2021 Sandown Board of Selectmen Meetings

Sandown Selectmen Approve a List of Encumbrances and Review Warrant Articles
By Penny Williams    12-29-21

On Monday night, December 27, the Sandown Selectmen met and approved a number of encumbrances.

Among the encumbrances approved by the Selectmen are the following:

* $39,879.27 - Ford 750 truck

* $150,000 - Salt Shed

* $14,600 - Phillips Pond treatment

* $495. - Signage at Recreation Building

* $200 - Miller Field sign

* $319.50 - Security and alarm clean-up at Recreation Building

* $39,545 - Highway improvement

* $70,554.42 - Highway block grant encumbered

* $42,880.90 - 2022 Police Cruiser

The board went over the Warrant Articles and recommended them for the Budget Committee to at least be able to see where money will be being spent. The board  will have a final vote on the Warrant Articles at their  January meeting.

The board recommended the articles as presented except for the Phillips Pond Treatment article. There was a discussion on this article. At the end of the discussion, the board recommended a final figure of $28,245. At this point there is no figure for the Expendable Plowing Trust Fund article.

The board approved adding an article for an Expendable Trust Fund for "The Betterment of Phillips Pond" with an initial deposit of $500.

The board, with Sandown Office Assistant Paula Gulla, then renumbered the Warrant Articles and approved sending this draft recommendation of Articles to the Budget Committee.

Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell reported that her office has received no complaints this year. The board expressed its pleasure at this.

Blaisdell and the board found an item that needs to be removed from the Default Budget so that will go back to the Financial Director Gale Hamel for correction. So neither the Operating Budget or the Default Budge Articles have finalized bottom lines at this point.

Public Works Director Arthur Genualdo came before the board to answer questions regarding the 2022 Road Improvement Plan. It was decided that Odell Road phase 2, Ferguson and Stoneford, should go forward and that section of the Odell road be paved.

The Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom & Associates recommended this as being the best for the town given the truck traffic that will be generated on that section of Odell due to developments in the area but the dates when the developments will happen are not known. However, the developer has bonded for any repairs or repaving that may be needed as a result of the use by the development associated trucks. The board approved Genualdo moving forward as recommended. 

Genualdo told the board he is working on a drainage issue on Highland and plans to use $39,545 for it out of the 2021 Block Highway Grant money. The board approved and that amount was encumbered.

Fire Chief Michael Devine explained to the board about the Carpe Diem program and how it has greatly benefited the town having firefighters on duty 5 days a week for 12 hours a day. However, as of January 1, his budget will force him to return to having just a single firefighter on duty for this plan. He discussed adding money to be able to add the second firefighter but no final decision was made.

Police Chief Joe Gordon discussed purchasing the 2022 cruiser out of funds he had left over from his 2021 budget. This would eliminate him using funds from his Detail Fund for leasing a cruiser. He has a quote for $42,880.70  which will come from his remaining 2021 budgeted funds and the board approved him encumbering those funds for the cruiser purchase.


Sandown Selectmen Discuss Phillips Pond Treatment and Holiday Events
By Penny Williams     12-14-21

On Monday night, December 13, the Sandown Board of Selectmen met and discussed the issues surrounding financing the treatment of Phillips Pond.

Al Lake, the temporary treasurer for the Phillips Pond Association, was present to discuss the treatment of the pond issues. Somehow, the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) failed to come in this fall and review the results of the treatment that had taken place earlier in the year. 

Both Lake and the board felt they were at a very difficult point without knowing whether the treatment had been successful or not. The treatment has been conducted for the past three years in a row but now there was no way of knowing whether this year's effort had worked and whether different or the same chemicals had been used.

Lake and several board members were worried about committing any more money to treatment without specific information from NHDES regarding the treatment done this year.

Lake reported he had been told that the DES has new chemicals that are highly successful against Milfoil but without knowing what was used in this year's treatment and whether it worked or not left them unable to decide the best way forward.

Lake noted that there are several areas where milfoil could be being transported into the lake and that these areas should be treated. He indicated that his association plans to contribute to the cost of treatment but he and the board were not confident treatment should actually take place this coming year. It was suggested that perhaps it might be best to skip treatment this year and get all the information they need to make a decision next year.

The board and Lake did basically agree if they did move forward with treatment this coming year it would be herbicide treatment only and no diving. It was known for sure if the state would allow this approach. It was also suggested that if they move forward with treatment in 2022 that it be for specific areas and not just a blanket areas.

In the end it was decided to call NHDES and get the information or as much information as they could before making a final decision. The Warrant Article on this can be finalized as late as the Deliberative session if they have the state grant amount, the association's contribution, and whatever funds are encumbered. Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell said she and Paula Gulla would call NHDES and have whatever information they could get for the board's next meeting.

Blaisdell told the board their current budget has 17 percent unspent at this point and that puts them in a good position. So long as they don't have to deal with a lot of snow before the end of December she indicated they were well off.

Blaisdell noted that the Electrical and Plumbing Inspectors lines are overspent. The board discussed raising those lines and the revenues for those departments. They approved raising the Electrical by $1,000 and the Plumbing by $4,905,435 as well as raising the revenue numbers but Blaisdell said she wanted to talk with Financial Director Gayle Hamel but would let the board know what Hamel had to say about these changes.

There are three encumbrances at this point amounting to $204.479.27.

* Phillips Pond, $14,600

* Highway F 750 truck lease $39,879.27

* Salt Shed - $150,000

There was an in-depth discussion about the work and the cost of the work for Ferguson Lane. There are two developments on the upper end and each development as part of the conditional approval has pledged $30,000 toward repair and improvement of Ferguson. However, it is not known when the town would actually get those Fair Share contributions. In the end the board decided they need to have Public Works Director Arthur Genualdo and if possible Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Nordstrom  Associates come in to the next meeting to discuss this.

Blaisdell went over the Warrant Articles and the board approved  putting $150,00 into the Bridge Capital Reserve Fund; $10,000 into the Re-Valuation Capital Reserve Fund;  $10,000 into the Stormwater Capital Reserve Fund; $50,000 into the Fire Department Equipment and Apparatus Fund;  $7,500 into Government Buildings Capital Reserve Fund; $8,000 for Old Home Days; $4,500 for Fire Works; and, an article to create an Expendable Trust Fund for Phillips Pond.

The board decided to eliminate the Warrant Article that would have asked voters to rescind the article making the Board of Selectmen the authority to sell town property and have that authority be given to the voters.

 Santa's Ride will be Saturday, December 18 at 9 a.m. with basically the same routes as last year. If someone doesn't live on one of the roads they can meet and see Santa at the Recreation Building at around 9:15 a.m. that morning.

The board approved in quick order releasing the bond, whatever the amount , being held for Brendan's Way to CMS Sullivan, Inc. They approved the Voluntary Address Change for property currently located at 24 Metacomet Drive. They accepted a $70 donation for the Senior Affairs Transportation Committee and approved the proposed holiday schedule for the next year.

It was announced that the Sandown Library has received a grant from the Department of Cultural Resources/NH State Library in the amount of $10,847 which will be used to create a Music Garden out behind the library.

In Other Business:

The 4th Annual  HOLIDAY HOUSE LIGHTING contest registration is now open. Lights need to be up and registrations in by December 17.

Are you someone who can’t wait to put up Christmas lights and love making your property look festive? Why not enter the Sandown Recreation Department’s “Holiday House Lighting Contest” with chances to win a 1st; 2 nd; or 3rd prize and bragging rights for the next year?

It’s easy to participate! Simply fill out a registration form found on-line at www.sandown.us or at the recreation building or town hall and have your house lights up by Friday, Dec. 17th .

Sometime between December 17 - 20 (weather will play a factor) the entries will be viewed by a panel of judges. A list of those properties entering the contest will be available, on-line, (address only, not names) so others may travel around town to view and enjoy all the lights.

Winners to be announced by Tuesday, December 21st . Please be sure your lights are turned on by 4 pm The Recreation Commission reserves the right to announce winners prior to 12/21/21 as weather will play a factor in judges viewing.

All prizes will be in the form of gift certificates. 1st Place: $100 gift certificate. 2nd Place: $75 gift certificate. 3rd Place: $50 gift certificate. If you need additional information, contact Recreation Director Deb Brown at 887-1872.

The Sandown Selectmen's Office is Currently Closed and will remain so until Monday, December 27, 2021. 

We are, however, monitoring emails and phone messages and will get back to you as quickly as we can. 

Please leave a message and someone will get back to you shortly.  Please note, the other offices are open regular hours and may be able to help you. 

Emails can be sent to townofsandown@sandown.us.  We are sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.



Sandown Selectmen Reviewed More Budgets and Discussed Draft Warrant Articles
By Penny Williams    11-30-21

On Monday evening, November 29, the Sandown Selectmen reviewed more budgets and forwarded them to the Budget Committee.

The Selectmen  reviewed the following budgets and forwarded them as presented to the Budget Committee:

* Benefits - $787,062

* Insurance - $118,495

* Community Assistance - $11,202

* Government Buildings - $78,821

The Selectmen made changes to two budgets before forwarding them to the Budget Committee:

* Health and Human Services was reduced to $19,334 - The board reduced the request from SoRock (Southern Rockingham Coalition for Healthy Youth) to the amount they reduced last year's request to, $1,500 because the selectmen felt the 300 percent increase in SoRock's request was not justified.

* Executive - $380,225 - The board discussed the need for an additional person in the Town Office especially since Paula Gulla will be retiring. It was felt a part time person would not  be a long term person which is what they are looking for so went along with a search for a full time person. The board also looked at the increase in the software and hardware of the town's computer system needed for increased security. This budget is up 29 percent but the board felt they could justify it.

The board heard from Gulla regarding the initial draft Warrant Articles, many of which that do not have a final amount as yet. These included the following:

* Block Grant

* Road Improvement Capital Reserve Fund

* Bridge Capital Reserve Fund

* Revaluation Capital Reserve Fund

* Phillips Pond Treatment

* Stormwater Management

* Fire Department Equipment and Apparatus Capital Reserve Fund

* Government Buildings Capital Reserve Fund

* Plowing Expendable Trust Fund

* Old Home Day

* Fire Works

The board discussed creating a new article that would make the voters responsible for sale of Town property by rescinding the previous article that made the Board of Selectmen responsible for the sale of Town property. Gulla was asked to develop a article on this for the board to look at.

The selectmen approved the purchase of 1800 tons of Morton Salt at $71.22 per ton.

There was a brief discussion about possibly considering a time capsule for this year's 100 anniversary of the Town Hall Building.

Fran Rosenau, representing the Heritage Commission, presented the board with a special flag from the commission commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Town Hall building. It will be flown at the front of the building.


Sandown Selectmen Approve Police, Fire and Public Works Department ARPA Fund Requests
By Penny Williams   11-17-21

At the Sandown Selectmen's meeting Monday night, November 16, a request for a substantial ARPA Fund project was made by the Fire and Police Chiefs and the Public Works Director.

Fire Chief Michael Devine read the letter for the ARPA Fund request from him, Police Chief Joe Gordon and Public Works Director Arthur Genualdo. The three departments requested $222,145.35 from the ARPA funds to cover the cost of portable radios and a town wide repeater that would allow the three departments to communicate, something that presently is very difficult.

If the purchase is made now, Emergency Department Captain Jonathan Goldman has been able to secure a discount of $100,000 for the requested equipment that will not be available later if the departments were to go after the purchases of these portable radios and repeater through their budgets due to the timing.

The board discussed this request and the members indicated that this along with money from ARPA to do the Town Hall reconfiguration work are the two primary ARPA fund requests they approve of at this point.

It was noted that the department heads and the Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell have all checked with several state and federal departments to ensure the equipment requested is eligible for ARPA fund use and received the information that it is eligible.

After some discussion the board voted to expend up to $222,145.35 out of the ARPA funds for the portable radios for the three departments and town wide repeater equipment to service the Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments.

The Sandown Firemen's Association announced that it was using funds the association has raised to purchase a new battery driven rescue tool, a Hearst Spreader and donate it to the Sandown Fire Department. The tool cost $14,000 but will be an important rescue tool for the department especially since it easily moved from one vehicle to another. The board approved the donation.

Devine then said the Fire Department is buying through its budget the companion cutter tool for the Sandown Fire Department. He can spend the $13,000 because the budgeted amount for portable radios will not be used since they will be purchased through the ARPA funds. The board approved him using the money in his budget for this purchase.

The board discussed the possible need for a Public Hearing regarding changing the address for 7 Pillsbury Lane. That address needs to be changed because of the road changes for the adjacent development.

The homeowner has been asked to voluntarily sign documents allowing the change of address but the paperwork has not been signed as of yet so a public hearing needs to be approved for the next board meeting on November 29 in the event the homeowner fails to sigh and return the documents allowing for the change of address.

The board approved this public hearing date which can be cancelled if the homeowner voluntarily agrees to the address change.

The board discussed briefly the online payment software InVoice Cloud, and voted to approve going with the upgraded software that allows all properties to be viewed online which will greatly help reduce the number of phone calls the administration receives regarding properties. The $2,700 cost was basically approved earlier but the board had asked for more information.

The board  reviewed more department budgets and forwarded them to the Budget Committee.

* Elections, Registrations and Moderator -$19,262

* Supervisors of the Check List - $4,025

* Fire Department - $219,887

* Rescue - $62,075

* Recreation Building Operation - $17,898

* Parks & Recreation - $90,321

* Parks & Recreation Summer Program $20,217

The board told a family interested in the Main Street property of 2 adjacent lots 359 and 363 Main Street,  which the town owns and is expected to put up for auction in the spring that they would have to go through the auction process regarding the property but the board welcomed their interest.

While the board accepted a donation from the Sandown Garden Club ($100) and one from the Hop Pressure Cleaning ($300) for the Tree Lighting Ceremony it was noted by Blaisdell that they do not plan to hold the Tree Lighting and Santa ceremony this year again because of COVID-19.

The board also accepted a donation of $100 from the Hungry Caterpillar for the Heritage Fund.


Sandown Selectmen Deny Special Meeting Request
By Penny Williams    11-3-21 

On Monday night, November 1, the Sandown Selectmen met and among other decisions decided to decline to hold a special meeting relating to banning voting machines.

The board discussed the request, its cover letter and several petition letters . There were 52 signatures and of those 8 were not on the voter registration list and one required further checking. This meant there were insufficient signatures for the petition request.

The board went into non-public to read the letter they had received from their attorney regarding the special meeting request. When they emerged from non-public they rejected the petition for a special meeting due to the lack of sufficient signatures. The vote was unanimous.

 The board approved Benjamin Winter's proposed Eagle Scout project. He plans to have a second storage shed constructed and added to the back of the current food pantry shed. He said he needed the board's permission since that storage shed and the proposed new one are on town property.

Winter said this will allow the Food Pantry to have its freezers there where turkeys can be stored for the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that are put together for needy families. Winter indicated the proposed new shed would make food storage  much easier than what exists now with turkeys being kept in town hall kitchen freezer and volunteers' homes.

The board praised his proposed project and gave him permission to have the new storage shed put on town property. He said the two sheds would be joined and volunteers would be able to walk through from one to the other. He plans to begin fund raising and is looking at getting a prefab shed.

Pat Kimball came before the board and asked the board to add a Warrant Article to this year's ballot seeking $8,000 to cover the cost of  the 2022 Old Home Day celebration and provide enough to add additional performers. She indicated the proposed $8,000 does not include any money for fireworks.

The board thanked Kimball for all the work she had done on the 2021 Old Home Day celebration and said they would vote on her proposed Warrant Article when they reviewed all Warrant Articles.

Town Administrator Lynn Blaisdell discussed the tax rate process. She told the board they have 5.2 percent in the Unassigned Fund Balance, just the minimum recommended by the state. She and the board discussed taking some money from the unassigned fund balance to offset the tax rate which she indicated is $29.27, $1.20 more than last year. 

After a discussion the board voted to apply $195,000 from the unassigned fund balance reducing the preliminary tax rate to $28.98. This now goes to the Department of Revenue Administration before the tax rate is formally set.

The board approved Jessica Manning as secretary for the Recreation Commission at $20 an hour. They also appointed Chris Longchamps as a full time member of the Recreation Commission.

The board discussed a suggestion from Selectman Jonathan Goldman to look into getting iPADS for the selectmen.

Goldman pointed to the stack of paper that they get as information documents prior to a meeting and noted how much easier it would all be if it were electronically sent on an iPAD. He said once a selectmen leaves his iPAD would be returned. He suggested these iPADS could be gotten for $500 to $600 dollars and that this would be an excellent use of some of the ARPA funds. They also might consider leasing the iPADS.

The board decided that they would look into holding an auction of town properties in July.

Sandown Selectmen Learn Nothing Irregular in Election Results and Continue 2022 Budget Discussions
By Penny Williams    10-19-21

On Monday night, October 18, Town  Moderator Kevin Major gave his findings to the Board of Selectmen regarding whether the Sandown General Election and other New Hampshire elections had incorrect numbers from their machine count.

Major went over the history of voting in Sandown briefly and then turned to the report from the Attorney General and the Secretary of State regarding what had transpired in Windham in terms of election results and the subsequent recount.

The cause of the Windham issue was the fact that the Windham Town Clerk was overwhelmed by the number of mail in votes that had to be counted. Those votes were folded by a folding machine and that caused them to be read incorrectly by the machines.

In New Hampshire in the November 3, 2020 election, 16 recounts were held and 184,000 votes recounted, he said. The difference that emerged between the machine count and the subsequent hand count in Windham and other places were the result of the fold in the ballots caused by the use of the folding machine and how the machines read those ballots with the fold issue.

The NH report stated that the Windham election issue was not caused by machine inaccuracy but rather was the direct result of the decision to use the folding machine for the ballots that later were fed into the machines. The State decision was that the machine counts were accurate with the differences that occurred between machine and hand counts resulting from the folding machine issue on ballots.

Major said based on all the research he did and all the data he went through  he found that nothing needed to done regarding the Sandown vote. He asked if the board had any questions and was told he had answered all they board members had. The board took no comments and refused to allow any discussion from floor.

The board discussed at length whether to move the 87 percent paid by the town and 13 percent paid by employees for health insurance to an 86 percent -  14 percent ratio.

The board decided it was time continue the effort to reach an 85 percent paid by the town and 15 percent paid by employees as the health insurance increase this year is only 4.5 percent. As a result, the board voted to make the town-employee health insurance ratio 86 percent paid by the town and 14 percent paid by employees.

From that discussion they moved on to try and decide what salary and stipend increase would be given to employees. This was an in-depth discussion but Selectman Jonathan Goldman made a motion to give employees a 5 percent salary and or stipend increase.

Selectman Tom Tombarello felt 5 percent was too much, Selectman Bob Nickerson saw as being perfectly reasonable in today's economy, and Selectman Darren Hudgins was in favor of only a 4 percent increase but said he would support a 5 percent increase if the rest of the board was in favor of that. In the end the board voted to approve a five percent salary and or stipend increase.

The board discussed whether employees who had stepped up during the months of the pandemic should receive a onetime payment from the ARPA funds the town has received.

The board discussed this noting that they were in favor of providing the list of eligible employees a payment that would be similar to what police and fire received from the federal government during the pandemic.

After a long discussion it was decided that full time employees on the list (17 employees but there were others the board wished to add) would receive a payment of $2485.71 while part time employees on the list (and there were employees the board wished to add to this list as well) would receive $1,242.85. This amount was approved by the board.

The employees on the final list, which would be developed in non-public, would receive their ARPA fund money in their November 1, payroll check.

The board then went over budgets and forwarded them to the Budget Committee as follows:

* Treasurer - $4,083.

*Assessing - $82,248 (The board approved taking $10,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund for Municipal Resources Inc. to offset the revaluation that will occur during MRI's approved 5 year contract renewal)

* Tax Collector - $71,800

* Town Clerk - $&3,947

* Library - $329,629

* Police - $800,803 ( Police Chief Joe Gordon said the Animal Control budget is now in the Police Budget as they hired an officer to do animal control as a specific part of her patrol work so the Animal Control line would be $0)   

* Finance - $75,493

* Budget Committee $1,771

The board approved Public Works Director Arthur Genualdo's request to increase all his plow drivers by $5 an hour.

In Other News:

Arlene Bassett announced that Food Pantry Donations are needed for Thanksgiving Dinners. The Sandown Food Pantry expects to assist many families again this year with Thanksgiving Dinners. The need continues and we appreciate your help, she said.

Items Needed:

* Frozen Turkeys 10-15 lbs

* Stove Top Stuffing Mix

* Jellied Cranberry Sauce

* Jars of Gravy

* 5 lb. bags of potatoes

* Canned Whole Kernel Corn, peas. carrots, and green beans

* Brownie Mix

* Supermarket Gift Cards

* Monetary Donation can be mailed to Sandown Food Pantry, PO Box 1756
Sandown, NH 03873

Please contact Arlene Bassett (603) 887-3453, (603) 505-1512 or email abassett@gsinet.net if you are donating a turkey. An accurate
count is needed to ensure all families are guaranteed a meal.  

If you prefer to drop off your Thanksgiving donation, non-perishable items can be dropped off at the Town Hall during regular business hours until
Thursday, November 18, or at the Food Pantry during open hours
Tuesdays 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Frozen turkeys and chickens can be dropped off at the Town Hall on
Sunday, November 21, 2021 from 1 p.m. to 3p.m.  

"Thank you for your continued generosity," Bassett said


Sandown Selectmen Send 2022 Budgets to Budget Committee
By Penny Williams     10-5-21

At the Sandown Selectmen's Monday night, October 4, meeting, the board approved and forwarded a number of budgets to the Budget Committee.

The board reviewed and approved the following budgets and forwarded them:

* Code Enforcement - $3,759

* Building Inspector - $24,907

* Plumbing - $25,000

* Electrical - $15,401

* Septic - $10,795

* Health Officer - $4,783

* Street Lights - $ 2,650.

* Cemetery - $5,001

* Trustee of the Trust Fund - $500

* Patriotic Purposes - $4,750

* Debt Expense - Principal $50,000  Interest- $10,514

* TAN - $5,000
Notable in these budgets the salary line remained the same as last year as the board has not decided on an increase as yet. However, the board did decide to add $4,000 for fireworks into the budget this year instead of  going the Warrant Article route they went last year. The voters approved the fireworks article.

The board discussed the 2022 Health Insurance renewal rates. Last year the increase was 12 percent but this year it is 4.54 percent. The board discussed how this impacts employee raises where the Town pays 87 percent but employees pay 13 percent.

The board continued to consider getting the town's portion down to 85 percent with employees paying 15 percent but didn't make any change last year and decided to look at what any change this year might impact employee take home pay before making any decision. They will get those figures before the next meeting.

The board then discussed what is going to happen in the Town Office when Paula Gulla, after 19 years, retires at the end of December 2022. Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell told the board she believes the best way to approach this is proactively and to hire someone who can be trained to take over Gulla's position. Blaisdell indicated a year's training would be ideal.

The board discussed whether the person hired would be full time or part time and Blaisdell said depending on who it is and their experience she would prefer full time but it would obviously depend upon the hire. The board also discussed when the new hire would start and Blaisdell said she would like the training to take place over a year but would accept whatever the board approves.

While nothing was decided she was encouraged to start looking for an applicant and then the full or part time aspect can be addressed along with salary. This will be subject to further discussion once a pool of applicants is developed.


Sandown Selectmen Delay Employee Salary Increase Until October
By Penny Williams   9-21-21

The Selectmen, after a lengthy discussion at their Monday night, September 20, meeting., decided to put off making a decision regarding employee salary increases until October.  

The board discussed at length whether and how much of a salary increase employees should get this year. It was thought 2 percent might well be too little but 5 percent would probably be too much.

Selectman Darren Hudgens brought up the matrix again and the board members agreed they need a matrix for a road map for salaries. It was also suggested that it would be helpful to look at the salary survey that was done on many area towns several years ago. This might indicate if the board at that time had made the right decision and whether now employees are being paid at an average level or not.

The board decided to table the salary discussion and decision until the board members get the information they want. This topic will be addressed at the board's October 18, meeting.

Selectman Tom Tombarello spoke up and said he wants to see employees get a onetime stipend from the ARPA money. He said they all stepped forward and worked every day throughout the pandemic and should be rewarded. He wanted to have a $500 stipend given to each employee who came in daily throughout the pandemic. Part time employees would get half the amount. Selectman Robert Nickerson suggested that all employees had made extra efforts and should be rewarded.

The board discussed this and Chair Eric Olsen said he wanted to see a list of the eligible employees and a total amount this would cost. The board tabled this decision for two weeks.

Town Administrator, Lynne Blaisdell reported the town has acquired a new property as a tax collectors deed. It is a small parcel off Shoal Pond Road. The amount unpaid is only $650 but the taxes haven't been paid and so the town now owns this piece of property.

The board discussed the pole licensing amendment which is essentially a revamp of the pole licensing. This is needed for assessment. There will need to be a public hearing and Blaisdell indicated she wanted to make sure the assessors were present to answer any questions that might arise. The board by consensus indicated she should move forward with this.

Blaisdell suggested the Town Report feature the Highway Department this year. As for the dedication she suggested Town Hall since the building is in its 100 year. The board approved her moving forward with both of these suggestions for the Town Report.

Sheila McNally, Chair of the Sandown Historic Society came before the board and reviewed what the committee has done over the past year. The Depot has been revitalized with the gift shop reopened and the Depot displays freshened and upgraded.

The Depot has insurance after she managed to rework the insurance liability coverage with Kingston Insurance. She said the membership has been increased to 89 and hopefully after Old Home Days it may increase more.

During Old Home Days the Depot will partner with Zorvinos Vineyard with a Beer Tent that will be open Friday and Saturday and Zorvinos will donate 25 percent of all sales of the special Depot wines during the month of September.

An email chain has been established and Facebook pages, McNally said.  The Depot is open Saturdays from 10 a.m. to  2 p.m. and at their Grand Opening they had around 100 visitors that brought in $1,200 in sales and donations.

She said the Depot will be partnering with the Heritage Committee for a Paranormal event at the Depot on October 9 and the committee is working on coordinating the lighting of the Depot with the Town Lighting for the holidays. Going back to where people would start at the Depot for coco and the lighting there and then go on to Town Hall for that holiday lighting event.

The lost sign has been retrieved. It was sold at a flea market in Concord and returned to Sandown. The gift shop has been cleaned and refreshed as have the displays. The scary skeleton has been removed.

She noted that Josie Dupouy  is the secretary and the committee has received a 100 year old letter and they are trying to see if any of the letter's family still live in Sandown.

Pat Kimball, Chair of the Old Home Days Committee announced that the Citizen of the Year is William Tapley, former Fire Chief and the Youth of the Year is Maddie Pettengill.

Blaisdell said that the Granite State Home Town Hero award this year is going  to Fran Rosenau and will be presented to her at an October 2 celebration event at the Granite State Electric Department building in Chester.

Public Works Director Arthur Genualdo asked the board to allow the Timberlane School District to repave Cemetery Road. He said the request came from Karl Ingoldsby and that the plan is for the district to pay Busby Construction to do the work. He indicated he would supervise it. The board approved the request.


Sandown Selectmen Accept ARPA Funds and Old Home Day Planned for September 23 to 26
By Penny Williams   9-14-21

On Monday evening, September 13, the Sandown Selectmen voted to accept the total ARPA funds for this year and next year.

The town has already received $342,701.56 for this year from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and will receive the same amount next year. The board decided to vote on accepting both  this year's amount and next year's amount so they won't have to hold another Public Hearing next year. The board voted to accept $685,403.12 which covers this year and next year's amount.

The board discussed at length what the funds might be used for noting that a prioritized list of projects should be brought to the board for the final decisions on how to allocate the funds.

One project that was discussed was to apply some of the funding to altering the town hall offices to achieve more privacy for the individual offices.

The board discussed at length salary increase possibilities for town employees. They had a spread sheet providing them with the results for a 2 percent, 3 percent, and 4 percent increase.

They discussed the expected Cost of Living Adjustment will be over 6 percent this coming year. The board discussed the fact that they feel it is important for employees not to face losing money when their insurance costs are figured in as well as the need to make sure employee pay is sufficient not to lose employees. Selectman Jon Goldman reiterated the need for having an up-to-date matrix for employees.

Goldman asked that no decisions be made that night. He asked that a 5 percent increase be calculated and Selectman Tom Tombarello said they probably should get  a 4.5 percent increase and 5 percent increase information for the next meeting. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting when the board would have the CPI information as well as the costs associated with a 4.5 and 5 percent employee salary increase available to consider. 

The board after a brief discussion adopted the updated Hazardous Mitigation Plan with the completion and signing of the Certificate of Adoption. The board also signed the contract with Allenstown for  Hauled Waste Discharge.

Previously the town had an agreement with Allenstown but now Allenstown wants a contract calling for a $100 annual  payment for the contract and whatever costs would arise from the use of their facility with respect to waste  discharge.

The board heard from Fire Chief Michael Devine regarding his calculations for hourly payments for Per Diem employees. Devine said he plans to have 12 hour shifts (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays but admitted he doesn't believe he will be able to fill those shifts at this point.   The board approved his proposed payment calculation.

The board after opening the sealed bids from 6 companies regarding the town's heating oil, propane, gas, and diesel, went into non-public briefly to discuss the complicated amounts. In the end they announced once back in public session they had decided to  award the contracts for all to Hartmann Oil and Propane out of Exeter.

The board discussed and approved setting February 5, as the date for the Sandown Deliberative session. Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell said the dates for candidates to register for positions are January 19 through January 28.

Tombarello said he was excited to have had one of the big new KC 40 refueler airplanes named the Spirit of Rockingham County at  Pease Air Base during the recent air show held at the base.

The board heard from Pat Kimball. Chair of the Sandown Old Home Days committee. She reviewed the events that will take place starting on Thursday September 23 and run through September 26. All events will be at Sandlots, 59 North Road unless otherwise noted.

Beginning on Thursday, September 23,  Zorvino Vineyard will host by reservation an Old Home Day Pre Event. Attendees can meet the wine makers and also there will be a special label for the Sandown Historical Society, and some of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Sandown Historical Society.

At Sandlots on Friday, September 24, the Historical Society with Zorvino Vineyard will be hosting a Beer and Wine tent fundraiser.  The Blacklite Band will be performing. from  7-11 p.m.

This will be followed on Saturday, September 25,  by a Bike Parade - riders can decorate their bikes any holiday theme. The parade will be followed by the following.
* Bands include Back2Back, Grog Tunes, Rockadelics.
*  Local Dance group recitals, Karate Demonstration
* Presentation of the Citizen and Youth of the Year.
* Balloonist and Face Painter
* Food and Craft Vendors
* Pumpkin Carving Contest
* Cow Plop Bingo
*  Coloring Contest
* Pie Eating Contest
* Evan the Magician
* Petting zoo, pony rides
* Games, Inflatables, Climbing Wall and Bungie Jumping
There will be a Beer and Wine tent open again from 4-8 p.m. on Saturday for Adults only, and from 6 to 8 p.m. the Dixieland Band will perform. Saturday will close with
fireworks starting at 8 p.m.
On Sunday, September 26, there will be Open House and tours from 11 a.m.  to
2 p.m. at the Sandown Fire Station and at the Sandown Police Station where the Police Explorers will be having hotdogs and hamburgers, and will be selling blue light bulbs. The Old Meeting House on Fremont Road and the Sandown Depot and Museum will also be holding Open House.


Sandown Board of Selectmen Votes to Discontinue Land Sale
By Penny Williams   8-31-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen met Monday evening August 30, to take a final vote on the proposed sale of two lots located on Main Street.

At last week's meeting they learned that the construction of a duplex was approved on each lot a number of years ago. They also learned that the lots are collectively worth more than the proposed $70,000 sales agreement calls for.

The board met to have a final vote on the matter but first allowed comment.  Jerry Lachance and Carroll Bassett both commented as they had the previous meeting.

Lachance said the lots are currently assessed at $94,000. Right now land assessments for Sandown are about 30 percent below market value. Bassett noted that the town got the land free in 1996 and he can't see selling it at one third of its value.

The prospective buyer, Dave Valence, said he wanted the combined 5 acres because he hopes to construct a second building down the road. He indicated he has no plans for any residential construction.

The board discussed the issue. The board members want to sell the land and to sell it for commercial construction only. The board members felt that given the additional information they now have, that they didn't have before negotiating the agreement, they were no longer in favor of pursuing the present agreement. However, all of the board members were in favor of selling the land.

After a fairly brief discussion the board voted unanimously not to move forward with the present agreement. They encouraged Valence to bring another proposal to them and noted they would also over the course of time look into auctioning the land if it isn't otherwise sold.


Sandown Selectmen Cancel Current Town Land Sale Agreement for a New Appraisal
By Penny Williams    8-25-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen met on Monday, August 23, and in addition to hearing a great deal regarding election anomalies they heard from residents concerning the value of the land on Main Street the town is looking to sell.

Jerry Lachance and Carroll Bassett, two long time residents, gave the board information they had previously not been privy to. Lachance, whose property abuts the proposed lots for sale, said that the parcels were approved for duplex construction back in 1989. Bassett said at the time he had done the test pits and despite a lot of ledge the lots are buildable.

Lachance indicated that the lots are probably worth closer to $100,000 which the adjacent lot is assessed at rather than each lot being priced at  $35,000 per lot or  the current sales agreement total of  $70,000 for the two lots. He stated that the $70,000 is not a "fiscally responsible" amount for the town to sell the land for.

While neither Lachance or Bassett were opposed to selling the lots, they were opposed to selling them at the current price agreed upon. The purpose of the public hearing was to allow people to provide their opinions and information regarding the proposed sale.

The board discussed the information they had learned and decided that they needed to do more research into the value of the land. They discussed getting an appraisal of the lots. It was decided they didn't want to move forward with the sale of the land and Town Counsel, who had been contacted previous to the meeting, had indicated they could cancel the deal. Deciding to go that route would require the board to hold a second public hearing to confirm the board's decision.

The board after discussing this issue voted unanimously to not move ahead with the sale as presently proposed but rather to kill the present deal. The board will hold a second public hearing to confirm this decision and vote within the next 7 to 14 days.

The board wants the lots appraised and more research done but said they are still interested in selling the land but at a renegotiated price based on the research and appraisal findings, The prospective buyer if still interested is welcome to make another  proposal but the deal would have to  be begun again from scratch.

The board heard from Tom Murray on election results and anomalies. The discussion went on for close to an hour with the Murray and others in his group demanding Sandown act on their assertion that it had anomalies in the town's vote results.

While the board appeared to be swayed toward considering actually stepping forward and doing something it was left as it had been previously that Moderator Kevin Major would make a report and provide the board with information on whether it was feasible to move forward with a recount effort or not.

It was brought out by Major that the same machines used in NH are used in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont. In those states the machines reject ballots incorrectly marked but this doesn't happen in NH because the Legislature in HB 1266 voted not to allow the machines to do this. Had the machines had that ability much of the discussed anomalies might never have happened.

Murray, without making a partisan statement or specifically indicating fraud, noted that there is something wrong with the machines in the 2020 election and why that happened needs to be explained and corrected. One of his group insisted that Sandown needs to act because everyone should act to ensure that one's vote is counted correctly.

Patricia Kimball told the board Sandown Old Home Days is on. It will cover 4 days not just a weekend and it will all take place at the Sandlots.

Beginning on Thursday, September 23,  Zorvino Vineyard will host by reservation an Old Home Day Pre Event. Attendees can meet the wine makers and also there will be a special label for the Sandown Historical Society, and some of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Sandown Historical Society.

At Sandlots on Friday, September 24, the Historical Society with Zorvino Vineyard will be hosting a Beer and Wine tent fundraiser.  The Blacklite Band will be performing. from  7-11 p.m.

This will be followed on Saturday, September 25,  by a Bike Parade - riders can decorate their bikes any holiday theme. The parade will be followed by the following.
* Bands include Back2Back, Grog Tunes, Rockadelics.
*  Local Dance group recitals, Karate Demonstration
* Presentation of the Citizen and Youth of the Year.
* Balloonist and Face Painter
* Food and Craft Vendors
* Pumpkin Carving Contest
* Cow Plop Bingo
*  Coloring Contest
* Pie Eating Contest
* Evan the Magician
* Petting zoo, pony rides
* Games, Inflatables, Climbing Wall and Bungie Jumping
There will be a Beer and Wine tent open again from 4-8 p.m. for Adults only,
and from 6 to 8 p.m. the Dixieland Band will perform. Saturday will close with
fireworks starting at 8 p.m.
On Sunday, September 26, there will be Open House and tours from 11 a.m.  to
2 p.m. at the Sandown Fire Station and at the Sandown Police Station where the police explorers will be having hotdogs and hamburgers, and will be selling blue light bulbs. The Old Meeting House on Fremont Road and the Sandown Depot and Museum will also be holding Open House.

Kimball, Old Home Day Committee Chair said they are looking for volunteers
to assist at the Old Home Day and set up and clean up. Anyone willing to volunteer to help should  contact her at  PKimb56@gmail.com.

 The board approved as amended the Compensatory Time policy and moved to non-public a discussion regarding the Granite State Hometown Hero Award.

The board approved moving forward with applying for the 2022 Exotic Aquatic Plant Control grant application for Phillips Pond. If the grant is not needed it can be canceled but to get the grant the application needs to be filed by September.

Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell told the board the Town has received $342,701.56  AARPA funds.  The board will have to hold a public hearing to accept those funds.

She also noted that the compressor inspection at the Fire Department and the Highway Department had taken place and both were approved. However, the furnace at the Fire Station needs to have a high temperature regulator installed. Blaisdell said arrangements to do that have been made and that will be re-inspected in 30 days.


Sandown Selectmen Hear Residents Request to Add Hand Count of Ballots
By Penny Williams    8-11-21

On Monday evening, August 9, the Sandown Board of Selectmen spent the majority of their meeting listening to residents request changes to how the Town counts its election ballots.

Linda Brown presented the initial request proposing a mandate for hand counting election ballots in addition to machine counted ballots. She proposed treating ballots like money deposited at a bank where the teller accepts the deposit and slip and then hand counts the money puts the slip through a machine and gives the results to the customer.

She made it clear she wanted the Board of Selectmen to authorize this change noting there was no claim of fraud just that a forensic audit of the 2020 results would certify the numbers were accurate.

A Tom Murray and Ken Eyring, both from Windham, claimed that the same differences in counts that drove the Windham Audit process exists in other New Hampshire towns, Sandown among them. They said they are not comfortable or alright with a single company handling the voting machines for the New England states. This concerns them as does the overages they claim exist in towns other than Windham. Murray said the machines used by most of the New England state towns are "not reliable."

Sandown Moderator Kevin Major responded saying he has his machine cards certified during each pre-election check as well as having the machines cleaned. In Sandown's case, he said the certified cards have not been touched since the conclusion of the last election. He also said there were no apparent issues with the Sandown vote.

Major said he is waiting for the release of the final report regarding the Windham audit. He indicated while he did not personally attend it he has followed it very closely.

Donna Pineau spoke and said she has no confidence in the Sandown vote results. She added she feels the country has lost its democracy. Kathy Saviano spoke clarifying what the residents want. She said the group is looking for certification and confidence in vote results by using both a machine and a hand count.

The board declined to take any action that night and asked Major if he felt 45 days would be sufficient for him to conduct a thorough investigation and go over the final state report after which he would report to the board.

He said he felt he could do that and would make a recommendation after conducting his investigation and research. It was decided that Major would return to the board with his findings and recommendation at the Selectmen's September 27, meeting.

The board held a Public Hearing regarding the sale of a two lot town owned property. Ryan Erhardt, Erhardt & Shallow, LLC and Dave Valence with DIV Properties LLC have submitted a $70,000 bid for the property located at 359 and 367 Main Street. Their intent is to put a metal prefab building with several bays for commercial use. One would be for their use and the other bays they would rent.

This property is where the Police Department was going to go before it acquired its present property. The property was acquired by the town for taxes.

Representative Chris True said he had questions about the board's decision to sell the property. It was assessed at $91,000 back when considered for the Police Station  so he questioned the low offer. Carroll Bassett spoke up and said he believes the board is giving the property away.

 It was noted that it is not desirable property because it is almost all ledge. It is a commercial property so the board thought it would be good to get it back producing tax revenue and because the proposed use is commercial, not residential development and therefore would not add children to the schools, making it a good proposal. There will be a second public hearing held for this by the selectmen at 6:30 p.m. on August 23. It was also noted that Conservation is not at all interested in the property.

Sgt. Richard Bucco thanked the community for its support of the Police Explorers race held last weekend. He said the event, the Explorers Program fund raiser,  had raised $7423.25 with expenses of $1,726.25 leaving the proceeds of $5,697. to support the Explorers Police Program.

Heritage Commission Chair Pam Gaudreau and member Fran Rosenau told the board the commission would like them to authorize the development of a Town flag. Gaudreau said with the 100th and Old Home Days coming up the commission thought a Town Flag would be a good idea.

They have four potential choices for the flag design and will be asking the community to provide input on their choice of design as well as asking the board to vote on a design.

Gaudreau felt a Town Flag would be good for the town and would provide visibility for the Heritage Commission. She said too few people realize there is such a commission and she felt this would increase awareness.

Rosenau announced the commission is sponsoring an event on August 28, at 10 a.m. in town hall. She said John Lord, NH Old Graveyards & Association would be speaking about the association and old graveyards.

In addition, Lord would be taking the audience across the street to the cemetery and showing them how to properly clean gravestones. She said a family has given the commission permission to use their gravestones, of which there are a variety.

Paula Gulla, Selectmen's Office Assistant reported that all the issues raised by the Department of Labor at their October inspection had been corrected and at the recent inspection approved.

However, at that time of this recent inspection, it was found that the Compressor at the Highway Department and the Fire Department have not ever been inspected and she said that has scheduled it to happen on Tuesday, August 17. She also said the town has received the 2022 Highway Block Grant in the amount of $162,043.81, which is just a little less than the 2021 amount of $162,575.

The board appointed Tracey Dembro and Roderic Cole as full time members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The board approved accepting $105. for the Senior Affairs Transportation Committee.


AIG Retirement Services Presented to Sandown Selectmen
By Penny Williams   7-27-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen met Monday evening, July 26, and Gregg Libutti and Clint Highland presented the AIG Retirement Services Plan.

The AIG representatives went over the 457 Retirement Plan that is available for Firemen, Police, educators and municipal employees. They reviewed the benefits of having this plan for retirement noting that money comes out of salaries on a pre-tax basis  and grows on a tax deferred basis. They indicated the investment platform is flexible and that there are many investment options.

It was pointed out that the 457 retirement plan does not have the 59.5  rule that 401Ks have. The plan is available to all full and part time employees who have a W2 form for taxes.

They talked about the fact AIG is a company of long standing and that the financial advisors, who work from home, are available to members for financial and investing advice and assistance. Greg Nickerson is the local Sandown AIG Retirement Services advisor.

The men provided a proposal and informational packet to Sandown and asked that the town and its employees be allowed to discuss the AIG Retirement Plan with the company advisors and decide if they wanted to participate. The board approved moving forward with providing the information on the plan to Town employees.

The board was informed by Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell that the Dry Weather Outfall Screening, part of the MS4 program the town has to participate in, has been completed by their Comprehensive Engineering Consultant Nick Critofori. 

Blaisdell said there had been no issues found at the outflows but suggested monitoring of a couple that are deteriorating for future  preparedness. She indicated that Public Works Director Arthur Genualdo was informed about these locations and would keep an eye on them. She also noted the street sweeping requirement has been attended to as well.

The board added some minor language to the Compensatory Time Policy. Chair Eric Olsen wanted additional detail in the policy and that employees should add a description of the work they did on the compensatory work worksheet.

Blaisdell said she would work with Finance Director Gayle Hamel to add the correct language and make sure the extra details were added to worksheets. She said she would bring the amended policy back to the board in two weeks for their approval.

There was a discussion regarding the sale of town owned land. There has been a bid on the  two lots located at 359 and 367 Main Street. This is where the Police Station was originally going to go before the Town acquired the building the department now uses.

This commercial land and the plan is to put a commercial  business - a 5 unit steel and concrete building on the site. This would return the land to being a revenue providing situation after sitting idle for  23 years.

They are working on a sales agreement but the board said the discussion indicated the offer was a fair market price. The board expects the property going forward will generate around $15,000 in tax revenue and there will be no homes thus no children or impact on schools.

The board plans to hold the two required public hearings for this,  the first on August 9 and the second on August 23.  There will a third hearing when the townspeople can vote on the sale which will be held possibly August 30.

Blaisdell said she had to check the RSA for how many days after the second hearing the  vote needs to be held.

There was a discussion about the replacement of the Miller Field Recreation sign that was smashed in the winter of 2019.  Insurance will provide the funds for the sign replacement. The company wants a 50 percent down payment or half of the $13,172.88 cost for the sign. Because the entrance is on a state road a state permit may be needed. The board approved this.


Sandown Selectmen Accept American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA)Funds
By Penny Williams    7-13-21

On Monday evening, July 12, the Sandown Selectmen discussed and eventually decided to accept the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) Funds that will be funneled through the State of New Hampshire Local Fiscal Recovery Fund program for projects financing in Sandown related to the impact of COVID-19..

Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell and Financial Director Gayle Hamel presented the fact that Sandown will be eligible for $685,403 split between this year and next year to be used for projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic impact. Blaisdell said there are very specific guidelines regarding what the money can be spent on and how that spending is reported.  The money needs to be used by 2024. Application for the funding is due by August 18.

Selectman Tom Tombarello said this money would be perfect for completing the renovation of Town Hall to make the offices both more private and to reduce distractions and disturbances.

Blaisdell suggested that this was one project to consider and another was adding a second floor to the new section of town hall to increase office space security and efficiency. 

Another project was to procure computers for the selectmen and others so that in the event of a shutdown they would all be able to be connected while working from home. Still another possible project would be upgrading the ventilation in Town Hall.

After discussing this the board voted to authorize Hamel to submit an application for accepting the funds. The board also decided to do diligence in deciding which projects would meet the guidelines, particularly since there is need for further clarification of eligibility. This is important since if the project is done and paid for with these funds and then eligibility is denied the money would have to be paid back.

The board discussed and voted to release $75,000 of School Impact Fees to the Timberlane School District Capital Improvement Fund.

The Impact Fee fund currently has more than $80,346 in it so paying out $75,000 would leave a sufficient amount in the School Impact Fee fund. These funds need to be spent within six years and are the funds collected from new houses being built and occupancy permits provided. The funds are designed to assist the school district with the impact of new students.

The board voted to accept a $75 donation to the Sandown Seniors Affairs Transportation Committee. Selectman Bob Nickerson told the board the committee wishes to put an informational sign up at the Sandown Food Pantry. The board approved this with the proviso that the committee check with Arlene Basset as to exactly where to put the sign.

The board approved the hiring of Thomas Young as a Recreation Counselor at $9. an hour. 

The board approved the minor changes to the Complaint Policy suggested by the Department Heads and voted to adopt the policy immediately with the changes.

The board was informed that treatment would be taking place on Phillips Pond on July 14, and again on July 28.  There is to be no swimming for 6 hours following each treatment within 200 feet of treatment areas. For information on other restrictions see the posted information on the town's web site.

The abutters to the lake have been notified and informational signs will placed strategically around the pond. The Highway Department will help with the placement of the informational signs.

Sandown Selectmen Return all Boards and Commissions to In Person Meetings
By Penny Williams   6-22-21

On Monday evening, June 21, the Sandown Board of Selectmen decided after a careful discussion to return Sandown board, commission, committee meetings to pre-pandemic conditions.

Town Administrator Lynne Blaisdell went over the state guideline submitted to towns following the lifting of the Emergency Status that had allowed municipal boards and committees to meet electronically.

The board looked at whether going back to the way things were before the pandemic was the best process for the residents of Sandown. If a person wasn't able to make a meeting they could call in and participate so long as there is a quorum at the Town Hall for the meeting. However, it was decided that calling in as a method of attendance isn't a very successful way to participate so after discussing it the board voted to approve returning the way meetings were handled pre-pandemic.

Blaisdell went over the facts involved in the request to change the name of Valerie Way in the industrial area of Owens Court. It is on the other side of the gate that closes Valerie Way to the residential subdivision that is off of Little Mill.

The reason for the change of street name request is because more commercial places are opening up on Valerie Way in Owens Court and deliveries are mistakenly landing at residential homes instead of the intended businesses more often than they used to.

Input was sought from the Owens Court area Valerie Way addressees for suggested names for the change. The top pick ended up being Bobcat Way.

The selectmen were ok with that and Blaisdell indicated the next step will be to notify all the Owens Court Valerie Way addressees of the name change. If all those sign off on the form the town will send then there won't need to be a public hearing. However, it has to be all the addressees so if one fails to sign off and return the form a public hearing will need to be held.

Blaisdell estimated it will take 2 years to get everything straightened around given the street name change. The board approved the change and Blaisdell moving forward with this matter.

The board voted to approve appointing Sandown Fire Chief Michael Devine as the Sandown proxie to the Southern New Hampshire Hazardou8sMaAterials District.

The board voted to accept a $100 donation from the 60s Plus Club to the Senior Affair Transportation Committee Fund.

The board voted to approve the various Recreation hiring pay increases. Monday was the first day of the Recreation Summer Program and several counselors were approved at $9 an hours, a life guard at $ 12 and another at $12.67. A couple of coordinators were approved at $17.29  and $17.20. These approved hire rates were effective immediately.

The board decided their next meeting would be July 12 since July 5 will be a holiday.

The Old Home Days celebration will be September 24-26 and daytime activities will be held at Sandlot Sports at 56  North Road.

Residents were reminded that people using Seeley Beach must have a pass. There have been some incidents of people without passes hassling the life guard. The board approved the life guard asking once for a pass and if no pass asking the individual to please leave once. If that doesn't happen the life guard is instructed to call the police and allow them to handle the issue.

It was also noted that Pillsbury beach is resident only and to launch a boat there an individual must have permission from Town Hall. Blaisdell said these issues come up at the start of summer every year.   


Sandown Selectmen Approved Fire Engine Tank Replacement
By Penny Williams   6-9-21

 The Sandown Selectmen met on Monday night, June 7, and Fire Chief Mike Devine requested and received permission to expend money from the Fire Department Equipment and Apparatus Capital Reserve Fund to replace Engine 2's  water tank that continues to spring leaks.

Devine noted the tank has been repaired for leaks several times but it continues to happen. The tank has a life time guarantee but -- the company it was purchased from has gone out of business. Devine indicated he felt that repairing the leak another time was not cost effective and he hoped that replacing the tank altogether would get the Town another 15 or more years of efficient use out of Engine 2.

The cost for replacement of the tank is $12,000. The company Devine is working with also provides a lifetime guarantee for the tank and hopefully will not go out of business. Devine said he has money in the CRF to cover this.

The board thought replacing the tank was a no brainer and approved his expending up to $12,000 from the CRF for the new tank for Engine 2.

Police Chief Joe Gordon told the board his department is offering a NH Boating Safety Course at the Sandown Police Department on Saturday, June 26, from 9 to 4 p.m.

Participants must be 16 years of age. The cost of the class is $32 and $17.95 for the boating safety certificate. He said to get started people need to go to Register Here for NH Boating Safety Course or for more information call the PD at 887-3887.

He said there must be 15 registrations for the class to happen and at the moment he only has two. If he fails to get enough registrations for this class he will try to schedule one later on in the summer. The board said the information should be on the web site and displayed on signs for residents to see.

The board then opened the sealed bids for the Ford Ranger that the department has for sale. There were ten bids ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $2,000. The high bidder was Scott Fibore, Raymond with a bid of $2,560.

The board approved accepting the high bidder  but after a discussion about where the money would go made the approval was made subject to allowing the money to go to the Police Department. Gordon got the Ranger from Military Supply and if it sold the money is required to return to the police department.

Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell said she would work with legal and finance to try and figure out how to get the money placed in the police department account. The issue is he wants to use the money to equip next year's cruiser and how to hold the money for a year is an issue Blaisdell will try and work out.

Gordon asked the board to accept the OHRV grant of $3,600 from the NH Fish and Game for use by the department on trail and property law enforcement. The grant money can't be used for employment pay but can be used for equipment. The board approved accepting the grant and authorized Chair Eric Olsen to sign the paperwork.

Blaisdell explained the contract agreement between the town and CEI for work on the federal EPA Stormwater Management issues. She said Nick Cristofori has been taking care of the requirements and getting the things filed and covered that are required and has been a real help to the office. She asked the board to  sign the contract to continue the CEI services which the board did.

The board discussed the updated Complaint Policy and Form provided by Blaisdell. She asked for their input on the changes she had made based on their comments at the previous meeting. The board expressed satisfaction with it.

Blaisdell said before final approval she wishes to run it by department heads and get their feedback. She said she would bring it back for further review if there were any major changes.

Blaisdell said that Selectman Tom Tombarello had sought information from Eversource regarding possibly putting Ion  light fixtures on their poles at the Transfer Station. It turns out that can't happen unless the town wanted to buy the poles. So changing the fixtures won't happen at the Transfer Station but can happen in the Highway building and shed.


Sandown Selectmen Accept Phillips Pond Association $15,000 Contribution
By Penny Williams     5-26-21

On Monday night, May 24, the Sandown Board of Selectmen met and among the topics discussed was the contribution for the treatment of Phillips Pond from the Phillips Pond Association. 

The Town has applied to the NH Department of Environmental Services for a grant estimated to be in the amount of  $18,728 for treatment of the exotic weeds in the pond.  Along with the contribution of $15,000 from the Phillips Pond Association this $33,728 will offset the Warrant Article amount of $46,820 the taxpayers approved for the treatment of Milfoil and Fanwort growing  in the Pond. The remaining $13,092 will actually be the estimated amount needing to be raised from taxes.

Monday evening, the board voted unanimously to accept the $15,000 contribution from the Phillips Pond Association for the treatment of the exotic weeds in Phillips Pond.

The board discussed at length developing a complaint form to be used by the town when receiving complaints from residents and employees. Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell has put together a basic form that those wishing to file a complaint would fill out and thus provide a paper trail for monitoring the complaint and its disposition.

The board went over the timelines Blaisdell suggested and discussed the components of the form. Blaisdell noted this was triggered by a letter of complaint that was sent in without a signature. The town will not consider any complaints that are not in writing and signed but it seemed reasonable and helpful to create a specific form to deal with complaints.

Selectman Jon Goldman had some questions but after a lengthy discussion the board voted to adopt the form as presented with the timelines Blaisdell had incorporated in the form. The board approved the form and said it was effective as of the vote on May 24.

Public Works Director Arthur Genualdo came before the board and introduced Zack Guy, Ion Lighting Distributors. Genualdo said he had purchased some LD light fixtures from Guy's company at a great price.  Guy explained that the Electric Companies underwrite some of the discounted cost of the fixtures because they use so much less power.

Genualdo said he put some of the new fixtures in at the Highway Department. He told the board that the first month's saving in cost after the fixtures were installed was $90. The board was impressed and wished they had money in the budget to install similar fixtures in all town buildings to take advantage of the cost saving. The board asked Guy to provide quotes for installation of the fixtures in the town buildings.

The board approved the Genualdo's plan to add  new fixtures at the transfer station, the shed, and highway garage. He said he has the money in his budget to handle this. Electric Inspector, Selectman Tom Tombarello said he would work with Genualdo to get them installed.

The board discussed the drought situation and said the Conservation Commission has recommended being careful about water use.

A resident had asked about the watering taking place at town buildings and the board asked that this be limited to once a day, four times a week and for it to take place around 3 a.m. in the morning as that is the most cost effective time to do watering. The board asked that this whole issue be revisited in a couple weeks to check on the drought situation in the state and whether they would recommend any changes regarding water conservation in Sandown at that time.

The board discussed the incident that had come before them regarding a non resident who wanted the town to cover the cost of a tire blown when the driver hit a pothole on Hampstead Road.

The board reviewed the action taken by the police once they had noted the pot hole and determined it had been reasonable. None of the selectmen thought the town should pay the driver for his tire and the discussion was concluded.

The board had a discussion about the right of way on Elizabeth Road. It was thought that all the selectmen could really do would be to release it from public servitude but decided to have Blaisdell go over the issue with Town Counsel.

The board approved the hiring of Phoebe West-Geary as a lifeguard at $12. an hour.

The board approved adding Deb Brown, Recreation Director, as an alternate to the Joint Loss Management Committee.


Sandown Selectmen Hear from Police Department About Combining Two Part Time Positions
By Penny Williams  5-11-21

SANDOWN:  The Sandown Selectmen met Monday night, May 10, and Police Chief Joe Gordon recommended combining two part time patrol officer positions into a single full time position.

One part time position that has already been hired is officer Hannah Fisher and the second part time position is the open Animal Control position. Fisher would become a full time officer and the Sandown Animal Control Officer after completing the Police Academy.

The town has been without an Animal Control Officer for nearly a decade and Gordon said this is Fisher's area of expertise so it makes sense that she would become a full time patrolman but at the same time act as the town's Animal Control Officer. There is sufficient funding  based on a senior full time officer's departure and the replacement being an entry level officer. Also there is insurance money available to help cover the cost.

The board discussed this with Gordon who recommended they approve this noting it is the perfect solution to the town's issues at Animal Control. The board didn't require much convincing.

The start date for Officer Fisher as a full time patrol officer will be August 27 and she will attend the fall Police Academy from August 30, to December 17. The board voted unanimously first to combine the two part time positions into a single full time position and then to assign Fisher as a Full Time Patrol Officer and Animal Control Officer.

It was noted by Selectman Tom Tombarello that there are still 400 dogs not properly registered in Sandown. He urged people to get their dogs registered. There are some 1,600 dogs in Sandown. The time for fines for having an unregistered dog has already been reached and Tombarello said it is a waste of effort, money, and resources to have Police Officers going around knocking on doors to collect fines and get dogs registered.

Before he departed Gordon said the Ranger is ready to have people send in sealed bids for. The Jeep the department received is working out very well and he wants to move the Ranger out and said anyone interested should get a sealed bid in before the June 7th meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

The board at their last meeting deferred making any decision on masks and social distancing in the absence of the boards COVID-19 Selectman most involved with COVID -19 Jonathan Goldman.

Goldman was back and he told the board he recommends lifting all the COVID-19 restrictions and going with the Universal Best Practices.

The board discussed this and Goldman also recommended retaining the plastic barriers set up in government employee's offices and making sure people knew they could wear a mask and social distance if they wished to.

He also recommended retaining the one way traffic flow through the Town Hall as it has worked very well. The board voted to rescind the requirement for masks and social distancing that is currently in place and replaced that with the Universal Best Practices issued by the State.

The board discussed whether masks would be needed for drivers of the Seniors Affairs Transportation cars. The board decided that if the client being driven preferred masks to be worn they should be worn by both client and driver and the same for the nursing home clients, but that the Universal Best Practices should be the rule of thumb.

Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell went over the drought suggestions and recommendations from the State to the towns. Sandown is split in half with one half in the abnormally dry area and the other half of the town in the moderate conditions area.

As such, Blaisdell suggested residents voluntarily look at ways to conserve water by restricting lawn watering to every other day, reducing unessential watering uses and saving water use within the home as much as possible. There is in-depth information on the website for water conservation restrictions.

In Other News:

* The Sandown Conservation Fishing Derby will be held Saturday, May 15 from 7:30 to 10 a.m. at Sal’s Pond, Sandown, NH (next to Cotton Farm Road).Ages for the derby are 3-15. Pre Registration is mandatory for this event so please pre register online on the Towns Web site. Registration for this event is open until May 14th. Spots may be limited. COVID Guidelines: We are asking attendees to pre-register and are limiting attendance to allow for social distancing. Please wear masks, especially when interacting with our volunteers and other families fishing.
After registering, prepay your registration fee ($3 per child, maximum fee $10 per family) here.  Select “fishing derby” under donation.


Sandown Selectmen Discuss Mask Mandate, Phillips Pond and Pot Holes
By Penny Williams   4-28-21

Monday evening, April 26, the Sandown Selectmen met and one issue they discussed at length was what to do regarding the mask mandate.

Selectman Bob Nickerson felt the mask mandate should be lifted totally. Selectman Tom Tombarello felt the mandate should stay in place until the numbers were further down.

It was noted that the Sandown Police have moved on from the mask mandate and the discussion continued over whether the time had come to allow people to do what they want with regard to mask wearing. However, there were concerns raised about people coming in and exposing employees.

The board went back and forth and finally it was decided that the mask mandate for Town Buildings would remain in place until May 7, when the board would revisit the issue.

The board swore in and welcomed new Sandown Police Officer Padraig Capsalis as a full time officer. The board also swore in and welcomed Hanna Fisher as a part time officer and Animal Control Officer.

Police Chief Joe Gordon told the board he has had a 2007 Jeep Commander donated to the department that can be used as the Animal Control vehicle. He asked the board to approve the department accepting the donation that will replace the 1997 Ranger they have been using. The board approved accepting the Jeep Commander.

The board discussed issues related to Phillips Pond with the Phillips Pond Association President Jeff Ballantyne.

One are they discussed is issues around the boat and beach access. People use his boat launch but there is a public boat launch off of North Shore Road. The problem is it is very narrow and difficult for trucks and cars pulling a trailer with a boat to navigate. Several trees have grown into the roadway making it even more narrow. He asked if the town would work with the association to improve this access.

The board said that Public Works Director Artie Genualdo would look at it when he has time and see if the trees can be removed. Ballantyne said there is parking off Tacoma Drive but a permit would need to be sought from the Department of Environmental Services for a launch and ramp there. Ballentine said that the town owns three properties on Tacoma Drive and asked if it was possible to create some parking areas there without massive clearing being done. This parking would serve the users of the existing boat ramp on North Shore Road.

Ballantyne said about 70% of the phosphorus is coming in from the Water Shed area around Showell Pond. The state suggested putting in a rain garden at Seeley Beach and maybe treat the water. The Rain Garden would be built to filter the phosphorus naturally thru the plants. The association wants to partner with the Town to get the Seeley beach area cleaned up but need to have the DES do a study on how best to do this. He asked if the town ever considered Seeley Beach as a possible location for the ramp, which then led to a discussion about the site.

The board said that research into these issues would need to take place as well as determining where funds might come from to work with the association. The board felt the association should work with the Sandown Recreation Department regarding the issues in and around Seeley Beach.

Genualdo discussed road hazards with the board. There are reported pot holes on Hampstead Road. Genualdo said when he is notified about a pot hole he gets there and fixes it as quickly as he can. He said people should call his cell phone as soon as they see a pot hole issue and if he doesn't answer leave a message. He said he would get back to them quickly and address the situation immediately.

A Chester resident told the board he had damage to his car from one of the Town's pot holes and he felt that negligence was involved because the police had known about the pot hole before his car was damaged by it but had done nothing about it.

The Chester resident said he reported his accident with the pot hole to the police who acknowledged they were aware of its existence. The Chester man said he felt he was due compensation since the police had been aware of the pot hole but had not reported it to Genualdo or had it marked and or fixed until after he reported his accident.

The board said they would take the incident under advisement and talk with the officer and get his information. They indicated they would get back to the Chester resident.

It was noted that Louis Lessard is 100 years old and still possess the Boston Post Cane as the town's oldest resident.  

The board discussed areas of focus for the coming year with Town Manager Lynn Blaisdell. One involves auctioning of town properties. Another is trying to get a handle on the renovation of the office space in town hall. There needs to be a design so costs can be determined. Chair Eric Olsen indicated he would work with Blaisdell on this. One other area mentioned was working on Capital Improvements for town building infrastructures.

The board approved using David Field as a back-up plumbing and gas inspector for Mike Hartnet. Field does these inspections for Plaistow and Kingston and Tombarello said he works with him in those towns and he is good.

The board read a Proclamation  naming May 2 through May 8, Municipal Clerks Week. The board praised the work and culture created by Sandown Town Clerk/Tax Collector Dawn Nicolaisen and her staff.


Wal-Mart Donates Thousands of Masks to Sandown Fire Department
By Penny Williams    4-13-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen met Monday night, April 12, and learned that the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Raymond had donated thousands of masks.

Selectman Jonathan Goldman said that Wal-Mart had notified Sandown Fire Chief Mike Devine that he should come and pick up a donation of masks. He went and they provided 42,000 masks. Devine provided masks to many adjoining town fire departments as well as other Sandown departments.

Wal-Mart asked only that the board formally accept the masks that were donated which the board did with sincere thanks. The donation of the masks makes it possible having to  re-use masks.

The board heard from Selectman Tom Tombarello, who is also the Chair of the Rockingham County Commissioners, about the state of the country after the difficult COVID-19 pandemic battering year.

Tombarello was most proud of the fact that because the Country Nursing Home closed its doors early on last March it lost no one to COVID-19 at the Nursing Home and only a very few nursing home clients got sick and only a few staff, him included. He said the Nursing Home has re-opened and clients can now emerge from their rooms where they have been quarantined and he said it is exciting to see wheel chairs in the halls again. He said the Nursing Home has started taking admissions again.

Among other changes he noted that County Attorney Pat Conway will become  a Judge and a new county attorney will be appointed. He also said there is money for county rent assistance and he will work with the Sandown Welfare Office on this as it will help the welfare budget.

He said the county is lucky to have an excellent financial officer, actually the nephew of Selectman Robert Nickerson and while things are tight they are doing better than some other counties because of his excellent financial operation. The goal going forward remains getting some nurses for the Nursing Home which will help reduce the number of nurses they have to 'rent' from other sources.

The board approved the appointment and reappointment of the Joint Loss Management Committee. The members of this committee are: Cole Dresser, Andy Artimovich. Michael Devine, Adam Shlager, John Runcie, and Paula Gulla. All appointments are for 2 years expiring March, 2023

The board also approved Penny Koetz for the Old Home Day Committee for
2 years expiring March, 2023. There was a brief discussion of the Fire Works and the Old Home Day event which was slated for 9/11 but the date has been changed to the weekend of September 24 through 26. The Fire Works are slated for September 25, and Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell said she would contact American Thunder about the date change.

The board discussed the installation of a camera at the Recreation Building. The purpose is to be able to record the Recreation meetings and other activities there. The cost of this will not come from town taxpayers but from the CBA fund.

The board accepted a donation of $75 for the Senior Affairs Transportation Program. It was noted that there have been 24 trips this last month and 974 miles driven.

Tombarello noted that the new employee in the Town Clerk/Tax Collectors Office is working out and things are going well.

The Sandown Highway Department in conjunction with Busby Construction, Inc. will begin road construction on Odell Road. The project involves full reconstruction and paving of approximately 5,200 feet of Odell Road from Main Street to Pine Ridge Circle.


The road will be closed to all through traffic periodically throughout the project.  
The work is expected to take approximately 6-8 weeks, weather permitting.  During this process, there will be construction equipment in the area, so please take note of signage as road conditions and traffic patterns may change periodically during this time.  Updates will be posted on the town’s website www.sandown.us so check frequently for new information.

Finally Blaisdell announced that the Heritage Committee will be holding Yard Sale Mania on Saturday, April 24 at Town Hall from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.  and  Earth Day will be a Town Wide Clean Up held on  April 16, 17, & 18.  In association with Earth Day, residents can volunteer to participate in the roadside clean up.  Please use gloves and wear a mask. She also asked that people list the streets where they plan to clean-up so the Highway Department will know where to go to collect the bags.



Sandown Selectmen Concerned about Old Home Day Date
By Penny Williams  3-30-21

The date chosen by the new Old Home Day Committee was questioned by the Board of Selectmen at their Monday night, March 29, meeting.

The date came up because the board was trying to decide when the fireworks would be held that voters approved. In the past the fireworks have always been the Saturday night of Old Home Days preceded usually by some sort of musical event.

Selectman Tom Tombarello raised the concern that this coming September 11 will be the twenty year anniversary of 9/11. The board's sense was that Old Home Day is a celebratory event while 9/11 is a memorial and thus holding the Old Home Day event and fireworks on that day might not be appropriate.

Selectman Jon Goldman said he would canvas the fire and emergency personnel for their opinions and possibly some sort of memorial event could be planned over at the field before the fireworks if it held on that date. Tombarello said he would let Home Day Committee Chair Pat Kimball know he felt the choice of September 11 was not a good choice.

After a discussion it was decided to put off making any decision on the date for the fireworks until the next board meeting, giving selectmen an opportunity to talk with the Old Home Day Committee and others regarding holding the event and the fireworks on the 9/11 twentieth anniversary.

Members of the Old Home Day Committee were appointed by the board. The committee members include: Patricia Kimball, Krystin Filing, Frank Motard, Melyssa Tapley, Joseph Taylor, Kristin Handy, Tara Eggleston-Johnston, and, William Fanning.

Fire Chief Mike Devine came before the board requesting authorization to expend $2, 249.50 from the Fire Department Fire Equipment and Apparatus Capital Reserve Fun for the replacement of the pump on the department's  Forestry Vehicle.

Goldman noted the department is currently using a loaner pump from the NH Forestry Department. Devine said water had frozen and burst the Sandown truck's pump during an unexpected flash freeze. He took it apart and brought it to the NH Forestry Department where he was told it was too badly damaged to be repaired  economically and a replacement pump would be needed.

Devine said he should have a new pump to install within a couple of weeks and he can do the installation in a matter of hours if the board will authorize this expenditure. The board voted to authorize the expenditure.

Public Works Director Artie Genualdo came before the board seeking the selectmen's approval of a change to the approved 2021Odell Road Improvement project.

The change involves adding another 1,000 feet to the work planned for the Odell Road project. Genualdo indicated the department had the money to do the extra footage along Odell and he had confirmed that Busby Construction could start on the project with the additional distance on April 12, and Brox was holding their pricing at least for the moment.

Genualdo told the board the project would end at Pine Ridge intersection not Autumn as previously planned. He went over the culvert pipes he would have to either replace or adjust and said he had gone over things with the Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach Norstrom Associates.

There was a discussion about the wear and tear on the newly done Odell Road when the Hoyt Development off of Ferguson begins. The board approved the change order so Genualdo could proceed and decided to discuss with Keach what if anything can be done to protect the town against road damage from the proposed development construction.

The board discussed at length whether to contract with the diving company for the work at Phillips Pond. Aqualogic has changed its policy and now wants pre-payment.

The issue raised by Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell is that if the herbicide treatment proves sufficient and the diving isn't needed would the state back off the grant it had provided.

Office Assistant Paula Gulla, who does the work with the Phillips Pond project, recommended not entering into the contract this year and the board noting she is the expert in this area voted to take her recommendation.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding future plans with a possible solution being if diving is needed perhaps the Phillips Pond Association could handle that contract rather than making a direct contribution to the town for work on the pond.

It was reported that the NH Public Utilities Commission has delayed for 18 months the request from the Hampstead Area Water Company for a rate increase.

The rate increase request will be investigated by the PUC since it sought increases in rates of more than 50 per cent and for hydrant payments the increase was more than 600 percent. It was noted that the HAWC rate increase is driven by the company's need for cash to cover the cost of providing water to a huge project in Atkinson.

The board announced the hire of Transfer Station on-call custodian Anthony Stickney.

The board discussed whether to require employees going on vacation out of state to get a COVID-19 test within 3 days of returning or simply be asked to monitor their health. After a brief discussion the board decided not to require testing.


Sandown Selectmen Reorganize and Appoint Other Board and Committee Members
By Penny Williams   3-16-21

The Sandown Selectmen on Monday night, March 15, reorganized following the recent elections.

The one board member up for re-election Darren Hudgins, was re-elected. The board reorganized with Eric Olsen being appointed Chairman and Jonathan Goldman was appointed Vice Chairman. The board members then went over their liaison choices.

Erica Olsen spoke to the board on behalf of the Lion's Club telling them about a fundraiser to be held for food for several food pantries as well as collecting sox and underwear for boys for homeless teens. They will collecting these items on Saturday, March 20, in Brentwood at the Austin 17 Club.

In addition, she said the Sandown Lion's Club would be holding a Breakfast To Go with the Easter Bunny on March 27, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Town Hall Parking Lot.

Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell said that will be a busy morning as the Fire Department will be holding the Annual Rabies Clinic that day at the Fire Station from 10 a.m. to noon.  

Blaisdell also announced that the Old Home Day Committee needs members and anyone interested should contact Patricia Kimball at pkimb56@gmail.com or call the Selectmen's Office.

The board approved the following appointments:
Michelle Short Ballot Clerk 8/22;
Meghan Fanning Inspector of the Election until 8/22;
Perla Gilman Inspector of the Election until 8/22;
John Donahue Recreation Commission until 3/24;
Heidi Dyer Recreation Commission until 3/24;
Paul Godin Alternate to Senior Transportation Committee until 3/24;
and Robert Nickerson Alternate to Senior Transportation Committee until 3/23.

The board discussed the fire extinguisher issue. Three bids were received and Fire Chief Michael Devine had chose one company to go with since the current company the town uses is no longer going to continue in business.

The Fire Extinguisher company bid chosen will run  $3000 plus. This will cover a full inspection of each and every unit in each town building.  If a unit is defective that will  be an additional cost to replace it.  The amount each department will be charged is the cost for their building for doing this.  Maintenance next year will be a minimal amount as a full inspection of each unit will not be necessary. 

The board signed the documents for Boy Scout Troop 268 member Spencer Bohnwagner for his Eagle Scout project. He is  proposing his project for the Public Library. He wants to create an outdoor classroom area for handicapped users. It would be a patio area at the back of the building near the top of the outside staircase. The Library has approved the project. He plans to use bricks for the connecting pathway and to sell them for $60 each and people can have them personalized. The board approved the project and Olsen signed his paperwork.

The board signed the Phillips Pond contract and agreement. They signed the agreement paying the Solitude Lake company the pre-registration fee of $1690 for the permit to do the herbicide work  and approved accepting the grant from the NHDES for the reimbursement program.

The board approved providing the Historical Society with a Town Hall key. The new in-town committee is so large they don't fit at the Depot Building. The board approved the key and expressed pleasure at the enthusiasm of the newly formed committee.

The board discussed allowing the request for the use of the Town Hall for the Louis T. Festo Scholarship Fund performance. Possible dates for this are in September and October.

The board decided that as long the organization followed all the town and state
COVID-19 guidelines they were ok with them using the facility.


Sandown Election and Warrant Article Results March 2021
By Penny Williams   3-10-21

Sandown Selectmen and Budget Committee members worked hard to craft a Warrant that voters would approve and not plunge the town back into the Default dilemma it suffered through a couple of years ago. Their efforts were rewarded when the voters approved all the articles on the warrants including the Town Operating Budget.

Re-elected for a three year terms are Selectman was Darren Hudgins; Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Dawn Nicolaisen; and Treasurer  Erica Olsen.

Steve Brown was elected for a  one year term to the Budget Committee and Amanda Knight was re-elected for a three year term on the Budget Committee with Leslie Kruithop elected for a three year Budget Committee term.
Amanda Knight was also elected for a two year term on the Planning Board while Ernie Brown and Ed Mencis were re- elected for  three year terms.

Fire Engineers Michael Devine and Chris Poole  were re-elected for three year terms

Thomas Latham was reelected for a two year term as Cemetery Trustee.

Dana Wells  was re-elected for a three year term as Trustee of the Trust Funds

Melissa Tiney was elected for a three year term as a Library Trustee and Julie Droun
was elected for a two year Library Trustee term.

Sandown candidates elected to the Timberlane School District are as follows:

* School Board member - Steve Finnegan  for a three  year term

* Budget Committee - Mark Sherwood for a three year term and Marissa Brown
for a one year term'

The Town of Sandown is currently accepting applications for the position of
Town Clerk/Tax Collector Office Assistant. We are seeking an individual with strong interpersonal skills who can work in a fast-paced team environment. This position requires working closely with Town residents and Town officials. The applicant must be customer service oriented and attention to detail is a must.
The position requires the use of computers and various software programs. A working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook are required. The position is part time at estimated 25.5  hours per week and requires flexibility to cover other shifts as needed for vacation & sick coverage.

The Sandown Old Home Day Committee has openings and is seeking new members for the committee.  If you are interested in planning the Old Home Day Fall Festival, a wonderful community event, please contact Pat Kimball at pkimb56@gmail.com


Sandown Selectmen Draft Updated Hazardous Mitigation Plan
By Penny Williams   3-2-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen heard from Rockingham County Planning Commission, Consultant Planner for Hazard Mitigation Plans and Exeter-Squamscott River Local Advisory Committee, Theresa Walker, regarding the Town's updated Hazardous Mitigation Plan Monday night, March 1.

Walker noted this has to be done every five years and this is at least the third time she has done Sandown's plan. She went over the plan noting the few upgrades and additions that had been added.

There will be a 30-day question and comment period for residents and board members to raise any questions or make any comments or suggest any changes. After that Walker will edit the report and get it to the Homeland Security Office in Concord for their review and after she edits any changes they make the report will be finalized and sent on to FEMA for approval.

At that point she told the board, 'You will be good for another five years."

The board approved the request from the Cable Commission to increase the pay grade level to level two for Derek Thomas. His pay will increase to $70 per 3-hour or less meeting.

The board also approved the Litter-Free New Hampshire Program that handles roadside clean up.

Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell said the town is out of the blue bags used for roadside pick-up. These bags are supplied free to the town if it applies through the New Hampshire the Beautiful program. The Town works with the Girl Scouts and the Conservation Commission to conduct the roadside clean-up.

Blaisdell said that the Highway Department has agreed to go and pick-up the 10 cases of bags and bring them to Sandown Town Office. The bags will be given out to participants and the Highway Department will pick-up the filled bags left roadside on the day of the event. Blaisdell said she thinks the plan this year is to hold the event April 17, the weekend before Earth Day. The board approved participation in the New Hampshire the Beautiful Program and the Roadside Pick-up program.

The board discussed and ultimately approved a credit card in the name of Pamela Gaudreau, chair of the Heritage Commission with a limit of $750. The commission needs the credit card to get its plan to have Richard Holmes book, The View from Meeting Hill reprinted and have the books available for sale to those residents interested in getting a copy.

The board decided to not hold a meeting the night before elections, March 8 so the next Selectmen's meeting will be Monday night, March 15.


 Sandown Selectmen Decide to Not Make Prepayment on Phillips Pond Permit
By Penny Williams  2-24-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen at their Monday night meeting, February 22, went over the update regarding the permit for treatment of Phillips Pond.

At the board's February 8, meeting, Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell had informed the board that the NH Department of Environmental Services needed to have a prepayment for providing a permit for a herbicide treatment for the exotic weeds in Phillips Pond. The town therefore needed to make a $1,690 payment immediately. Blaisdell affirmed at the time that there was money in the budget to cover the payment.

The need for prepayment created an issue since the townspeople will not have voted on the Phillips Pond Warrant Article yet and so the article could fail and the Town would be stuck with the payment because it would not then be eligible for the grant that would reimburse the town for the prepayment.

Selectman Bob Nickerson noted the board and Blaisdell needed to find out if the article fails does the 'No mean No' come into play here. Blaisdell checked the next morning with the NHDES and was referred to the Town Attorney. The Town Attorney recommended that no payment be made on this until after the townspeople have voted.

The board Monday night reviewed this information and after a discussion made the decision not to make the prepayment but to wait for the results of the election but to continue to apply for the grant. The board authorized Blaisdell to make the payment as soon as she can if the article passes on March 9. If she can make the payment by March 15 the hope is that the permit can be obtained in time for an early treatment of the Pond.

Moderator Kevin Major came before the board and explained what is going on in Windham regarding the discovery from the last election session from a recount that 300 votes had been added. The discovered votes didn't change the election results but there is an investigation taking place to try and figure out how this happened - whether it was a machine error or a human error.

Major thought Sandown should know that while it uses the same machine type Windham uses he has absolutely no concerns about the machine and how it works. He said the machine is checked thoroughly before each election session and Sandown's machine has always worked perfectly. He said he wanted to make sure that Sandown residents know they have no reason to be concerned about the upcoming elections in Sandown.

The board went over and accepted the 2021 Transfer Station closure schedule, noting that the only changes from the usual holiday closings are that when a holiday, such as Easter,  falls on a Sunday, the Transfer Station will remain open two hours longer on the preceding Saturday.

The board discussed the change of address for 68 Montana Drive and approved the new owner getting and filling out the form to be sent to 991 changing the number to 78. The change is the result of homes being built since the original numbers was assigned.

The board announced that there will be a rabies clinic held at the Sandown Fire Station on Saturday, March 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It was noted that masks will be required as well as social distancing.

In Other Business:

* The Town of Sandown is currently accepting applications for the position of Town Clerk/Tax Collector Office Assistant.
We are seeking an individual with strong interpersonal skills who can work in a fast-paced team environment. This position requires working closely with Town residents and Town officials. The applicant must be customer service oriented and attention to detail is a must.  The position requires the use of computers and various software programs. A working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook are required.

The position is part time at 25.5 hours per week and requires flexibility to cover other shifts as needed for vacation & sick coverage.   If interested, please forward your resume by to:

Town Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 583
Sandown, NH 03873
ATTN: Dawn Nicolaisen
You can also apply by e-mail to DNicolaisen@sandown.us  
No phone calls please.
The Town of Sandown is an equal opportunity employer


Sandown Selectmen Decide to Holdoff On Phillips Pond Treatment Prepayment
By Penny Williams   2-9-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen had a difficult decision to make  regarding the treatment of Phillips Pond at their Monday night, February 8, meeting.

Town Manager Lynne Blaisdell explained that the NH Department of Environmental Services needs to have a prepayment for providing a herbicide treatment for the exotic weeds in Phillips Pond. Because of the tight dates for the permit, the Town needs to make a $1,690 payment now. The issue is the townspeople will not have voted on the Phillips Pond Warrant Article yet so they could vote it down and the Town would be stuck with the payment having been paid but not becoming eligible for the grant.

The board discussed this and Blaisdell said there is money in the budget to make the payment. If the town doesn't make the payment until after the Town Meeting, they might miss the required number of days before the herbicide action can take place.

Selectman Bob Nickerson noted the board and Blaisdell need to check to ensure that if the article is not approved does the No means No come into play and work on the Pond be denied.

As a result, Blaisdell checked the next morning with the NHDES on this and was referred to the Town Attorney. The Town Attorney recommended that no payment be made on this until after the townspeople have voted.

So the hope is that the article will pass and that there will be sufficient time between the payment for the permit, which can take place the day after voting if the article passes, and when the herbicide treatment has to take place. The cost for the treatment, including the permit cost, are in the contract with the Solitude Lake Management company.

Selectman Jon Goldman, Emergency Management Captain with the Sandown Fire Department told the board the state has decided to utilize first responders to assist the National Guard in providing vaccinations and being observers at the vaccination sites. He said he had received a call and he had participated over the weekend in Exeter.

Goldman said the board needs to authorize a Detail Fee for those in the department who would go and do this. The board voted to approve his suggested Detail Fee of $43 an hour. He said the state will reimburse the Fire Department for the cost of tits members participation.

The board approved the $43 Detail Fee as the hourly wage for those who participate. Asked how many he thought would be taking part he indicated he thought there would 8 or 9 to start with but he thought more might sign on down the road.

The board also approved signing the contract with the NH Department of Human Services regarding the response of Hampstead first responders to assist the National Guard in providing vaccinations.

Shae-Lynn Phaneuf came before the board seeking their support for her efforts to raise money for her to attend Nationals as NH Miss Amazing Jr. The cost of the trip would be $3323 and she has raised $281 already. She wanted to see if she could use the Town Hall Outside Notice Board to announce her efforts at funding raising for her trip to nationals and to put up specific events that are planned so residents would participate and support her efforts.

The board congratulated her on her many efforts as NH Miss Amazing and said she could use the outside board. They suggested she contact Moderator Kevin Major to see if she could fundraise during elections since so many residents would be stopping by the Town Hall to vote.

The board also said they would work with her to use the parking lot for a take-out Italian Supper fundraising event. The board said while they can't sell the t-shirts she will have for sale as a fundraiser they would help with getting the information out as to where the t-shirts could be bought.

Blaisdell told the board that the Department of Revenue Administration had notified the town their equalized evaluation was only 80.4 percent, which is fairly low. However, Blaisdell pointed out this is the result of the pandemic situation and the current price of real estate. There will be a revaluation done in 2023.


Sandown 2021 Deliberative Runs Smoothly
By Penny Williams   1-31-21

Sandown held its Deliberative Saturday morning, January 30, at the Sandown North Elementary School starting at 9 a.m. and the meeting was wrapped up just about an hour and a half later.

Moderator Kevin Major presided and the few people who spoke up were on target and precise so the whole event moved smoothly.

The results of the Deliberative, article by article, follows:

*Article 2 - operating budget of $4,549,159 with a default of $4,413,414 had a single amendment put forward which added the tax impact of the default budget to the article and the article, as amended, was forwarded to the ballot.

Article 3 - collective bargaining agreement between the  Police Union and the Town forwarded as presented

Article 4 - special meeting if article 3 is defeated forwarded to ballot as presented and articles 2, 3, and 4, were restricted from reconsideration

Article 5 - Accepting Highway Block Grant  forwarded to the ballot as presented

Article 6 - $375,000 to the Road Improvement Capital Reserve Fund forwarded to the ballot as presented

Article 7 - Salt Shed construction $150,000 - there were some comments on this referring to last year's defeat but it was forwarded to the ballot as presented

Article 8 - Salt Shed Capital Reserve - put $75,000 into a capital reserve fund for the salt shed - if 7 passes this article would be null and void - forwarded to the ballot as presented and articles 5 through 8 were restricted from reconsideration

Article 9 - $150,000 for Bridge Capital Reserve Fund forwarded to the ballot as presented

Article 10 - $13,700 added to Revaluation Capital Reserve Fund forwarded to the ballot as presented

Article 11 - $46,820 for treating Phillips Pond which amount will be offset by $15,000 from Phillips Pond Association and money from a grant.. Town Administrative Clerk Paula Gulla presented an amendment specifying that the amount would also be offset by a grant amount of  $18,728. There were some questions and requests for clarification but the amendment was approved and the amended article forwarded to the ballot.

Article 12 - $10,000 for the Stormwater Management Capital Reserve Fund forwarded to the ballot as presented

Article 13 - $50,000 for the Fire Equipment and apparatus Capital Reserve Fund was forwarded to the ballot as presented - Selectman Jon Goldman noted that long time Fire Chief Bill Tapley was retiring the next day and Deputy Chief Michael Devine would become the Fire Chief.

Article 14 - $7,500 for the Government Building Capital Reserve Fund was forwarded to the ballot as presented

Article 15 - $38,459 for per diem firefighters to staff the fire department faced only clarification questions and was moved to the ballot as presented

Article 16 - $50,000 from the unassigned fund balance to be added to the Plowing Expendable Trust Fund was moved to the ballot as presented and articles 8 through 16  were restricted from reconsideration

Article 17 - $4,500 for fireworks was moved to the ballot as presented though Suzanne Reynolds suggested this cost could be covered by fundraising by those wanting fireworks - Reynolds was thanked for her years of service on the Budget Committee.

The single Zoning article, a Stormwater Ordinance, was referenced as meeting the EPA required Stormwater Management  requirements,

Major reminded people to vote and to attend the Timberlane Deliberative on Thursday, February 4. 


Sandown Board of Selectmen Assign Articles to Members
By Penny Williams   1-26-21

In a short meeting, Monday January 25, plagued by technical difficulties that prevented the Cable carrying the meeting live, the board assigned the Articles to the members for the discussion and explanation at the Deliberative Session.

* Chair Darren Hudgins will handle Article 2, the Operating budget, Article 11 Treatment of Phillips Pond,  and Article 17, the Fireworks Article.

* Board member Tom Tombarello will handle Article 3, and Article 4, both related to the Police Collective Bargaining agreement, and Article 9. the Bridge Capital Reserve Fund Article.

* Selectman Eric Olsen will deal with Article 5, Road Improvement, Article 6, Road Improvement Capital Reserve Fund, Article 12, Stormwater Management Capital Reserve Fund, Article 14 Government Building Capital Reserve Fund, and Article 16, Plowing Expendable Trust Fund.

* Selectman Jon Goldman will handle Article 10, Revaluation Capital Reserve Fund, Article 13, Fire Equipment and Apparatus Capital Reserve Fund, and, Article 15, Staffing Fire Department with per diem firefighters.
* Selectman Robert Nickerson will deal with Articles 7 and 8, both having to do with the proposed Salt Shed.

There were minor language changes from the Department of Revenue Administration made to Article 5, 11,  and 16,  which the board approved. The board also re-voted on Article 2 recommendation in order to capture Nickerson's vote. The vote was unanimous 5-0 to recommend.

There was a discussion about the new options for Deliberative and Election sessions from the State. However, Moderator Kevin Major felt the town was all set with the necessary preparations and planning to hold the Sandown Deliberative at the Sandown North Elementary School on Saturday, January 30 at 9 a.m. with elections to be held at the Town Hall on March 9.

 Sandown Selectmen and Budget Committee Hold Joint Public Hearing
By Penny Williams    1-15-21

The Sandown Budget Committee held a Public Hearing on the budget and Warrant Wednesday evening, January 13, and the Budget Committee and Selectmen have voted on Warrant Article recommendations.

The committee meticulously reviewed every department proposed budget line by line and voted on each after discussion during the lengthy public hearing.

Most of the budgets reviewed drew little discussion or concern and changes but there were a few that did. Among those were the following.

* The Budget Committee budget was reduced by changing the Recording Secretary amount back to $1,500.

* General Building had the oil line reduced by $2,000.

* Highway Budget got hammered. Payroll in operating budget was reduced by $32,760 since the open position wouldn't be filled; overtime was reduced by $3,002.  Selectman Darren Hudgins spent a great deal of time trying to get the plowing line reduced and after several motions failed it was reduced by $4,000. Hudgins worked to reduce the paving line, which effort ultimately failed. The salt line was reduced by $5,000.

* The Health and Human Services was increased by $359 with the Meals on Wheels line being increased to $1,500.

* Recreation saw the Recreation Director's position furloughed until April and then made part time, reducing the directors salary to $38,739.  The full recreation operating budget wasn't finalized.

The final number for the Operating Budget is $4,549,159.00, a 5.32 percent increase.

The Budget Committee and Selectmen voted on recommendations for the Warrant Articles. All the Articles were recommended by full board and committee votes except  for Article17 that asks the voters to raise and appropriate the sum of $4,500 for fireworks with a date and time to be determined. The Selectmen approved recommending this 5 -0 but the Budget Committee voted 4-3-0. The concern here is that the money to cover this event can be raised outside the budget.

Town Openings include the following:

* 1- Selectmen seat for a three year term

* 2 - three year term seats for the Planning Board and one, two year term set.

* 1 - Town Clerk/Tax Collector  three year term seat

* 2 - three year term seats for Fire Engineers

* 1 - Cemetery Trustee two year seat

* 1 - three year term seat for Library Trustee and one two year term seat.

* Budget Committee has 3 - three year term seats and 1 - one year term seat

*  1 - three year term seat for Treasurer

* 1 - three year term seat for Trustee of the Trust Funds.

The Sandown Town Deliberative will be held on Saturday, January 30, at the Sandown North Elementary School at 23 Stagecoach Drive at 9 a.m. The Town Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 9, at the Sandown Town Hall from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Sandown Selectmen Vote on Per Diem Firefighters
By Penny Williams   1-13-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen met Monday night, January 11, and dealt with the request from the Fire Department to have a warrant article for two per diem firefighters among other Warrant Article items.

Deputy Chief Michael Devine, soon to be the Fire Chief, presented a proposed Warrant Article, Article 15, that asks the tax payers to raise and appropriate $38,459 for the purpose of staffing two per diem firefighters.

The per diem firefighters would be there to cover the fire station when Devine can't be there and their coverage would be primarily during the daytime. This proposed amount  would cover up to 40 hours of coverage but would have no benefits.

The board discussed this with Devine. It was noted that the number of volunteers is dwindling and there is a need for young volunteers but when the chief might be taking a class or being away on vacation there needs to be someone covering the station. Most week days he will be there. The board voted to approve the amount of the article as proposed.

The board also looked at Warrant Special Article 16 that asks the tax payers to raise and appropriate money from the unassigned fund balance to be added to the Plowing Expendable Trust Fund. The amount suggested and approved after a discussion is $50,000.

Town Manager Lynn Blaisdell told the board two petition articles had come in to amend Zoning. The issue is these needed to be presented several weeks ago so they missed the deadline for submission. In addition, the signatures after being verified only amounted to 23 when 25 are required.

 The board after a discussion voted unanimously not to put the petition articles on the ballot because of being filed in an untimely fashion and without the proper number of certified signatures.

The board voted to accept donations amounting to $120 for the Sandown Senior Transportation.


Sandown Board of Selectmen Reviewed 2021 Warrant Articles
By Penny Williams  1-6-21

The Sandown Board of Selectmen met on Monday evening, January 4, and reviewed and made adjustments to the proposed Warrant Articles, recommending them unanimously.

Sandown Office Assistant Paula Gulla went over the Warrant Articles with the board. Two of the articles are still in question ( Articles 15 and 16) and will be addressed at the board's next meeting.

* Warrant Article 3. Shall the Town vote to approve the cost items included in the collective bargaining agreement reached between the Town of Sandown Board of Selectmen and the Union representing the Police and Animal Control Officers, the Teamster Local 633 Union, which calls for the following increases in salaries and benefits at the current staffing level:

Contract Year        Estimated Increase

4/1/21-3/31/22                    $ 54,372
4/1/22-3/31/23                    $ 15,252
4/1/23-3/31/24                    $ 15,524

and to further raise and appropriate the sum of Forty Six Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Two Dollars ($46,382) for the current fiscal year beginning January 1, 2021 and ending December 31, 2021, such sum representing the additional costs attributable to the increase in salaries and benefits required by the new agreement over those that would be paid at current staffing levels. 
Estimated tax impact of this warrant article is $.07 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Warrant Article 4. Shall the Town of Sandown, if Article 3 is defeated, authorize the governing body to call one special meeting, at its option, to address Article 3 cost items only.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Warrant Article 5. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate and authorize the Selectmen to accept a Highway Block Grant an amount expected to be received in the sum of One Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Six Dollars ($162,576) for the road improvement programs to be recommended by the Sandown Highway Department and approved by the Sandown Board of Selectmen, said sum to be supplied by the State of New Hampshire.
Estimated tax impact of this warrant article is $0
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 6. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Three Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Dollars ($375,000) to be added to the previously established Road Improvement Capital Reserve Fund. 
Estimated tax impact of this article is $.56 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 7. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($150,000) for site work and construction of a new salt shed at the Highway Garage. This will be a non-lapsing warrant article and will not lapse until the project is completed or by December 31, 2026, whichever is sooner. This article is designated as special by the Board of Selectmen.
Estimated tax impact of this article is $.22 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 8.  Shall the Town vote to establish a Capital Reserve Fund under the provisions of RSA 35:1 to be known as the Salt Shed Capital Reserve Fund for the purpose of site work and construction of a new salt shed at the Highway Garage and to raise and appropriate the sum of Seventy Five Thousand Dollars ($75,000), and to further appoint the Board of Selectmen as agents to expend from the fund. Should article 7 pass, this article becomes null and void.
Estimated tax impact of this article is less than $.11 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 9. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($150,000) to be added to the Bridge Capital Reserve Fund previously established.  
Estimated tax impact of this article is $.22 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 10. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Thirteen Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars ($13,700) to be added to the Revaluation Capital Reserve Fund previously established.
Estimated tax impact of this article is $.02 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 11.  Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Forty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Dollars ($46,820) for treatment to control exotic aquatic species including invasive variable milfoil and fanwort in Phillips Pond.  Costs will be offset by a $15,000 donation from the Phillips Pond Association and costs may be offset by grant funds.  This article is designated as a special warrant article by the Board of Selectmen.
Estimated tax impact of this article is $.07 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 12.   Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) to be added to the Stormwater Management Capital Reserve Fund previously established. 
Estimated tax impact of this article is less than $.01 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 13. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) to be added to the Fire Equipment and Apparatus Capital Reserve Fund previously established.
Estimated tax impact of this article is $.07 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Special Warrant Article 14. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($7,500) to be added to the Government Building Capital Reserve Fund previously established.
Estimated tax impact of this article is $.01 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Warrant Article 15. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of ?? for the purpose of staffing 2 per diem firefighters (no benefits).  This article still needs more information.

* Special Warrant Article 16.   Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of ?? to be added to the Plowing Expendable Trust Fund previously established. 
This article may be removed but in any case needs additional information.

* Warrant Article 17.  Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Four Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($4,500) for fireworks with a date and time to be determined by the Board of Selectmen. 
Estimated tax impact of this article is $.01 per thousand.
(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen: 5-0-0)
(Recommended/Not Recommended by the Budget Committee:  0-0-0)

* Sandown Planning Board Zoning Amendments for 2021 Ballot

* Z-1   Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment Z-1 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Sandown Zoning Ordinance as follows:
To amend the text of Article VII to insert Part B – “Stormwater Management Ordinance Construction and Post-Construction Requirements” into the Sandown Zoning Ordinance.

The intent of the Amendment is to expand the Zoning Ordinance as required in order for the Town of Sandown to satisfy the municipality’s obligation to comply with applicable requirements of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems.  The full text of Amendment Z-1 as proposed by the Sandown Planning Board is available for public inspection at the Sandown Town Hall during regular business hours.


The board heard from  Nick Cristofori, Comprehensive Environmental, Inc, about what has been accomplished in 2020 regarding the MS4 requirements, what is left to be done, and what he recommends for getting accomplished in 2021.

The Town authorized $20,000 in 2020 and he said it had allowed him to accomplish most of what needed to be done. The Town  Stormwater Management Ordinance will be finalized by the Planning Board for a vote at the Town Meeting and the Planning Board will develop the regulations that support that Ordinance and have them in place by the June due date.

He indicated that there may be some extra money in the budget for the 2021 MS4 work and he will use it to do the required town water system mapping which has to get done but not necessarily in 2021.

He indicated he is hopeful that the Lake and Pond Phosphorous Control Plans for Angle Pond, Shoal Pond and Phillips Pond won't require the expensive maintenance and deterrent device plans and construction as these can be extremely expensive. He hopes that the stormwater discharge locations are sufficiently distant from these water resources  that maintenance and control measures will not be necessary.

He noted the town does well with the public education piece and that this year will focus on fertilizer, pet leavings pick-up, and leaves. The town does well doing direct education mailing to residents by putting the informational material into the motor vehicle registration letters. He said the town doesn't have any required water inspections which will be a savings and the outflows that have been inspected have had no issues. The board suggested he be at the Town Meeting to address any questions regarding the Warrant Article for the MS4 work.

The board approved Roger Ernst's request to become a full time member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment and he will have a three year term. He said he would go to Town Hall the next day to be sworn in.

The board discussed the Town Report and made a tentative decision to have a picture of the refurbished Town Hall on the cover and pictures of department employees on the back.

Town Administrator, Lynne Blaisdell asked if the decision was solid to hold the Deliberative Session at the North School. The board said it was solid and she could start advertizing it as such. She also asked the board to approve her working to extend the Septage Agreement Sandown has with Allenstown and for her to sign the agreement on the board's behalf. The board approved that request.









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