a 2-unit condominium subdivision on behalf of Noble Homes, LLC for which one condition of approval was the planting of Blue Spruce trees as a buffer. The owner wishes to switch the Blue Spruce to Arborvitaes. The board approved this but made the spacing 8-foot center rather than the 20-foot center for the Blue Spruce.

It was decided to postpone the Discussion of Rules and Procedures of the Planning Board until Chair Jonathan Wood was present.


Raymond Planning Board Hears Two Cases With Potential Town Mistakes
By Penny Williams   8-6-21

The Raymond Planning Board heard two applications on Thursday evening, August 5, that involved town mistakes.

The first was an application for a 2-unit condominium subdivision submitted by Scott Frankiewicz, NH Land Consultants on behalf of Noble Homes LLC for a property located at 82A Prescott Road. Chair Jonathan Wood made clear this application was strictly for conversion from duplex to condominium or a change of ownership only.

The single lot has 2 acres with 200 foot frontage and has been approved by the state. There would be a single condominium well (although the paperwork indicated wells) and each unit has a 3 bedroom septic system.

The building is already built and certificates of occupancy have been approved. There is a single driveway that splits to address the two units. It was noted that the building inspector at the time issued the building permit by mistake. The board discussed at length the fact that even though the town had made a mistake the board wasn't able to do anything about it at this point.

While the board got off on these issues Woods reminded them that this hearing is strictly about the change of ownership - changing from a single duplex ownership to a two condominium owners.

One resident, Brian Demyanovich, 84 Prescott Road spoke somewhat angrily about this development. He expressed concern about his privacy noting that the lot under discussion had been clear cut. He was essentially told that his issues regarding the development of the lot was an issue between lot owners and that his issues were not in the purview of the planning board.

Another resident at 82 Prescott complained that he gets the mail for 82A. He was told that is a Post Office issue not something the board has any authority over.

Tina Thomas asked about the address whether the two condos would be 82A or 82 A and 82 B. She was told it would be 82A and 82B.

Board member Gretchen Gott raised the issue of providing a buffer to enhance the privacy of the abutter. She pushed this issue and the board approved making providing a buffer a condition of approval. Gott asked for and it was decided that 4-foot Blue Spruce trees 20-feet on center would be required to be planted along 120 feet of the lot  line between the properties.

A second special condition of approval was to change references of wells to well and that there would be no additional changes to the existing building. The board voted 3 to 2 with members George Plante and Patricia Bridgeo voting against for conditional approval with these three special conditions.

The second hearing involved was a site plan application and a Conditional Use Permit submitted by Panciocco Law, LLC on behalf of Tom and Dee's Auto Sales for property located at 39 Old Manchester Road.

Patricia Panciocco presented this noting that they merely want a change of use not a site plan review but that there was no form for a change of use application. She  said her clients have done everything right and nothing had worked out.

Before buying the property they had gone to the building inspector and asked if what they proposed would be permitted and if there were any issues that needed to be addressed. They were told what they planned was a permitted use and they were good to go. They have no employees and there is no traffic as most of the sales are done over the internet.

More recently they have been charged with running a junk yard which isn't true or accurate Panciocco said but they have been hit with a Ceas & Desist order. Every car they buy is registered under Tom's state auto sales license. Somehow when an inspection was done it was erroneously noted that only 2 to 4 cars could be on the property at any one time which is not accurate she said.

Panciocco asked for waiver from having to provide a full site plan saying the couple don't have the funds to pay for it and it is not needed. They had to get a Variance with no conditions from the ZBA allowing them to be just within 2,000 feet of another car sales place. They were just over 18- feet too near.

The cars bought from auction if they need any mechanical repairs this is done off site at other business operations. There are no mechanical repairs done on site and there are no liquid issues.

Wood asked the board to vote on the request for a waiver from the site plan review and he made a motion to deny the request. He indicated his concern is the nearness of this property to the town wells. The board did deny the waiver but allowed Panciocco to present the information she had prepared.

The board asked about the survey of the property and were provided with a stamped survey from 1980. Nothing has changed since with the two family house (circa 1794) on the 2.711 acre lot and no changes or improvements are anticipated.

The Town Manager asked that they come to the Planning Board with these issues. They have just received a no issues from an inspection by the Town Water Department.

Two neighbors spoke in favor of the couple saying they never hear anything, there are no traffic issues and they like the property use as it is being used.

After all the information had been provided the board voted to continue the hearing to September 2 but the board members are going on a site walk August 12 at 6 p.m.


Raymond Planning Board Approves Mareld Company Application and the Mountain Road Application With Conditions
By Penny Williams   7-17-21

On Thursday evening, July 15, the Raymond Planning Board addressed two applications that had been continued, approving one conditionally and approving the second.

The first hearing involved the minor Subdivision application of Troy Brown for subdividing the property located at 68-70 Mountain Road, presented by Joseph Coronati, Jones And Beach Engineering.

After a lengthy discussion during a previous hearing on this application, the board voted 2 to 2 on a motion to approve with the buffer zone requirements and the well protections as conditions along with other conditions. Thus the approval failed.  
As a result, the applicant requested a continuance.

The property has a residence and a commercial business located on it in Zone B. One property with two different uses in a single zone is unusual. Brown wants to sell the residential dwelling but continue to run the commercial enterprise, the Trading Post.
In order to sell the residential dwelling Brown proposes to subdivide the lot into two lots - one containing the residence and the other the business.

The board voted unanimously to rehear the application. Coronati made some adjustments and changes to the application addressing the fencing along the new lot line and the buffer trees to be planted. He also made some changes to the driveway to meet board concerns and added a gate. He also addressed well radius easements that had concerned the board.

Board member Gretchen Gott brought up the fact that she learned from the Code Enforcement Officer that the Trading Post is not in compliance with town zoning regulations since it doesn't have running water and a rest room for employees.

 The board voted to conditionally approve the application subject to a decision of compliance regarding the Trading Post provided by the Code Enforcement Officer; all local and state permits in hand; Zone G land be identified; wetlands and slope details be on plan; well and septic compliance; and a six foot solid fence with two staggered rows of appropriate trees on the Trading Post side of the fence and the fence being on the residential lot side with a gate. There can be no subdivision or sale of the dwelling until the special conditions are met.

The second application was a site plan  application with a Special Permit Application submitted by Coronati on behalf of the Mareld Company for properties identified as Raymond Tax Map 28-4 Lot 12 and Map 29 Lot 2, located at 4 Freetown Road in Zone C1. The intent is to consolidate both lots and then subdivide into four commercial lots with Town water, onsite septic, and construct a 24-foot wide private access road - driveway - with associated drainage and utilities.

The board reviewed whether this would have a regional impact and Chair Jonathan Wood pointed out this just a subdivision of lots without any reference or knowledge of what might eventually be on those lots. The board found no regional impact.

Coronati said the access will come off Center Street but the developer will continue to explore the possibility with the Department of Transportation for coming off the west bound exit from Route 101.

ConsCom requested that mowing of the land around the two retention ponds be done only annually in late October to ensure protection of the wildlife and habitat. The developer will also have to provide measures to mitigate loss of wetlands. Two scenarios for access were required by the TRC.

The board approved two waivers. One was to the horizontal  curved radius for the driveway and the second was for landscaping. The board approved the Certificate of Use and the Special Permit since this was just a simple subdivision and the developer would provide mitigation plan for wetlands and buffer impacts and these would be noted on the plan.

The board approved the application with specific conditions the two waivers and the addition of the two conceptual scenarios for the access and the meeting of the developer with the town and DOT for the possible access off the Route 101 exit.

The board approved continuing to its August 19, meeting a site plan review submitted by Alden Beauchemin on behalf of Jodi and Amy Grant from Grant's Towing. The applicant is proposing to build a 50-foot by 60-foot auto body and repair shop on the property  located at 236 Route 27.



Raymond Planning Board Approves Two-lot Subdivision at 324 Route 27 and Continues Three Other Applications
By Penny Williams   7-4-21

On Thursday, July 1, the Raymond Planning Board met and after participating in Ethics Training, went on to continue two scheduled site plan applications and then took up two other applications, one of which the board approved and the other the board continued.

The board approved continuing the site plan application and conditional use permit request submitted by Panciocco Law on behalf of Tom & Dee's Auto Sales located at 39 Old Manchester Road until August 5. It then  approved continuing the site plan application and a Special Permit Application submitted by Joe Coronati, Jones & Beach Engineering, on behalf of  Mareld Company, Inc.,  for properties located at 4 Freetown Road until July 15.

An application submitted for a 2-unit condominium subdivision was submitted by Scott Frankiewicz, NH Land Consultants on behalf of Noble Homes LLC located at 82A Prescott Road was also continued after a discussion and vote of the board.

The issue here is the board was concerned that the building has already been built prior to coming before the Planning Board. While this is acceptable it is considered putting the cart before the horse. Board members were concerned that this was not the proper way to do things. Member Paul Ayer felt that possibly something underhanded was being done while others felt the board should simply not take jurisdiction of the application as complete because it was not following the proper procedure. The board voted 3-3 not to accept the application therefore it failed.

It was explained that the developer originally planned to develop the site as a duplex then changed his mind and decided to go for two condominium units. After the discussion and the board's refusal to accept jurisdiction of the site plan, the developer will have to complete the development of the building as a duplex and bring that application before the board and the request to change a condominium development. After a discussion, the board allowed a continuance of the application to  August 5, by a 4 -2 vote.

The board approved a two-lot subdivision of a lot within Commercial Zone C1 presented by Roscoe Blaisdell on behalf of Louise Lewis for a parcel located at 324 Route 27, after an in-depth discussion.

The board first discussed whether the proposed subdivision would have a regional impact with Chair Jonathan Wood indicating that didn't really apply at this point but the board voted 3-2-1 that the proposal doesn't have any regional impact.

The site plan application was for a two-lot subdivision in the Commercial Zone of a 3 plus acre parcel. The site plan received a Variance to allow the residential use of the newly created commercial lot. The other lot would have the existing house on it that was build well before zoning therefore is grandfathered. Both lots would remain commercial lots with residential use allowed.

Board members were uncomfortable with allowing the commercial lot to be subdivided for residential use but it was explained that the Planning Board has no authority to deal with this once the Zoning Board of Adjustment grants residential use of the newly created commercial lot.

The board approved the site plan application by a 4-2 vote and listed specific conditions for its approval along with all the standard conditions, The specific conditions included: that a wetlands stamp be put on the site plan, a state permit for the subdivision be obtained, and driveway permits be obtained.

Wood told the board their request for legal advice is being addressed in a non-meeting with legal counsel on July 22, at 7 p.m. He asked each member to write their questions for legal and submit them so legal counsel can be prepared to address their questions. He indicated that the role and responsibilities of board members would be reviewed during the meeting.


Raymond Planning Board Hearings: Grant’s Towing, the Loon Lake Trading Post and 11 Ham Road All Continued
By Penny Williams   6-20-21

The Raymond Planning Board had a full agenda, Thursday June 17, of three public hearings but was short staffed and in the end the two public hearings that took place didn't go anywhere except to continuance.

The first hearing was continued  to July 15, at the request of the applicant, Aiden Beauchemin on behalf of Amy Grant, Grants'  Towing.

Vice Chair Brad Reed, in the absence of Chair Jonathan Wood, read the second public hearing, a minor subdivision presented by Joe Coronati, Beach & Jones Engineering on behalf of Troy Brown into the record for property located at 68-70 Mountain Road. Reed then recused himself. New board member Patricia Bridgeo then took over heading up the meeting.

The property now contains a residence and the Loon Lake Trading Post, a commercial enterprise. The proposal is to subdivide the property so each has its own lot. Coronati said that he had received five Variances from the Zoning Board of Adjustment  for lot size (residential lot), frontage requirement, contiguous upland, setbacks, and, pre-existing non-conforming use. Thus the subdivision would be allowed, a lot for the residence and a lot for the Trading Post.

Board members raised concerns about the location of the residential well radius, and the septic in relation to wetlands. Members also wanted it included in any conditions that there would never be any residential on the commercial lot with the Trading Post  and that there needed to be a fence and trees in a buffer zone along the lot line.

The buffer zone got a lot of discussion because to put the fence and trees on the residential lot took space away from the smaller lot. Member Gretchen Gott was concerned about making the buffer zone work to protect the residence without diminishing the lot size further and she was even more concerned about the protection of the well, given its location.

After a lengthy discussion the board voted 2 to 2 on the motion to approve with the buffer zone requirements and the well protections as conditions along with other conditions. Thus the approval failed.  

As a result, the applicant requested a continuance of the public hearing to the board's July 1, meeting, which was approved.

The  third public hearing was for a subdivision application submitted by Paul Dobberstein, Ambit Engineering, on behalf of Jean-Marc Meunier for property located  at 11 Old Ham Road.  This was a continued hearing.

Dobberstein explained they had made an adjustment to the proposed driveway based on the input from abutters and board members provided at the site walk of the property.

Several abutters spoke up during the public comment period of this meeting saying it isn't Old Ham Road but is Old Stage Coach Road and objecting to the use of the road beyond 11 Old Ham Road which they said doesn't allow vehicle use and never has. It was noted that a tree has been felled across the roadway preventing vehicle use.

Among the objections that were raised was the question as to whether this roadway is actually a Class VI road or a Private Way, something that has to be answered. Gott  expressed her concern because this plan has not been before the Technical Review Committee (TRC) as she had specifically requested.

Gott pushed for having the TRC review done with answers to the emergency access, Old Ham Road improvements, whether the road is a private roadway or a Class VI road, and consideration regarding the length of the proposed driveway.

The lengthy discussion ended up with the decision to continue the hearing to the board's August 5, meeting so long as the plan will have been before the TRC prior to that date. The board approved the continuance.


Raymond Planning Board Reviewed and Discussed Onway Lake Village Conceptual
by Penny Williams   6-5-21

On Thursday, June 3, the Raymond Planning Board spent the majority of the meetings discussing the Onway Lake Village Conceptual presented by Joe Coronati, Jones and Beach Engineering, on behalf of potential purchasers of that property.

Coronati indicated there would be four phases of the plan if an application is submitted. Phase 1 would be a cluster development along Deer Run Road with a yield plan for Phase I and III  to include 38 single dwelling lots adding two cul de sacs off of Deer Run Road. Phase I would develop the area along Deer Run Road and Phase III would be the continuation along the Cul de Sacs. There was a concern about a second emergency exit for the Phase I/III development. Construction in Phase I/III would be to current standards.

Chair Jonathan Wood, as a potential abutter, stepped down and Co Chair Brad Reed led this discussion.

The second exit is under consideration Coronati said. The board and Coronati discussed the letters containing concerns about the proposal from Public Works Director Steve Brewer and Fire Chief Paul Hammond.

There was discussion about the roads in Phase I/III that could be public therefore needing to be built to current town road construction standards. Deer Run Road, Coronati indicated is "about" 22 to 24 feet wide. There was a discussion of a possible second access crossing from Scribner Road.

There was also a discussion about access to Onway Lake itself. The board members raised concerns as did the Onway Lake Association about having so many dwellings having access to the beach area of the property which is fairly small. The concern about the number of boats being launched or housed on the beach was discussed. The lake is a quiet place and this number of additional boats would change the environment several noted.  There was also a discussion about whether boats can be moored on Onway Lake about which there was a difference of opinion.

The Onway Lake Association wanted restrictions on boats, boat launching, boats allowed on dwelling properties among other things. Their concerns were largely with the number of new dwellings being proposed especially as boats associated with those dwellings would negatively impact the lake.

Phase II would finish the original development plans that was permitted in the 80s or 90s. Only 16 dwellings have been built and they are supposed to be 10 month seasonal dwellings but have been used as year round without the town stopping this.

The new plan would convert the 16 to year round Condominium status and develop 61 more year round condominiums. There are issues of grandfathering associated with this Phase plan. The issue is how the new 61 would need to be constructed to current code regulations while what happens with the existing 16. The roads in this Phase II development would be private.

Phase IV has not been fleshed out but Coronati said the prospective buyers are interested in cooperating with the town and abutters and the Onway Lake Association in terms of how it would be developed.

Reed went over the basic question of how board members viewed the proposals as presented and there was mostly a non favorable response. The board members were not in favor of the Phase I/III proposal noting there was too little detail, the lack of a second access and other concerns.

On Phase II the question Coronati want answered was whether the board members preferred continuing with the seasonal approach or converting to year round. The board members favored seasonal because of the potential impact on schools of going year round. However, as an abutter Wood noted that he preferred year round as seasonal allowed things such as absentee owners,  bed and breakfast and AIRBNB issues.

The board considered another conceptual subdivision review related to property located at 16 Dudley Road.  James Gregoire discussed possibly developing the property into a garden center with a building used to sell locally grown and made products. He indicated was thinking of patterning this on the Farmers Daughter that is located in Candia.

He told the board there is a driveway off of Route 27 that leads to his dwelling that could be used to access the proposed development. It was noted that this isn't a subdivision, rather it would be an expansion of use. The property is in the commercial zone so it would be allowed but if there would be retailed sales involved there would need to be a variance and the driveway permit might be required to be recertified by the state. In any event if he decides to submit a application, a site plan review would be required.

The board ran out of time and voted to continue the continued subdivision application submitted by Roscoe Blaisdell for Bald Hill Property to be subdivided into 37  building lots and one open space lot.

The next scheduled meeting, June 17, was full so the board opted to call a special meeting on June 10 to hear the Blaisdell subdivision hearing.

This June 10, meeting will be the final zoom meeting for the Planning Board, the June 17 meeting will be held at the Raymond High School in person although it may be hybrid with board member Gretchen Gott wishing to continue with zoom but that will have to be determined prior to the 17th date.


Raymond Planning Board Approves Jackson Lumber 13,750 square foot Addition
By Penny Williams   5-21-21

The Raymond Planning Board met Thursday evening, May 20, and heard and approved the single Site Plan application submitted by Joe Torrisi on behalf of MRCT Realty Co. LLC concerning an addition at Jackson Lumber.

Joe Coronati, Jones & Beach Engineers, presented the Site Plan application for a 13,750 square foot addition for the build number 3 at Jackson Lumber located at 30 Industrial Drive. The building is now used for storage, manufacturing, and vehicle maintenance on the ground floor with the Jackson Lumber Offices located on the second floor. The addition would be 15-feet by 275-feet and would be accessed by going through the present building. This addition would be on the back of building three in front of the retention pond and it will be sprinkled. The addition will be primarily used for additional storage area.

In order to make the addition work Coronati said the engineers did a full scale model review of the retention pond to see if it could be reduced in size. It turned out that the retention pond could be reduced in size and Coronati said they worked on plugging in several recommendations from DuBois and King such as adding a maintenance road to the pond, extending the present drain line to a new outfall, and updating the drainage system to meet current day stormwater requirements. The pond, before being reduced, was about an acre in size so reducing it was not an issue. Coronati said the retention pond and the drainage system are more than adequate to meet a fifty year storm.

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) questioned parking and Coronati said a review of the site plan was done and a subsequent parking model developed that showed there are 97 parking spaces where the Town, for the three buildings on the Jackson Lumber lot, only requires 74 spaces so there are ample parking spaces.

Board member Gretchen Gott asked if there is a handicapped parking space and was told there is one in front of the retail/storage building (building number 1) and a handicap space at building number 3 where the business offices are located.

It was noted by owner Joe Torrisi that 75 percent of Jackson Lumber Company's business is conducted by telephone or over the internet rather than by people actually coming to the location.

Gott asked if there is a Variance for the retail use of building number one where the complex is located in the industrial zone. No one had an answer for that, but that missing piece of information and Gott's concern that the actual on the ground layout of the Jackson Lumber complex doesn't match the site plan had her abstaining from approving the plan.

She had asked for a site walk but her motion for that failed. Coronati showed a Google View of the parcel but Gott still wasn't convinced the actual layout matches the site plan.

The board after discussing the site plan and the fact that all the DuBois & King notations had been addressed as well as addressing all the TRC concerns, the board voted to approve the plan as presented.


Raymond Planning Board Approves Clifford Lot Line Adjustment and Continues Old Ham Rd Sub-division
By Penny Williams  5-14-21

The Raymond Planning Board met Thursday, May 13, and approved a Lot Line Adjustment quickly and then after a lengthy discussion, continued a subdivision application.

The board discussed at length the subdivision application presented by Paul Dobberstein on behalf of Jean-Marc Meunier. The property is located at 11 Old Ham Road and the application is to subdivide it into two lots. The lot before subdivision is just under 10 acres and the lot containing the existing home will be 5 plus acres and the new lot will be 4.7 acres.

The main issue with this application concerns Old Ham Road that is a Class VI road. The road is not maintained past the 11 Old Ham Road driveway. Dobberstein said the owner has the intension of widening Old Ham Road in order to accommodate the driveway for the new lot.

This brought a number of abutter questions, most of which couldn't be answered at this point but it was noted that the expansion would be done in conjunction with the Raymond Department of Public Works. The reason for widening the road is to make it wide enough to allow emergency vehicles to be able to turn around coming out of the new driveway. Dobberstein said the permit for the driveway won't be sought until after the subdivision application is approved.

After a lot of discussion about Old Ham Road, its use, the widening proposal and maintenance, board member Gretchen Gott made a motion to hold a site walk on Tuesday, May 18, at 6 p.m. and to send the application to the Technical Review Committee which would take place on June 15. The board approved her motion after some discussion. Gott noted that the public is welcome to come to the site walk, particularly the abutters who had expressed concerns.

Chair Jonathan Wood developed a list of items the applicant will have to deal with going forward. The list included:

*The Class VI road will have to go before the Board of Selectmen for approval and provide the town with a release agreement; the issues concerning the widening of Old Ham Road and approval from the Raymond Fire Department

* Recommendations from TRC regarding run off and road construction;

* A residential site plan that will propose where the driveway will be located and where the new house might be located. The board approved this list.

The board made quick work of approving the Lot Line Adjustment request  submitted by Roscoe Blaisdell on behalf of Edward Clifford for property located at 8 Butterfield Lane.

The request is for taking 8/10 of an acre from one of the two lots owned by Clifford at that address and added to the second. Clifford lives on one lot and now wants to build a new house on the abutting lot and for greater privacy wishes to add the 8/10 of an acre to the new house lot. Each of the lots has more than 2 acres of dry land.

There is a septic design in hand and the board approved the requested Lot Line Adjustment with only the standard conditions.

Christina McCarthy told the board that a comprehensive agreement/contract has been developed with the Rockingham Planning Commission for a team to work with the Raymond Planning Board.

The team will be led by Madeleine Dilonno, Regional Planner, who will be covering two planning board meetings a month and she and other members of the team will be providing support for MS4, Master Plan, and other activities. Dilonno and the team are expected to start June 15.



Raymond Planning Board Rescinds Previous Decision About Town Engineer Reviewing All Subdivisions
By Penny Williams   4-16-21

The Raymond Planning Board met Thursday evening, April 15, and after a discussion decided to rescind a decision they made at their previous meeting.

The board, at their April 1 meeting, voted on a question brought up by Planning Administrator Christina McCarthy regarding whether all subdivision site plans, minor and major, should be reviewed by the Town Engineer  DuBois and King.  Currently some minor subdivisions are reviewed by either the Planning Board or town engineer.

At the April 1 meeting, Chair Jonathan Wood took a poll of the board on the issue after a discussion but member John Beavilliers offered a motion to have all site plans, regardless of subdivision size, be reviewed by DuBois and King for compliance with current zoning and drainage requirements and to ensure it meets other town regulations. It was approved by the board.  

Thursday night at the Planning Board meeting, a letter from Kera Clements saying the action taken by that vote was illegal because there had been no public hearing and it hadn't been an agenda item and had been brought up by an administrative person not a board member. Board member Paul Ayer agreed with the premise brought up by Clements and suggested the board rescind their April 1, vote since the vote had violations of the RSAs.

There was a difference of opinion among board members regarding whether the action had been illegal or had in fact merely affirmed what the board had been doing all along following site plan regulations.

Coppleman, the Rockingham Planning Commission Consultant to the board  noted that the vote taken on April 1  affirmed a policy and procedure that is already in place in the regulations and was not a change to any ordinance or regulation. He didn't feel that the board had done anything wrong in taking that vote.

However, after a lengthy discussion,  a motion was made and approved to rescind the decision previously made. The board will discuss the issue further but they decided that all plans submitted would come to the Planning Board  and at that time it would be determined whether said plan needs to go to the Technical Review Committee and the Town Engineer.

A letter from Carolyn Matthews suggesting a survey of community input regarding the Master Plan prompted a long discussion about whether surveys are worth doing.

As part of this discussion it was brought up that residents have a hard time figuring out how to participate but several board members felt the information on exactly how residents can participate in discussions is present.

Member Patricia Bridgeo commented that she has tried to reach the Planning Board during Public Comment and couldn't manage to and that there is an issue here. This was affirmed by Phil and Tracey Merrill who said they have had the same issues.

One suggestion was to collect questions from people attending the Town Fair. It was noted that many don't go to the event and many that do are not Raymond residents. Bridgeo suggested holding a specific meeting at her farm. It was noted that responses to surveys don't get a very large percentage of response.

The discussion covered several options of trying to get input from residents on what they want in the Master Plan. This led to a discussion of whether to continue Zoom meetings, return to in-person meetings or try to develop a hybrid meetings.

A question that needs to be answered first is what the SAU will require of people using the school building for meetings to adhere to regarding masks and social distancing.

Wood asked McCarthy to write a letter to the SAU asking for the answer to that. This conversation will be continued at the next meeting.

The board decided to discuss the Solar Ordinance at their July 1, meeting. It was noted the ordinance is in the April 15 meeting packet that is available on the web site.

The two hearings that had been scheduled for the meeting were continued.

The first, a site plan application submitted by Aiden Beauchemin on behalf of Jodi and Amy Grant  from Grants Towing for a 50 by 60- foot auto body repair shop located at 236 Route 27. This is a continued application from June 17, 2020. The board continued the re-submittal to the board's  May 18, meeting.

The second hearing was a Lot Line Adjustment submitted by Roscoe Blaisdell on behalf of Edward Clifford for property located at 8 Butterfield Lane. This continuance was the result of a failed notification to abutters. The cost of this re-notification will be borne by the board and the hearing was continued to the May 20, meeting.


Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell Subdivision for the Fourth Time
By Penny Williams    4-2-21

Thursday evening, April 1, the Raymond Planning Board decided that the revised subdivision yield plan and site plan submitted from Roscoe Blaisdell for his Bald Hill Road property process could be continued rather than having to consider the amended yield and site plan provided at the meeting as a completely new plan.

Blaisdell had to file the amended yield and site plan due to the fact his request for a variance from the Raymond Zoning Board of Adjustment allowing him to use zone g for his lot size calculations. Since he failed to get the variance he amended and revised the proposed yield and site plan to bring before the planning board.

Blaisdell's changes included reducing the number of lots from 37 to 34 and  having one Cul de sac roadway rather than two.

The board discussed whether the application changes constituted  a new plan that would have to start over with notification to abutters and so forth. The board felt it was just an amended yield and site plan.

In addition, Blaisdell's 60 day period is at an end and it needs to be extended if the present application, even though amended, is to continue to be reviewed. The board after asking a few questions and discussing the issue decided that the plan should be considered as an amended plan but needs to go to TRC and DuBois and King.

The board voted to continue the hearing to their May 6, meeting and to extend the application's 60 day period, asking for a written request for from Blaisdell for the 60 day extension. He agreed to email that to the board.

The board discussed whether to continue with Zoom meetings or move to in-person meetings. The discussion led to a vote which was close but Zoom meetings will continue until July when it will be revisited.

New member Patricia Bridgeo asked where people can find the proposed Solar Ordinance the board is planning to consider. It was noted that it was part of the agenda for the previous board meeting and that it is on the planning board web site. It was also noted that people can go to town hall and request to review the ordinance.

There was a discussion about whether all subdivision site plans, minor and major, should be reviewed by the Town Engineer  DuBois and King. Currently some minor subdivisions are reviewed by either the Planning Board or town engineer.

The board was somewhat split but most favored all site plans, minor or major, should be reviewed by the town engineers as this is what is best for the town. Chair Jonathan Wood took a poll of the board but John Beauvillers offered a motion to have all site plans, regardless of subdivision size, be reviewed by DuBois and King for compliance with current zoning and drainage and meets other town regulations. It was approved by the board.  

Having a workshop for training purposes was suggested by member Gretchen Gott. It was noted that the IOS Planning Board Conference will take place in May and everyone was encouraged to take this in as it will be virtual.

Gott also suggested the Planning Board needs to work on the Master Plan. Wood said this is a good idea and asked everyone to review the Master Plan and be prepared to suggest at the next meeting, which Master Plan  chapter or component  of a chapter  they want the board to start working on.


Raymond Planning Board Delays Solar Ordinance Discussion
By Penny Williams    3-19-21

The Raymond Planning Board on Thursday, March 18, decided to delay discussing the Solar Ordinance that member John Beavilliers had agreed to work on since he was not present at the meeting.

Chair Jonathan Wood asked the board for a decision and since the board had asked  Beavilliers to work on the generic ordinance they had and make it fit Raymond, the board agreed to put off the discussion until a later meeting when Beavilliers would be present.

The board reorganized and appointed Jonathan Wood to be the Chair again. The board appointed Brad Reed to be the Vice Chair and Patricia Bridgeo to be the Secretary.

The board discussed briefly whether to continue with Zoom meetings or move to in person sessions.

New member Bridgeo suggested the Board of Selectmen were meeting in person with anyone unable to do so using zoom so she thought the Planning Board should move in that direction. Selectman liaison George Plante said the Selectmen used a sort of hybrid meeting system.

Wood said he would need to talk to Cable Coordinator Kevin Woods before making a decision to switch. He stated the next meeting of the board, April 1,  would be a Zoom meeting and they could make a decision regarding future meetings at that point.

Wood started a discussion about why board members thought the Zoning Amendments had failed.

Bridgeo said there was a high level of anger and hostility regarding them.  It was decided that the moving to 100-feet from a  primary wetland was what angered many people since it would mean they wouldn't be able to do a number of things on their property. It was noted that several of the articles failed just because people had decided to just vote no on a wholesale basis, not really because they were against it.

The board discussed the fact that the amendments were directed at water protection. Bridgeo suggested that the board had been trying to control development by using water and that the two should be independent of each other.

Speaking of development, Wood described his trip with Town Manager Joe Ilsley and Secretary Stephanie Gardner to Easton, Massachusetts to view their downtown septic system.

This discussion fell under talking about the town's looking into ways to implement downtown development. There was no discussion trying to suggest this type of septic system should happen now in Raymond. It was more a for your information this might work for Raymond in the future type discussion. Wood said the Easton trip was actually the result of the proposed multi-unit development that is going to be proposed for the downtown area, which was not discussed.

Gardner handed in her resignation and the board accepted it with regret. Former Planning Board Secretary now Raymond Tax Collector, Christina McCarthy was present and will cover the board until a replacement for Gardner is approved.


Raymond Planning Board's Blaisdell Hearing Continued Again to April
By Penny Williams   2-19-21

The Raymond Planning Board met Thursday evening, February 18, and Chair Jonathan Wood read a letter into the record requesting another continuance of the Blaisdell Bald Hill Road subdivision hearing. The continuance was requested for the board's April 1, meeting.

The proposed subdivision is to subdivide the Bald Hill Road lot into 37 building lots and 1 open space lot. It is noted that the property proposed to be subdivided is shown on the town tax map as two lots and there is a pending legal action regarding this designation. The board approved Blaisdell's request for the continuance.

The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the Water Crossing event that will be held in Nottingham at the Nottingham Sand and Gravel located at 214 Raymond Road. There are three events to be held throughout the year.  The Nottingham Planning Board had designated that the event has a regional impact and due to that notified the Raymond Planning Board of this designation as an abutter.

The Nottingham Planning Board indicated there were several regional impacts and the abutting towns needed to be notified. The regional impacts included:

* Noise

* Proximity of Aquifers

* Proximity of bordering towns

* Shared facilities of Police and Fire response

* Increased traffic during events

Board member alternate Paul Lynn had  brought the event up at the previous meeting telling the board the noise is tremendously annoying. The board at this meeting discussed what significance the designated regional impact of the event might have for Raymond.

After extensive discussion it was determined that the Raymond Planning Board didn't find the event has any regional impact on Raymond other than perhaps to bring some business to the town. However, Lynn and board member George Plante, selectman liaison, agreed to go as individuals to the scheduled Nottingham Planning Board meeting when this will be discussed.

Wood asked Stephanie Gardner, Planning Board Secretary, to send Nottingham a letter including the email the board received from Raymond Fire Chief Paul Hammond,  who indicated he saw no impact on Raymond from the event.

The board discussed a Solar Ordinance that had been provided to the board.  Board member John Beauvilliers agreed to take the generic ordinance and wordsmith it for  a better fit for Raymond.

The board was not convinced that Raymond needs such an ordinance. The generic ordinance is for large commercial solar farms. Gardner was asked to look around and see if some other towns had an ordinance the board could look at going forward.


Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell Subdivision After Discussion
By Penny Williams   2-6-21

The Planning Board on Thursday evening, February 4, discussed the application for a subdivision submitted by Roscoe Blaisdell for property located at Bald Hill Road. The application proposes subdividing the lot into 37 building lots and one open space lot. The property at present has a pending legal decision regarding the fact the property is shown as two lots on town map.

The board members raised several questions regarding the proposed subdivision, the first of which concerned the legal issue. Blaisdell said it was all but concluded but upon questioning from board member Gretchen Gott admitted there was no official ruling as yet.

The board raised concerns about yield plan submitted. The plan utilizes LiDAR data and not ground survey data and the Technical Review Committee (TRC) had indicated it felt the resulting information does not have the level of accuracy suitable for construction. This was discussed in terms of topography as well as other aspects. The board asked that a survey be down to produce more accurate data.

The fire pond proposed by Blaisdell, it was noted, is not favored by Fire Chief Paul Hammond who favors  a cistern. Following discussion, in which Blaisdell defended the fire pond as being deep enough not to dry up, he said he would have to provide whichever the Planning Board decided on. Gott wanted to know the slope and depth of the proposed fire pond from a safety perspective and asked if a fence would be put up around it. Christian Smith, Beal's Association, applicants engineer said that could be done.

The Conservation Commission's (ConsCom) letter dated January 25, 2021 was read into the record. ConsCom supports the concept of a conservation subdivision on the property as opposed to a traditional subdivision. ConsCom suggested homeowners have access to conservation land for passive recreation with a restriction on OHRVs.; that Blaisdell retain ownership of the open space section but a third-party hold the conservation easement to ensure conservation management in perpetuity; the wetlands need to be reflagged and wetland delineation be confirmed by a third-party wetland scientist; lots should be developed to preserve natural trees and vegetative buffers on them for integrity; and, a Blanding's turtle habitat should be constructed in cooperation with NH Fish and Game.

It was noted that a letter and document submitted by Bruce Gilday, soil scientist, was not signed by him nor stamped and the board said in order to accept these, he needed to sign and stamp them properly.

The length of the two Cul de sac roadways exceed the length of the Town's Zoning, 800 feet, by a considerable amount. Blaisdell defended the length saying in previous plans the board has approved Cul de sac roads longer than the 800 feet. The board noted they are concerned with this plan not previous plans. It was asked if the two roadways could be connected and Blaisdell explained that slope and wetlands prevent this from happening.

Gott suggested that the board continue this public hearing until after the TRC meets again and addresses questions that committee had before it continued the meeting to Tuesday, February 9. The discussion continued but in the end this was what the board did.

DuBois and King in their letter had concerns with grade, drainage and survey validity as well as the road lengths.  The yield plan did not provide sufficient information that was acceptable at this point in time.

The board was concerned with the wells on some lots where the well radius went beyond lot lines even in one case into a roadway and on another into a wetland. Blaisdell said the wells might not eventually be located where they are placed now but the yield plan shows the lots can accommodate wells and septic and that meets the state requirements.

The board voted to continue the hearing to the next meeting scheduled for February 18, which would be after the TRC meeting. Gott asked that the board meet with Town Counsel in non-public prior to the start of the next meeting in consideration of this application.

Public Works Director Steve Brewer was asked whether he thought TRC would have all their issues resolved at the February 9, meeting and he said they would plan to try to resolve everything and have recommendations for the board.

The board accepted with regret the resignation of member Bob Wentworth who said he would remain on the board until March.

Raymond Planning Board Continues Blaisdell's Bald Hill Road Project
By Penny Williams  1-22-21

The Raymond Planning Board met briefly Thursday evening, January 21, to approve the request for a continuance for the only public hearing they had scheduled. The board voted to approve the request to continue the application for a subdivision submitted by Roscoe Blaisdell for property located at Bald Hill Road that seeks to subdivide the lot into 37 building lots and one open space lot.

It should be noted that the property proposed to be subdivided is shown on the town tax maps as two lots. There is pending legal action regarding this designation.


Raymond Planning Board has Design Review on 4 Freetown Road Project
By Penny Williams  1-15-21

The Raymond Planning Board held a Design Review on Thursday, January 14, for a site plan submitted by Jones and Beach on behalf of the Mareld Company for property located at 4 Freetown Road, diagonally across from McDonalds, to be a commercial development.

Presenting the site plan for design review was Joe Coronati, Jones and Beach. There was no action on the part of the Planning Board other than to ask questions and comment on areas they had questions or concerns about.

The lots, owned by the Mareld Company, when put together are odd shaped and there are wetland crossings that will have to take place but Coronati suggested that some would be filled in and mitigation addressed for that. The amount of wetlands involved overall is 9700 square feet.

Coronati noted that the Mareld Company had owned and developed the Essex Commons across the road.

The site plan envisions creating four smaller lots to be sold or leased. There are no tenants at this point. The site plan was designed to show what they feel can be developed and supported by subdividing the property into four smaller commercial lots. Coronati said the site plan referred to was developed to demonstrate what could be put on the property and to determine the impact on wetlands. He noted that one issue is access.

The state has told him he can't get a curb cut at the traffic light or off Otter Road so the only access would be a driveway that starts at Center Street and goes across to all the four potential parcels and would be in the neighborhood of 1000 feet or more. If a curb cut was allowed off Otter Road it would be for emergency purposes.

Each of the four lots and their building would have their own septic system and use town water. Coronati indicated that the decision to subdivide the property into four smaller lots is based on this being the most attractive for commercial development.

Separating the lots to be developed from the residences off Otter Drive are a wooded area that the homeowners did not cut down but Coronati said putting up a fence or plantings or both could be part of the development. He indicated that as each of the lots is bought or leased it would have to come back to the Planning Board. What he was presenting now would not necessarily be what will actually get developed. Rather, it depicts what could happen.

The board members asked their questions and offered some suggestions and Charles Prue spoke during Public Comment saying the land had been owned by his grandfather and that at this point he was neither for the development or against it.

After the Public Comment was closed and the hearing for the design review was closed, the board discussed a request from Tuckaway Tavern for a permit to have a function tent for events on the restaurants front lawn. 

The board felt that the existing parking issues at the Tuckaway Tavern made it necessary to send the request to the Technical Review Committee and then after that for Tuckaway Tavern to come before the Planning Board to discuss what they plan to do presented as an amended site plan.


NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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