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Is This The Behavior Raymond Wants To Be Known For?
by Cheryl Killam   9-10-15

At the conservation commission meeting on Wednesday, Sept 9,  Vice Chairman  Bill Hoitt said, “I am getting pretty damn sick of the garbage that’s going on.  We let you people back on to the conservation commission and we threw the olive branch out there. Ever since then certain members want to take this board over”. 

During public input, alternate Jan Kent expressed concerns about Chairman Lorrie O’Connor’s continual failure to seat alternates, despite two selectmen, Jonathan Wood and Colleen West-Coates, previously stating at the April 20 Board of Selectmen's meeting that the alternates would be seated in the absence of committee members.

Kent also voiced her concern that the commission voted unanimously  at the June 24 meeting to table the Conservation Commission By-laws until the next meeting  but that discussion still has not happened, and she objected to the practice of not supporting the vote of the commission.

At the start of the meeting, planning board member Gretchen Gott, sitting in the public,  asked O’Connor  "who is seated on the conservation commission as alternates?".  O’Connor’s response was, “ we have a quorum”  without naming anyone. Six members were present of the seven member committee.

Kent confirmed with O’Connor that she was not going to seat any alternates in the open seat. Alternate Kathy Lee excused herself from the table.

While looking at Kent, Hoitt said, “In reference to Jan’s statement about alternate members, it’s getting pretty old when it’s the same thing week in and week out. The by-laws you choose not to like, that’s the problem.  When we have a quorum,  we have  a quorum.  Guess what,  the door is right there”.

O’Connor tried to stop Hoitt from continuing but he ignored her.

Hoitt addressed Gott’s question from earlier with, “Walking in the door and asking who is sitting,  what’s the big deal ? It’s just another game that’s being played”.

O’Conner’s  second  attempt to end public input and stop Hoitt from starting an argument failed as he continued with,   “I sat here and not said a word (sic), now it’s my turn to say something.  If people don’t like the way it’s being run,  again  the door’s right there.   Seems like everyone is trying to missile us at the door.  If things aren’t being done the way you want, there’s other places you can be.”

Raymond Town Code states “Public Service is a Public Trust” and all volunteers are expected to act in the best interest of the town.   

To watch and listen to the Conservation Commission Public Input session, click on Public Input on 9-9-15 and move the slide down to 1:16:45 and watch for 7 minutes.














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