2021 Hampstead Planning Board Meetings

Hampstead Planning Board Reviews Zoning Amendments
By Penny Williams   1- 5- 21

The Hampstead Planning Board met Monday night, January 4, and reviewed the four proposed amended Zoning Amendments, recommending them to the Warrant as presented.

The articles are as follow and the full copy of the amendment text of the proposed amendments is available in the Town Clerk's Office.

* Article 1
To see if the Town will vote to amend Article III-5:4 A, In Commercial Zone C2 by replacing the existing language with the following: “The minimum lot size shall be the appropriate square footage required under Article II-1 (Soil-based Lot Size) and Article II-2 (Wetlands Ordinance) for the soil and slope which constitute such lot, or 45,000 square feet, whichever is larger.”
Recommended by the Planning Board

* Article 2
To see if the Town will vote to adopt Article I-2:3 Building Permits Required, Under General Provisions, “C. For any Building Permit issued which includes elements of roofing, siding, windows, and doors; these exterior elements must be completed within 12 months of issuance of said Building Permit.”
Recommended by the Planning Board

* Article 3
To see if the Town will vote to rezone the land consisting of the area on the Northerly side of Route 111, bounded on the Northeast by the existing C-2 Zone at Map 12, Lot 15, bounded on the Southwest by Village Green Road, bounded on the East by Route 111 and bounded on the Northwest by a line which is four hundred feet (400’) distant from the Northerly line of Route 111, from Zone A (Residential) to Zone C-2 (Commercial).
Recommended by the Planning Board

* Article 4
To see if the Town will vote to adopt Article I-2:10 Unregistered Motor Vehicles and Boats, Under General Provisions, “No lot in the Residential or Recreational Districts may be used for the outside storage of more than two unregistered and/or uninspected motor vehicles. No more than one unregistered boat shall be permitted on a lot.”
Recommended by the Planning Board

During the discussion on Amendment 1, board member Randy Clark suggested that the 'or' be changed to 'OR' to make the zoning amendment's meaning clearer. Member Paul Carideo said this had been discussed previously and the board had been satisfied with it as written. Clark asked Attorney Bernard Campbell, who was in the audience waiting for the amendment he had an interest in to be discussed, for an opinion. Campbell indicated he didn't feel the change was necessary.

Resident Carl Cote brought up his concerns with Amendment 4 providing the board members with copies of how surrounding towns deal with this issue. He was concerned that referenced boats might be construed to apply to kayaks and row boats as well as noting that 'garage' would be a more appropriate designation than 'outside storage.' The board heard him out but insisted these things had been considered and the request for the amendment had come from the Code Enforcement Office and declined to make any changes.

It was also noted that Article 2 had come from a request from the Code Enforcement Office but there was no discussion regarding this amendment and there was no discussion of changes for Article 3.

The board then discussed the Change of Use application sought by Claire Aoun concerning her plan to rent the property at 2 Starwood Drive to open a Used Auto Sales business.

After a lengthy discussion the board voted to continue the application to their February meeting. The issue is the present owner of the property, acquired additional land, paved that property but didn't get Planning Board approval for either project and therefore is in violation of the ( property owner's) current approved site plan.

The board felt they couldn't address the applicant's request for a change of use for the property until the violations were addressed and an amended site plan had been approved by the Planning Board. However, they didn't want the applicants to be charged any money because of the wait so continued their hearing to the February  1, meeting.





NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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