2022 Sandown Board of Selectmen Meetings

Sandown Selectmen Set 2022 Meeting Schedule and Discuss Budgets and Warrant Articles
By Penny Williams    1-12-2020

The Sandown Board of Selectmen met Monday night, January 10, and went over a number of issues including setting meeting dates going forward, finalizing warrant articles, budget, and default.

The board decided upon the following meeting schedule for 2022 which essentially is every other week.

Meetings will be held on the following dates: January 10 and 24; February 7 and 28; March 14 and 28; April 11 and 25; May 9 and 23; June 6 and 20; July 11 and 25; August 8 and 22; September 12 and 26; October 3, 17, and 31; November 14 and 28; and, December 12 and 19. These dates were selected to avoid conflicts with holiday dates.

The board went over the benefits line in the budget and approved the changes made providing a final figure of $787,038. Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell also provided the default budget bottom line of $4,709,135 that the board approved.

The board briefly reviewed a summary of the budget and then Office Assistant Paula Gulla went over the Warrant Articles and the selectmen voted on each article's recommendation.

The board voted 5-0-0 to Recommend all the articles.

The board discussed article 10 - Phillips Pond Treatment and approved the $42,845 amount that will be offset by grant funds from the state of $21,423 and a $10,000 contribution from the Phillips Pond Association. There is also $14,600 left over from last year that is encumbered for the treatment process. This is a confusing article in that the treatment cost of $42.845  will be covered by funds the town will either have or get from the state but it still has to be presented as to raise according to Department of Revenue Administration regulations.

The board voted on changing the language of article 11 -  Phillips Pond Expendable Trust Fund, choosing to state the purpose of the fund to be to preserve, enhance, monitor and protect the water quality and natural ecology and for parking, boat ramp installation, maintenance, repairs and improvements and to initially fund it with $500.

On article 12, the Government Building Capital Reserve Fund  - the board voted to put $7,500 into it again this year, and for article 13 - Expendable Trust Fund for Plowing, to put $50,000 in it.

The board approved the articles, assigned who would speak to each at Deliberative and voted their recommendation of the articles, all to be forwarded to the Warrant and on to the Budget Committee.

Emergency 911 asked permission to update the Sandown mapping and data base, which it does without any cost to the town. The board approved this being done.

Moderator Kevin Major came before the board and discussed how the Deliberative Session (Saturday, February 5, starting at 9 a.m.) would be conducted. It was decided to hold the session in the Town Hall meeting room and the board was ok with Major's suggestion that masks be made available for people who might want one. However, they agreed there was no mask mandate but kept mask wearing optional. The Library, if it asks, will be allowed to serve food as they have in the past but it isn't known what their plan is for this year.

The Recreation Committee is working on an advertisement to be put out seeking a Recreation Director. Former long time Director Deb Brown's last day was January 3. Right now there is a committee member manning the phone and emails.

The board discussed the plans for seeking an office assistant and an Assistant to the Selectmen when the present Office Assistant, Paula Gulla retires. The plan is to add two people to the Town Administrator position for operating the Selectmen's Office. There is research being conducted on how to divide up the work that is conducted by that office. Looking at surrounding towns isn't helpful because each town does things very differently so there is no apples to apples comparison possible.

 Blaisdell said she is seeking quotes for the RFP on the Town Hall Office redesign.












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