2020 Raymond Planning Board Meetings

Planning Board Approves Two Applications and Continued Another
By Penny Williams    1-6-20

   The Raymond Planning Board approved two applications and continued another at their Thursday evening meeting on Jan. 2, 2020.

    Chair Jonathan Wood said one application had been omitted from the agenda. He read the application information into the record.

     Application 2019-015 is a change of use application sought by East Coast Outdoors. The applicant wishes to change the current use of the property located at 135 Route 27 from an ambulance service and child care business to a Landscaping business with a warehouse building for storage of material.  This change of use requires review by the Planning Board.

     The board accepted the applicant's request for a continuance of the hearing to the board's Feb. 6, meeting and approved the continuance. 

     The board then took up application 2019-011,  a subdivision application for the purpose of a two-lot subdivision. One lot comprising 5.234 acres with frontage on Old Manchester and Scribner Roads and a larger lot comprising 33.876 acres with frontage along proposed roads associated with an accompanying site plan review application entitled Mega-X, which proposes constructing a gasoline station and convenience center that will include a retail motor fuel outlet, convenience store, donut shop and quick serve restaurant. There is also an application for a Conditional Use Permit, as this development will impact Groundwater Protection Zone. The property is located at the corners of Old Manchester and Scribner Roads.

       Wood reminded the board the subdivision has already been approved at the previous hearing and the board had heard and approved the gasoline equipment safety and protection and spill prevention information at the same time.

      The site plan has been before the Technical Review Committee (TRC) and Public Works Director Steve Brewer had sent the board a memorandum recommending approval of the application with conditions in two areas.

      The first area concerns the underground tanks and are three conditions here:
* A complete list be provided for review
* The Town be added as contact
* The DEF tank be triple walled

      The second area concerned Traffic and there are two conditions:
* A R 38 (right turn lane) Sign be  erected at Scribner Road entrance
* Seam paving on Old Manchester Road be reclaimed and specific road limits be provided as part of the street opening

    Doug McGuire, Dubay Group, representing the applicant said they had accepted and agreed to all except the triple walled DEF tank. He went into detail about t saying he had misspoken about the triple wall aspect and in fact what Brewer sought was the DEF tank be consistent with all the other tanks and they would all be double walled. As such he requested this specific condition be corrected to specify double walled and the board agreed.

      The board then went through the Conditional Use Permit and approved it unanimously since both TRC and Town Engineer firm DuBois & King had approved it.

     The board took up the two waivers McGuire sought. One was for relief from the required site plan scale and the second was for relief from the required 88 parking spaces where the site plan provides 67. Member Gretchen Gott stated she feels the number proposed is insufficient but the board approved both waivers.

     There was a discussion about snow storage and in the end McGuire agreed to use the stipulated snow storage area near the intersection of Old Manchester and Scribner as pushed snow not a pile of snow and agreed to add some more snow storage area in the adjacent landscaped area. There is a note on the plan that if the snow gets too much for available storage it will be trucked off site. It was also confirmed that the snow storage areas would be kept at the required 20-feet from any access, driveway or intersection.

       The board asked for public comment and there was none and the questions the board had were answered and they board went through the conditions of approval process.

The special conditions for this application  which included:
* The Town being added on the contact list
* A R 38 sign be installed at entrance of Scriber Road
* Seam paving on Old Manchester be reclaimed and a specified area set before road opening
* A Training Log for employees be available for review
* Snow storage reduced at Scriber area and all snow storage comply with 20-foot from access, driveways or streets and an additional area added
*  DEF Tank will be double walled and consistent with all tanks
* a sign with state law regarding no idling at the truck parking area

      The board voted unanimously to approve this application.

       The board then took up application 2019-014 that is a site plan application for the purpose of constructing a 6,000-square foot single story commercial retail building with an 1,800- square foot mezzanine for a total of a 7,800-square foot building located at 28a Chester Road.

       George Chadwick, Bedford Design, presented this for John Kelleher who plans to have a Kelleher Kitchens retail showroom and design office in half of the building space with space for two other retail establishments of a similar nature in the remainder of the building.

     The showroom would be in the front of the building with three bays in the back. It would have a driveway entrance off of Route 102 that will be named Kelleher Way and there is adequate room for tractor trailer trucks or emergency vehicles to turn around behind the building. All required state and DOT permits are in hand and there would be municipal water and septic onsite and the development would not touch the wetlands at the back of the lot.

      This will be a low volume business, open five days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and possibly upon occasion an appointment on a weekend. Primarily it will be box truck traffic not tractor trailers but there might be one larger truck once a day at most.

      The board went through the regional impact process and determined this application would have no regional impact.

     In response to questions Chadwick said they plan 20 parking spaces after doing a minimal traffic study using the ITE 180 and determining that the trips in and out at rush hour times would be well under the standards.

     The board went through the Conditional Use Process where it was determined this is a permitted use but the impervious surface lot coverage amounts to 15.4 percent where only 15 percent is allowed so the CUP is required.  The board approved the CUP.

     There was a question about the buffer between the lot and the residential area but Chadwick said they have 20-feet of dense planting and a stockade fence which satisfied the  board. The drainage was described and approved as was the lighting which would only have a few pole lights and some security lights on the building.

      The Post Office had been contacted at the request of the TRC and Chadwick said they had agreed to add a couple of mailboxes beside existing mailboxes. He also said the propane tank is expected to be underground but bollards would be placed there either way.

       There was only one public comment from a resident on Mark Lane who was concerned about traffic emerging from the site but was satisfied once she learned the sight line both ways was more than adequate.

       The board went through the conditions of approval noting the waiver from the required plan scale was approved and if there would be any expansion of parking relating to the other businesses that would locate in the building they would need to come back before the board and bollards would be at the propane site.

       The board unanimously approved the application.



























NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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