2022 Raymond Board of Selectmen Meetings

Raymond Board of Selectmen Introduce New Public Works Director and Discuss a Few Warrant Articles
By Penny Williams    1-12-22

The Board of Selectmen met Monday night, January 10, and introduced David Fredrickson as the new Director of Public Works, replacing the recently retired long time director Steve Brewer. Fredrickson gave the board a brief summary of his credentials and said he is a resident of Raymond.  

Interim Town Manager, Fire Chief Paul Hammond told the board that Building Inspector Gregory Arvanitis has resigned and his position needs to be filled. He said an advertisement for the position is being worked on.

Zachary Frentross, Melanson CPA's, reviewed the Towns audit, telling the board the town is in good financial shape. He added that there was no Management Letter which is good since only about 10 towns that Melanson CPA's cover don't receive a Management Letter advising them where and how they should improve things.

Keith Smith was appointed for a 3 year term to the Rockingham Planning Commission. There was a discussion about the third person from Raymond, Christina McCarthy not having time to attend and therefore possibly another person should be appointed for that third seat. The board wanted to talk with McCarthy before making that move.
The board after a brief discussion with Waste Management Public Sector Representative Pete Lachapelle, asked if Waste Management would extend their current contract for three months giving the town time to figure out what they are going to do with Pay-As-You-Throw plan or the development of resident subscription curbside pick-up. Lachapelle said Waste Management was willing to extend their contract for the requested three months.

Hammond reported that the Pay-As-You-Throw Committee had met prior to Brewer's leaving but nothing firm had been decided. It is thought that there will be a shortfall when as and if the Pay As You Throw program transitions to resident private subscription garbage pick -up.The thinking at this point is there will an article for the 2023 Warrant regarding this.

Town Finance Manager Julie Jenks reviewed several articles in preparation for the upcoming Public Hearing went over some articles.

* Article 2 - Citizen Petition shall Town Manager position become a Town Administrator position - this in terms of its purpose

* Article 23 - and Article 24  One-Time Cyclic Procurement Capital Reserve Fund - The board discussed along with Article 23 and the board approved amending it to cober state and Federal election costs.

Article 30 - Citizen Petition looking to establish a Full Time Planner for Raymond who would be responsible for CIP. Master Plan, Economic Development, Review of Zoning and provide technical assistance to the Planning Board thus ending the need for Rockingham Planning Commission Circuit Rider and techinical assistant now being used. The board was concerned that there was no money attached to this and made it clear if it passed there would be a tax impact. Jenks indicated she and Hammond had looked around and Planners salary and benefits range from $99,000 to $150,000.

The board approved a donation of $250 from the Chadwick family for the Fire Department firefighter training.

Hammond said that the town has combined all its printer contracts with Cannon into a single lease and Cannon bought out the Police Department copier contract of $4,123 with another company and will provide a Cannon copier.

Hammond said he will be meeting with the town and school moderators regarding the Deliberative session. After a discussion the board favored using the cafetorium with masks optional.

Kevin Woods sent a letter concerning the One-Time Cyclic Procurement articles. The board felt they had addressed his concerns with the changes made to the articles particularly in Article 24.

Tina Thomas asked about properties located at 29 Langford Drive and 71 Prescott Road. She was told the bidders who won these properties ended up unable to procure funding so the properties would be re-advertized. In answer to a question she raised about 17 Epping she was told it is litigation. She asked about the Onway Lake Fund  and was told it was established 20 years ago and has $7,363.92 in it today. It was created for fire protection that would be provided by developers.

Thomas asked the board how they could have allowed the Chadwick's route and account numbers to be available to the public? Chair George Plante said it was a mistake. Thomas said the board needs to do things properly. Thomas also objected the board's decision to go into non-public with respect to requested tax abatements. Plante said members had questions regarding the abatement requests that needed to be discussed in non-public.









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