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Conservation Commission Requests OK To Hunt On Small Town Properties
by Jason Reuter     7-22-14

In 2010 the voters in Raymond passed a citizen petition to prohibit the discharge of firearms on town-owned land under 30 acres. Four years later conservation commission member Paul Hammond made a motion at the June 25 Conservation Commission meeting to write a letter to the Board of Selectmen asking them to consider allowing hunting on two town owned parcels on Morrison Road. Both parcels are on map 9. Lot 17 is 10 acres and lot 21 is 28 acres.

The vote was 5-0-1. The commission members who voted in favor were Paul Hammond, Frank Bishop, Lorrie O'Connor, Ted Janusz, Scott Greenwood, with Bill Hoitt abstaining, to write and send the letter to the selectmen. Bernie Peer was absent.

Jim Kent, one of the originators of the citizen petition, said the original purpose was to ensure public safety.

“Thirty acres would provide a reasonable buffer zone from any development or resident's homes,"said Kent."Not every small town owned parcel was listed in the warrant article but they are included as well.”

Kent worries that discharging a firearm on town property that is smaller than 30 acres could place some citizens in danger if that property is ever developed by the town for recreational use.

Hammond, however, thinks there should be certain amendments to the town law. He uses the town owned property on Morrison Road to back his argument.

“I’m not being unreasonable; many people unknowingly hunt on this property anyway,” said Hammond. “I suggest that we look at this property and others like it and make a decision on whether firearms can be used.”

Hammond agrees that hunting on town property close to developments or any land that is regularly used for recreation should not be allowed, and that all hunters should abide by the New Hampshire Fish and Game regulations.

Currently, New Hampshire gun laws state that one cannot discharge a firearm within 300 feet of any occupied residential dwelling without permission, across or within 15 feet of a roadway, or in any compact part of town.

Lewis French, an abutter to the town property on Morrison Road, said that he supports Hammond’s efforts to change the town law.

“I hunt there myself,” said French. “If the town owns it, there should be no restrictions on how we use it.”

Geraldine Callahan, another abutter to the town property on Morrison Road, said that she is not in favor of allowing hunting on the town-owned property, it's much too close to our house.

She said, “I do not like to see any of the animals being hunted and killed.”

In the meantime the Board of Selectmen has the final decision on whether to discuss this issue. If they decide to, it would be on the agenda in the coming months.

Warrant Article 26 From 2010 Annual Report

Shall the Town of Raymond vote to support No Discharge of Firearms on Town Owned Properties that are less than 30 acres in neighborhoods with close proximity to homes.

This includes the following parcels: Bald Hill Road map 8 lot 62 ~ 9 acres; Brown Road map 11-4 lot 16 ~ 11 acres; Jefferson Road map 17 lot 103 ~ 11 acres; Birch Court map 21 lots 29 & 30 ~ 13 acres; Main Street map 23 lot 14 ~ 20 acres; Old Stage Road map 46 lots 27 & 28 ~ 9 acres; and 4 parcels on Route 27 – map 38 lot 9 ~ 17 acres, map 38 lot 4 ~ 20 acres and map 38 lots 11 & 33 ~ 26 acres. This is a petition warrant article.

Yes 741   No 626







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