Raymond Board of Selectmen News

Raymond Board of Selectmen Honor Two Retiring Long time Employees

Raymond Board of Selectmen Reviewed 2023 Proposed Operating Budget and Warrant Articles

Raymond Selectmen Discuss Recycling Issue with Casella and Approve a Few Tax Abatements

Raymond Town Manager Presented Proposed Budget to Selectmen and Tax Rate is Set

Raymond Selectmen Hear Weston Sampson Water Tower Recommendations and Request to Reestablish Cemetery Trustees

Raymond Selectmen Review Budget with Estimated Increase of $725,637

Raymond Board of Selectmen Approve Two Discretionary Barn Preservation Easements and Two Public Land Use Requests

Raymond Selectmen and Budget Committee Hear Public Works 2023 Budgets

The Raymond Selectmen and Budget Committee Begin 2023 Budget Review Process

Raymond Selectmen Make Decision on Water Storage Tower Type

Raymond Selectmen Sign Off on the Primex Risk Management CAP Agreements

Public Works Director Explains Drought Policy to Raymond Board of Selectmen

Raymond Selectmen Move the Bean Tavern to the Historic District Commission and Consider Returning Public Comment to Meetings

Ernie Creveling Returns to Raymond as Town Manager

Raymond Selectmen Decide to Continue Street Sweeping and Police Chief Mike Label Introduced New Officer Busta

Raymond Selectmen Sign Contract for Curbside Trash Pick-up with Pinard Waste Systems

Raymond Selectman Learn Buy Back of PAYT Bags is an Issue and Recycling Pickup Ends

Raymond Water Tower Issues with State Addressed with New Tower Coming in June

Raymond Selectmen Approve Waste Management Extension Agreement but Recycling Ends as of June 1

Raymond Selectmen Approve Pinard's Option 3 and Accept ARFP Funding

Raymond Selectman Reorganize Board and Special Meeting Requested Recount Numbers Stay the Same

Raymond Residents Vote at Special Town Meeting to Ratify March 8 Results

Raymond Selectmen Plan to Hold Public Hearing for Pinard Waste Disposal Proposal and Learn Mega-X Investigation Has Opposition

Raymond Selectmen Hold Public Hearing for April 2nd Special Town Meeting

Raymond Selectmen Select April 2 for Special Town Meeting and Town Manager Seat is Vacant Again

Raymond Selectmen Discussed Past Due Water Bills, P-A-Y-T Bags and Domestic Partner Insurance

Raymond Board of Selectmen Introduce New Public Works Director and Discuss a Few Warrant Articles

************************************** 2021 ***********************************

Raymond Selectmen Approve Sandy Brook Drive As Town Road and Discuss a Few Warrant Articles

Raymond Selectmen Pick New Water Tower Site and Vote to Stop Mega-X Project

Raymond Selectmen Name Fire Chief Paul Hammond as Interim Town Manager

Raymond Is Without A Town Manager Again

Raymond Town Manager Reviews Department Budgets

Raymond Selectmen Address Governor's Lake Issue Again and Discuss Flint Hill Water Tower

Raymond Selectmen Accept Overlook Drive as a Town Road and Approve $80,192.95 for Parks and Recreation Truck

Raymond Selectmen Revisit the Governor’s Lake Improvement Proposal and Hold Public Hearings on Hazard Mitigation Plan and Emergency Management Plan

Residents Continue to Express Concern for Use of Voting Machines at Raymond Selectmen Meeting

Raymond Selectmen Hear Residents Express Election Concerns and Accept American Recovery Plan Act Funds

Raymond Selectmen Appoint Christine Rousseau as Deputy Town Clerk and Deputy Tax Collector

Raymond Board of Selectmen Discuss Cemetery Issues and Route 27 Bridges

Raymond Selectmen Approve All Model Growth Plans and 4th of July Volunteers Needed

Raymond Board of Selectmen Proposed Land Use Fee Schedule Discussed

Raymond Selectmen Fill Barnes’ Vacant Selectman Seat and Appoint Bean Tavern Steering Committee

Raymond Selectmen Discuss Mask Requirements and Interview Board Candidates

Raymond Selectmen Address Capital Reserve Fund Requests

Longtime Raymond Selectman Jack Barnes Retires

The Raymond Board of Selectmen Move Forward with Bean Tavern Purchase

The Raymond Selectmen Push Getting RCTV Cable Server

Raymond 2021 Deliberative Zoning Amendment Articles Challenged

Raymond Board of Selectmen Continue Discussion of Cable Committee Budget

************************************** 2020 ***********************************

Raymond's Community TV Meeting Coverage May Be in Jeopardy

Raymond Selectmen Hear Request to Revamp Water Department to Address Debt and 2021 Tax Rate Set

Raymond Selectmen Hear From Town Manager about Covid-19, Budgets, 2020 Tax Rate, Veteran’s Day and More

Raymond Board of Selectmen Held a Special Board Meeting

Raymond Board of Selectmen Receive 2021 Draft Budget

Raymond Board of Selectmen Approve Changed Pay As You Throw Fees

Raymond Selectmen’s Meeting Public Hearings Draw No Comments

Raymond Selectmen Expect Two Percent Reduction in Municipal Taxes

Raymond Select Board Approves Accepting Absentee Ballot Grant

Raymond Selectmen Hear the Importance of Absentee Ballots

Raymond Selectmen Vote Down Dumpster Fees

Raymond Selectmen Heard Updates on Town Opening Phase 3

Raymond Selectmen and School Board Discuss Tax Mitigation Strategy

Raymond Selectmen Approve Accepting GOEFRR Grant

Raymond Selectmen Hear Town Reopening Plan and Cancel Two Parades

Raymond Selectmen's Emergency Public Health Regulation Addresses Campground Opening

Raymond Selectmen Delay Decision on Campground Until Thursday

Despite Pandemic Financial Impact, Raymond Should Be Alright

Five Year Transfer Station Agreement Requires Resident Permits

Raymond Selectmen Approve Amended Comcast Agreement

Raymond Municipal Tax Rate Reduced by Thirteen Cents Per Thousand

Raymond Selectmen Continue Discussing Pay As You Throw Program

************************************** 2019 ***********************************

Raymond Selectmen Move Ahead with Epping Street Property Cleanup

Residents Express Frustration Over Dumpster Ordinance

Raymond’s Draft Budget Numbers Presented to Selectmen

Shaw’s Abatement Agreement Saves Town Money

Correction Made to Expected Tax Reduction

Raymond Selectmen Reject Shaw’s Abatement Request

Private Road Residents Hear Fees For Road Maintenance

New Citizen Work Group Proposed for 20 Year Plan

Town Manager Joe Ilsley Reviewed Fixed Budget Expenses

Threats, Claims of Past Town Action Aired at Raymond Private Road Hearing

Raymond Selectmen OK Release of Capital Reserve Money to Repair Lane Road Culverts

Raymond Selectmen Face Hard Decisions on Culverts, Private Roads

Raymond Selectmen Deny Granite Meadows Abatement Request

Raymond Seeks to Create Enforceable Dumpster Ordinance

Raymond Group to Plan Infrastructure Improvements for Next 10 to 20 Years

Selectmen Hear Tax Repayment Plan, Property Clean-Up Working Well

Raymond Selectmen Will Not Pursue Legal Action Against Zoning Board

Selectmen Note Tax Decrease, New Procedures for Garbage Collection

Raymond Saves Money on Loan for New Wells

Raymond Selectmen Award Bid for Tax-Deeded Property

Selectmen Send Message to Zoning Board to Rehear Peloquin Request

Complaints Over Zoning Board Action to be Explored

************************************** 2018 ***********************************

Portion of Unexpended Fund Balance to Cover Two Warrant Articles

Raymond Board of Selectmen Hears Complaint About ZBA

Trash Removal, Social Services, Contingency Fund on Town Warrant

Raymond on Path to Get Town-Owned Properties Back on Tax Rolls

Expected Raymond Town Budget Shows 1.4 Percent Increase

Proposed Budget’s Fixed Costs Presented to Raymond Selectmen

Mosquito Carrying West Nile Virus Found in Raymond

Scribner Road Access Agreement Considered Legal by State

Longstanding Issues Occupy New Raymond Town Manager

Raymond Selectmen Approve Fraud Policy

Raymond Welcomes New Town Manager, Nuisance Ordinance Defeated

Proposed Nuisance Ordinance Draws Opposing Responses in Raymond

Decision Expected May 21 on Raymond Blight Ordinance

Raymond Working its Way Out of Financial Department Problems

Raymond Selectmen Prepare for Town Manager Interviews

Raymond Selectmen Delay Town Manager Selection Process by One Week

Raymond Selectmen to Examine Cost of Meeting Right-to-Know Requests

Mike Labell to Lead Raymond Police Department, Water Budget Error Noted

By State Statute, Selectmen to Hire New Town Manager

Liberty Utilities Presents Gas Pipeline Proposal to Raymond Selectmen

Raymond Selectman Chair Offers Information About Defamation, Slander

Raymond Selectmen Receive Committee-Approved Budget

Raymond Police Officials Explain Contract Details

************************************** 2017 ***********************************

Default Budget Proposal Goes to Raymond Budget Committee

Raymond Selectmen Review Warrants, Proposed Ethics Code Change

Amended Proposed Town Budget Comes in at 1.35 Percent Increase

Proposed Raymond Town Budget Up 1.41 Percent Over Current Default

Selectmen Reject Emergency Lane Plan, Hear Proposed Budget

Raymond Resident Seeks Help with Drainage into Governors Lake

Three Private Roads in Raymond May Be Designated Emergency Lanes

Raymond Police, Public Works Budget Proposals Come In

Raymond Hires Finance Director, Permanent Fire Chief

School Board, Selectmen to Work Together on Survey for Elementary School Conversion

Raymond to Update Time Card, Payroll Documents and Policies

Raymond Selectmen Continue Review of Proposed Town Budget

Raymond Selectmen Get First Look at 2018 Budget

Town-Wide Survey for Facility Bonds to be Pursued

Geology Leads to Cost Overrun for Onway Lake Bridge Project

At Joint BOS, School Board Meeting, School Board Seeks Building Recommendation From Shared Resources Committee

Bids Come In for Raymond Water Storage Facilities Study

Raymond to Look at ‘No Thru Truck’ Regulations Downtown

Questions Raised over Raymond Fire Warden, Emergency Management Posts

Selectmen: Decision Due Aug. 15 on Leisure Village Tax Abatement

Town Plans to Produce Monthly Newsletter, Onway Lake Road Completion Expected by end of July

Pay As You Throw Bag Cost to Rise July 1st

Public Hearing Planned on Trash Costs

Raymond Board of Selectmen Hear About Police Detail Fund

‘Raymond Rapid Response Team’ to Promote Business Development

Raymond Selectmen, School Board to Work Together on Prioritizing Town Needs 4-12-17

Board of Selectmen Meetings 3-20-17 and 3-27-17



































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Develop an attitude of Gratitude !!
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

~ Melody Beattie ~

Develop an attitude of Gratitude !!
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

~ Melody Beattie ~