2022 Sandown Planning Board Meetings

Sandown Planning Board Approved Triple Elm Coffee and Ice Cream Shop Application and the Snow Lane Elderly Housing Development Hearing Got Contentious
By Penny Williams    11-17-22

On Tuesday, November 15, the Sandown Planning Board had a full agenda but in the end only approved one of three site plan applications on it.

The board took up the continued Site Plan Review for a 12 Unit Elderly Housing Development submitted by Granite Engineering on behalf of their client Hersey Road Redevelopment Group for property located at the end of Snow Lane.

Jeff Merritt, Granite Engineering, presented the changes that have been made to the site plan for the development based on input from the board, residents and the Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom & Associates, at the previous hearing.

The site is 118 acres of which 12 are carved out for this development, the remainder is under a Conservation easement. The proposal is for two units to be in each building so six buildings are planned.

Merritt described the changes made to the proposed roadway and the 30-foot buffer. He indicated landscaping designs have been added to address supplemental buffer zone trees.

Regarding recreation he said trails in the open space would be connected to the existing Eagle Trail and a community garden would be included.

Interior street lighting has been eliminated except for the central mailbox center, he stated.

He indicated they are still working with NH Fish and Game and that the legal documents are still being worked on. He indicated he had received the letter from Fire Department regarding the cistern and the size of the cistern,

Fire Chief Michael Devine spoke up saying the cistern needs to be 30,000 gallons and be centrally located as this development is out in the woods so the cistern and sprinklers in the buildings are necessary along with an appropriate turn around .

The applicant will also agree to a fair share apportionment for wear and tear on Snow Lane from construction. Keach suggested this be for the first 800 feet of Snow Lane. It was also suggested that Soil Scientist Bruce Gilday be asked to review the property with respect to environmental issues.

Snow Lane residents. Todd Morey and Kevin Major spoke up both saying that Keach was not representing the town but rather the applicants.  Both men raised their voices and condemned Keach's handling of the proposed plan.

 Major also shouted at Keach accusing him of not representing the town adequately and not questioning the plan presenters sufficiently.

 Keach responded saying he wasn't taking that and would leave. Board Chair John White admonished Major to calm down and proceed professionally. Major lowered his voice and continued.

Major wanted to know why the vernal pool was not shown on the plan. He was told it is in the notes and attachments but he wasn't happy about this. He said the plan is not suited to this parcel and the endangered species there are not being adequately addressed.

Major also contended that Snow Lane is not adequately built to hold up to the truck traffic that will be generated. Further, he said the blasting of rock that will need to be done to allow the road to be constructed to the development will go over the side and threaten the vernal pool.

Once things settled down it was suggested that a site walk would be in order and that Gilday, board members, Conservation Commission members, Merritt and anyone from the public who wishes to go should go on the site walk.

The meeting was continued to the December 6, meeting but the plan is to try and arrange the site walk for noontime on December 6.

The board heard the site plan review submitted by Tim Lavelle, James Lavelle & Associates on behalf of S & H Walker Woods Holdings LLC for property located at 112 Little Mill Road.

This is a 67.2 acre parcel that will see an Open Space development for 23 residences, single family detached condominiums. Each will have its own septic and wells will serve groups of three dwellings.

Lavelle said the state permits have been applied for- dredge and fill, wetlands, Alteration of Terrain (AOT), and sub-division permits.

The board accepted the site plan for jurisdiction. The roadway will be private but built to Sandown town road standards. There was a request for box culverts for the wetland crossing to address wildlife needs.

Devine spoke up and asked that a cistern be part of the proposed development plan.

Keach pointed out that the wetland crossing will require a Conditional Use Permit. Lavelle said he has still got to go to Conservation with the plan.

The plan includes no waivers yet but the 2,000 foot roadway exceeds the allowable 1,000  foot roadway zoning regulation so that will require a waiver. It was noted since the parcel touches Showell Pond a Shoreland Protection permit will be needed.

Several residents spoke up and their concerns were mainly about the impact of the developments wells on their wells and questions about the use of Showell Pond by these new residents.

The board approved continuing the hearing to the December 20, meeting of the board.

David Valence presented his amended site plan on behalf of DJV Properties that seeks to add a 25-foot extension to the Triple Elm Coffee and Ice Cream Shop at 323 Main Street.

The site plan was approved July 18, 2017. The extension will be for storage and kitchen equipment and would be the same level as the current building.

No new employees or seats will be added so there will be no septic impact.

There is a stormwater management drain pipe near the proposed expansion which will be moved slightly if it is necessary.

The proposed plan was fairly simple and the board approved it.

The board approved Keach's recommendation to reduce the Dackam Fields bond given what they have already completed. The current $418,324 bond was reduced to $229,364.63.

The board approved the request from Civil Design Consultants on behalf of Hasago LLC to continue their hearing for an Excavation Application for property located at 2 Showell Pond Road to the board's December 6, meeting.

Sandown Planning Board Hear Residents Concerns Over Snow Lane Elderly Development
By Penny Williams   10-19-22

The Sandown Planning Board met Tuesday night, October 18, and residents raised concerns over a proposed elderly development off Snow Lane.

The first hearing for the Site Plan Review for a 12 unit Elderly Housing Development submitted by Granite Engineering on behalf of Richard and Norma Drowne, Hersey Road Development Group, for property located at the end of Snow Lane was the only hearing that took place Tuesday evening.

Jeffrey Merritt and Brenton Cole, Granite Engineering, presented the plan for a 12 unit elderly housing development on land located off the end of Snow Lane in Sandown. The property is an approximately 118 acre lot of which all but the 12.5 acres that is the subject of the proposed development is under a NRCS easement and is conservation land. NRCS offers easement programs to landowners who chose to protect their land in a beneficial way.

The proposed development would have 6 buildings with 2, two bedroom units in each. The roadway would be a private roadway, 22 feet wide off of the end of Snow Lane. Each unit will have its own driveway and garage and there will four visitor parking spaces next to the self contained mail center. There will be sidewalks throughout.

There will be a community well system with a road to the pump house. The community well will serve all the units. There will be a community septic system for the development.

The plans include storm management and drainage designs with a closed drainage system. Minimum lighting will be in place and will adhere to Dark Sky regulations and LED lighting. Merritt said the intent is to sprinkle the buildings/units.

Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom & Associates told the board the application is complete and the board took jurisdiction of the plan.

 Keach noted that permits from the state for the development, and an AOT permit are needed;  a town driveway permit for the private road off of Snow Lane is needed; and, the developers need to meet with the Fire Chief.

Keach indicated some notes need to be added to the plan and more information regarding a proposed easement on adjoining property to allow for construction of the road and providing a 30 foot buffer is needed.

The Condo and Home Owner Association documents will need to go to the Town Attorney.

Public Comment was opened and long time Snow Lane resident Kevin Major spoke at length about his concerns with the proposed development.

Major is concerned about the negative impact to the vernal pool that is at the bottom of Snow Lane and in the vicinity of the proposed private roadway. He is concerned about the endangered and threatened species that inhabit the area.

He indicated the issues he raised have all been vetted by the NH Department of Environmental Services and the State Fish and Game Division as far back as 2008 when a much larger development was proposed, but which never came to fruition as well as recent discussions of these issues with these organizations and he plans to contact the federal bureaus as well.

Major noted that some of the proposed buildings are right in the midst of the highest ranked habitat in the state and region.

Merritt responded saying the road goes above the vernal pool and that a Wildlife Study by NH Fish and Game is planned.

Todd Morey, another Snow Lane resident, raised several questions regarding the proposed plan questioning whether they met the town's regulations.

One thing he raised concerns the buffer zone that will be on adjacent property.  Another issue he raised was with the length of the private road that will be roughly 3,500 feet when the town only allows 1,000 feet. He also indicated the proposed turn off of Snow Lane to the private roadway will be sharp and difficult in winter and that the snow that goes off the roadside and into the vernal pool isn't pure as Merritt indicated. In fact will include whatever has been on the roadway such as salt etc.

Morey questioned the stormwater management plan; asked if there will be water conditioning units for the buildings; questioned whether there would be blasting; and, questioned whether there need to be any road lights. He also raised issue of the burden to Snow Lane that the construction vehicles will cause.

The board voted to continue the hearing to the November 15, Planning Board meeting.

The Planning Board also continued  to November 15, the continued Hearing for the Excavation Application from Civil Design Consultants on behalf of Hasago LLC for property located at 2 Showell Pond Road.

The Public Hearing for a Site Plan Review submitted by Tim Lavelle, James Lavelle & Associates on behalf of S&H Walker Woods Holding LLC for property located at 112 Little Mill Road was also continued to the November 15, meeting.

In Other Business:

The Sandown Senior Affairs Transportation Program (SSATP) is seeking volunteers for the following:

Elderly Affairs Director/Chairperson SSATP- SSATP is seeking an Elderly Affairs Director and Chairperson.  This is a volunteer position to oversee and coordinate SSATP and chair the SSATP monthly meetings. SSATP provides free transportation service and support through a volunteer network to the elderly, disabled, chronically or temporarily ill residents of the Town of Sandown.
Scheduler - SSATP is seeking a volunteer scheduler for about one hour per week.  The scheduler coordinates drivers with residents seeking rides through the program. 

Drivers - SSATP is seeking volunteer drivers. We provide safe, friendly free of charge transportation to Sandown residents who otherwise would be unable to readily get to their necessary medical appointments. Whether you can volunteer to drive often or just on occasion, each ride makes a huge difference!

Committee Members - The SSATP currently has 1 open position for a regular member. This is a volunteer committee formed to provide transportation for Sandown residents who are elderly, disabled, chronically or temporarily ill. The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please call Scott Bickford at (603) 479-4413.


Sandown Planning Board Approved Little Mill Road Condo Conversion Application
By Penny Williams  10-6-22

The Sandown Planning Board met Tuesday evening, October 4, and approved a Condo Conversion application, continued another Public Hearing, and, then held a work session.

Peter Stoddard, S & H Land Services, on behalf of Kevin Landry and Karis Conner, presented a subdivision application for a Condo Conversion of a duplex located at 156 Little Mill Road.

The duplex was built and approved in 1978 and the new owners have renovated each of the 3 bedroom units. They wish to convert the duplex into a condominium.

Stoddard provided the septic permit for the newly install septic system. He provided a subdivision permit from the state and a letter from the Town Attorney approving the condo documents.

Stoddard noted that all of the comments in the Town Engineer, Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom & Associates' letter have been addressed. In addition, he provided a site plan and a floor plan.

Keach recommended the board take jurisdiction of the application and approve it as everything was in order.

There were no questions from the board and there was no public so the board approved taking jurisdiction and then approved the condo conversion plan as presented.

The board announced that the continued Public Hearing for Hasago LLC for an Excavation Application  for property located at 2 Showell Pond Road, submitted by Civil Design Consultants, Inc., on behalf of Hasago was continued to the board's October 18, meeting.

The board then conducted a work session.


Sandown Planning Board Meeting Agenda Continued Due to Lack of a Quorum
By Penny Williams    9-21-22

On Tuesday evening, September 20, the Sandown Planning Board was forced to continue its agenda due to not having a quorum.

Vice Chair Ernie Brown apologized to the full room of residents who had gathered for the meeting noting that the missing members were absent due to illness.

The continued Public Hearing for an Excavation Application submitted by Civil Design Consultants, Inc., on behalf of Hasago LLC regarding subject property located at 2 Showell Pond Road was continued to the board's October 4, meeting.

The Public Hearing for Site Plan Review submitted by Tim Lavelle, James Lavelle & Associates on behalf of S & H Walker Woods Holdings LLC for subject property located at 112 Little Mill Road was continued to the October 18, meeting of the board.

The Public hearing for a Subdivision Application submitted by Peter Stoddard of S & H Land Services on behalf of Landry and Karin Conner for subject property located at 156 Little Mill Road was continued to the board's October 4, meeting.

The meeting was adjourned since no business could be conducted.

The Sandown Planning Board Brings in Experts to Address Resident Concerns
By Penny Williams   8-18-22

The Sandown Planning Board brought in experts to the Thursday, August 18 meeting, to address resident concerns stemming from the hearing for the Hasago LLC  Excavation Application.

At the previous meeting many residents raised a variety of questions about the impact of the Hasago Gravel Pit operation and what they felt were its impacts on Showell Pond and potential negative impacts on their wells.

The board had the Towns Engineer, Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom & Associates, Bruce Gilday, Land Consultant and official consultant for the Sandown  Conservation Commission, and Brian Butler, Conservation Commission Chair were there. They all addressed comments and concerns previously raised as well as a couple of comments made when Public Comment was allowed at the meeting.

Gilday addressed the concern raised by residents that the Hasago submission claimed the two small wetlands in the area they want to expand excavation to are no longer viable. He explained that those wetlands do not have any of the three criteria required for a wetland to be considered viable therefore they are no longer there. He pointed out there is no hydrology and the plant life is dying off.

Residents raised concerns about increase of phosphorus in Showell Pond and their wells. The residents blamed the gravel pit and its blasting for it.

Keach indicated that blasting would not cause the level of phosphorus to increase and it is more likely that Showell Pond's increase is due to abutting property fertilizer and septic run off. Blasting would not have an impact on the phosphorus levels. However, the blasting might have caused a fracture and water bled off from that, but that would have been some 10 years ago.

One concern raised again was that the proposed plan will have a negative impact on wildlife. Gilday indicated that during his inspections he had seen no evidence of any wildlife and certainly there were no vernal pools where the wetlands once were.

The responsibility for monitoring and addressing any impacts of the blasting lie with the state and precautions and measures to address any potential impacts would be addressed by the State through issuing the Alteration of Terrain Permit.

With the responses provided the Planning Board approved continuing the hearing to the September 20 meeting of the Planning Board.

In quick fashion the board approved the Subdivision Application submitted by S.E.C & Associates on behalf of Robert Nickerson Revocable Trust regarding subdividing a parcel at 177 Main Street into two lots.

The main lot would retain the dwelling well and septic system that exists. The newly created lot would have its own dwelling built with well and septic.

Because the newly created lot didn't meet soil sizing requirements the proposal went to the Zoning Board of Adjustment and that board awarded a Variance that would allow a 3 bedroom dwelling on the newly created lot.

The proposal has the driveway permit and subdivision permit from the State.

The board approved the waiver for a $1,000 donation to the Recreation Commission in lieu of providing recreation for the two lot subdivision.

Michael Cronin's public hearing for a Subdivision Application was approved by the board. This proposal was initially submitted a year ago. There was a continued discussion of the three lots being created off of Hershey Road, a Class VI roadway. There is access off of 65 Odell Road.

A Dredge and Fill Permit has been applied for. The driveway will be considered a roadway and given a name. The revised plan has increased the size of the driveway/road and it will be built to regular Sandown road regulations per Fire Chief Michael Devine's request as well as providing required turn arounds.

In addition Devine requested that the dwellings be sprinkled.

An easement has been granted to a homeowner who needs to use the driveway/roadway to access the rear of his property.

Homeowner Association Documents will be drawn up and approved by Town Counsel addressing monitoring and maintaining the driveway roadway. A resident suggested a requirement should be added that the driveway /roadway be plowed if 3 inches of  snow falls and the board agreed as did Tim Lavelle, Lavelle & Associates, the presenter.

The board approved the Site Plan Application submitted by James and Sarah Surette for the Chesterbrook School of Natural Learning located at 232 Fremont Road in Chester.

The Chester Planning Board approved the proposal but because the building that will be used for classrooms is in Sandown, Sandown's Planning Board has to approve the proposal and sign off on the plans.

There will be a septic system put in to address bathrooms for school building for the students and the permit has been procured.

An abutter letter with complaints made to the Chester Planning Board was read for the Sandown board members but the information from Chester's Planning Director Andrew Hadik,  indicated that the complaints were not correct or significant.

Chester's conditions will need to be added to the plans as well as the Sandown approval of the two requested waivers - one for high intense soil survey for mapping and the other for installing landscaping, neither of which are needed.

The board approved the Conditional Use Permit request submitted by Normandeau Associated on behalf of Eversource for the replacement of five existing R193 line structures located in Sandown.

The current exiting wooden structures will be replaced by new; upgraded steel poles between October and January and in the spring restoration of the area where the structures were replaced will be addressed and restored.

Bill McCoy said this Condition Use Permit request has been before the Conservation Commission and they have provided a letter favorably recommending the Planning Board approve the request.

The board decided to hold a workshop during part of their next meeting on August 23, to address the new legislation regarding the posting of land use fees.

Keach indicated that the document, developed by Colleen Olsen, secretary for the Planning Board, regarding the fees needs to be amended and some of the fees she included removed as they are consultant fees and not covered by the legislation.

The legislation requires that the fee schedule be posted by August 23 and the board voted to approve the amended fee schedule document Olsen developed so it could be posted on the town Web site and on the board at Town Hall.

The board will hold a work session to review the fees that are included in the document addressed by the Legislature.


Sandown Planning Board Hear Residents Claim Hasago Gravel Pit Operations Have Damaged Showell Pond
By Penny Williams    7-21-22

On Tuesday evening, July 19, the Sandown Planning Board held a public hearing on an Excavation Application for the Hasago Gravel Pit and residents spoke up claiming the pits operations have caused damage to Showell Pond.

Bill Hall, Civil Design Consultants, presented the application on behalf of Paul; Busby, Hasago LLC Inc. The pit has been under Hasago operation since the 2003 approval. The pit is in Sandown and Hampstead but work is only conducted in Sandown.

Hall presented an amended plan in response to requests from the state in regard to the company's Alteration of Terrain Permit request. He indicated that blasting will need to take place and where this would take place was identified on the revised plan he had on display. He said there needs to be between 15 and 30 feet of material removed to flatten the area they want to work. He indicated there would be no drainage flow off the area. He presented a reclamation plan for the pit.

Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach & Nordstrom Associates, said he had reviewed the technical aspects of the plan. He noted that has been operating on a day to day schedule based on the 2003 Planning Board approval. He indicated the State AOT permit is required for the present application as well the development meeting the Shoreline Protection requirements relating to Showell Pond.

Since the property is bifurcated by the Sandown Hampstead town line, the Hampstead Planning Board will have to approve the application as well as Sandown Planning Board.

The meeting was packed with people from Sandown and Hampstead opposed to approving the continuation of the pit operation due its damaging impact on Showell Pond.

Hall had indicated that there are no wetlands that are currently viable and residents disagreed with this. Several spoke
wanting a soil scientist not related to the Gravel Pit owners to monitor the parcel and determine the state of the wetlands. The residents not only questioned the Hasago Inc. soil scientist but  questioned Keach's authority and qualifications. 

Residents complained about violations in the operation of the gravel pit over the years and the impact of the operations on Showell Pond. Several gave statements that people  years ago could swim in Showell Pond but that the blasting and operation of the pit has caused damage.

The damage they identified as increased phosphorous and cynobacteria blooms in the pond making it unusable. Several claim that since there has been no blasting and activity in the last year the pond has returned to being quite clear which shows the relationship between the pit operations and the issues with the quality of the pond.

Several residents complained that pit operations caused cracks in their dwellings and threatened their wells. They expressed concern that more blasting would cause well and ground water issues as well as continuing to damage Showell Pond.

Several residents claimed about the pit operation violations - starting work prior to 7 a.m. and after closing at 5 p.m. - as well as other incidents of violations have not been addressed by the town. The residents wanted to know what the town would do to monitor the pit operations and address and violations going forward.

The board suggested that the independent and Conservation Commission Soil Scientist Bruce Gilday would be able to address many of the resident questions and he would be invited to be at the board's August 3, meeting to respond to resident questions.

Selectman Tom Tomarello said that in the years he has been on the Board of Selectmen he has heard none of the resident complaints about the gravel pit operation or the trouble at Showell Pond. He urged residents to come to the board with their questions and complaints and to meet with the town's Code Enforcement Officer Paul D'Amore.

The board approved continuing the public hearing to their August 3, meeting.

The board conditionally approved the Site Plan application  on behalf of  Ed and Linda Mencis, for construction of a building at 8 Sandlot Way. The plan was presented by Charlie Zilch, SEC Associates,

The proposed building would be a shelter for recreation use in the event of bad weather. The building would be four sided with entrances on all four sides and 40 by 80 feet in size built on a concrete slab.

There will be electric and water and toilet facilities since the Code Enforcement Officer said these need to be included and they were initially thought to be possibly added after construction. The amended site plan will need to show the septic and well locations and a State Septic permit will need to be obtained.

There were two waivers sought. One was to not have to do a total topographical mapping  of the entire Sandlot recreation area. The second was to not have to provide a landscape design. The board approved both waivers.

Fire Chief Michael Devine said there needs to be a 20-foot roadway around the building so the department could get a truck there in an emergency and that is easily done Mencis indicated.

The conditional approval included specific conditions recommended by Keach that includes receipt of the NH DES Septic approval; complete review and ok of Sandown Fire Department; a clean letter from him; the approved waivers noted on the plan; and, maintenance of a pre-account balance.


Sandown Planning Board Public Hearings for 65 Odell Road and Showell Pond Road Continued
By Penny Williams   6-22-22

The Sandown Planning Board met Tuesday evening, June 21, and the two public hearings on the agenda were continued.

Tin Lavelle, James Lavelle Associates, told the board that the Michael Cronin Subdivision at 65 Odell Road that subdivides one large lot into three smaller lots  still doesn't have the dredge and fill permit from the state although it is expected by weeks' end.

One question that came up was when the Class VI Hersey Road would be accepted as a Town road. It was noted this is the responsibility of the Board of Selectmen but Planning Board Chair John White indicated he thought this would happen in the near future.

After Lavelle went over the main points of the application for the new members of the board the board voted to approve his request to continue this hearing until August 16. This would continue both the public hearing and extend the 65 day clock.

White told the board a letter was received from Civil Design Consultants, Inc., on behalf of their client Hasago LLC, requesting a continuance of the scheduled public hearing to the board's July 19th meeting for the property located at 2 Showell Pond Road. The board voted to approve the request.

Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell discussed with the board the Town Properties that will be presented for auction. She indicated that the list she presented to them with the potential properties to be put up for auction needed to be checked by them and any they didn't want auctioned would be removed. She said she has already removed some parcels after the Conservation Commission and Heritage Commission reviewed the list and asked that some properties be removed.

The Planning Board members had no issues with any of the properties potentially to be auctioned off and approved putting a letter together to be sent to the Selectmen approving the list as it stands now of properties to be put up for auction.

Charlie Zilch, SEC Associates presented two sets of Mylars to the board to be signed.

The first was for Dackam Fields, a 113 acre former sand pit that will see about 34 acres developed into 11 individual lots with Open Space around them.

The plans have been approved by the board and the Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom Associates. Arrangements have been made for the assurance and off- site improvements.

After a brief discussion, the board agreed the Mylars could be signed but not taken to the registry until the assurance and off-site improvements money is actually in place.

The second set of Mylars was for Hoytford Hills, an 80 acre development off of Ferguson Road that will have 48 units in 13 buildings. This has been around for 2 years and is still being held up by the NH Fish and Game who have yet to sign off on the site plan. That means the dredge and fill application hasn't been issued by the state.

NH Fish & Game's issue is wildlife and vernal pools identified as being on the property. In fact there are 9 vernal pools and Blanding and painted turtles have been seen.

However, one issue that was finally completed was the donation of a 35 acre section for conservation donated to the town that will be monitored by the Southeast Land Trust.

Until the NH Fish & Game signs off on the site plan, the state will not issue the AOT permit. Once he has received that, Zilch will bring the Mylars to the Planning Board office, not at a public meeting, and they can be signed there at that time by the appropriate board member.

White told the board he has met with Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC) and found they have grants available that the Planning Board may be able to apply for. He indicated he is in the process of developing a relationship with the RPC so these grants can be accessed.

The board held a work session on Site Access and Lighting Regulations.


Sandown Planning Board Meeting Lacked a Quorum
By Penny Williams   5-18-22

The Sandown Planning Board met Tuesday evening, May 17, and couldn't do any business requiring a vote because they did not have a quorum.

Chair John White read a request from Lavelle Associates into the record asking for a continuance to the June board meeting for Michael Cronin's subdivision hearing for property at 65 Odell Road.

Sandown Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell was at the meeting to provide the Planning Board with the list of town owned deeded properties that potentially could be auctioned off. The Sandown Selectmen have decided to arrive at a dozen or so properties to be auctioned.

The final group of properties, she explained, will be put together after the Conservation Committee, Planning Board, and Heritage Commission provide their recommendations regarding any properties they feel should not be auctioned and two public hearings have been held.

Blaisdell said the board should review the list and recommend any properties on the list they feel should not be auctioned. She indicated she would return to the board's next meeting for the board's recommendations regarding properties.

The board discussed a few items it had intended to work on in a work session before adjourning.


Sandown Planning Board’s 65 Odell Road Subdivision Hearing Continued and Future Planning Board Meetings start at 6:30 PM
By Penny Williams      4-20-22

On Tuesday evening, April 19, the Sandown Planning Board met and found its only Public Hearing had been continued.

The board received a request from James Lavelle & Associates to continue to the board's May 17, meeting, the Public Hearing for a Subdivision Application submitted by Michael Cronin for property at 65 Odell Road. This is a minor subdivision seeking to subdivide one lot into three lots.

At the March 15, hearing, James Lavelle said the changes to site plan include improvements to the turn around on one parcel that the fire chief had requested and that the driveway will be named Cronin's Way. The street numbers will be 6, 12, and 18, as per the Fire Chief Michael Devine.

The hearing was continued to April 19, when Lavelle indicated he would have the Dredge and Fill permit and a clean letter from Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom & Associates

The board briefly discussed whether yet another continuance of this particular application was justified and decided since the site plan and its changes had been provided at the last meeting this continuance request should be allowed. The board voted to approve the continuance. However, they discussed capping continuances in the future to two before requesting the applicant start over unless significant progress has been demonstrated.

The board discussed a suggestion from Selectman liaison Tom Tombarello to start the Planning Board meetings at 6:30 p.m. rather than 7 p.m. similar to the change the Selectmen had made several years ago.

Board members liked the idea of starting at 6:30 p.m. and decided to try it starting at the May meeting.

The board discussed briefly capping a meeting's length and pointed out pluses and minuses of doing so. They decided to discuss this possibility again at a later date.

The board nominated Chair John White to be a member of the Rockingham Planning Commission representing Sandown. The board's recommendation will now go to the Board of Selectmen for appointment.

The board then shifted into a work session to discuss Site Access and Parking issues and Building on Class VI Roads.



Chair of the Heritage Commission Attends Sandown Planning Board Meeting and Odell Road Subdivision Continued
By Penny Williams    3-16-21

On Tuesday night, March 15, the Chair of the Heritage Commission, Pamela Gaudreau, explained to the Planning Board about the role of the Heritage Commission and her desire to have developers check properties for possible ancient structures for identification purposes before developments obliterate them.

The Heritage Commission's role is to provide proper recognition, use and protection of resources that are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic or common significance with their natural, built or cultural contexts.

Gaudreau explained that she has located many really old structures, similar to those that can be viewed at Stonehenge in Salem, on property in Sandown and many on her own property. She said she has tried every way she knows to get the State to come and look at some of the sites and take an interest in them but has failed to succeed in this effort. But she has verified that at least some of the structures and stones are indeed ancient sites.

Her plea to the Planning Board was two-fold: One she hoped someone on the Planning Board would come be on the Heritage Commission. The second was that the Planning Board would make developers aware of the potential for such sites and to have them identified and protected as part of a development.

On the first she caught the attention of Planning Board member, Tricia Edris who will become a Planning Board member on the Heritage Commission. Edris also asked Gaudreau for a tour of the sites and Gaudreau said anytime.

John White suggested that something could be added to the Site Plan Regulations that would drive asking developers to inspect the proposed parcel to be developed to see if there are any potential historic sites and if so to identify them. Gaudreau stated that this would in no way impede a project.

Her presentation introduced Planning Board members to some of the things she has identified and she said she has used LIDAR technology to see things that underground and had Salem's America's Stonehenge people over to review some of the structures she has found and they had verified them as ancient historical structures and sites.

James Lavelle, James Lavelle & Associates presented an amended site plan for Michael Cronin's property located at 65 Odell Road. This is a minor subdivision seeking to subdivide one lot into three lots.

Lavelle asked for a Recreation requirement waiver and offered a $1,000 donation to the Recreation Department for each of the two new lots being created in lieu of providing recreation development for the lots. The board approved the waiver.

Lavelle said the changes to site plan include the improvements to the turn around on one parcel that the fire chief had requested and that the driveway will be named Cronin's Way. The street numbers will be 6, 12, and 18, as per the Fire Chief Michael Devine.

After a brief discussion Lavelle asked for a continuance to the next board meeting, April 19, when he would have the Dredge and Fill permit and a clean letter from Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom & Associates. The board approved the continuance request.

The board then discussed reorganization after Vice Chair John White was sworn in by selectmen's liaison Eric Olsen after his re-election to the board at the recent town elections..

Planning Board Secretary Ed Mencis suggested just keeping the officers as they are today. There was a brief discussion between White and Ernest Brown the current Chair as to whether Brown would like to take a break from being chair and White take an opportunity to air his ideas as Chair. In the end the board approved White as Chair, Brown as Vice Chair and Mencis will continue as secretary. 


Sandown Planning Board Approve Town Site Plan Regulation Changes
By Penny Williams    5-17-22

The Sandown Planning Board met Tuesday, February 15, and held a public hearing for the changes the board had worked on to the town's Site Plan Regulations regarding Landscaping and approved the changes.

The board held the public hearing to amend article VI Section A-C and replace it with an updated set of requirements concerning Landscaping. The board developed the changes and John White, Vice Chair noted the changes take this section from a single page of requirements to a four page set of amended requirements. This included the purposes, definitions, terms, general requirements, some specific requirements and touches on residential buffering, line of site at intersections, and screening for unsightly features.

Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom & Associates indicated since the board had developed these amended regulations and approved them and no one from the public appeared to comment or question all the board needed to do was to vote to accept the amended Site Plan changes regarding Landscaping. The board voted unanimously to accept the proposed amended requirements.

The board held a public hearing for a subdivision application submitted by Michael Cronin for property located at 65 Odell Road that was presented by Tim Lavelle, Lavelle & Associates.

Lavelle said he was waiting to hear from Fire Chief Michael Devine regarding his redesigned driveway and that Keach had not had the plan long enough to comment on it as yet. He indicated that the single driveway crosses two properties to access the third. He asked for and was granted a continuance to the board's March 15, meeting.

Lavelle presented a subdivision application on behalf of Alexander Oski, for property located at 127 Odell Road, for subdividing one lot into 3 smaller lots. Lavelle indicated that his design proposed a 10-foot easement across the roadside for all three lots. He said he had added the impact fee note on the plan but was waiting for the State Approval of the Subdivision.

He requested two waivers. The first was to not have to meet the road shoulder improvement regulation since Odell Road is to be redone. The board approved this waiver request.

The second waiver was for not having to construct a recreation area on the property but to donate to the Recreation Commission Fund a donation of $1,000 for each of the two new lots being created. The board approved this waiver.

The board conditionally approved the application.

Lavelle presented a lot line adjustment application on behalf of Andrew Pellerin and Bradley and Denice Walker Revocable Trust for property on Hemlock Circle and Laurel Hill. The lot line adjustment will correct an existing situation and Keach said all issues had been addressed. The board took jurisdiction of the application and then voted to approve it.

Daniel Johnson, Plaistow Consultants, presented an subdivision application on behalf of Daniel Ronan for property located at 607 Main Street. The parcel is a 8.4 acre parcel and the plan proposes to carve out a new 1.9 acre lot.

Johnson indicated that he had the NH DES Subdivision Approval but waiting on the  NH DOT permit for the driveway.

He asked for a waiver from the recreation requirement and offered a $1,000 donation to the Recreation Commission Fund in lieu of developing a recreation area on the site. The board granted that waiver request.

Since Keach said this was a minor subdivision application the board could go ahead and conditionally approve it subject to getting the NH DOT permit. The board conditionally approved the subdivision application.

The board reduced the Bond on Valerie Way/Bobcat Way down to $4,800 which will be held until the spring when the rest of the work would be done.

There was a discussion about water issues on Pillsbury Road but it was noted they are not due to the adjacent development. Town road work is planned to take care of these water and drainage issues.

Sandown Planning Board Continues Public Hearings for Two Odell Road Properties to February
By Penny Williams     1-19-22

The Sandown Planning Board met on Tuesday evening, January 18, and addressed two public hearings, both of which were continued to February.

The first hearing was a subdivision application submitted by Michael Cronin for property located at 65 Odell Road that originally appeared before the board back in April, 2021. Since that time there have been repeated requests for continuation of this application.

At the board's December meeting, based on information regarding what the board could do from Town Engineer Steve Keach,  Keach Nordstrom Associates, the board made the decision to write a letter to Cronin requesting his or his representative's presence at the January 18,  meeting. The board felt that if a further request for continuance is made the board would be in a position to deny that continuance and if no one came to the hearing in January,  the applications could be refused and Cronin would have to re-apply from the beginning again.

Tim Lavelle, James Lavelle & Associates, presented the revised Cronin plan and took the blame for the delay and getting this subdivision plan before the board. He said he had the revised plans and he quickly reviewed the subdivision proposal.

The subdivision contemplates a 3 lot subdivision with a shared driveway. A Variance had been provided for the 205-foot frontage of the two lots on Class VI Hersey Road.

Fire Chief Michael Devine had some concerns regarding the proposal. He wants a turnaround sufficient for his fire trucks to be able to turn around. In addition he wants the single driveway to be named (possibly Cronin's Way) to meet 911 requirements and the 20-foot  driveway/private road continue as a 20-foot roadway to the third house lot, not narrowing down to 12-feet.

Lavelle said all these requests can be and will be met. But he still needs the state subdivision permit and the wetlands permit where the driveway crosses a small wetland area.

Keach told Lavelle he will need to take the proposal to the Board of Selectmen for them to provide authorization for construction and occupancy for the two new lots in exchange for a hold harmless for municipal liability to be which can be filed at the registry for the lots since they are on a Class VI roadway.  Keach asked that this hold harmless documentation be noted on each of the lot plans.

The wetlands impact is limited and the proposed plan has a permit from the Conservation Commission for it. In addition, there will be a waiver for Cronin to provide a donation in lieu of the Recreational Subdivision requirement.

He requested a continuance to the February 15, board meeting so he could make the necessary changes and updates on the plan and the board approved it.

The second Public Hearing, also presented by Tim Lavelle, was for a subdivision on behalf of Alexander Oski for property located at 127 Odell Road. The proposal would split the existing five parcels that have been voluntarily combined into a single lot into three smaller properties.

The present dwelling will remain on the 127 Odell Road lot, a second lot will be accessed from Odell Road and the third lot will be accessed from Pine Ridge Acres.
The two new lots will have wells and septic.
The board took jurisdiction of the Site plan as it is complete. Keach said it is a 'minor subdivision' and needs only the State Subdivision permit.
He also recommended that a waiver from having to do road shoulder work on Odell be requested as that portion of Odell is going to be reconstructed. A waiver for making a donation rather than providing a recreation area for the subdivision should also be requested. And, lastly, driveway permits would need to be gotten from Public Works Director Arthur Genualdo.
One resident spoke about concerns regarding runoff and drainage on Pine Ridge Acres and he was reassured that there would be no impact for his property by Keach.
Lavelle requested a continuance to the February 15, board meeting which was approved.
The Planning Board members spent some time discussing with Keach the Landscape Regulations that have been developed and the board also briefly discussed its Annual Report.






NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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