2022 Hampstead Planning Board Meetings

Hampstead Planning Board Continues All Old and New Business to February Meeting
By Penny Williams 1-4-22

The Hampstead Planning Board met Monday night, January 3, and continued its full slate of hearings to its February meeting.

The Briana Wood Subdivision, located at 651 Main Street, saw its Conditional Approval expire on January 3. Tim Lavelle, Lavelle Associates, presenting the subdivision on behalf of developer Maison Belle, apologized for still not having the data from the subdivision's engineer.

This the subdivision has been dominated by efforts to preserve and protect the historic Endicott Pear Tree. The 8 lot subdivision plan with has a single Cul de Sac - Endicott Lane.

Board members were upset at another continuation but after a discussion approved continuing the Conditional Approval until the February 7, meeting.

Lavelle presented the subdivision of land at 46 James Drive, that seeks to create two lots, one with the existing dwelling and a new 1.34 acre lot. Lavelle said all the things Town Engineer Steve Keach, Keach and Nordstrom Associates, had asked him to put on the plan had been done. However, he had just sent the updated plan that day and Keach had not had an opportunity to review it. The board groused about continuing plans but approved continuing this to the February 7, meeting.

The amended site plan for 2 Starwood Drive was also presented by Lavelle. He indicated that he is still waiting for the engineer's design and drainage calculations to complete this amended sit plan presentation. He requested a continuation to the February 7, meeting and the board approved his request.

The amended site plan for 24 Hazel Drive was presented by Lavelle who said he had it ready but somehow when he went to print it out he lost it but has tech people coming in the morning to retrieve it.

There was a long discussion regarding this amended plan and public comment. The developer had clear cut the lot without notice to abutting residents and the light on the building is creating a lot of issues as is the fact the property was clear cut.

There have been issues on this lot from the get go. Storage of units were placed on the property without permission and now Code Enforcement is demanding the light issue be corrected.

Due to zoning regulations a buffer must be created where the clear cut took place so Code Enforcement wants, as does the Planning Board, a complete restoration plan. Keach also recommended that the Planning Board insist on a bond relating to the restoration since it won't be happening during the winter. The abutting resident is clearly upset over the clear cut of the forest area and the storage trailers.

The board approved continuing this to the February 7, meeting but said the light should be fixed immediately and a restoration plan developed that would be provided to the board and to Code Enforcement.

An Elderly Housing Site Plan was presented for 70 and 90 Depot Road. There will be 10 rental duplexes and 40 bedrooms on two lots that will be combined into one for the development. A private road will serve the duplexes and there will be shared wells but individual septic systems. The board wouldn't take jurisdiction of the proposed plan and Lavelle said he would provide a revised plan which would include a buffer.

Abutters brought up the issue of traffic and the safety of adding another intersection on Depot Road. After the discussion the board continued this to the February 7, meeting when the board will consider accepting jurisdiction of the plan if it properly amended.

Finally the board continued the proposed site plan for 394 Emerson Avenue. DeSilva Motor Sports wants to construct a storage facility on their lot which is across Minors Way from their main store. There are some issues relating to Minors Way that Keach wants to research further.

The owners of the Plaza that is on Emerson Avenue and has access to Minors Way and the plaza septic system off of Minors Way, raised maintenance of Minor Way concerns but their issues need to basically be worked out between themselves and DeSilva.

However, there were things missing from the plan so the board continued consideration of the proposed site plan to the February 7, meeting.

The board read and approved the three proposed zoning amendments and moved them forward to a Warrant Article..






NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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