Raymond Board of Selectmen News

Amended Proposed Town Budget Comes in at 1.35 Percent Increase

Proposed Raymond Town Budget Up 1.41 Percent Over Current Default

Selectmen Reject Emergency Lane Plan, Hear Proposed Budget

Raymond Resident Seeks Help with Drainage into Governors Lake

Three Private Roads in Raymond May Be Designated Emergency Lanes

Raymond Police, Public Works Budget Proposals Come In

Raymond Hires Finance Director, Permanent Fire Chief

School Board, Selectmen to Work Together on Survey for Elementary School Conversion

Raymond to Update Time Card, Payroll Documents and Policies

Raymond Selectmen Continue Review of Proposed Town Budget

Raymond Selectmen Get First Look at 2018 Budget

Town-Wide Survey for Facility Bonds to be Pursued

Geology Leads to Cost Overrun for Onway Lake Bridge Project

At Joint BOS, School Board Meeting, School Board Seeks Building Recommendation From Shared Resources Committee

Bids Come In for Raymond Water Storage Facilities Study

Raymond to Look at ‘No Thru Truck’ Regulations Downtown

Questions Raised over Raymond Fire Warden, Emergency Management Posts

Selectmen: Decision Due Aug. 15 on Leisure Village Tax Abatement

Town Plans to Produce Monthly Newsletter, Onway Lake Road Completion Expected by end of July

Pay As You Throw Bag Cost to Rise July 1st

Public Hearing Planned on Trash Costs

Raymond Board of Selectmen Hear About Police Detail Fund

‘Raymond Rapid Response Team’ to Promote Business Development

Raymond Selectmen, School Board to Work Together on Prioritizing Town Needs 4-12-17

Board of Selectmen Meetings 3-20-17 and 3-27-17



































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