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Community Volunteers and Residents Depend On RCTV

Resident Requests Selectmen to Approve RCTV Server

Raymond Board of Selectmen Letter about Cable Budget

Letter to Town Manager and Board of Selectmen about RCTV

Please Reconsider Decision On RCTV Playback Server

Don't Let RCTV Go Dark

Do Raymond Residents Want RCTV to Continue?

Town of Raymond Communications    7-25-17

Kevin Woods, whose title is now RCTV & Raymond Town Communications, announced July 25 that the Town has created a town communications email address for residents at Communication@raymondnh.gov and also announces the following social media links:

• Like & Follow Town of Raymond Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/townofraymondnh/

• Subscribe to Town of Raymond Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/raymondnh

• Sign up for Town of Raymond email notices at http://eepurl.com/cHiR6z


RCTV Brings You The Information
Submitted by Kevin Woods    3-6-17

Most of us do not like the endless political ads during state and national elections. Luckily here in Raymond we have a very short political season. Raymond Community Television brings you the local issues and candidates. We have information on the LRES Project, the Police Station proposal, promotions by the candidates, warrant article information, and two different candidate nights. Finally the entire School and Town Deliberative sessions. Put your TV on RCTV Channels 13 or 22 or go online
to visit https://raymondtv.viebit.com/. There is no reason to be an un-informed voter.

Are you looking for just why vote yes or no? Visit the Raymond Voter Information Project at http://www.raymondvip.org/voters_guide.htm for clear, unbiased assessment of the warrant articles.

School District Warrant Articles - 1-23-15
Submitted by Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator

The February 7th Raymond School District Deliberative session will include three important warrant articles. RCTV is airing a series of programs that describe these articles and what they cover. 

School Board Chair John Harmon reviews the aymond Education Association Agreement article and what it means to the teachers and school district.  Superintendent Ellen Small and Finance Director Ron Brickett take you though the annual budget, looking at anticipated expenses and revenues.

Finally School Board member Steve Reardon takes a look at the Capital Reserve projects expected to happen this coming year and the costs behind them.  All three programs will air on RCTV channel 13 through the next two weeks.  Check out the schedule on local online publications as well as the RCTV web site raymondtv.org.

If you cannot catch a replay each program is available online at

Raymond Voter Information Project on RCTV - 1-23-15
Submitted by Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator

The Raymond Voter Information Project has prepared a video describing their annual Voters Guide and the other activities they do through the year.

Raymond VIP President Marilyn Elliott, Treasurer John Beauvilliers, and member Dana Zulager review how the guide is put together, and how the VIP is funded.

The program will air repeatedly on RCTV Channel 13 and is available online at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com

RCTV Introduces New Fall Programs - 10-16-14
Submitted by Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator

With the Fall season firmly in place, Raymond Community Television is spicing up its Ch. 13 Public Access schedule with some new programming.

The Folklorist is a half-hour television series produced by NewTV, a community access television station located in Newton, Massachusetts. The series explores some of the unique and lesser-known stories throughout history. Each half-hour episode of the show contains 3-4 featured segments that go into the back story and lasting effects of a particular topic of folklore.

Adventures in Art - A tour through an art museum can be an adventure in perception. This film offers such a tour, guided by actress Julie Harris, who shares her observations of various paintings and different ways of seeing. Harris discusses color, composition, and light and shade, along with pertinent historical facts about the artists and subjects of the works shown.

Nevers 2nd Regiment Band - Recorded during the 250th Anniversary Celebration.  Their web site notes:  Nevers’ Band Concerts are an exciting and fun experience for the whole family!  Our diverse repertoire includes popular numbers, patriotic music, classic orchestral transcriptions, music from motion pictures and more!  At any given concert you may hear anything from the 1812 Overture to the music of the Beatles.

RHS Rams Football - David Washer, an RCTV Volunteer has taken on the challenge of recording as many of this seasons games as possible. He is looking for RHS Students to help him with this.  In the first game shown, RHS Student James Coomey provided the announcements during the game.

If you have suggestions for new programs or would like to be a part of RCTV you can email them at rctvnh@gmail.com  or call Coordinator Kevin Woods at 603-682-5348

*250th Community Events on RCTV*
Kevin Woods RCTV Coordinator

Raymond Community Television is airing many of the events of the 250th celebration on RCTV Public Access channel 13.  The RBC Homeland Concert, Paul Browns presentation for the VIP Project, the 250th opening ceremony and parade, and the Community Concert are now on the schedule. Other concerts and presentations are being edited for broadcast on channel 13 and on demand viewing.   Schedules are available at the local online new sites as well as the RCTV web site http://www.raymondtv.org/. RCTV has also been airing updates on upcoming events by 250th Committee Chair Wayne Welch and Town Manager Craig Wheeler.

In addition RCTV volunteers have been *all *over town documenting other celebration activities such as the community picnic, church service, Raymond Fire & Police open houses, the car show, Riverside park activities and the fireworks to name just a few.  RCTV anticipates creating a program highlighting these events, but more importantly all video footage will be transferred to a hard drive for safe keeping in the town offices for future generations.

If you do not have cable in your home or you know someone who lives outside of town you can view these programs online at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com/

RCTV Covers Raymond High School Class of 2014 Graduation
Submitted by Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator     6-12-14

Raymond High School Graduation will air live in Raymond on RCTV Channel
13.  It will also be streamed live on the Internet  at
http://raymondtv.pegstream.com/ which means anyone, anywhere with a
computer and internet access can view it.

On demand streaming will be available within a few days and can be seen at
http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com/. Replays will also be scheduled on RCTV channel 13.  For more information about live or on demand streaming visit the RCTV web site at http://www.raymondtv.org/

Special Olympics Torch Run On RCTV
Submitted by Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator     6-12-14

A slide show highlighting the Raymond NH Track & Field Special Olympics Torch Run is now airing on RCTV channel 13 and available at the streaming on demand web site. The Candia to Raymond Leg for 2014 was produced by local resident Frank Bourque and his daughter. 

A special thanks from all the participants goes out to the Raymond and Candia Police Departments for their help with this inspirational event.  For air times and to view on streaming visit the RCTV web site at http://www.raymondtv.org/

Raymond High School Class Night On RCTV
Submitted by Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator     6-11-14

The Raymond High School Class Night is now available at the RCTV On demand streaming web site at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com/

Replays will also be scheduled on RCTV Channel 13.  For program schedules click on Channel 13 above or for more information our on demand streaming visit the RCTV web site at http://www.raymondtv.org/

RHS Winter Sports Review Video
by Colleen West Coates 3-28-14

The Raymond High School Winter Sports video montage produced by Colleen West Coates is now showing on RCTV Ch 13.  Visit the RCTV schedules for days and times. 

It is also available for viewing anywhere at RCTV's on demand Web site at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com/index.php. Just click on the title
RHS Winter Sports Review to watch the video.

The Raymond Cable TV Committee Needs Volunteers 
Submitted by Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator

The Raymond Cable TV Committee is actively seeking new members. The committee; made up of 7 full time members and two alternates; has 2 full time openings and 1 alternate opening.

The committee is advisory and members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three year terms. The committee is responsible for the oversight and management of Raymond Community Television (RCTV). The Cable Coordinator (a 20 hr. a week part time position) is responsible for the day to day operation of RCTV, reports to the Town Manager, and takes direction from the Cable Committee.

Government meetings are covered by paid staff members who receive a stipend for each meeting covered.

The committee approves purchases, recommends the annual budget (approximately $65,000 annually), makes recommendations on programming and improvements and assists the coordinator when possible. RCTV has two meeting rooms at the High school with robotically controlled cameras.  The studio is currently shared with the "Jobs After Graduation" Program.  RCTV is in the process of major equipment upgrades to both meeting control rooms and studio.

The Committee meets once a month (typically the 4th Tuesday) at 7pm at the High School.  Committee members are NOT required to cover meetings but are encouraged to participate in larger events such as Deliberative sessions, school graduations etc. Training on RCTV equipment is available for those interested.

Perspective committee members are required to attend three meetings prior to being recommended to the Board of Selectmen (town requirement). Please let me know if you are interested in joining the Cable committee or learning more about us. 


Raymond Candidates Night Is On RCTV
Submitted by Kevin Woods - 2-24-14

The 2014 Candidates night is scheduled for replay on RCTV Ch 13. and airs in two parts. 

Part 1 includes candidates for Budget Committee; Kimberly Tyndall and Joshua S. Mann; Planning Board Don Hedman, Carolyn Matthews, & Ted Janusz, School Board write in candidate Diane Naoum, Town Treasurer write in candidate Ed French and Ethics Committee write in Joyce Wood.  

Part 2 features the four candidates for the three year Selectmens term; Colleen West Coates, Jack Barnes, Tim Auclair, and Nick Longo.  Produced by Christina Vogel and moderated by Doug Vogel, candidates gave descriptions of their background in Raymond and why they chose to run for office. 

In addition they answered questions from the audience that included Budget & Planning concerns and "What is your vision for Raymond's future?".

  Selectmen candidates were queried on how they would go about making the Selectmen more accessible to residents. 

The programs are available in demand at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com/  and will air on Ch. 13 with the following schedule:

Candidates-1 (Planning, Budget, Ethics, School Board, Treasurer)
Sunday 4:00am
Monday 8:00am
Tuesday 12:40pm
Wednesday 7:30pm
Thursday 9:15am
Friday 1:15pm
Saturday 4:00pm

Candidates - 2 (Selectmen)
Sunday 5:05am
Monday 9:10am
Tuesday 1:45pm
Wednesday 8:35pm
Thursday 10:30am
Friday 2:30pm
Saturday 5:15pm

Raymond Cable Franchise Agreement – What Is It and What Does It Mean?

Raymond Community TV Schedule Changes
Submitted by Kevin Woods 2-13-14

In order to maximize the replays of School & Town Deliberative Session

Some Public Access programs on Ch. 13 will be pre-empted in order to bring viewers locally produced programs regarding the warrant articles and election issues.

Meeting replay times on Channel 22 will return to normal after Election Day March 11.

"Raymond Candidates Speak" on RCTV
Submitted by Kevin Woods   2-11-14

Raymond Candidates Speak is a series of public access programs for those running for local offices in Raymond.

There are open positions for Selectman, Budget Committee, Ethics, School Board, Trustee and others.

Raymond candidates who are interested in recording an episode of "Raymond Candidates Speak" can contact Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator at rctvnh@gmail.com or 603-682-5348 to arrange a recording session.

These programs will air repeatedly on RCTV's Ch. 13 until election day March 11th and are available online at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com.


A Chat with Raymond Historian Paul Brown For The 250th on RCTV

Raymond School Deliberative Available On RCTV
Submitted by Kevin Woods 2-3-14

Kevin Woods would like to thank all those that helped out with the RCTV broadcast of the School Deliberative session on Saturday, Feb. 1st. It was VERY well produced and looked terrific. It was streamed live on the web which meant anyone, anywhere in the world could watch it. 

Thanks to Jennifer Gillespie at the SAU for getting us the presentation slides. Camera operators Arlene French, Nicole Lee, Dennis Garham, Bruce White, John Beauvilliers, & Marc Vadeboncoeur, graphics operator Debra Moore, audio Chester Goquen, engineering Marc Vadeboncoeur, and Director Roger Moore all made this a production RCTV can  It is already available for viewing at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com and will be schedule to air on Ch. 22 during the next 3 weeks.

For more information about Raymond Community Television visit

RCTV & Raymond’s Political Season

It’s local political season in Raymond once again and soon residents will be discussing and debating town and school warrant articles.  There is a wealth of open positions needing to be filled on all sorts of boards and committees.  RCTV will be there to cover meetings and public hearings leading up to the two Deliberative Sessions; the School on February 1st and the Town on February 8th.  Both meetings will air live on Ch. 22 and via the internet on the RCTV streaming web site http://raymondtv.pegstream.com/

They will also be available to view at your convenience at the on demand streaming site http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com.

All Raymond residents are invited to utilize RCTV to let people know how they feel about an issue.  Whether you are for it or against it!  RCTV does not censor.  Residents can create a slide show like power point, record themselves in their own home (we can provide a camera) or arrange to use the studio at Raymond High School to record their views.

As local programming grows, RCTV may pre-empt some of its regular programs in order to air these local shows.

If you would like to create or submit a program for RCTV, have questions about doing so, or need assistance, please contact us at rctvnh@gmail.com or call my cell at 682-5348.  You can also leave mail at the town office. Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator

Holiday Concert At Iber Holmes Gove Middle School Is On RCTV

The Iber Holmes Gove Middle School Holiday Concert is now available on-line at

Raymond TV Peg Central Video or http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com

It will be scheduled to air on RCTV Ch 13 in Raymond this coming week


2013 Wreaths Across America Ceremony Is On RCTV

The 2013 Wreaths Across America Ceremony held on Dec. 9 on the Town Common is now available on the RCTV streaming web site at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com.

Hosted by Walmart Driver, Eugene Coghill and Walmart General Transportation Manager, Pat Maloy, the ceremony featured the Raymond High School Band, Bag Piper John Newman, along with guest speakers Frank Bourque & Town Manager Craig Wheeler.

Wreaths were placed on the Civil War monument by Walmart Drivers, Rick Varney - USAF, Eugene Coghill - USMC, & Andrew Maillet- US Army. The convoy departed for Washington after passing under the American flag suspended by Raymond Fire's Ladder truck. The event was recorded by RCTV volunteer Tim Acerno and edited by Kevin Woods.  It will air on RCTV's Ch 13 beginning next week.

Raymond Holiday Concert Is On RCTV

The Raymond School Holiday Concert from Thursday Dec.5 will air on RCTV Ch 13 with the following schedule:

Sunday 8:00 & 10:00pm
Monday 12:00am
Tuesday 4:00am
Wednesday 7:00pm
Thursday 8:00am, 11:00am, 9:30pm
Friday 12:00 & 3:00pm
Saturday 4:00 & 7:00pm

It is also uploading to our on demand streaming web site which can be seen
anywhere at http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com/

The Raymond Veterans Day Ceremony

The Veterans Day Ceremony held on the Raymond town common is airing on Ch 22. Please check the

It is also available online at the RCTV On demand streaming site http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com

Raymond High School 2013 Graduation
submitted by Kevin Woods.

The Raymond High School 2013 graduation is on Channel 13 available at the RCTV on-demand site, (raymondtv.pegcentral.com).

This means that families and relatives of graduates who could not make it to
the ceremony and who do not live in Raymond can watch it.  The web
site is http://raymondtv.pegstream.com

You can see what it will look like now by visiting the link above. Please
forward this information to RHS students & parents so they can get word to
their families who live in other parts of NH, the U.S. or the World!

Raymond Community Television
email: rctvnh@gmail.com, or visit our website at www.raymondtv.org

Raymond TV  Introduces Live Streaming
Submitted by Kevin Woods 6-10-13

In addition to viewing government meetings, educational events and public access programs on RCTV channels 13 & 22.  RCTV will begin live streaming of most government meetings and school events.  It will begin with live streaming of Ch 22 programming and can be seen at

The equipment will allow RCTV to stream one channel at a time.  The plan is to live stream as many government meetings & school events as possible.  If two events are happening at the same time one will be selected and both will be available as replays on Ch 13 or 22 and on the on-demand streaming site of http://raymondtv.pegcentral.com.

Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator says, "This opens up Raymond TV programming to a whole lot more people, the world in fact.  If you want to know what is happening with Raymond Boards and Committees or cannot attend a school event, you can view it live while it is happening. And if you want to go back and review an event, you can do so at the on demand streaming site.

For grandparents, aunts & uncles who may not be able to travel to a school event, this brings it into their homes from far away." In additon to live events the site will also stream replays of meetings. "Right now anything that is playing on Ch 22 can be seen", says Woods, including the Community Bulletin Board.

Residents and viewers are encouraged to contact Woods at rctvnh@gmail.com with feedback or coments about the new streaming
service or the on demand site. "We are viewer driven.  We want to know what residents want us to program on RCTV".

Kevin Woods, Coordinator - Raymond Community Television (www.raymondtv.org) Raymond, NH may also be contacted by calling

RCTV Airs Local Events
Submitted by Kevin Woods 6-6-13

Raymond Community Television (RCTV) will be airing the Raymond High School Graduation (both on Ch 13 and live streaming) beginning at 6:00 pm on Friday June 14th.  The program will also be available that weekend on the RCTV On demand streaming site at raymondtv.org.

Recently the Raymond Special Olympics Team participated in a Torch Run that took place in May from the Candia Municipal Complex to the Raymond Town line with Officers from Epping, Deerfield, Candia and Raymond participating in the event. The video was produced and edited by Emily Bourque of Raymond. It will air on RCTV Ch 13 and be available on the On demand streaming web site. Check out the RCTV program schedules for air days and times.

Raymond Community Television Needs A New Logo!
Submitted by Kevin Woods 3-23-13

RCTV now has two channels (13 & 22) and is planning a new education channel later this year.  It's time for a new look!  Are you into graphics?  Can you draw?  Would you like your work to be seen on the RCTV channels, online web sites and correspondence?  The logo selected will be used on all of these.  We are reaching out to Raymond schools, organizations and local artists for their renditions.

  To view the current logo visit our web site at http://raymondtv.org and look at the top right corner.  What’s the prize? Our undying gratitude!  And a gift certificate to one of our terrific local eating establishments!

You can submit your logo design to rctvnh@gmail.com or drop it off at the Raymond town office attention RCTV. We will accept submissions until May 1st.

Informed or Un-Informed? Which kind of voter are YOU?
Submitted by Kevin Woods – 2-28-13

Voting day is March 12th, barely two weeks away. Are you an informed voter? There is absolutely no reason other than laziness not to be so. Maybe you could not attend the 5+ hours Town Deliberative Session or the Monday night School Deliberative. Perhaps weather kept you at home for Candidates night. 

But if you are a Comcast subscriber, RCTV has all of these playing on multiple days and multiple time slots for you to view. NOT a cable subscriber? RCTV's new on-demand streaming web site has all these events as well as programs by the candidates, the Selectmen, and the School Board. 

This new site is raymondtv.pegcentral.com and is available via the RCTV web site of raymondtv.org as well. You don't want to watch the entire meeting you say? That’s OK; the new site has index points that allow you to jump to a particular article or fast-forward or rewind. No longer do you need to download the entire meeting. Don't have a computer you say? I am sure the staff down at the library can help you with that. 

Oh, and you can check out the Ch. 13 or 22 replay schedule at the top of this page or the RCTV web site. The RCTV Bulletin Board also has the replay schedules of all the above mentioned programs.

I am tired of hearing elected officials complain that we as voters are "not informed" because we do not attend public hearings or deliberative sessions. I argue that being "un-informed" is a choice. There are numerous ways for us to learn about the issues. The Raymond Voter Information Project, the School District web site, the Town website and Town Voters guide and RCTV. 

So IF you chose not to vote (or you vote un-informed) because you "don't know the issues", then SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on YOU. And I REALLY don't want to hear you whine about your tax bill or a town project, or a particular elected official, if you don't get out and vote.

Voting is one of the most valuable rights we have. But it is up to YOU to use it. Do you just sleep here? Or do you think of Raymond, "As your Hometown"?

Submitted by Kevin Woods, 25 Nancy Lane, Raymond, NH 


RCTV Brings New Sounds
Submitted by Kevin Woods – RCTV Coordinator 2-21-13

Raymond Community Television (RCTV) is expanding its bulletin board background music repertoire. A new Vancouver-based radio network, The Syncopated Radio Network (SRN) delivers a variety of music from 1898 to 1970, including nostalgic, big band and swing music.  It also hosts Old Times Radio (from 1929-62) and news, information and education for the visually impaired and disabled. It offers newspaper reading provided by the American Councils for the Blind, the National Federation for The Blind and other sources.

On SRN, you’ll also hear historical audio, such as presidential speeches, D-Day coverage, USO tours such as Bob Hope’s and more.  The station has about 12,000 Old Time Radio recordings available, originating from 45, 78, 33 and 16 RPM records, and even a few Edison wax and tin-foil recordings.

AM 1700(in Vancouver,Wa) is The Flagship Station of The Syncopated Radio Network, simulcasting the same programming. SRN is a free full-service audio service available to all Nursing Homes, Facilities, and Access Channels.

RCTV will access SRN and other Internet radio stations via their streaming web sites. To access RCTV visit www.raymondtv.org

Local Election Information on RCTV
Submitted by Kevin Woods – RCTV Coordinator 2-07-13

With only few days remaining until Election Day in Raymond, groups are recording programs to inform voters about important warrant article information.  In addition some candidates are recording programs to tell voters about themselves and their viewpoints.  RCTV will be pre-empting programming on Channel 13 and 22 in order to bring you these important programs.

Both the Town and School Deliberative sessions can be found on RCTV Ch 22 and on the streaming web site.

Town Manager Craig Wheeler, Selectmen Wayne Welch and Lee Weldy and Public Works Director Pat Bower have two programs, one on the water related warrant articles and one on all money related warrant articles.  This week, the School Board will also be producing a program on their warrant articles.  Candidates Lee Weldy (Selectman), Tina Thomas (Trustee of the Trust Funds), and John Stewart (School Board) are all scheduled to produce programs this next week.

In addition the Raymond Area Rotary Club is holding a Leadership conference on Saturday February 16th from 8:30-4:30 at Raymond High School.  Town Manager and Rotary member Craig Wheeler along with Rotarians Ken Bosse (New Life Church), Steve Puderpaugh (Raymond Animal Hospital), and Don DeAngelis (Epping Fire Chief) have produced a program outlining the conference and its presenters.  This 15-minute program is airing on RCTV Ch 13 at numerous times during the day.  It is also available on the RCTV streaming web site at http://raymondtv.org

New Year Brings New Programming on RCTV
Kevin Woods – RCTV Coordinator 01-11-13

The New Year gives us an opportunity to bring Raymond viewers a diverse selection of interesting programs from independent producers around the state and country. Raymond Channel 13 is the place to catch these and other local programs.  The RCTV schedule is available at http://raymondtv.org and in local web & print publications

Running for Local Office, co-produced by Positive Raymond and The Raymond Voter Information Project brings together current and former town elected officials in a roundtable discussion on how and why people should run for local school and government positions.  Moderated by Jennifer O‘Neil from Positive Raymond, participants discuss not only the mechanics of running for office, but also some of the pros and cons of holding office.

The Youth Booth is a variety show created by a group of home schooling students featuring topics such as hobbies, demonstrations, technology news, comedy skits and more. The purpose of the show is to educate the students about broadcasting, journalistic writing, and public speaking through hands-on production of their own show.

The Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation is a non-profit children’s safety foundation that uses prevention programs to save children from abduction, sexual abuse, child predators, and serious accidental injuries with award-winning, proactive, music-based programs that are designed specifically for children ages 2 through 8 so they will retain crucial safety messages.

"Empower your Parent Voice" is a series designed to help parents be the best advocate for their children.

“Change for a Dollar”. It can be so incredibly simple.  A hug. A kind word. A small, meaningful gift. A coin. An unexpected act of mercy.  It can be so simple to change the life of another human being...if we're only paying attention. Are we? You and I? Paying attention?  In her debut as a writer and director, veteran actress Sharon Wright has crafted a heartfelt, beautifully realized short film evolving around an obviously homeless man (Robert P. Campbell) whose actions on this one particular day transcend his seemingly humble reality with an even more humbling presence of simple grace, precious kindness and silent service. One of the true joys of Change for a Dollar is that Wright wisely realizes that what is happening on screen goes beyond the spoken word and, as a result, much of the film itself is performed with nary a word spoken. Instead, Wright relies on the power of the story itself and the actors who are bringing it to life.

Eliminating deaths on New Hampshire roadways is an important vision and the driving force behind the work of the New Hampshire Driving Toward Zero Deaths (NHDTZD) Coalition. It is also an important vision for all who travel on New Hampshire's roadways-by car, motorcycle, truck, bicycle, or even on foot-day and night under all types of weather conditions. The NHDTZD's mission is to create a safety culture where even one roadway fatality is one too many. Zero fatalities is the only acceptable number and of course, the only number we can ALL LIVE with.

The Wood Whisperer is a modern take on an age-old craft. Marc Spagnuolo, professional woodworker and contributing editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine, provides compelling and sometimes comical details on various woodworking projects and techniques. The Wood Whisperer was the first and continues to be the #1 woodworking video podcast on the web. Think of it as a modern version of The New Yankee Workshop.

On The Steve Kastos Show, each week host Steve Katsos and his friends send out a message that everyone should follow their dreams on their television program that serves as an outlet for creative people. Produced in New England by volunteers, the show now reaches over 13 million homes weekly on broadcast, cable, and satellite television. Each episode features interviews, stand-up comedy, and live music. With new cities picking up the program every month all over the world, this international show truly is "The Late Night Underground."

Creating Cooperative Kids is a one-hour cable television show that provides education and guidance to parents and professionals of children from 18 months to 18 years of age. Each episode features parenting experts and step-by-step instructions for parents, grand parents, and educators on raising high self-esteem and cooperative kids.

Weekly RCTV program schedules can be found by clicking on the channel links at the top of this page.

The RHS Winter Music Concert-2012 is now airing on RCTV Ch 13
Kevin Woods 12-20-12

*Sunday 10am - Monday 2pm - Tues 6pm*

*Wed 7:10pm - Thur 10pm*

*Fri 10:40pm - Sat 6am*

It can also be viewed online at raymondtv.org select the link for the On
demand streaming and the public access folder OR Click the following link:

Tired of Political Ads, Try RCTV Ch13!
By Kevin Woods - RCTV Coordinator 10-12-12

Are you tired of…”I approve this message” and “The preceding was brought to you by”? RCTV strives to bring viewers programs about Raymond events and news. 

Come and check out the variety of programs on RCTV Ch 13!  We have music programs (City Music & American Song Writer), cooking, gardening, Kids programs (Cool Beans Music, The King Henry Show), information on the new voter id laws, Comedy (Comedy Corner, Chatting with History), Nature (Granite State Outdoors, This Month in the Sky & A Natural view of Beauty). 

This month we are featuring a program on The Peace Treaty of Portsmouth. It is a locally produced documentary on the History of the Peace Treaty of Portsmouth and one man's perspective of its spiritual meaning.  Amherst filmmaker Don Alusic has given PEG stations throughout the state an opportunity to air his documentary.

RCTV’s broadcast schedules are available on Raymond Area News, and of course the RCTV Web site, http://Raymondtv.org.

If you know of a program or event that you would like to see shown on RCTV you can contact us at rctvnh@gmail.com, call us at 895-6405 or just leave us a note at the town office!

RCTV…What do subscribers want?
By Kevin Woods, RCTV Coordinator - 9-6-12

Raymond Community Television (Ch 13 & 22) continues to bring local programs and features to cable subscribers and even to those that do not receive cable via our on-demand streaming web site. This summer we brought viewers the Memorial Day & 4th of July parades, both the Miss Raymond and Junior Miss Raymond Pageants and candidates for important state and federal positions courtesy of the Raymond Republican Town Committee. For the first time we originated programming from the Safety Complex with Selectmen’s meetings and a live Police department press conference.

In March we presented a plan to voters to purchase a new facility downtown, not for Comcast as some have told us, but for Raymond residents. While the purchase would have been made entirely from RCTV funds with no increase in the franchise fee required, residents strongly voted it down.

So the question becomes, “What do Raymond Cable Subscribers want from Raymond Community Television?” 

You are the ones who fund everything to do with the operation and maintenance of the equipment, control room and shared studio space at the High School through the franchise fee paid only by you the cable subscriber. The Cable Committee has frugally saved funds to provide for capital expenses and for a future facility.

RCTV has equipment for two meeting rooms at the High School. We share a classroom with the Jobs after Graduation (JAG) program as a studio.  There are 3 portable cameras available for residents to use.  We have on demand (but not live) streaming of government meetings and local events.  There is one part time (20 hr per week) coordinator position. We have paid operators that cover government and school board meetings.

The Cable Committee has embarked on the development of a “RCTV Strategic Plan”.  We will look at where RCTV has come from, where we are now, and consider where subscribers want us to be in 10 years.

What do YOU want us to use the funds you provide for?  Should we replace some of the outdated equipment and improve the sound and picture quality from the meeting rooms?  Should we add live streaming or improve the on demand streaming to allow searching thru the videos?  Should we increase the hours of the coordinator position to allow more interaction with the school district and community groups? To provide community classes in video production?  Should we pursue an addition to the High School or look at leasing or purchasing another facility?  What was it about the proposal in March that you did not agree with?

We want to hear from you!  We NEED to hear from you! RCTV belongs to YOU!  Please, Please, take a few minutes to be a part of it.

The committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month, 7pm at the High School.  You can leave us a letter at the town office, email us at rctvnh@gmail.com, or call us at 895-6405 and we will get back to you ASAP.

Local programs on RCTV -13
Kevin Woods – RCTV Coordinator - 8-31-12

RCTV strives to bring viewers programs about Raymond events and news.  This week there are three.  The Capital Improvements Committee is touring town and school facilities to review requests by departments to fund capital improvement accounts. This week on Ch 22 (and on the streaming site) viewers can see the issues at the Raymond Town Office and the Highway department.  The Public Works Director and Highway foreman take CIP committee members through needed repairs and replacements.  Next week we will include tours of the Police and Fire Departments.  The CIP committee is also planning on a tour of school district facilities.

The Raymond Republican Town Committee hosted two candidates for office at the High School recently.  Ovide Lamontagne, candidate for Governor and Rick Parent, candidate for Congress spoke before an audience of about fifty.  Both presentations were recorded by RCTV volunteer Dean Plendar and will repeat on Ch. 13 throughout the week.  They are also available on the RCTV streaming web site.

RCTV’s broadcast schedules are available on Raymond Area News and of course the RCTV Web site, http://Raymondtv.org.
If you know of a program or event that you would like to see shown on RCTV you can contact us at rctvnh@gmail.com, call us at 895-6405 or just leave us a note at the town office!

RCTV Programs By Kevin Woods - 7-27-2012

The 2012 Miss Raymond Pageant will air on RCTV channel 13 on Mondays at 10:45am, Tuesdays 5am, Wednesday 7am & 5pm, Thursday 9am, Friday 1pm, Saturday 5pm, Sunday 8pm.

As soon as the Junior Miss Raymond Pageant is completed we will schedule it for airing on Ch 13.

Watch the 4th of July Parade and a short highlites video with stills
By Kevin Woods, 7-7-2012

View the 4th of July Parade, click Parade Link (50 minutes)
View the Short Highlights video click Parade Highlites slide show (4 minutes)

If the links do not work go to http://www.raymondtv.org/  Select Video on demand server then the Public Access folder.

RCTV Programs By Kevin Woods - 6-28-12 

The Raymond Republican Town Committee met last week at the Safety Complex Torrent Hall. Their guest speaker was Chris T. Sununu, Candidate for District 3, Executive Council, (commonly known as the Governors Council)  

RCTV volunteer Bruce White was there to record the presentation which will be shown on Ch 13. The broadcast days and times are: Sunday 3:30pm, Monday 7:30pm, Tuesday 11:30pm, Wednesday 12:30pm& 3:30pm,  Thursday 3:30am, Friday 7:30am, Saturday 11:30am

The Raymond 4th of July parade is scheduled to be recorded by RCTV
volunteers Roger & Debra Moore.  Replays will be shown next week on RCTV Channel 13 on Sunday 9pm, Monday 1am, Tuesday 5am, Wednesday 7am & 5pm, Thursday 9am, Friday 1pm, and Saturday 5pm.

RCTV Program Highlights By Kevin Woods - 6-28-12 

Public Access stations give viewers a chance to watch local religious
services they may not be able to attend in person. While not always located in the same town as the access facility, typically residents who attend these houses of worship will request that their services be broadcast. 

Raymond Community TV is pleased to air services from a number of local churches. In addition to Raymond Baptist Church and New Life Assembly of God, both located here in Raymond, RCTV also airs services from Epping Bible Baptist Church, Greenland Bethany church, and St; Joseph Parish which serves Raymond, Epping, Fremont & Nottingham.

*Celebration Of Aging* is a monthly television program that explores the
joys and techniques of Seniors who are enjoying the sunset years. We are
overjoyed at the response from our viewers. The program is now broadcast by over 120 television stations internationally.

According to Producer Steve Kastos, "*The Steve Katsos Show* is an outlet for creative people to share their art, comedy, and music with the world, all from our small stage set in the Boston suburbs. We started this program in one town as volunteers helping struggling artists and now we air in over 13 million homes weekly in the US and Europe! Help us get our message out to everyone: follow your dreams! If you are an artist please continue to give your gift to society. This show is our gift to you. Thanks for watching!" For more information visit the Steve Katsos website.




















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