2022 Raymond Board of Selectmen Meetings

Raymond Town Manager Presented Proposed Budget to Selectmen and Tax Rate is Set
By Penny Williams    11-22-22

On Monday night, November 21, Raymond Town Manager Ernie Creveling went over the proposed budget with the Selectmen.  Some department budgets were up and others were down. The budget as proposed is up 7.2 percent over last year's budget, at $8,385,995. However, Creveling indicated that $11,999 could come out.

After several discussions regarding the Planner position that was approved without an accompanying appropriation at the Town Meeting, the board determined that the salary for the position was to be in the budget not a Warrant Article.

It was noted that there have been no responses to the advertisement for a Planner and Selectman Scott Campbell suggested Creveling should see if some surrounding town's Planners might be persuaded to come to Raymond.

Campbell also indicated that the Planner's salary would be covered by money now being paid to Rockingham Planning Commission for Circuit Rider assistance and other existing funds already in the budget. 

It was also noted that the town is down one Highway employee who would be a snow plow driver as well as the Director of Public Works position. However, there have been three resumes received for that position for the Director's position but the town is still trying to find the highway employee/snow plow driver.

The board discussed the Legal budget and after a discussion decided that it should be increased by $10,000.

Police Chief Michael Label  told the board his department is down two positions and he feels it should be at the 17 member level. He indicated that the potential officer pool is thin and he is not having much luck finding new officer candidates.

Fire Department Chief Paul Hammond indicated his department is looking to add two members and are putting in a Warrant Article to that effect. If they are able to add two firefighters they would be able to cover the town 24/6. He also indicated that Crevling should look into the charges for fire hydrants being charged to the Town  by Pennichuck Water.

The board approved a suggestion to approve the budget as presented and label it a draft budget before forwarding it to the Budget Committee for their review and consideration. The changes and any new numbers can be added or changed going forward but the Budget Committee needs the draft budget the next day for its deliberations.

The town tax rate has been set and is down $0.22 from last year at $18.29 per $1,000 of assessed value.
* Municipal cost is $4.22;
* County is $0.72;
* Local Education is $12.18; and,
* State Education is $1.17.

The town was given a good Auditor's Report.  Zack Fentross, Audit Manager from Melanson gave the report on the town's financials. He stated the town was in good financial condition with a good Unassigned Fund Balance.

In the Management Letter it indicated that everything was handled appropriately and that Julie Jenks and her team did a very good job.

The board approved the Dudley Tucker Library request to be allowed to hold a Raffle, December 15.

The Board decided to remove the Wheeled Excavator from a search and discarded the bids. The reason being the present excavator was repaired for less than expected and is working well so a new excavator is not needed.

The board accepted $275 in donations for the maintenance of the Bean Tavern.

Tim Cahill told the board he wished to correct a statement he made at a recent ZBA meeting where he misspoke about the ONYK companies’ use of 5,000 gals a day - at that time he said that amount was acceptable but in hindsight he does not think it is acceptable.

Gary Brown spoke during the evening about the leaching of chemicals from the old tannery site and the brown fields. He questioned why the Town Manager would suggest reducing the Brown Fields budget when this is happening.

Raymond Selectmen Hear Weston Sampson Water Tower Recommendations and Request to Reestablish Cemetery Trustees
By Penny Williams   11-8-22

On Monday night, November 7, the Raymond Board of Selectmen heard from Weston Sampson representatives concerning their water tower recommendations.

Sam Kenney and Jeff Mcclure, Weston Sampson, reviewed their work on the water tower project since they began back in 2018.  They noted the State has issued Raymond notices of deficiencies for both the 156 and Orchard Street towers. These need to be addressed.

The assessment of the towers conditions was completed by Weston Sampson. The town's option was to rehab both the 156 and Orchard Street towers, or replace both or replace them with a single tower. The town selected the Orchard Street site as the preferred site and moved toward a single tower.

Kenney and Mcclure said the 156 and Orchard Street towers could be rehabbed and be usable then for 20 to 30 years. This cost would be less than the $4.5 million replacement tank they recommend that would be good for 90 years.

However, their recommendation was to go for the removal of both the 156 and Orchard Street tanks and build a single new one to replace those tanks at the Orchard Street site which would require an access road being built.

They indicated they are well into the design phase for the proposed new tank but need to know from the town/Selectmen whether they are still on board with this direction.

Resident Jim MacLeod spoke up and suggested the town could use $100,000 ARPA funds for rehabbing the tanks and over the 20 years have a plan in place for replacing the tank and the tax payers wouldn't have this large tax burden to shoulder.

While no action was taken at the meeting on the issue of where the town stands with regard to the Weston Sampson recommendation, the board will review the report and get back to Weston Sampson on what the town wishes to do regarding the rehabbing or replacement of the water towers.

The Cemetery Advisory Committee recommended that a Warrant Article be put in place reestablishing the Cemetery Trustees.

The committee recommended three Trustees but asked that the Board of Selectmen have legal review the verbiage of the article given it rescinds the 2010 article disbanding the Trustees and giving oversight to the Board of Selectmen and then reestablishing the Trustees of the Cemetery.

They also recommended increase plot fees by $25 to $50 per plot.

They asked that a specific location be designated where people cleaning grave sites of natural clutter can dispose of the natural clutter.  They also recommended extending the clean-up deadline to November 15 instead of October 15 and to amend the water turn on to closer to the April clean-up date.

The Advisory Committee would stay in place while the 2 year process of reestablishing the Trustees takes place.

The board declined to vote on the measure until they have a full board but did approve sending the proposed warrant article to legal as requested.

Gregg Arvenitis, Governor's Lake Improvement Association president asked the board to take action on the Ed Runcie's blockage of the town beach area preventing access to the lake. Deeds were provided showing homeowners have deeded rights to access the lake.

Kevin Pratt, former Fire Chief, brought a state document on Lake Management which authorizes public right to access water resources for the board to review.

The board didn't take any action beyond agreeing to review the information presented.

The board approved appointing Paul Ayer, Code Enforcement Officer, as the Health Officer and Jackson Crosby as the Deputy Health Officer. They must complete the required state certification course within the first year.

The board tabled until they have a full board for the opening of the three bids received for a wheeled excavator.

Cheryl Myers complained to the board that the 25 percent tax reduction wasn't what the state had recommended for her historic barn. Rather, she said it was supposed to have been 75 percent reduction. The amount approved would not be near enough for her to be able to maintain and upgrade her barn,

The board asked Town Manager Ernie Creveling to look into this.

There was a discussion among several residents and the board regarding the Town Planner.

The Warrant Article for a Town Planner was approved at the last town meeting but had no money attached. The residents want the salary set and the town planner established rather than continuing to use Rockingham Planning Commission personnel. No action was taken.

The board approved allowing the Knights of Columbus to put the Manger Scene up with lights on December 11, on the Town Common.

The board approved a permit for conducting a raffle to the American Legion Post 90 for December 15.

The board approved accepting a donation for the Maintenance of the Bean Tavern in the amount of $50 from Kevin Woods.

Raymond Selectmen Review Budget with Estimated Increase of $725,637     
By Penny Williams   10-25-22

On Monday night, October 24, the Raymond Selectmen reversed the order of the agenda and took care of business before Town Manager Ernie Creveling reviewed the budget.

In the budget work session, Creveling's review showed that at this point, without many things being finalized, the bottom line budget is approximately $8,487,226 ,  up about 6 percent or $725,637 over last year.

The information from his report can be found on the town website or you can watch RCTV coverage of the work session.

The board discussed the proposed change regarding the water rate system and approved the Underwood Engineers System Development Charge Authorization. This will bring increased revenue to the water division. The board approved taking up to $4,500 out of the Capital Reserve Fund to pay for the System Development.

Kevin Woods introduced two volunteers to become at large members of the CIP Committee. Robert Burke and Ken Hajar were both approved and Board Chair George Plante promptly swore both men in.

After approving the minutes from October 17, the board went into the budget work session.


Raymond Board of Selectmen Approve Two Discretionary Barn Preservation Easements and Two Public Land Use Requests
By Penny Williams   10-18-22

On Monday night, October 17, the Raymond Board of Selectmen approved two requests for Discretionary Preservation Easements for local barns.

The purpose of a Discretionary Preservation Easement is to encourage the preservation of historic barns and other agricultural buildings by authorizing municipalities to grant property tax relief to owners of such buildings that can demonstrate the public benefit of such preservation, and who agree to maintain their structures for a minimum of 10 years.

Owner of the barn located at 67 Chester Road, Joan Page, gave a detailed presentation of her barn's history and her plans for upkeep and improvement.

The owner of the barn on Langford Road, Cheryl Myers, had presented details the previous meeting so went over the plans for maintenance and upkeep.

Page would get a tax reduction of $164.00 and Myers would get a tax reduction of $481 once the board approves their requests, which they did Monday night.

Public Works Director Dave Fredrickson explained to the board what the NH Department of Environmental Services Certificate of Voter Authorization Grant Agreement refers to. It has to do with Raymond meeting the requirements of the MS4 stormwater drainage.  The board approved the grant application and acceptance.

The board approved two Public Land Use requests.

The first was for a Wreaths Across America event to be held at the New Pine Cemetery. The event will be sponsored by American Legion Post 90 on December 17 from 10 a.m. to noon.

The second request was from the Fall Classic Disc Tournament at the Riverside Park Disc course on October 23 from 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. The profits will be returned to the town so the fee was waved. The board approved the request and waving the fee.

Jim MacLeod addressed the board and suggested that it would be much less expensive to refurbish the two water storage tanks than to tear them down and build a new, larger one. He had done research on this issue and presented the information to the board for their consideration.

The board approved the State General Election Warrant for the upcoming election noting the polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The board approved of the sale of lots at Old Pine Cemetery.

The board announced the members of the CIP Committee.

* Kevin Woods
* Dee Luszcz
* Cody Cramer
* John Harmon
* Lisa Bonnett


Raymond Selectmen and Budget Committee Hear Public Works 2023 Budgets
By Penny Williams    10-4-22

On Monday evening, October 3, the Board of Selectmen met with the Budget Committee members to hear the remainder of the budgets.

Public Works Director David Fredrickson presented his multiple budgets. He gave the lines that increased, the lines that either remained the same or declined, and then the salary lines for each of his department budgets.

Most of his department budgets had some increases; while most were modest a few were large. Much of the increases were attributed to things that have in the past been kicked down the road and Fredrickson feels now must be addressed. Others, like the Water Storage Tank, simply are expensive projects that must be addressed.

Another issue that must be addressed at a cost is taking care of cemetery mowing.

In all of the budgets, the cost of electricity was increased as was fuel given the expected price increases that will be facing the municipalities during the coming year.

Fredrickson went over the following budgets.[  For more in-depth information viewers can tune in to RCTV and view the meeting as a whole there.]
* Administration
* Water Division
* Highway
* Fleet Division
* Parks Division
* Cemeteries
* Buildings
* Transfer Station
* Patriotic Purposes

Town Manager Ernie Creveling went over budgets relating to Planning, Community Development, Assessing, Building Inspector and Health Officer.

He noted that the search for a full time Planner would run somewhere between $52,000 and $84,000. However, if the town had a full time Planner they would not need to contract for services now being provided by the Rockingham Planning Commission in terms of a circuit rider and a board assistant. He also pointed out that no one has filled the Community Development position for the last few years.

He also pointed out that assessing will see at least a 3 percent increase given the large developments that are being implemented in Raymond.

Selectman Scott Campbell spoke up asking the board to vote to authorize Creveling to cancel the meeting between the board and the Technical Review Committee scheduled for Tuesday because the posting of the meeting at town hall was incorrect. After a brief discussion the board approved Creveling looking into the posting issue and if need be canceling the meeting.


The Raymond Selectmen and Budget Committee Begin 2023 Budget Review Process
By Penny Williams   9-28-22

The Raymond Board of Selectmen began the Budget Review process at their Monday night, September 26, meeting. The Budget Committee members sat with the Selectmen as suggested by Town Manager Ernie Creveling so both bodies would be working from the same base information.

The boards heard from the Town Clerk/Tax Collectors, Alyssa Richard and Christina McCarthy; the Financial Department, Julie Jenks;  Police Chief Michael Label; Fire Chief Paul Hammond; Denise O'Grady, Welfare Department; Librarian Kirsten Corbett; and,  Recreation, Michelle Weaver.

The consensus is that the cost of everything is going up and putting a strain on all areas of municipal government.

It was noted that the town must at the behest of the state move on the new water storage tower and this is a major project that will cost a great deal of money and have a budget impact.

It was also noted that the town's roads are deteriorating and need immediate attention which is another costly project.

 Furthermore, most departments noted that they are understaffed and overworked. All departments showed increases in their budget reviews.

It was also noted the insurance information is not available until later in October.

The rest of the departments will present their budget review information at the next meeting. For those wishing specific, in-depth review of the budgets they can watch the meeting on RCTV.

Conservation Commission Vice Chair Mike Unger asked the board to authorize the Town Manager to sign for the Wetlands permit of notification  for Trails on the Dearborn property. There are temporary planks that need to be removed and the plan is to install a small pedestrian bridge instead. The board approved his request.

Creveling said the information he has regarding the electric supply contract is that the price is .1608 per kilowatt hour on a 24 month contract. After a brief discussion the board approved this.

The board approved the land use request by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Post 90 for Veterans Day events on November 11 from 10 a.m. to noon. 

Speaking as a resident, Chair George Plante who recused himself said the VFW and Post 90 were in the process of relieving town personnel from the burdens of organization regarding the event but that it would remain a town event. The board approved the land use request.


Raymond Selectmen Make Decision on Water Storage Tower Type
By Penny Williams    9-20-22

On Monday night, September 19, the Raymond Board of Selectmen met and made a decision on the type of water storage tower they will seek.

Public Works Director David Fredrickson gave a presentation to the board about what he learned from visiting Woodstock that has a 35 year old bottle glass water storage tank. In addition, he said he has done a lot of research and his initial concerns with this type of water storage tank have all been met.

The board, after hearing him recommend the bottle glass water storage tank type, voted to move forward with that style tank. This ends an elongated debate over what type of water storage tank the town would build.

Fredrickson told the board that he recommends having Underwood Engineers do the water rate study. The cost will be $15,000.

He also recommended the board consider adding the additional study by the company that would provide the department and the town with a water cost connection fee system that will bring in more appropriate connection fee revenue.

The board after a discussion approved both the $15,000 Underwood Engineers Water Rate Study and the additional study concerning water rate connection fees.

The board approved acceptance of unanticipated income from the State Department of Transportation in the amount of $209,032.52 and $41,233.46 from the State GOFFER for Locality Equipment Matching Program for the Fire Department.

After a long discussion regarding two Discretionary Preservation Easement requests, one for 67 Chester Road and the other for Langford Road, the board made the decision to table this until later. The board wants an explanation as to why there are differing opinions on the assessed value of the Langford Road Barn between the Town's Assessor and the State.

The purpose of a Discretionary  Preservation Easement is to encourage the preservation of historic barns and other agricultural buildings by authorizing municipalities to grant property tax relief to owners of such buildings that can demonstrate the public benefit of such preservation, and who agree to maintain their structures for a minimum of ten years.

Fredrickson also told the board he had rented an excavator with a forestry head and in 36 hours did what would take much longer with current town equipment. As such he recommended looking at changing the CIP equipment request to seek a new excavator with this type of head.

The board, after hearing a request from Kathy McDonald, Director of Supervisors of the Checklist for use of Office Space at Town Hall, decided that the Supervisors of the Checklist should work with Town Hall users of a space that is also used by the Raymond Coalition of Youth at Town Hall. The board instructed Town Manager Ernie Creveling and the Raymond Coalition for Youth and Municipality services at Town Hall using the space to work out a solution that would allow the Supervisors of the Checklist to also have access to and use of the space.

The board approved the single bid received for 2022 pavement marking that amounted to $34,458 from K5 Corporation, Rockland, Massachusetts.

The board approved the Tannery Site Contract, for annual monitoring of the Brownfields site, with Tomforde Environmental Services for $11,000.

The board, after a long discussion, sent David Roy and his request for the Democratic Party to hold a Political Rally BBQ at Riverside Park on October 8, to meet with the Technical Review Committee for their comment and approval before the board will approve the request.

The board did approve and waived the fee the request for the Miss Raymond Scholarship Program's Teddy Bear Picnic for September 24. They approved the VFW Auxillary raffle request. They also approved a Cemetery Deed at the Old Pine Cemetery. the Hazardous Waste Day for September 24 from 8 a.m. to noon at Industrial Drive.

The board, on the recommendation of the Assessor, denied a tax abatement request.

The board approved David Hall as an alternate to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a three year term.

The board authorized Creveling to sign the Application for Certificate to go before the Historic District Commission regarding repairs and renovations to the Bean Tavern and that no tax payer funds be committed.

Creveling said he was looking into joining with other municipalities for a lower electric rate and had received a rate of 17.1 cents per kilowatt hour. The board asked him to wait a week before signing up but if he got an offer of a 15 cent rate per kilowatt hour to grab it.


Raymond Selectmen Sign Off on the Primex Risk Management CAP Agreements
By Penny Williams    8-23-22

The Raymond Board of Selectmen met on Monday night, August 22, and signed off on the Primex Property and Liability and Workers' Compensation program CAP agreements.

Financial Director Julie Jenks reported that when the town did not have a CAP agreement signed and authorized it had experienced sharper increases in Property Liability and Workers' Compensation insurance.

 She recommended the board approve the present CAP agreement which would cap Property and Liability insurance increases at 9 percent and Workers' Compensation increases at 10 percent. The board voted to approve the Primex NH Risk Management Exchange Contribution Assurance Program (CAP) Agreement.

Jenks also informed the board about her putting the Uncollectable Payments Policy into working order. She noted the town had received 42 uncollectable payments in the amount of $23,417.31 which made having this policy in place worthwhile. The board voted to adopt the policy as presented and it will be effective immediately.

Public Works Director David Fredrickson asked the board to approve using $720.00  from the Capital Reserve Fund to pay Richardson Electric for work done on the electrical system at the Highway Garage. The board approved the request.

Fredrickson said there will be a field trip to Woodstock NH to view the bottle glass water storage tank and to discuss with that town the maintenance costs of the facility which is 35 years old.

Once this has happened the board will need to make a decision regarding which kind of water storage tank construction they want to implement and this should happen at the next board's meeting.

He indicated that funding for the water storage tank is being looked into with possibly using a third party rate study. He said that study, if the board wanted to go that route, would run about $15,000 to $18,000. The board would continue to look into funding for the water storage tank.

The board discussed the request from the Historical Society for the stored fence from the Old Pine Cemetery. This fencing has been in storage for 33 years. It is ornate and the Historical Society wishes to restore it. The board approved the request.

The board approved   three land use requests:
* Car Show - American Legion Post 90 - September 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. this approval is subject to insurance information being provided
* Parade - Raymond School Athletic Department for Home Coming on September 24, 9 a.m.
* Raffle - Raymond Historical Society permit

The board discussed the proposed Board of Selectmen Rules of Procedure.  No changes are being proposed but Selectman Scott Campbell said he has reports of changes that have been made to the document over the years and wants information provided on that.

Town Manager Ernie Creveling said he would talk to the company responsible for it and see what he could find about who could have made the changes and what they were and why they were made. However, he said the product needs to be updated and he would get the cost of doing so. This subject was tabled to the next meeting.

The board accepted the draft schedule for Selectmen's meetings. They will be held the first and third Monday of the month starting in September with the September 5, meeting moved to Tuesday, September 6, because of the Labor Day holiday.

Creveling noted he has responded to Kevin Woods’s letter with a series of questions.

There was a discussion about whether the town was going to hire a Town Planner. Campbell said he believes the money paid to Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC) for the Circuit Rider for the Planning Board and the commission's assistance should be used to pay a Town Planner's salary. He indicated his opinion is the RPC people aren't doing the job to the benefit of the town. He suggested the RPC isn't complying with the mandate to have the town's compliance information updated and posted as of August 23 relative to Work Force Housing.

After a discussion the board indicated it felt getting started on advertising and hiring a Town Planner, if affordable, should be considered and that the contingency fund could be used if needed.

Creveling said he has received two proposals for Web site development but is waiting for a couple more to review. He wants to have a special session for the board to review the potential web update proposals when he has them ready

The board denied two requests for tax abatements based on the Assessor's recommendation.

The Tree Lighting on the Common will take place on Sunday, December 11 at 6 p.m.


Public Works Director Explains Drought Policy to Raymond Board of Selectmen
By Penny Williams    8-10-22

The Raymond Board of Selectmen, on Monday August 8, heard from the Public Works what measures are in place for Raymond to address the drought.

Public Works Director David Fredrickson said the town's responsibility as a member of the Lamprey River Water Management Plan to move from voluntary water conservation to mandatory given the drought. This means that watering by residents is to be conducted on an odd and even basis - those with odd number addresses water on odd calendar days while those with even number addresses water on even calendar days.

Fredrickson said enforcement is possible at this point for major violations of the mandatory regulation for water management.

Fredrickson also said that the proposed Storage Water Tower at Orchard Street and the Shattigee Road culvert replacement project are in the works. There will be a field trip on August 24 to look at Bottle Glass tank that has been in use for a number of years. After that a decision will need to be made whether to go with that design or a metal tank design for the water tower.

The Pay-As-You Throw bag buyback went well, he stated. About 160 people had bags and the refund cost was just under $4,000 .

Celeste Clark, Executive Director of the Raymond Coalition for Youth asked the board to waive the fee for the use for the celebration of the Opening of the Disc Golf Course at Riverside Park on December 18. The board approved the date for the Grand Opening and approved waiving the land use fee.

Julie Laughner and Dennis Garnham representing the Budget Committee accepted the proposed dates for budget meetings going forward for review by the Budget Committee. They also, along with the Board of Selectmen, accepted as a good idea the suggestion from Town Manager Ernie Creveling to have the Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen meet together to hear the department budget proposals. This he noted would mean everyone would have the same information to start with.  The Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen would then continue with their own separate review of budgets and possibly meet together again before the final budget decision is arrived at.

Julie Jenks, Financial Director reviewed the quarterly financials for the board. She indicated that 2021 ended with a surplus as did the 2021 Water Division. At this point the town has spent 58 percent of its budget while the Water Division has spent 68 percent, both of which put the town and water budget just about where they should be. Revenue is doing very well, she stated.

The board asked for information regarding why and where the Legal budget had been overspent as well as Patriotic Purposes.

The board approved accepting the Primex Unanticipated revenue:
* Unemployment Compensation - $1,930.77
* Property and Liability - $6,663.14
* Workers' Compensation - $5,222,36
* Total - $13,816.27

The board tabled approval of accepting the Primex 10 percent cap for the next three year contract. Selectman Scott Campbell wanted information on specific costs paid to Primex up to now before voting to move forward. It will be decided at the next meeting.

Creveling discussed checking into vendors and costs for developing a new web site. The board  was in agreement that he should move forward with checking into that,

The board approved accepting a number of donations for National Night Out.
*  Dollar Tree - assorted toys
* Tuckaway Tavern - 150 hamburgers, 150 hot dogs, rolls and condiments
* Stillwell's $15.00 gift certificate
* Ace Hardware- 4-$25 gift certificates- 2 sweatshirts, 2 hats, assorted toys and 10 travel mugs
* Walmart - water and snacks in the amount of $306.60
* Pawtuckaway Trading Post - 2 fishing poles, tackle box, 3 shirts and hats

Before the meeting Patricia Bridgeo asked the board to include public comment in their meeting agendas again. She said she could not find any time when the board had actually voted to suspend public comment.


Raymond Selectmen Move the Bean Tavern to the Historic District Commission and Consider Returning Public Comment to Meetings
By Penny Williams    7-26-22

On Monday night, July 25, two residents publicly asked the Board of Selectmen to reinstate public comment during their meetings,

Patricia Bridgeo brought it up asking the board directly prior to starting the agenda and Cindy Bennett brought it up in a letter read into the record at her request by Chair George Plante.

Public Comment was a part of board meetings in the past but Plante noted that people talking for more than the allotted time as well as inappropriate behavior had been at the heart for omitting it.

The board didn't discuss the issue but Plante said the plan is for the board to re-evaluate public comment come the fall.

The board addressed the Cemetery Advisory Committee noting it had done the job it was charged to do. The issue of returning the Trustees of the Cemetery was discussed and the board favors doing just that. It was noted that the Trustees of the Cemetery disappeared because no one volunteered for the position. However, going forward, the board wants to make sure a Warrant Article is created for returning the Trustees of the Cemeteries.

Kevin Woods wrote a letter outlining what the benefits of this volunteer  position could do to assist the town with the issues surrounding cemeteries. He did note that being a volunteer such as a Cemetery Trustee involves work but that much could be accomplished.

If the Trustees are returned the board agreed that the Cemetery Advisory Committee should be dissolved, having accomplished what it was created for. The committee is in agreement noting it had been seeking direction from the Selectmen and is ready to jump on getting Trustees of the Cemetery reinstated.

Two new Cemetery Advisory Committee members were approved: Sally Paradis, Historic District Commission representative, for a term to last until July 30, 2023; Brenda Fortier, regular member, with a term to last until July 30, 2025.

Terry Dolan, Bean Tavern Steering Committee, told the board she has sought a large Lowes Home Town grant but while being among the possible recipients the Town had not been selected for the award. Her plan, had they received the award, was to have restored the exterior of the tavern - windows, doors, siding and landscaping.

However, she told the board Lowes had provided the committee with a $2,000 gift certificate to use on the Bean Tavern. The board voted to accept the gift certificate.

The board also voted to dissolve the Bean Tavern Advisory Committee as having completed its charge. The voters made the decision to put the tavern in the Historic District so the time has come to move the Bean Tavern to the Historic District Commission for their oversight. The board voted to approve this.

The board noted the chair of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee has resigned. It was decided by the board that this committee has completed its charge since Pinard Waste Management is now providing private solid waste services to residents. The board voted to dissolve the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

There were two intent to cut requests but they were tabled until a question posed by Plante can be answered. Plante wants to know what the Intent to Cut approval actually is - does it grant permission for the requested cut or is it only to ensure the town gets its portion of the lumber tax from the cutting. The requests were tabled to the next meeting.

A letter was read into the record from Bob McDonald relative to the activity at the 41 Chester Road development. Clearing has already been started before approval has been provided and he wants to know who is actually monitoring this project development.

Town Manager Ernie Cleverly said a meeting has been arranged on site for next Wednesday when DuBois & King will be there to figure out how to get things on track. He indicated he is trying to get the State to be at the meeting as well. It was suggested that Planning Board Chair Brad Reed be notified to attend but Bridgeo spoke up saying the Planning Board had been told it was not in their jurisdiction.

The Raymond Police Department will be celebrating National Night Out- community and department partnership - on Tuesday, August 2 from  5 to 7 p.m. at the skate site at the department with games for kids and refreshments. It is an event to inform the community of police department community projects and efforts. They will be using Staples Reward Funds for school supplies to be made available for the program which the board approved.

The board opened the single bid for the Department of Public Works Safety Complex Generator. The bid was from Gemini Electric, Auburn, in the amount of $53,719. The total included $43,717 for material; $12,000 for labor; and, $2,000for equipment rental needed. The board approved the bid


Ernie Creveling Returns to Raymond as Town Manager
By Penny Williams   7-12-22

The Raymond Board of Selectmen met Monday night, July 11, and introduced the new Town Manager, Ernest Creveling.

Board Vice Chair Kathy Hoelzel introduced Creveling, reviewing all the municipal positions he has held making him such a good choice for the town's Town Manager. He previously was the Community Development Director in Raymond until 2019.

Hoelzel also noted that Interim Town Manager Paul Hammond would remain on the job through the evening's meeting after which Creveling would become the official Town Manager.

She thanked Hammond for stepping up to the plate for Raymond when he was most needed and said he had done an excellent job for the last 9 months.

The board then heard from the members of the Rockingham Planning Commission members for Raymond, represented by Tricia Bridgeo. They were there to request the board approve applications for five highway improvement projects to be developed and submitted to the Rockingham Planning Commission Transportation Committee for the purpose of being among the highway projects the Rockingham Planning Commission prioritizes for submission to the state to be on the State's 10 Year List of projects.

Among the Raymond projects are Harriman Hill Road- Ham Road intersection; Blueberry Hill Road and Route 102 intersection, the Onway Lake Culvert, Lane Road Culvert and Pond Road Culvert.

This is an opportunity to get money to improve Raymond roadways, according to Bridgeo. The applications have to be submitted by July 15 which is why the Rockingham Planning Commission Raymond representatives were there asking for the authority to make the submissions.

Rockingham Planning Commission David Walker, Assistant Director and head of the Transportation Committee explained the process of how individual community highway projects are selected for consideration then divided into groups and prioritized. Once that is done the projects are prioritized again for submission to the state for inclusion on the State's 10 year plan.

Walker indicated he had approximately 150 projects from the 27 communities the commission represents. He told the board that in the end only about 5 or fewer would get selected for engineering in order to be forwarded to the state for inclusion in the 10 year list. He said that there is about $2.7 million available over two years for the projects in his 27 communities.

He thanked the local officials who had collected necessary data for the project submissions. He also indicated that there were other opportunities for the local projects such as Harriman Hill/Ham roads intersection and the/or the Blueberry Road/Route 102 projects. He said there are also opportunities for funding for bridge and culvert projects. In addition there is also the Safe Streets and Roads for All programs that provide funding for improved safety projects that might be right for some of the Raymond projects.

There are lots of funding opportunities out there, he indicated. It is necessary for the town to flag projects that are needed and that the town is interested in addressing.

The board voted to authorize the five applications as requested by Bridgeo.

The board approved a request to cut 8 acres on a 61 acre parcel off Industrial Drive and a request for a $12.00 Yield Tax Warrant for an area off Industrial Drive.

It approved the use of the Town Common on August 23, from 7 to 9 p.m. by the Congregational Church for a Mark 409 concert.

The board did not approve a request to use Torrent Hall by the Hill Top Cooperative, Inc. for August 27 and suggested the organization see if the school was available.

The board's motion to allow Boy Scout Troop 101 to install a gate in the parking area below the Fire Department for their trailer storage failed for lack of a second.

The board accepted two pallets of bottled water donated by Wal-Mart for the July Fourth Parade valued at $272.64. One pallet was a direct donation to the town for the parade the second was a pallet donated to the Fire Department that Hammond redirected to the town for the parade.

The board also accepted a donation of $50 for general purpose use at the Cemetery from Duncan Luther Hilchey II. 


Raymond Selectmen Decide to Continue Street Sweeping and Police Chief Mike Label Introduced New Officer Busta
By Penny Williams   6-29-22

The Raymond Board of Selectmen met on Monday night, June 27, and after looking at remaining funds for continuing with Street Sweeping and Cleaning Catch Basins work as required by MS4 made a decision based on safety.

Public Works Director David Fredrickson told the board there isn't enough money in the budget to do all the planned street sweeping and catch basic cleaning. Both are among the things that Raymond Public Works needs to address related to the MS 4 Stormwater Management requirements.

After a discussion, the board decided since the town has the company on site doing the street sweeping, which most felt was a safety issue, to instruct Fredrickson to continue and finish up the contracted street sweeping and they would look at the catch basin cleaning down the road.

As a result of the discussion on the catch basin work the board asked Fredrickson to find out more about what happens to the material removed from catch basins during cleaning and what if any use there is for the material.

There were two bids for a company to run the town's Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day on Saturday, September 24, from 8 a.m. to noon. The two bids were from Tradebe, Merriville, Indiana, whose bid was $3,200 for set up and then $33 per car. The other bid was from MXI Environmental Services, Abingdon, Virginia. Their bid was $15,000 for up to 200 cars.  

During the discussion board members were uncertain as to exactly what "cars" referred to and so put off making a decision until Fredrickson can get information on what "car-s" refers to as it applies to each of the bids.

The board learned that there are two options for the water storage tank construction. One is welded steel the other is bottle glass fused.

Fredrickson said the maintenance cost on the bottle glass fused type over time is less but he didn't know what the comparison of length of life was for the two types.

The board decided to go and take a field trip to see the bottle glass fused type water storage tank and discuss its maintenance and life with the towns that have that type.

Pinard stepped forward and will donate dumpsters for the Town Fair. It wasn't known at that point what the value of that donation by the company would amount to but the board expressed its thanks.

Board members noted that they have had nothing but good reports and comments about Pinard.

Police Chief Mike Label asked the board to approve acceptance of a grant to the department from the Office of Highway Safety in the amount of $1,285.55 for fire wall hardware so the department and its officers can make their reports electronically. He said it would cost about $150 to install but he could handle that. The board approved his accepting the grant.

Label also introduced a newly hired officer, Cameron Busta, and asked the board to sign off on his assignment which the board did. Label said he still has one unfilled position he is trying to fill.

Label and Christiana Vogel told the board the Miss Raymond Pageant Program that does community service projects would like to start fund raising for a comfort dog for the Raymond Police Department.

Vogel sought the support of the board for the project and the board said it thought it was a good project and would be good for the department and the town.

Label noted that work still needs to be done to see how the dog would be handled and by whom, where funds would come from for the support of the dog. The board encouraged Label and Vogel to work together on the proposed project.

The board approved using money from the Water Division Construction, Repair, Maintenance and Water Treatment Facility Capital Reserve Fund to cover the $12,895 cost of cleaning Well 3. They also approved using funds from the same Capital Reserve Fund to replace faulty electrical well feeders at Well 3  at a cost of 13,800.

The board also approved using funds from the Information Technology Capital Reserve Fund to replace 20 town employee computers.

The board approved the request of Interim Town Manager Paul Hammond to use $4,000 from the Emergency Management Revitalization fund to replace 31 chairs and 5 plastic folding tables for the Emergency Operations Center at Torrent Hall.

It was decided the town would stay with Citizens Bank as recommended by Financial Director Julie Jenks rather than seeking a new bank with Positive Pay.

Governors Lake Association Greg Avanitis wrote the board a letter relative to the work being proposed by Ed Runci at the town owned beach on the lake. His letter said since the parcel is in Zone G, any work within 75 feet of the shoreline must have a Special Permit issued by the Raymond Planning Board.

In addition, he said the proposed work would constitute a Change of Use and that would require Planning Board approval and permit so the proposal would need to be brought before the Planning Board.

The board was taken through Ethics Committee training by Ethics Committee Chair Gretchen Gott.

The board put off until the July 11 meeting the Cemetery Advisory Committee discussion concerning the committee's charge.


Raymond Selectmen Sign Contract for Curbside Trash Pick-up with Pinard Waste Systems  
By Penny Williams   6-14-22

At their Monday night, June 13th meeting, the Raymond Board of Selectmen signed the Pinard Waste Systems contract for curbside trash pick-up with a revised fee-schedule.

Pinard Waste Systems will be offering Raymond residents two programs to choose from starting July 1. Program 1 is weekly curbside collection of trash and recycling. Program 2 is for trash collection only. The cost of program 1 is $425.00 per year and program 2 is $365.00.

During the Public Hearing held on this several residents asked why there wasn't a discount for elderly, disabled, and veterans. Tony Belanger, Director of Municipal Services & Major Accounts speaking for Pinard, explained that the prices offered took into consideration that there would be elderly, disabled and veterans among the residents taking the service. Beyond that he said the company would offer a quarterly payment plan to some on a per individual basis. If the second payment wasn't made then the resident's service would be eliminated.

Pinard provided a pricing chart that would determine prices dependent upon the number of residents who sign up for the service. The prices quoted anticipate 2001 to 3000 residents signing up for the service.

A letter will be sent out with the numbers to call and or the forms to fill out for participation and these need to be returned as soon as possible.

The board after all the questions were asked closed the public hearing and voted to approve and sign the proposed contract.

The board now has an Administrative Assistant, Kim Galipeau. She has been on board only for a short time but was introduced by the Interim Town Manager Paul Hammond.

The board heard from the Governors Lake Association that they want the board to insist that the material Ed Runcie placed on the beach for his drainage project be removed since he doesn't have a permit to do the project.

Runcie told the board while his requests for a permit to do the work have been denied by the state because he started the work without a permit that was reported to the state by lake residents, he is in the process of working with the state on a Shoreline Permit to do the project. This is a much more detailed permit submission and it is in process.

The board after listening to both sides decided to take no action until they have a state Shoreline Permit in hand.

The board approved the $21,158.75 amount for a zero turn mower to come from General Government Building Capital Reserve Fund.  The vendor is Richey Clapper Outdoor Equipment, Sudbury, MA and the total includes $175.00 delivery charge.

The board also approved $3,120 for the Fire Department garage doors to come from the Government Vehicle & Facilities Capital Reserve Fund.

Public Works Director David Fredrickson told the board the state has mandated increased monitoring of the Tannery site. He said additional sampling is being required and the new total cost associated with this will be $12,020.

The board voted to authorize Hammond to sign the new agreement and contract and for the town to continue with its current vendor for the monitoring and checking of the wells and ground water at the Tannery Site.

Fredrickson also provided the board with several designs for the proposed Orchard Street Water Tower. He asked they review them and then make a decision on which way to go at a future meeting.

Financial Director Julie Jenks recommended the board proceed with Actuarial Services for the 2022 audit and the board accepted her recommendation.

After a discussion the board decided to look into what banks other than Citizens Bank would charge the town for a Positive Pay Agreement.

Hammond told the board that legal counsel recommended that the board not go after the difference between what ASAP lawn service initially agreed to do cemetery mowing for and the increased amount  it actually charged. Legal indicated it would cost the town more to try and recoup the difference than to just let it go.

The board voted to rescind the Cease and Desist against Mega X 11/29/21.

The board accepted donations to the town:

* $696.07 from Jack Barnes for cemetery signs

* $250 from Pinard Waste Systems for the 4th of July

* $50 for 4th of July from Raymond Area Chamber of Commerce

* $250 for the 4th of July from Granite State Specialties

The board appointed Thomas Luszcz as an Alternate to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a three year term.

The board approved the warrant that allows the tax bills to be sent out and approved the town collecting the revenue for the Timber Tax.

The next meeting will be held on June 27.

Raymond Selectman Learn Buy Back of PAYT Bags is an Issue and Recycling Pickup Ends  
By Penny Williams   5-25-22

On Monday night, May 23, the Raymond Board of Selectmen heard from the Director Public Works David Fredrickson that the buyback of already purchased Pay As You Throw bags is a problem.

The Waste Management contract for curbside pick up has been extended through June but residents were warned that recycling will no longer happen after the end of May. Meanwhile Pinard is working to get their subscription program up and running to take over curbside and recycling come July.

However, a looming issue is the buyback of Pay As You Throw bags already purchased by retailers and residents. Legal indicated the Town is obligated to make these buyers of bags and stickers that will no longer be valid whole. 

This is the problem. Paying back by cash has a downside and only an upside for those with the bags and stickers to be repurchased by the town. Paying by check has as many downside issues as paying by cash. The fact the Town has no idea how many bags and stickers are out there to be repurchased just adds to the difficulty.

The board left it to Fredrickson, Town Manager Paul Hammond, and Financial Director Julie Jenks, to work out how best to handle this. However, as of June 1, recycling will need to be taken to the transfer station or simply added to a resident's curbside trash.

An informational mailing will be sent out to residents with the information concerning the Pinard Waste Management pick-up subscription services.

Planning Board Members and RCTV member Art Wolinsky and resident Keith Smith discussed video recording of minutes storage. The issue has been the current verbatim recording of minutes has caused some issues and there have been suggestions to summarize and streamline written minutes and have a link to the video as back-up.

Wolinsky and Smith had two different approaches to the storage issue but they agreed that retention for three years would meet the needs of residents and board and committee members.

It was decided to do more research and get quotes on different cloud storage method costs. The selectman and the planning board members all agreed that being able to attach video to support minutes was a good idea but how to do it remained the question. 

The board discussed the issue of adding Domestic Partner to the personnel policy so insurance coverage would be available. If the board approved adding it to the policy it still wouldn't take effect for another year.

The board felt since this was the case, this gave them time to look at how insurers other than their current insurer would handle Domestic Partner coverage. They decided to look into this further prior to June 30. Then the board decided to add Domestic Partner to the personnel policy insurance coverage and dental coverage while looking into it further.

Fredrickson explained to the board about the need to replace and upgrade the carport and storage at the Highway Garage. Currently the structures are wooden and close to the fuel pumps.

To increase safety and security the department wishes to use the General Government Buildings Capital Improvement Fund to rebuild the structure and get a new storage box, both metal and move them further away from the pump station. The board approved the request for $7,994 from the Government Buildings Capital Reserve Fund for the work.

Hammond reported that the electric work on the well bids from Weston & Sampson and Longchamps were both valid and both bidders knew what they were bidding on. The bills were extremely different in cost.  It was decided to go with Weston and Sampson the lower bidder.

The board went over the cemetery mowing issue and approved going with the Blue Sky bid of $28,000.

Hammond announced that they will be starting interviews for the Selectmen's Secretary position.


Raymond Water Tower Issues with State Addressed with New Tower Coming in June
By Penny Williams   5-17-22

The Board of Selectmen met Monday evening, May 16, and representatives from the State, Weston & Sampson Engineering and Public Works Director David Fredrickson went over the history and the current status of the Orchard Street Water storage tank issues.

The Water Department received a deficiency notice then a violation notice in 2021 regarding the 130 year old Orchard Street Water Storage tank. The state said they were there to present the options the town has with respect to moving forward.

It was noted that the Town has already engaged Weston & Sampson and that company has reviewed the tank and the related issues and prepared a list of steps to be taken.

A new tank is to be started by June 2023. The site has already been designated - the Orchard Street town owned location presented the best place for the new tank to be located and constructed.

The options available to the town from the state are an Administrative Order from the State or an Administrative Order by Consent.

If the town elects to go with the Administrative Order by Consent there will be no appeal process available but it was noted that the town has already taken steps and spent money moving forward that would make an appeal an unnecessary and foolish expense.

It was pointed out there are grants available for this sort of project and grants available to address the need to clean and maintain the 156 storage tank that is 65 years old. It needs to be drained cleaned and painted and doing this is 5 years behind.

The state didn't ask for a decision at this meeting but the board will make a decision on whether to go with the Administrative Order by Consent or the Administrative Order at their next meeting.

A bid proposal was put off until more information could be gotten regarding  water department electric work bids because the difference between the two bids was enormous. The board wanted the low bidder, Longchamp Electric, checked to ensure the bidder had understood the RFP.

The board opened bids for well #3 cleaning service. The bids were from Barrie Miller's Pump & Well Service at $13,865; Weston & Sampson at $12,895; and, Maher Services at $21,070. These will be reviewed by the Water Department and a recommendation provided.

The Intent to Cut request discussed and then tabled at the previous meeting that didn't have an address attached is for Mark Lane. The board approved the Intent to Cut request.

The board read a request from Planning Board Chair Brad Reed asking the Board to approve appointing Kevin Woods as the Planning Board's representative on the Cemetery Advisory Committee. The board voted to approve the request.

A local business contributed $250 to the July Fourth event and it was accepted by the board.

There were two Capital Reserve Fund for Government Buildings requests that were both tabled for additional information.

The Water Treatment Plant needs new roofing. The board approved the department moving forward with a RFP for this. The board also approved going out to bid for an Audit company.

The board discussed the Town Report and decided to go with the version they chose last year despite it being probably double the cost of a streamlined version. They approved seeking bids for it.

Town Manager Paul Hammond told the board there is an issue at Old Pine Cemetery and New Pine Cemetery regarding mowing. The company who contracted to do the work can't continue at the current contract price.

Back in November, 2021 this issue was before the board and transpired as follows. One bid was from ASAP Landscaping & Design, Bow and the other from Blue Sky Landscaping, Deerfield.

ASAP offered a three year contract with a set price of $700 for Old Pine Cemetery and $400 for New Pine or a discounted single price for the three year contract for both cemeteries for a total of $24,000. This would be a savings of $4,600.
Blue Sky's price was $1,050 for Old Pine Cemetery and $600 for New Pine Cemetery for the first year increasing to $1,207 and $690 for 2023 and up to $1,388 and $793 for 2024.

With both bids more than the amount budgeted the board asked each company what they could do with the board's counter offers. The counter offer would stipulate the price limit of $19,000 for a one year contract and ask what the companies could provide.

ASAP accepted it, although they shortened the overall length of time and number of mowing. However, they now say they can't financially continue at the agreed upon price but offered to continue at a price of $28,000. They would continue through Memorial Day but couldn't continue after that.

The board wanted more information and deferred a decision to the next meeting.

The board approved a family's offer to cover the cost of the Wishing Well roof at the cemetery that needs to be replaced. The family's only request was that a plague note this is in memory of Donna. The board approved the request.

The board re-voted on the approval of the Waste Management Extension to the end of June but eliminated the 3 percent increase for cost of bags from the motion. The attorney said they couldn't approve a 3 percent bag cost increase without first having a public hearing.

The board discussed rescinding its Mega X Cease & Desist Order vote but decided to table it until the next meeting.

The board agreed to put Planning Board Brad Reed on the agenda to discuss video of minutes.

The board approved putting Cindy Bennett on an agenda to respond to her discussion with Selectmen Carlos Maldonado about information she said had been sent home to students about the Special Election that she felt had confused people. Maldonado asked for a copy of the notice sent home and she didn't have it then but says she does now.


Raymond Selectmen Approve Waste Management Extension Agreement but Recycling Ends as of June 1
By Penny Williams    5-10-22

On Monday night, the Raymond Board of Selectmen met and voted to approve the Waste Management Extension Agreement.

The board felt the cost of the extending the Waste Management agreement to the end of June was extremely costly but they also didn't feel they had a choice.

Waste Management proposed extending the curbside pick-up at a cost of $40,800, which amounts to double what the town was previously paying the company. Disposal would be at the same cost as currently charged, $76 per ton.

The board dealt with the issue of bags. The town has no more large bags. People will have to purchase stickers and these will have to increase in price by 3 percent.

Recycling will stop as of June 1. Residents will have to either bag recycling as trash or get a sticker and take it to the Transfer Station themselves.

The board with reluctance and regret voted to approve the Waste Management Extension Agreement to June 31, 2022 as well as the 3 percent increase cost per large bag sticker.

Executive Director Tim Roache of the Rockingham Planning Commission asked the board if they wished to renew the contracts for the Planning Board's Circuit Rider Glen Coppelman and board assistant Matte Dilonno.

Roache said the RPC could be flexible and have just a single contract at a lower cost covering the two who are working with the Planning Board until a Town Planner is installed.

After a discussion to which Planning Board Chair Brad Reed said his board wants to recommend continuing with Coppelman and Dilonno, the board agreed to look at a proposed contract that Roache would provide to the board before the current contract runs out on June 1. The board agreed to contract for a year if RPC would allow them to transition out if they got a Planner. Roache said yes.

Roache also suggested Raymond might want to look into joining a regional electric group the RPC has. Membership, he said has saved towns as much as $20,000.

The board approved a number of Intent to Cut applications; an intent to excavate; and, accepted money owed the Town in the amount of $5,975 in taxes from 3 Aggregate Industries excavation sites.

The board approved using the current language on the Cemetery signs but adding no motorcycles and a web site URL. Jack Barnes has offered to pay for the signs and they will be ready for Memorial Day.

The board tabled to next week further discussion of the Domestic Partner Policy insurance coverage.

Selectman Scott Campbell said the School dropped the current insurer and before the town signed anything he wanted to review the policy and procedure and see if there was a better less expensive policy available. The board agreed to have a work session dealing strictly with this one issue next week.

The board appointed Debra Moore to the Cable Committee for a 3 year term; Keith Smith to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for 3 years; and,  Joyce Wood as an alternate to the ZBA. It appointed David Hoelzel, Diane Debruyckere and Terrie Dolan to the Historical District Commission for 3 years.

The board approved the Fire Department proposal to not exceed $35,000 from the Emergency Management Revitalization Fund for the purchase of 7 new, up to date radios.

The board approved allowing Jennifer Newman to do metal searching at the Sundeen Parkway property and waived the fee. They also waived the fee for the Boy Scouts to hold the annual Flag Retirement Ceremony on the Common on June 14, without any fee. Dudley Tucker Library was also approved for use of the Common for two programs with the fee waived.

The board did not approve of the July 4th Committee and the Cemetery Advisory Committee using Torrent Hall for their meetings. After a discussion they suggested the Cemetery committee should look into using the Conference room at Town Hall and the Fourth of July committee should look into using the school.

The board approved holding a Household Hazardous Waste Day at a date to be determined.

The board accepted $1,300 from local businesses for the 4th of July event and accepted $1,000 for it from Jack Barnes.

The board approved selling left over articles from the 250th - 69 cookbooks - $15 each; 61 license plates - $15 each; and, 24 water bottles at $4 each; to be displayed for sale in the Town Hall lobby. It was suggested that any left might be sold at a discount at the Town Fair.

It was announced that the Building Inspector position has been filled.

Raymond Selectmen Approve Pinard's Option 3 and Accept ARFP Funding
By Penny Williams    4-19-22

The Raymond Board of Selectmen met on Monday night, April 18, to hold two Public Hearings. One was for comment on the proposed Pinard Waste Management's Option 3 for the solid waste and recycling subscription system. The second public hearing was to accept ARFP funding that is unexpected revenue in excess of $10,000. 

Public Works Director Dave Frederickson went over the proposed subscription plan for solid waste and recycling. Adoption of this would take the town out of the solid waste and recycling business.

Frederickson explained the cost of the Pinard system would depend upon the number of households that participate in the program. The chart presented laid out what the costs would be for 1 to 1000, 1001 to 2000, 2001 to 3000, and 3001 to 4,000 participants with one price for solid waste and recycling and another lesser amount just for solid waste. Pinard provided the cost analysis for years 1 through 5 and they want at least a three year contract.

He went over what would be allowed for pick-up and that no special bags will be required. Bags over the allowable 30 pounds will need the homeowner to call Pinard to arrange for that pick-up. For households to put out recycling they must be participants in the Solid Waste program. Households can put out three 30 pound bags per week.

The current contract with Waste Management expires at the end of May the plan is to extend it for one month through the end of June. Pinard can't give exact figure on what the program will cost because they don't know how many households will participate. Once that number is determined a firm cost will be available. Those final costs will monitored and reevaluated annually.

The board discussed the plan and the comments made. A motion was made to approve Option 3 and the board unanimously approved it.

The Public Hearing on Option 3 was closed and the Public Hearing for accepting Unanticipated income was opened.

The town has been sent an amount of ARFP funding in excess of $10,000 by the state which the town plans to use to fund the town's Stormwater Management Improvement Program.

The board voted to approve accepting the funding and for Chair George Plante to sign for it. Then the board approved Plante and the board using the funds for the Stormwater Management Improvement effort.

Selectman Scott Campbell received an email suggesting the vote on the trash was illegal given the town's approval of a previous Warrant Article on the subject.

The board and Interim Town Manager Paul Hammond explained that they followed specific legal counsel in offering Option 3 and that they had been informed it was legal to do so.

Frederickson had several other issues. One was opening the RFP bids for Street Sweeping, for Catch Basin Cleaning, and, Check Valve Testing.

* Street Sweeping - Immaculate Power Sweeping-$25,882.50; F.B. Hale-$14,000; and, Talco Enterprise-$22,950-$25,650

* Catch Basin Cleaning - Triton Storm Water $50 per, $35 inspection; and Eastern Pipe Service, $59 per $30 Inspection

* Check Valve Testing - DSG- $40 per - 3 year contract; New England Backflow-$40 per 3 year contract; and, Weston & Sampson, $36.71 with slight escalation through year 2 and 3.

The board voted to take the recommendation of the Fire Chief to not renew Code Red but to switch to the State system that is similar but free.

Cindy Bennett had several questions regarding the previous recount meeting and the original Special Town Meeting that concerned validating the March 8 elections. She received information regarding the legality of the meetings from Hammond. She also had questions regarding the Option 3 program and Frederickson referred her to the agenda that had answers to her questions.


Raymond Selectman Reorganize Board and Special Meeting Requested Recount Numbers Stay the Same  
By Penny Williams   4-12-22

On Monday evening, April 11, a recount of the residents votes from the April 2nd Special Meeting vote to affirm the March 8 elections came out exactly the same way as the count on April 2nd did - 162 yes votes, 61 no votes and 1 blank.

The votes were recounted several times and tallied as counted to ensure complete accuracy and transparency. This recount validated the elections and Raymond can move on.

This put an end to the wait for various people who were elected on March 8 to be able to take their seats. There were several present and Town Clerk Alyssa Richards swore them in.

After the recount meeting that affirmed Alissa Welch and Carlos Maldonado as selectmen, the board reorganized and assigned boards.

Member Scott Campbell was absent but the board re-appointed George Plante to continue as Chair and selectman Kathy Hoelzel to continue as Vice Chair.

Next the board voted to waive the Administrative Code Section 200-4 per Section 200-134 for a period not to exceed six months. This allowed the board to appoint Fire Chief and former Interim Town Manager Paul Hammond to be the Interim Town Manager until a permanent Town Manger is appointed.

Director of Public Works David Frederickson reminded the board and listeners of the Public Hearing scheduled for Monday, April 18, at 6:30 for input regarding the adoption of the public waste fee table.

He then told the board that he hoped the cost analysis of last year for between $450,000 and $500,000 for the replacement of the Shattigee Road box culvert would still be that amount. However, he indicated he expects it to be more and that he wanted the town to know that would have an impact on the town's road paving projects.

He also told the board that Eversource plans to erect 70 new utility poles, upgrading the poles in height to be able to handle more voltage lines. He said there is an issue with the old poles not being removed in a timely manner.

The board would need to sign the licensing documents for the new poles but it was thought that Frederickson should look into whether the company could be taxed for both poles until the old poles are removed and at least use this potential as a means to encourage a quick removal of the old poles.

He asked the board to approve $137,890 to be used from the Water Storage Fund Capital Reserve Fund for the new water storage tower design. The board approved.

He asked the board to authorize him to develop a RFP for a generator for the Safety Complex. The present one is too small and needs to be replaced with one of appropriate size. The board requested that he work with Hammond regarding the RFP.

The board then went over all the liaison assignments and made those appointments.

The board accepted $1,800 in donations from local businesses to support the town's Fourth of July Parade. Universal Electric - $250; Hannaford's $500; I.C. Reed $1,000; and, Riverbend Realty $50.

The board tabled the minutes from four previous meetings again until their next meeting due to the absence of Campbell since without him there wasn't a quorum of members who had been present at those meetings.

The board re-signed the Hazardous Mitigation Plan documents.

The board approved two Intent to Excavate permits, both for ongoing operations.

The board approved the use of Welch Field by the Granite State Baseball League for four dates and a fee of $125.

It approved the use of the town common  for a Poetry Slam by the Library and waived the fee. This will happen May 3 from 5:30 to 7:50 p.m.

The board also approved and waived the fee for Boy Scout Troop 136 to use the Riverside Park for an overnight on April 15 to April 16.

The board approved selling a cemetery lot at the Old Pine Cemetery for $325.

Patricia Bridgeo told the board the Rockingham Planning Board was meeting on Wednesday and one thing under discussion will be grants for culvert work. She asked to be on the next agenda so as to bring information from that meeting to the board.


Raymond Residents Vote at Special Town Meeting to Ratify March 8 Results
By Penny Williams   4-5-22

Saturday morning, April 2, the Raymond High School Cafeteria was packed with Raymond Residents there to cast a single vote that would ratify or negate the March 8th, annual meeting vote. This ratification vote was needed to cure the procedural defect that the warrant posting timeframe requirements were not met.

The votes were hand counted four times by the Selectmen and Ballot Clerks. There were 224 votes cast and 162 residents voted to ratify the March 8th vote and 61 voted no and there was one blank vote card. Of the votes cast for a 3/5 majority vote, 133.9 yes votes were required, Since 162 yes votes were recorded all of the March 8th ballot was approved.

Before the voting took place, Tina Thomas challenged the legitimacy of the Special Meeting claiming the posting at Torrent Hall had shown an incorrect time until it was corrected just a few days ago. In addition she said the election results were under investigation because of missing information on candidate forms. She asked that the vote be taken, not counted, and held until the proper legal entity ruled.

James McLeod disagreed stating the meeting was legal and should proceed.  Cheryl Killam moved the question.

Kera Clements who had been standing in line to speak before the question was moved, asked about how a recall vote would work and Attorney Keriann  Roman, Municipal Attorney with Drummond Woodum said there was no provision within the RSA for that as far as she knew so it would have to be decided upon in the Attorney General's if it came up.

Roman addressed the residents before voting was opened explaining what a yes vote meant and what a no vote would mean.

A yes vote would ratify the vote taken in March 8. A simple majority covered most articles. But for Article 28, a bond article to be approved, a three fifths yes vote would be required.

A no vote would mean that down the line everything from the March 8th vote is being rejected, she stated. This Special Meeting is not a do over on the election. If the vote is no there will have to be another Special Meeting for the budget. The town could reach out to Superior Court to ratify the election results but money articles would have to be deemed "emergency status" and there is no guarantee of approval and that would be costly. The Board of Selectmen could beg the Legislature to validate the election results but again there is no guarantee this would happen.

In the end the residents spoke, validating the March 8th election results, by a wide margin.


Raymond Selectmen Plan to Hold Public Hearing for Pinard Waste Disposal Proposal and Learn Mega-X Investigation Has Opposition
By Penny Williams   3-29-22

The Raymond Board of Selectmen reviewed Option 3 from Pinard Waste Management, with information provided by Kevin Woods and a letter from their legal counsel, at the Monday, March 28 meeting. This option handles creating a subscription waste disposal system in Raymond. The board agreed to schedule a public hearing on this as soon as possible.

The board discussed the Option 3 proposal from Pinard and compared the estimated cost to the current Pay-As-You Throw program. It was agreed that the cost of the bags needs to increase with the current program so as to sustain the program which the current level isn't accomplishing.

Woods had done a lot of research into the Pinard Proposal as well as comparing it to the current system and other alternatives. The board went over all the information and it was felt that to extend the current Waste Management contract again would be cost prohibitive.

Director of Public Works David Fredrickson asked the board to work with him as he was new to all of this.

Chair George Plante read the attorney's letter to the board and in summary it basically said the board could go with the Pinard Option 3 but there is a risk in doing so without the vote of a town meeting. A contract longer than one year would definitely require a vote of Town Meeting.

The discussion wound up with board members feeling that based on the attorney's letter and the information from Woods that the best solution for the town would be to call for a public hearing and find out what the residents want to do and to try, if they agree, to develop a year contract with Pinard. Woods indicated he couldn't promise but felt Pinard would work with the town on a one year transition contract and he would check into it.

The board agreed to schedule a public hearing as soon as possible and would work on that right away.

Fredrickson also discussed arranging for an easement from the state to allow access to the Orchard Hill location for the proposed Orchard Hill Water Storage Tank.

The route to reach the location crosses the Rail Trail and an easement needs to be gotten from state to use this. Once that is done, town engineers Weston and Sampson Engineers can move forward with the full design for the Orchard Street Water Storage Tank at a cost of $137,890.

After a brief discussion the board voted to fund the engineering design from the Capital Reserve Fund created for the Storage Water Tank.

It was announced that Town Manager’s Executive Assistant and Human Resource Director Deborah Intonti had tendered her resignation, effective April 8. The board accepted her resignation with regret.

Selectman Scott Campbell said he asked for all of the emails from the committees pertaining to Mega-X but he is missing a lot of them. He also wanted the board and the residents to know he had not contacted the Attorney General's Office regarding Mega X. However, he said the two representatives who had been helping him were asked by a board of selectman member to not continue. He did not name any names, but added this is bad.

Plante said he had received a response from the Attorney General's Office regarding the complaint that information was missing from Raymond candidate forms that were filed and that it is being looked into.

Resident Tina Thomas asked the board to remove her email from the March 3 meeting minutes and Plante did that by amending the March 3 meeting minutes before the amended minutes were accepted.

Kera Clements from the 4th of July Committee, wanted to share the next meeting is April 4th at 11 am at Torrent Hall. She is encouraging families with children to enter floats in the parade.

Thomas also pointed out that letter head used by the Town for official business has incorrect hours when the Town Office is open. There is no listing for the Thursday from 1 to 6 p.m. that the office is open. Plante said it would be checked and corrected.

Patricia Bridgeo raised questions about Dragon Mosquito, the chemicals it uses and when these are used and why and how are residents informed. She also asked whether the town had put out a bid for mosquito services.

The board approved the Raymond Baptist Church holding a service on the Town Common on April 3, with April 10 as backup, from 7 to 8 p.m. for Ukraine. The board approved and waived the use fee.


Raymond Selectmen Hold Public Hearing for April 2nd Special Town Meeting
By Penny Williams   3-15-22

On Monday, March 14, the Raymond Board of Selectmen held a Public Hearing for the Special Town Meeting, scheduled for April 2, 10 a.m. at Raymond High School Café.

The purpose of the Special Town Meeting is to ratify the procedural defect impacting the Electoral votes of March 8. The posting for the Warrant was a day late and voters must vote on the single article ratifying the results of the March 8 election.

There were no comments for the public hearing but resident Tina Thomas brought up another issue impacting the election ballot before the public hearing was opened.

Thomas asked how the town clerk had known where the candidate's names were to be put on the ballot for several positions since the specific position was not indicated on the submitted form. She said she discovered this after requesting and receiving the electronic candidate application forms.

She wanted to know who allowed this to happen; why it (ballot) hadn't been triple checked before being published; how this issue is being dealt with; and, what policies and procedures would be put in place so it never happens again.

Chair George Plante indicated he couldn't answer her but it would be looked into and a legal opinion sought. It was noted that the board should have an answer for her by Saturday.

After the Public Hearing was opened Moderator Wayne Welch explained why the Special Meeting was being called. The vote is to ratify the election results.

Because Article 26, ( Stormwater Planning Project - $75,000 and to apply for a Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan to offset) required a 3/5 vote the Special Meeting vote would need to be 3/5 to approve all the articles and Article 26, he explained. If the vote isn't 3/5 then Article 26 would fail but the remainder would pass.

Should the voters fail to ratify the election results the town has two options: Go to Legislature where the House and Senate would ratify the election results. Or go to Superior Court.

It was noted that two selectmen candidates have called for a recount and a request for the recount on Article 28 (All voting by paper ballot-hand count)  and these will take place on March 18 at the Raymond Middle School Cafe at 6:30 p.m.

Selectman Scott Campbell said he has been conducting an investigation with two state reps and others all of the documents and emails regarding the Mega X from the initial attempt to locate it on Lane Road to the Old Manchester Road location.

He said it is clear that information was provided along the way that Mega X will impact ground water. In addition, he said he has found no indication that wells within 2,000 feet of blasting have been pre-blast checked. Further, he said he has found no indication that a guarantee bond is in place. He did discover that Mega X was supposed to install triple lined tanks but actually installed only double lined tanks.

Since the Lamprey River is federally protected it would appear if anything happened with Mega X which is close to the river, Raymond could be liable for damage done to the towns downstream.

Fire Chief Paul Hammond asked and the board approved renewing the agreement between the Fire Department and the State for two forest fire fighting vehicles loaned to the town by the State. The fire department has to maintain and repair them and can return them if they choose.

Hammond also asked for permission to use Torrent Hall and waive the fee for ATV Class for Raymond kids on April 23, from 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The board approved the request.

He also asked the board to accept a Hawkins family $100 donation to the pizza shop for the fire department in thanks for their work on a fire.

Kevin Woods asked the selectmen to consistently list the boards and committees that need volunteers on the board's agenda and board agreed to do that.

Woods also asked about the Bean Tavern Committee, that the voters approved putting the building in the Historical District so the Bean Tavern Committee should be dissolved.

The board approved using $4,600 from the CRF to repair and update the fire alarm system at Torrent Hall because of the important documents there and the fact there is currently no fire alarm system in the building.

Raymond Selectmen Select April 2 for Special Town Meeting and Town Manager Seat is Vacant Again
By Penny Williams    3-1-22

On Monday night, February 28, the Raymond Board of Selectmen's discussion regarding a contract for the Interim Town Manager was questioned by a resident and taken under discussion by the board in non-public.

Resident Tina Thomas asked the board how they could be providing the current Interim Town Manager, Paul Hammond, a contract when the Town's E-Code section 200-4, relating to 'vacancy of office' stated that  the office of Town manager shall be vacant for any cause for "not more than 90 days."  She indicated Hammond has held the position for more than 90 days. Thomas also expressed concern for crumbling town roads that need to be paved, including Sunhill Road, Prescott Road and Main Street.

Selectman Kathy Hoelzel, Vice Chair acting as Chair in the absence of Chair George Plante who was absent due to illness, stated that the attorney had provided the contract. Thomas said she didn't trust the town attorney's decisions. The board said they would take this issue up in non-public at the end of the meeting. It was indicated that Hammond had been appointed Interim Town Manager at the Deliberative but has held the position in excess of 90 days.

Coming out of non-public later in the evening, the board announced that the Town does not have a Town Manager and subsequently, until the vote on the Town Manager is in place, any issues that come up will be addressed by the Chair.

Patricia Bridgeo in public comment reported that Raymond was not in line for any of the grants from the Rockingham Planning Commission because no one represented Raymond at the commission meetings and no applications for grants had been submitted for Raymond.

She encouraged the board to make sure that the Raymond delegates a person to the commission and any alternates are present at commission meetings and that Raymond make submissions for grants that might be offered for projects needing funding in Raymond. There is money available for Disabilities and the elderly and Raymond should be represented.

Selectman Lee Weldy urged the board to have Bridgeo on the agenda so she could elaborate on the Rockingham Planning Commission grants, Raymond representation and any other related issues.

Hammond read a letter from the attorney regarding calling a Special Town Meeting to rectify the procedural mistake made by the town in not getting the warrant posted in the time proscribed by the state RSAs.

The letter said the town must hold a Special Town Meeting to address the procedural defect of not getting the warrant posted. The Special Meeting would address only the one article to cure the defect. The purpose of the Special Meeting will be to have residents vote to ratify the results of the March 8 election.  There must be a public hearing to explain the reason for the Special Meeting at least 7 days before the Special Meeting. Hammond indicated the board is looking at holding the Special Meeting on Saturday, April 2. This Special Meeting would be a single session in which there would be discussion and then voting.

Without the approval of the article to ratify, the procedural defect of the inadequate posting of the Warrant means that anyone elected on March 8 could not take office and can't serve until the people vote at the Special Town Meeting.

The board approved and signed the Hazard Mitigation Plan, and the Emergency Management Operation Plan. These will then be sent for state and federal review before coming back to the board for finalization. The board also authorized the town to apply for the GOFFER grant for upgrading and improving the Raymond Ambulance equipment.

Resident Keith Smith brought his request to supplement board and committee meeting minutes with the meeting video. How this would be done and what the cost would be was not known but the board asked Executive Assistant Human Resources Deborah Intonti to work with RCTV 's Kevin Woods and Smith along with the selectmen chair to figure out possible details of how this could work and what the cost would be and bring that information back to the board.

The board decided to discuss the re-appointment of Kevin Woods to the Cable Committee in non-public. They came out of non-public and approved Woods re-appointment to the Cable Committee for three years.

The board approved the request for money from the Capital Reserve Fund for revitalization of radios for the fire, police and highway. They also approved adding new receptacles and improving some existing receptacles.

The board approved Granite State Baseball using Welch Field subject to the association working out dates of use with the RYAA. The land use fee will be paid and the baseball association has offered to help fix up the field.

Woods asked the board when it was going to discuss the issue of domestic partner insurance. The board said it would be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Hammond asked the board to approve the Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Wardens' appointments which the board did. He also told the board that the Cemetery Signs were being reviewed and would be updated and the cost was being covered by Jack Barnes as a donation.

Weldy asked that absolutely all reference material and documents connected in any way to the exit 4 Mega-X project be collected and provided to the board and that a meeting with all boards, legal and NHDES be held with a date certain announced for the meeting no later than March 4.


Raymond Selectmen Discussed Past Due Water Bills, P-A-Y-T Bags and Domestic Partner Insurance
By Penny Williams    1-25-22

On Monday night, January 24, the Raymond Board of Selectmen discussed a request for Domestic Partner Insurance without reaching a decision.

Financial Administrator Julie Jenks gave the board the costs that would be associated with such SchoolCare insurance. But Selectman Scott Campbell wanted to review all policies before the board makes a decision regarding this specific insurance policy.

The issue was brought up by Interim Town Manager Paul Hammond who noted that such a policy would be governed by the insurance company, SchoolCare. He also noted that Domestic Partner is already mentioned in town policies. Selectman Kathy Hoelzel made a motion to approve the request which was defeated because of a two to two vote.

The board discussed this and finally decided that Campbell's suggestion to review town policies was a good suggestion but would take time. The board felt that the town's policies should be reviewed and they discussed holding a work session to do that.

The board decided to table any action on the Domestic Partner Insurance request until the board has time to review policies. The board decided that the best way to address the policy review was to do it by category and they agreed to look at insurance policies first. A time will be provided for the insurance policies review.

David Fredrickson, Public Works Director asked the board to allow him to order 25 percent more large and small Pay As You Throw bags. This would save money since ordering 4 pallets of each doesn't quite get the town through the year resulting in a costly reorder  that has to be for a minimum of 4 pallets of each when not that many are needed.

The board discussed allowing him to order 5 pallets of each large and small Pay As You Throw bags instead of four, as a cost saving measure. The board decided this was a good way to do it and authorized him to move forward with that.

The board went through the Warrant assigning  selectmen who were to speak on the individual articles.

Hammond told the board legal counsel told him that the money approved in last year's article to purchase the Bean Tavern could only be used for that purpose. A change of purpose article could be presented to the voters but it is too late to do that this year.

Resumes have come in for the Town Manager position and the board decided not to continue the advertisement after the end of January.

The Town Report will cost almost twice what was budgeted since the board recently voted to include all board and committee information. After a brief discussion the board accepted the bid of $7,500 from Loral Press to do the Town Report.

Hammond told the board Fredrickson had told him that there are large outstanding water bills and he  wants to take a more proactive collection approach. The board was astounded to learn there were overdue bills years long and was behind the new, stronger collection approach. The plan is to introduce a stiffer delinquency plan.

Hammond said that that the Economic Development Revitalization Zones have been renewed for five years.

The board approved a $250 donation for training for the Police and Dispatch Department from the Chadwick family.

The board voted to approve a bid of $4,990 for camera system upgrades for the Water Treatment Facility and DPW Highway garages. The intent is to bring all the camera system technology and controls under a single system. The board approved Jenks suggestion to split the cost between the Water Treatment Capital Reserve Fund and the General Government Building Capital Reserve Fund. The board was ok with this.

The board voted to approve five tax abatement requests; an application from a church for the use of the Town Common and there will be no fee charged for this; and, approved the timber tax Certification of Yield Tax Assessed.


Raymond Board of Selectmen Introduce New Public Works Director and Discuss a Few Warrant Articles
By Penny Williams    1-12-22

The Board of Selectmen met Monday night, January 10, and introduced David Fredrickson as the new Director of Public Works, replacing the recently retired long time director Steve Brewer. Fredrickson gave the board a brief summary of his credentials and said he is a resident of Raymond.  

Interim Town Manager, Fire Chief Paul Hammond told the board that Building Inspector Gregory Arvanitis has resigned and his position needs to be filled. He said an advertisement for the position is being worked on.

Zachary Frentross, Melanson CPA's, reviewed the Towns audit, telling the board the town is in good financial shape. He added that there was no Management Letter which is good since only about 10 towns that Melanson CPA's cover don't receive a Management Letter advising them where and how they should improve things.

Keith Smith was appointed for a 3 year term to the Rockingham Planning Commission. There was a discussion about the third person from Raymond, Christina McCarthy not having time to attend and therefore possibly another person should be appointed for that third seat. The board wanted to talk with McCarthy before making that move.
The board after a brief discussion with Waste Management Public Sector Representative Pete Lachapelle, asked if Waste Management would extend their current contract for three months giving the town time to figure out what they are going to do with Pay-As-You-Throw plan or the development of resident subscription curbside pick-up. Lachapelle said Waste Management was willing to extend their contract for the requested three months.

Hammond reported that the Pay-As-You-Throw Committee had met prior to Brewer's leaving but nothing firm had been decided. It is thought that there will be a shortfall when as and if the Pay As You Throw program transitions to resident private subscription garbage pick -up.The thinking at this point is there will an article for the 2023 Warrant regarding this.

Town Finance Manager Julie Jenks reviewed several articles in preparation for the upcoming Public Hearing went over some articles.

* Article 2 - Citizen Petition shall Town Manager position become a Town Administrator position - this in terms of its purpose

* Article 23 - and Article 24  One-Time Cyclic Procurement Capital Reserve Fund - The board discussed along with Article 23 and the board approved amending it to cober state and Federal election costs.

Article 30 - Citizen Petition looking to establish a Full Time Planner for Raymond who would be responsible for CIP. Master Plan, Economic Development, Review of Zoning and provide technical assistance to the Planning Board thus ending the need for Rockingham Planning Commission Circuit Rider and techinical assistant now being used. The board was concerned that there was no money attached to this and made it clear if it passed there would be a tax impact. Jenks indicated she and Hammond had looked around and Planners salary and benefits range from $99,000 to $150,000.

The board approved a donation of $250 from the Chadwick family for the Fire Department firefighter training.

Hammond said that the town has combined all its printer contracts with Cannon into a single lease and Cannon bought out the Police Department copier contract of $4,123 with another company and will provide a Cannon copier.

Hammond said he will be meeting with the town and school moderators regarding the Deliberative session. After a discussion the board favored using the cafetorium with masks optional.

Kevin Woods sent a letter concerning the One-Time Cyclic Procurement articles. The board felt they had addressed his concerns with the changes made to the articles particularly in Article 24.

Tina Thomas asked about properties located at 29 Langford Drive and 71 Prescott Road. She was told the bidders who won these properties ended up unable to procure funding so the properties would be re-advertized. In answer to a question she raised about 17 Epping she was told it is litigation. She asked about the Onway Lake Fund  and was told it was established 20 years ago and has $7,363.92 in it today. It was created for fire protection that would be provided by developers.

Thomas asked the board how they could have allowed the Chadwick's route and account numbers to be available to the public? Chair George Plante said it was a mistake. Thomas said the board needs to do things properly. Thomas also objected the board's decision to go into non-public with respect to requested tax abatements. Plante said members had questions regarding the abatement requests that needed to be discussed in non-public.









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