2020 Sandown Planning Board Meetings

Sandown Planning Board Holds Public and Compliance Hearings
By Penny Williams    5-6-20

The Sandown Planning Board met Tuesday evening, May 5, and approved the public hearing review of a minor subdivision as well as signing off on a compliance hearing.

The Public Hearing was to review the minor subdivision application of Roger and Darlene Jette at their 2 Hawkwood Road location. The plan is to subdivide the  2.18 acre lot into two lots, one with 1.02 acres and the second with 1.11 acres. The house will remain on the lot accessed from Hawkwood Road and the new lot will be accessed off of Main Street. A state driveway permit has been applied for as has the state subdivision permit. The plan is for a new dwelling to be built on the new lot. There are no wetlands on the two lots but there could be wetland impact from a neighboring lot.

There were two waivers requested by Tim Lavelle, Lavelle Associates, who represented the Jettes. The first waiver was a request to not have to rebuild the shoulders of Hawkwood Road. Lavelle pointed out this road has just fairly recently been improved and the shoulders as well and it made no sense to tear the shoulders up. Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom Associates agreed and recommended the board approve this waiver request which they did.

The second waiver request asked that the Jettes not have to provide recreation to the single lot that will be created. The Sandown Planning Board has had a long running discussion about trying to do away with this requirement for minor subdivisions (1 to 3 lots) but that has not happened as yet. Throughout the years developers, in some situations, have been allowed to make a voluntary donation to the Recreation Improvement Fund in lieu of providing actual recreation to a subdivision. Keach recommended that this waiver request be approved which the board did but reaffirmed their intention to address this issue in the near future.

Keach said the plan, except for needing the two state permits, met all zoning requirements and since the board approved the waivers it met the planning and design requirements. He recommended that the board conditionally approve the subdivision which the board did.

The Compliance Hearing was for the DF Realty Trust Valerie Way plan which the board previously approved but which needed Board of Selectmen approval for the elimination of one existing easement and the approval of a drainage easement. The Selectmen signed off previously on the easements and forwarded the documents to the Planning Board.

Tuesday evening the board accepted a performance bond in the amount of $31,280 for the development and Keach indicated that all relevant documents had been received. He recommended the board accept the performance bond and that board officers should sign the documents and the site plan so it can be registered. Chair Ernie Brown and Secretary Ed Mencis signed the documents and plan making them ready to be registered.

In other business:

* The board discussed and approved a request to release the improvement bond for Kelley Green Estates on Wilkele Road in the amount of $12,960. Several board members had gone by to check the development and noted that it looked really good.

Sandown Planning Board Approves D. F. Realty Trust
By Penny Williams  4-9-20

At the Sandown Planning Board Tuesday night meeting on April 7,  the board conditionally approved the D. F. Realty Trust site plan for construction of two 5,280 square foot commercial contractor buildings on property located on Valerie Way.

   This plan was introduced in February when  the planning board heard from Meera Alanoly, representing developer Charlie Zilch, SEC Associates, regarding the site plan. This project was actually started back in 2002 as an 8 lot commercial development where the roadway was partially completed before the developer defaulted. The Town took over the bond and completed the roadway and drainage some 7 years later. D T Realty Trust bought 3 of the 6 lots remaining. One of those three lots , lot 7, is a building site that will be completed by summer. That meeting was continued to March but that meeting was canceled so it was taken up on Tuesday night.
   The two  DF Realty Trust lots are 5.9 acres with 150-foot frontage and 2.5 acres with 125 -foot frontage. The two lots will each have a contractor commercial building that will be a 4 bay buildings for rent. It is anticipated that the renters would be occupations such as plumbers, electricians and the like. The property owner, Steve Doherty, will be occupying the lot 7 building for his own business while renting the spaces in these two buildings.
   The two proposed  buildings will be similar to the building being constructed on Lot 7 by Doherty. Each will have its own septic and driveway and the two  buildings will share water and parking. There is a drainage and stormwater management plan for the two lots that will include a double catch basin and a closed drainage system that will discharge the water into an infiltration basin.

   A condominium complex that was built on Valerie Circle by Dean Howard abuts the parcels for these commercial buildings. At the February meeting, several condominium owners were present to ask questions and raise concerns.  Subsequently the Little Mill Condominium Association Board has reached an agreement with Doherty that addresses their concerns. Doherty has agreed to adding trees to block the construction and view of the two buildings. This was established Tuesday night.
   One condominium board member Tuesday evening raised a question of whether Doherty would assist with erecting a fence and another asked if the town would get the street name straightened out - from  Valerie Way to Valerie Court.

   Zilch said Doherty would assist with the fencing and Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell said the town is aware of the need to correct the street sign and would take care of that.

    Zilch asked for a waiver from having to put high intensity soils at the site and Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom Associates, said the board should approve it because that soil is already there having been put there 15 years ago and that information is on file as existing. The board approved the waiver request.

   Keach said he recommended conditional approval of the site plan since it meets all the requirements and his letter is a clean letter, all comments having been addressed. He recommended the usual conditions as well as noting on the plan that the easements on the property had been before the Board of Selectmen and one has been eliminated and the other will be approved by the selectmen as soon as the planning board approves the site plan. The board conditionally approved the site plan unanimously.

    The board went through the reorganization process and current Chair, Ernie Brown was re-appointed chair and current Vice Chair John White was reappointed
as Vice Chair and Ed Mencis continues as Secretary.

   The meeting was held electronically as most, if not all, meetings are conducted during this pandemic period.


NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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