Hampstead Board of Selectmen News

Hampstead Selectmen Approve Library Pavilion Proposal and Fireworks in June

Controversial Conservation Parking Lot Discussion Dominates Hampstead’s Selectman’s Meeting

Hampstead Election and Warrant Article Results March 2021

Hampstead Selectmen Raise Some Municipal Service Fees and Look for Stormwater Committee Members

Hampstead Selectmen Hear Civic Club Plans to Hold Fishing Derby

Hampstead Selectmen Accept Labrador Lane as Town Road

All Articles Moved to the Ballot at Hampstead Town Deliberative

Hampstead Selectmen Continue Discussion On Labrador Lane

Hampstead 2021 Budget and Warrant Articles Public Hearing

Service Organizations Speak to Hampstead Board of Selectmen

****************************** 2020 ****************************

Hampstead Board of Selectmen Halt Conservation Commission Criticism

Hampstead Police Department Loses Two Officers

Hampstead Selectmen Hear More Public Concern Over Conservation Commission Right to Know

Hampstead Board of Selectmen Set 2021 Tax Rate

Hampstead Selectmen Heard Seniors Holiday Dinner Will Be Pick-up Only

Hampstead Selectmen Review the 2021 Town Budget

Hampstead Selectmen Approve of Modified Christmas Parade

Hampstead Selectmen Hear From the Water Resource Committee

Hampstead Selectmen Discuss Election Assistance and Absentee Ballots

Hampstead Selectmen Delay Opening Veterans Memorial Gym

Hampstead Police Chief Wonders About School Resource Officer Position

Hampstead Selectmen Award Paving Contract to Busby Construction

Hampstead Selectmen Heard from Hampstead Area Water Co. About Decontamination Change

Hampstead Selectmen Postpone Fourth of July Fireworks

Hampstead Selectmen Approve Stipend for First Responders

Hampstead Selectmen Continue Police Lieutenant Pay Discussion

Hampstead Selectmen Discuss Lieutenant Robert Kelley's Pay Issue and Delay Mowing Contract

Hampstead Selectmen Pick Chairman and Discuss Multiple Contracts



































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