Pay As You Throw Program

Town of Raymond
Yellow PAYT Bag Program – Begins April 8, 2019


On election day, warrant article 12 to subsidize PAYT with taxes failed, and now the Town must transition to a purely fee-based system. The total costs of residential curbside trash & recycling collection must be paid for by the PAYT trash bags and the revenue from the Transfer station.

Phase 1
Stop Selling Green, Start Selling Yellow New Trash Bags.
The GREEN Trash Bags will be replaced in stores with the new YELLOW bags at their new rate ($4.25 for Large, $3.25 for Small).

Bags will be available at the following locations on the dates noted.
Saturday April 6^th, 2019
Ben Franklin’s – Raymond Shopping Plaza
Epping Market Basket (Large bags only)

Monday April 8 th, 2019
Town Clerks Office Town office
M-W and Friday - 8 am - 4:15 pm
Thursday - 1 pm - 6 pm

To be announced:
Raymond Hannaford
Raymond Walgreens
Raymond Irving Station

Phase 2
Dual Pick-up of both bags
For a two-week period (till April 19) following the new YELLOW trash bags being available for sale both GREEN and YELLOW bags can be used for trash pick-up. At the end of the two-week period, (April 19), Waste Management will no longer pick up trash in GREEN bags.

Phase 3 Bag Exchange Program
For thirty (30) days after Yellow bags go on sale, (May 8^th) residents will be able to exchange the old GREEN bags. The exchange rate will be:
GREEN Bags: ($1.80/$2.35)
YELLOW Bags ($3.25/$4.25)
*After this period ends the Town will no longer exchange bags.

Exchange Program Locations and Hours
Old Fire House
Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 12 Noon and 1 pm to 3:30 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Saturday 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Phase 4 Program Fully Implemented

Thirty (30) days after the new YELLOW bags go sale, (May 8^th) the PAYT Program will be fully transferred to a user-based program. The Town will monitor revenue and expenses to ensure the rates can fully cover the cost of services to ensure bag rates are not higher than required.

1. Do not hoard GREEN Bags the PAYT Program is switching to new YELLOW bags and fourteen (14) days (April 19) after this transition, the old GREEN bags can no longer be used for household trash collection.

2. Use the Bag Exchange period to transition your household into the new YELLOW bag.

3. Recycle; bolstering home recycling can have significant impacts on helping reduce the cost of collection and disposal of recyclables.

Points of Clarification
1. Going forward, all curbside Trash & Recycling pick up and disposal will be paid for by the sale of the bags. Without those funds there is no way to pay for these services.

2. If you do not participate in the bag purchase program, you are not allowed to participate in the curbside recycling part of the Program.

3. Individuals concerned with illegal disposal of trash; rest assured that the Town will aggressively address any illegal dumping and will take appropriate legal recourse for a violator who illegally dumps trash in the Town. If you observe this occurring, please report it to the DPW Office at 895-7036.

4. Please check the town’s website ** (
for the latest information.

5. Bags are for Trash; Recycling Bins are for Recycling. Waste Management will continue to collect trash and recyclables on the same appointed day for your neighborhood.

6. You do not need to put a bag out every time you put out recycling.

7. If you do not use the bags you can still recycle at the Transfer station on Prescott Rd. Please remember that the Transfer Station will not accept household trash.

Yellow Bag Prices
One roll of 5 large bags $21.25
One roll of 5 small bags $16.25

For Questions Call the Public Works Department at 895-7036








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