2021 Sandown Planning Board Meetings

Lot Line Adjustments Dominate the Sandown Planning Board Meeting
By Penny Williams     2-19-21

The Sandown Planning Board met Tuesday evening, February 16, and lot line adjustments dominated the meeting.

The first was a Public Hearing for a Lot Line Adjustment applied for by Joshua Padden Hardscapes and Ernest Brown Construction for property located at 265 and 271 Fremont Road.

Kevin Hatch, Cornerstone Survey Associates, presented the application. The plan is to take 12.27 acres from lot 20-1 and tack it onto lot 20-2, Padden's house lot. Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom Associates, said everything has been met with the exception of a certification of the monuments being set. Hatch said this would be dropped off along with the Mylars the next day and the board approved the lot line adjustment.

Hatch presented the next Lot Line Adjustment Public Hearing for Parker Davis for property located at 29 Hale True. The adjacent property is owned by Marie Celeste and the proposal is to take .35 acres of land from the Celeste property and add it to the Davis lot as probably should have been done originally, Hatch commented.

Keach said the application was 100 percent complete with everything addressed and the board approved the lot line adjustment.

The third Lot Line Adjustment Public Hearing application was from Thomas and Shelley Meehan and Nordic Lincoln Realty Trust for property located at 25 and 27 Sandlot Way a private way.

Jim Lavelle, Lavelle Associates, presented the request which involves altering the driveway in order to better serve the house lot. The application involves a swap of an equal amount of land between the two properties.

According to Keach no state permits were required and everything complied with the Zoning and he recommended approval of the request. The board voted to approve the lot line adjustment.

Normandeau Associates on behalf of Eversource, requested a Conditional Use permit to  allow the company to replace 3 structures on R193 Line Transmission that is in the area of Fremont Road to the Danville line. They will replace the wooden poles with metal poles which will be 5 to 10 feet higher.

The company will put down wetland mats for the construction work where needed. One condition was for the company to take into account the existing vernal pools that have been identified in the particular area. 

The Sandown Conservation Commission submitted a letter recommending the project be approved but requesting that the Town's Soil Scientist Bruce Gilday be given permission to monitor the project.

Keach said everything was in order and this application was similar to ones put before the board previously and he recommended they approve it with the conditions regarding the vernal pool protection and monitoring by Gilday. The board voted to approve.

The hearing for the Multi-Family Residential Site Plan for an Open Space Development consisting of 48 two-bedroom Townhouses located at the easterly end of Ferguson Lane and owned by D & H Construction of Plaistow, Inc, was continued to the board's March 16, meeting.


Sandown Planning Approves and Moves Stormwater Ordinance to Warrant
By Penny Williams 1-21-21

The Sandown Planning Board met on Tuesday, January 5, and again on Tuesday evening, January 19. They finalized and approved the mandated DEA Stormwater Zoning Ordinance.

The board had two versions, one developed by Nick Cristofori, Comprehensive Environmental, Inc., whom the town hired to prepare required EPA MS4 related documents, activities and actions, and one by Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom Associates.

 On January 5, Keach outlined the differences between the two versions saying Cristofori's was developed to fit as though it were a separate article in the Zoning Ordinances. His version took Cristofori's and edited it so it can be added to existing zoning ordinances.

The board then agreed to hold a Public Hearing on the proposed Stormwater Zoning Ordinance on Tuesday, January 19.

The board opened the Public Hearing on January 19, and no one from the public was present to discuss it and there were no calls received about it. The board tabled the continued Public Hearing to the end of their agenda in case anyone wanted to come and comment or call in and comment.

Keach's version of Amendment Z-1: To amend the text of Article VII to insert Part B entitled 'Stormwater Management Ordinance - Construction and Post Construction Requirements' for addition to the town's Zoning Ordinances. The intent is to expand the Ordinance to achieve compliance with federal requirement imposed on New Hampshire municipalities by the US Environmental Protection Agency under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4). The full text of the amendment can be found on the Planning Board page of the Town's web site.

The board, after closing the Public Hearing, discussed the fact they approved Keach's version of the ordinance. It was then put to a vote and the board approved forwarding Keach's version to the Warrant.

The board held a Public hearing for an application submitted by Montana Realty Trust for a subdivision of land at 68 Montana Drive. The application, presented by Kevin Hatch, Cornerstone Survey, said the lot, an oversized lot in the original subdivision, is 8.7 acres and the proposal is to subdivide it into two 4 + acre lots. Each lot would have its own well, septic and driveway.

Hatch had responded to Keach's letter and the only outstanding things were the NHDES subdivision permit numbers for each lot and the implementation of a couple of boundary points, both of which could be conditions of approval.

Jeff Blake, 69 Montana Drive spoke about a number of concerns he and current residents had regarding the proposed subdivision and construction of two more single family dwellings.

His concerns were primarily with damage to the current roadway resulting from a current dwelling construction underway, concern for well and foundations if and when blasting is required, an adjacent lot with a lot of fill and debris on it, and current drainage issues.

Hatch and Keach spent considerable time explaining his issues all are the result of the original subdivision still being under construction and as things are finalized the road issues and the associated drainage issues would be taken care of. They pointed out that the landowner, Bob Villella, is exercising his right to continue to develop the subdivision.

The board had approved the application as complete and had taken jurisdiction and after the discussion voted to conditionally approve it subject to the receipt of the NHDES permit numbers, the installation of the boundary points and maintenance of the pre-account balance. The driveway permit would need to be obtained from Sandown Public Works Director Artie Genualdo before construction can begin.

The continued Public Hearing for the Multi-Family Residential Site Plan Application for an Open Space Development of 48 two-bedroom Townhouses, by D & H Construction, Plaistow, located at the end of Ferguson Lane, was continued to the February 16, Planning Board meeting.




NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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