Chester Board of Selectmen News

Chester Selectmen Learn that Transfer Budget Overspent

Chester Selectmen Discuss Use and Scheduling of Town Owned Buildings

Chester Selectmen Approve Dog Regulations for Wason Pond Conservation and Recreation Area

Chester Selectmen Continue 2022 Budget Review of 15 More Items

Chester Board of Selectmen Review More 2022 Budgets

Chester Selectmen Approve Conservation Commission’s Purchase of 7 Acre Parcel

Chester Selectmen Discuss Wason Pond Area Leash Ordinance

Chester’s 300th Anniversary Committee Seeks Approval for Potential Events

Chester Selectmen Discuss 2022 Budget Expectations

Chester Selectmen Approve Fire Department Roofing and Parking Lot Paving Bids and Deputy Fire Chief Ben Clark Resigns

Chester Selectmen Fill Housekeeper Position and Continue Stevens Hall Restoration Discussions

Chester Selectmen Discuss Expenses for Fire Department Parking Lot and Roof

Chester Selectmen Review and Vote to Complete Stevens Hall Repairs

Garabedian Gravel Pit Engineer Continues Controversial Presentation to Chester Selectmen

Chester Selectman D'Angelo Wants Ability to Vote as Liaison to ZBA

Chester Selectmen Approve Lincoln Lane Bridge Conservation Funds To Be Used For Another Project

Chester Selectmen Approve Plow Contracts and Fire Department Lieutenant's Position Still Unfilled

Chester Selectmen Review Operating Budget and Warrant Article Encumbrances

Stevens Hall Project Continues to be an Issue for Chester Selectmen

Chester Selectmen Address Unlicensed Dogs Issue in Chester

Chester Selectmen Decide Opening of Chester Municipal Buildings to Take Place on June 7

Chester Selectmen Remove Six Selectman Liaison Assignments

Chester Selectmen Reorganize and Welcome New Board Member Steve Couture

Chester 2021 Town Meeting Results

2021 Chester Election Results

Chester Selectmen Discuss Mask Requirements and Zoom Meetings Will Continue

Chester Selectmen Approve Manchester Water Works Gate on Old Chester Turnpike

Chester Selectmen Approve 20 Acre Conservation Property Purchase

Chester Board of Selectmen Decide to Reopen Chester Cautiously

Chester Selectmen Ask Town Manager to Reorganize and Number Warrant Articles

Chester Board of Selectmen Send Warrant to Budget Committee

Chester Resident Robert St. Amand to Clean up Town Pound

Chester Selectmen Approved Window in Building Inspector Office

Chester Selectmen Approve the Town Administrator to Handle Impact Fees $5,000 or Less

Chester Selectmen Looking for Hard Numbers for Stevens Hall Project

Chester Board of Selectmen Approve Use of Jack Road

Chester Selectmen Approve Maintenance Department Truck Purchase

Chester Selectmen Move Dates of Election and Deliberative to May

Chester Selectmen Still Undecided on Town Deliberative Date

Chester Board of Selectmen Vote to Extend CARES Act Coverage

Chester Selectmen Vote to Send Out Stevens Hall RFP

**************************************** 2020 ************************************

Chester Selectmen Decide to Follow Construction Management System for Stevens Hall Project

Chester Board of Selectmen Decide to put Carkin Street on the Ballot

Chester Selectmen Decide to Identify Work Needed on Stevens Hall

Chester Selectmen Discuss Need for Maintenance Department Vehicle

Chester Selectmen Discuss 2021 Preliminary Town Budget

Chester Board of Selectmen Set 2021 Tax Rate

Chester Selectmen Hear Election Update by Town Moderator Scott

Chester Selectmen Forward Seven More Budget Items to Budget Committee

Chester Board of Selectmen Review More 2021 Budget Items

Chester Selectmen Start to Look at Budgets for 2021

Chester Selectmen Grant Eversource Permission for Structure Replacement

Chester Board of Selectmen Shared Which Town Buildings are Open

Chester Selectmen Learn of Veterans and First Responder Suicide Awareness Event and Cancel Chester Street Halloween

Chester Selectmen Agree Provisionally to Extend Spring Hill Farm Contract

Chester Selectmen Decide to Continue with Liaisons on Other Boards

Chester Selectmen Undecided on Cutting Cemetery Trees

Chester Board of Selectmen Approve New Transfer Station Leadership

Chester Selectmen Appoint New Recreation Commission Members

Chester Selectmen Discuss Transfer Station Swap Shop Issues

Chester Selectmen Continue Discussing Unregistered Dogs

Chester Selectmen Informed That 150 Dogs Still Unregistered and Buildings Other Than Town Hall Will Remain Closed

Chester Selectmen Approve Proposed Encumbrances

Chester Selectmen Consider Encumbrances

Chester 2020 Town Meeting Results

Chester Board of Selectmen Sets Reopening Dates

Wason Pond Issues Dominate Chester Selectmen's Meeting

Chester Board of Selectmen Hear Public Comments from Residents

Chester Board of Selectmen Hears About Potential Solar Farm

Chester Selectmen Decide Town Hall Renovations to be Done In House

Chester Selectmen Approve the Wason Pond Commission Recommendations

Chester Selectmen Postpone Town Meeting Again

Chester Selectmen Continue Wason Pond Discussion and East Derry Road Closure

Chester Selectmen Decide to Keep Town Buildings Closed

Chester Selectmen Wason Pond Parking Closure Decision Draws a Crowd

Chester Selectmen Close Wason Pond and Discuss Permits for Residents Use

Chester Selectmen Discuss Hart Roberts Road and Transfer Station Procedures

Chester Selectmen Address Emergency Management and Transfer Station Issues

Chester Transfer Station Open Fridays and Easter Bunny Will Ride the Roads

Chester Selectmen Discuss 2019 Notices of Arrearage



































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