2022 Chester Planning Board Meetings

Chester Planning Board Conditional Approval Extension for Subdivision on Pulpit Rock Road Approved  
By Penny Williams   1-13-22

There was only one hearing on the Chester Planning Board agenda Wednesday night, January 12 and the board took care of business with dispatch.

The MacLean Family Revocable Trust of 2018, owner of 82 Pulpit Road, requested an extension of the original conditional approval for a 2-lot subdivision at the end of Pulpit Rock Road. Nick MacLean presented the request to the board noting that other than the monuments having been posted there weren't any significant changes to the original plan.

The original plan went before the Planning Board back on October 17, 2019.  At that time it was noted that the newly created 2 acre lot would have sufficient frontage. The original lot is 120 acres and the owner wishes to sub-divide it into the 118 acre lot with the existing dwelling which would have only 40-feet of frontage and a small, single lot of 2 acres that would have 290 feet of frontage.

The request went before the Chester Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) in 2018 and was granted a Variance to allow this.

The Planning Board in 2019 ,after some discussion, granted the plan conditional approval with a specific condition being that everything that had been discussed relative to the plan would be shown on the final plan prior to recording of the plan which was done.

MacLean on Wednesday night said the plan is ready to move ahead but it just hasn't happened yet. The board noting that no significant changes have been made to the plan had no problem with approving the extension of the conditional approval.

Planning Director Andrew Hadik told the board he had received a letter from the Town Engineering Firm DuBois and King regarding the Garabedian Gravel Pit plan. DuBois and King wanted a Swift Plan filed and an Alteration Of Terrain permit from the State provided as well as a drainage design for run-off management. Hadik said he had received a Swift Plan so the Garabedian engineer is responding to the DuBois and King letter..

Hadik asked the board members to review the board's Annual Report draft he had sent and he would have a final report for their approval before January 26.


Scott Subdivision Conditionally Approved by Chester Planning Board
By Penny Williams     1-6-22

The Chester Planning Board met Wednesday night, January 5, and the only hearing was conditionally approved.

Earl Sandford,  Sandford Surveying and Engineering, presented Kevin, David and Theodore Scott and Martha Scott Chazanoff's  application to combine lots 84 and 84-1 located between Route 102 and East Derry Road, and then subdivide the combined lot into five lots for development. Four of the lots would be accessed by driveways off of Route 102 and one lot would be accessed from East Derry Road.

The five lots would all be in excess of 2 acres. Planning Director Andrew Hadik told the board the application was complete and the board took jurisdiction of the proposed plan.

It was noted that extensive work had been done with the Town Engineers DuBois & King  regarding drainage issues. Four mechanisms will be implemented to eliminate any increase in drainage resulting from the development. In addition, mitigation for increased impervious surfaces will be provided.

The driveways off of Route 102 were approved by the state but the state requested that the berms on either side of each driveway be shaved to allow for improved sight line, particularly driveway 3. Lot sizing, environmental issues, and setbacks were all addressed and meet requirements.

The plan went before the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) at their October 19, meeting. The following two ZBA variances were approved and apply to:

*  Article 5, Section 5.7.8 Table 2 (Table of Dimensional Requirements – Wetlands Setback) of 59 the ordinance to permit a driveway to be constructed within the 75’ setback of wetlands of 60 Map/Lot 001-084-000 61 2.

*  Article 2.5.5 of the ordinance to permit a shared driveway to be located within the side 62 setback of both the lots to be known as Map 001-084-103 and 001-084-104 63 On the premises known as Map/Lots 001-084-000 and 001-084-001 at 68 & 80 East Derry 64 Road in the R-1 Residential zoning district.

The Planning Board members wanted included in plan notes and the driveway permits that the Route 102 driveway berms would be shaved to improve sight lines of the Route 102 driveways, particularly driveway 3. This doesn't apply to the East Derry driveway.

The board voted to approve the plan as presented with the required condition of adding the specifics of the Route 102 driveway berms as a specific condition.

The board then reviewed the five zoning amendments they had discussed previously. After reading them they approved them to be forwarded to a Warrant Article.

The board approved the request for release of $4,989 in General Government Building impact fees for the replacement of a server.

They discussed but decided to get clarification of the possible zoning amendment regarding the definition of educational institution.

The definition, sought by Code Enforcement officer Myrick Bunker, was developed by Land Use Attorney Bennett but board members were uncomfortable with it. One issue was there was no specific RSA tied to it. They put off further discussion until the board received more information from Attorney Bennett.

However, the board did approve taking this particular zoning amendment to a public hearing as long the board agrees with it after further explanation from Bennett.  


NH RSA 675:3 gives the Planning Board the authority to submit an ordinance or zoning amendment to the voters.

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